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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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Time to talk

/////At gym practice///////

“Ah’ just don't get why Sunset never takes gym.” AppleJack was sitting next to Rainbow and Sonata, it's their last class of the day thankfully. “She’s never showed up for gym! Before Twilight she didn't’ go either, he’ had just figured she was too stuck up but now? I'm thinking’ more and’ that is going on.”

Rainbow was about to agree when Sonata put her piece in with “She can’t do gym...” That's when Sonata, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash had realized that she said something she wasn’t supposed to.

“What do you mean she can’t do gym!” It was Rainbows turn. Both of them were eager to hear an answer to the question but, was disappointed when Sonata only looked down at the ground guilty.

“She asked me not to tell” Sonata seemed to tear up. “Please stop asking.” AppleJack and Rainbow looked at each other, both wanting to push for more but even Rainbow understood that this was a sensitive topic.

All right sugar cube, we will for now but this won't be pushed under the rug.” AppleJack knew that this was a topic that wasn't to be ignored


The rest of class passed uneventfully as they passed the CMC going to their next class.

Scootaloo POV

“Aww come on Scoots, we got something’ planned that will give her’ what she deserves”

“Blooms right Scoots. Why don't you want to help us?”

Scootaloo groaned internally. This was the third time they asked and she was about to lose it. “We only want to show her, her place. If you only just lis-” Scootaloo’s patience ran out.

“No! I'm not going to listen to you! Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom you have no idea what she did for me and I'm not letting some petty reasons like jealousy ruin that. For the last time, I will not help you ruin her life. I better not hear you trying to do the same.

Sonata Pov

She heard the conversation between the three freshmen but, Sonata let is slide. After all, what could three girls do?

It was the end of the day, Sonata and Sunset met up outside of the school and walked home. “So Sonata did anything happen today?”

“Everyone was either nice to me or ignored me and then there was gym…” Sunsets strides halted for a moment.”

“No one tried anything right?” Sonata could see how much Sunset cared and hoped she won't be mad at her.

“No, nothing like that… AppleJack and Rainbow were wondering why you never took gym. I accidentally told-”

“Did you tell them about my injury?” Sunset was looking at her dead in the eyes searching for the truth.”

“N-no but, I did say that you can’t take gym. Are you mad at me?” Sonata felt so disappointed in herself. She had made a promise to Sunset and she broke it.

“No I'm not Sonata, they were going to ask questions eventually so… I’ll tell you when we get home then I should tell the others. Astral and Comet should be around then and they already know.” There were those names again. Sunset said that they were her roommates but she has never met them.

“Who are they anyway”

“Well Astral is studying to be a criminal investigator and Comet is a DJ.”

“Why do they know?”

“I have been friends with them for a long time, they figured it out eventually.”

“What about you being from another world?”

“They know that too. Comet is the one who taught me how to play guitar.”

What about-

“Ok, Nata stop with the twenty questions and let's just get to our place.”

Time Skip

Astral was sitting next to Sunset and Comet was sitting near Sonata rubbing her back as she cried. Astral had taken Sunsets hand to comfort her while she told her story.

“Sunny… I'm sorry.”

I called up the girls and sent a message to Twi that I'm going to answer all their questions tomorrow night after school.

Twilights POV

“Twilight, I was not completely honest with you when I sent you after Sunset through the mirror.” Twilight had come to the mirror so she could go visit Sunset after getting her message. To her surprise, Celestia was waiting for her.

“What do you mean?” Twilight had expected Celestia to tell her something but, not this.

“Sunset Shimmer left on her own accord, no longer wishing to be my student… and she had every right.” Why would anyone not want to be a student of Celestia

“Who would want to stop being your student, Princess?” This just didn’t make any sense, What anyone would give to be her student.

“You have never seen me at my worst Twilight.”Celestia's head had lowered, looking at the ground.

“What do you mean? You're perfect!”

“Far from it Twilight, you see before I took you in to be my student there was Sunset. she was, I will admit, quite a handful. Yet she had amazing talent. I never told you this but… Hatching the dragon egg is not the most difficult test.”

“What do you mean!” Twilight was in shock, to her knowledge the most difficult test was a dragon egg. What could possibly be even more difficult? She couldn't even hatch the egg on her own, if she hadn't been startled by the Sonic Rainboom then she would have failed… There is something even harder!

“The only test more difficult hatching a phoenix egg.”

“You mean… Philomena?”

“Yes, it was Sunset who raised Philomena” Said bird’s wings flapped excitedly at the mention of Sunset

“Princess, how long was she your student?”

"Six entire years”

“What! I was only your student for four years”

“I had the luxury of taking my time when teaching Sunset so, I taught her more than I was able to with you and at a slower pace. Giving her more time to branch off and do her own studies until she left.”

“Wait, you said that she had a right to leave. What did you mean?” As the conversation went on it only went to confuse Twilight further.

“As Nightmare Moon's return neared I was less rational… I made several mistakes, I became short with her, less rational and less understanding.”

“What do you mean?”

I was so bad at the time that I lose my temper with her for tearing a page out of a book… And throwing one at her.

“Princess everypo-”

No, she trusted me with something that she had kept secret for years and then I continued to be irrational. I still regret my decisions after all these years. I got appointments with the castle physiologist and it helped but, nothing I did could bring Sunset back.

“What was the secret?”

Not for me to say, now then why don't you go to meet Sunset, I think she is willing to explain.

As twilight left she heard Celestia say. "Why didnt I write to her..."

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yeah, im working on rewriting the story into one that makes much more sense, it will be better and has several recurring themes. On the bright side, it will be out soon!
When I had first written this I had thought it was going to be a few chapters long at most and I had no real storyline planned for it. Now I do!

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