• Published 19th Sep 2017
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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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A chance

" sonata!"

The siren froze, not expecting anyone to find her or to be looking. As she turned around her eyes like a deer in headlights, too face Sunset. Sonata couldn't believe it that someone actually came looking for her. But it didn't matter now, she was going to do the world a favor. After all the world will be better with her gone, so why did she step away from the edge?

"S-Sunset? Why are you here? You should just go..." The siren pleaded. Not wanting anyone to see what she was about to do. Sunset brain started to function again after the initial shock of seeing the youngest siren so close to the edge. She began walking closer, slowly as if the girl was a wild animal that might run at the slightest misstep. When she got about two yards away sunset took a closer look at sonata, and she looked awful.

The siren has always been thin, but now? She looks like she was starving, and it was obvious that she hadn't taken care of herself. She wasn't wearing her makeup, her hair hung loose free of its usual ponytail. Gone was her pretty outfit that she wore during the Battle of the Bands, replaced by an old black sweatshirt and a pair of ripped jeans. She wasn't wearing bracelets and of course, she didn't have her amulet. The normally cheerful and airheaded sirens usual smile was gone, replaced by a look of sadness and fear. Her eyes just seemed empty with big bags under her eyes. Her looks were so different that if it wasn't for her unique hair Sunset wouldn't have been able to tell it was her. The most noticeable difference though was the fact that neither of her sisters was there and that only made her worry more.

" sonata?" sunset began. "what are you doing here and why?" Sunset chose not to bring up her sisters thinking that might be part of the reason why she was here. Regardless of why though, there was no reason for her to be up here. And she would do whatever it takes to stop her.

It took awhile for Sonata to reply, but when she did it only confirmed what Sunset thought. "I'm here because I deserve it, I'm here because no one cares about me and it's better if I just die..." with each reason Sonata gave, she inched towards the edge once more. Making sunsets heart quicken, she might not know what happened to the siren but it didn't matter.

The only thing that mattered right now was it Sonata got down safely. She didn't care that it was getting dark, she didn't care but the rain was getting heavier and she didn't care where her sisters were. Sonata was what she had to focus on and that she did.

" don't Sonata, you don't have to do this" sunset pleaded trying to get the young siren down. Only for sonata to snap back".

"Yes, I do!" The girl yelled, her eyes alight with fury. " I have no one, my sisters left me, and after everything, I did to everyone with my cursed powers... I deserve it" she turned her back to Sunset looking over the edge ready to jump. She picked up her foot and prepared to step forward, that was until she felt a hand grab her wrist. Flinching as a hand wrapped around one of the cuts.

That didn't go unnoticed by sunset but she didn't bring it up. "Sonata..." Sunset said her name softly, in her no-nonsense tone. "You may feel alone right now, but that doesn't mean that there's no one who's willing to give you a chance it only takes one person to make up your entire world. You're stronger than this! And I will do the same thing my friends did for me. I'll give you a chance, all you have to do is accept it. Besides..." Sunset added with a small sad chuckle. "It will be great to have someone else from Equestria with me, you don't know how many looks I get when I say Everypony" Sonata chuckle but her face remained grim because there is still the question that she had that Sunset needed to answer.

"Why? Why would you go far to try and help me even after everything I've done, after everything I've put you through and what I've said to you." Sonata needed to hear this she needed to hear that someone cared about her, she needed to hear that she would never be alone that she could have friends. But a part of her still felt like she didn't deserve it.

It was Sunsets turn to surprise Sonata. " I won't tell you that you deserve to be forgiven because maybe you don't." Sonata whimpered because she knew it was true. She opened her mouth to say something and was cut off by Sunset. "But..." She began. "You do deserve the chance to prove that you can change. Like a friend once told me, 'You can brace the magic of friendship or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours.' so please Sonata let me show you that it's worth giving friendship a chance and that you don't have to use control for there to be people that will have your back."

And so for the first time in weeks sonata, let exhaustion take her and collapsed against Sunset.

Author's Note:

little bit shorter one this time, but there is already another 1 on the way!