• Published 19th Sep 2017
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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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The Rules and Past of Sunset Shimmer Part 1 of five

Sunset asked why would Sonata try such a thing and found herself growing more horrified by the second as Sonata slowly explained the past three weeks to her.

As Sunset stared in shock at Sonata, after hearing what everyone had said to her she was furious. They made fun of her for being homeless. They threatened her and called her names. They pushed her and tripped her. They made fun of the fact that her sisters had left her and worst of all, they told her to “do the world a favor and kill herself”.

Never in all the years of Sunsets stay at CHS did Sunset think that the students of CHS could be so cruel. She knew that there were other bullies besides herself but unlike them, Sunset had a code that consisted of eight rules. Rule number one, no bullying students for abusive families. She saw that as just wrong. Rule number two, no bullying students for broken homes. In her mind, only true monsters would do such a thing and she wasn't one, not really. Those rules where some of the more easy ones to use as blackmail because of their want to keep it a secret. However, it's really just common sense not to be so heartless.

Then there were the easier things to pick up and target on. Rule number three, no bullying students for disabilities. It doesn't matter to Sunset if someone had a limp or dyslexia, she would still bully them but leave their disabilities out of it. Rule number four, no bullying students for their sexuality. Being from Equestria where having same-sex couples was just as common as different-sex couples, she didn't really care.

One of these are hard to pick up on and the other won't work for long. Rule number five, no bullying students for their home life. They will do anything to keep it a secret which means that you could have them do whatever they want and again it's something that decent people just don't do. Rule number six no physical assault. She might knock books out of students hands or slam lockers shut but never did she hit, kick or trip other students. This method never works anyway, it would be only a matter of time before someone bigger than her, tries to get revenge which would likely end up with her in the hospital.

The last two rules are the most important. The first is to never break the other seven rules. That's pretty self-explanatory. She wanted to have everyone scared of her, not hate her, she has to be discreet and not take things too far. If you kept bullying people for things they can't help then they might take things too far and try to hurt her or themselves. If you were physically abusive to others then eventually you are going to be attacked or betrayed by those that serve under you. The last rule and the most important rule is that no one else hurts those on the list.

This wasn't common knowledge to everyone. In fact, the only people that knew of the list was the other bullies that picked the wrong targets or the targets themselves. The people on the list were under her “protection”. In Other words, Sunset did not let anyone but herself bully that specific student and anyone that did pay for it. The people under her list where people with disabilities. Like Derpy who suffers from Strabismus and Vinyl Scratch who suffers from Aphonia.

Then there are also people in the list without much money, like the Apple family. They have an entire farm to take care of and they owe a lot of money to Filthy Rich. There is also Microchips. While he does make a lot of money fixing computers for the school, the parts don't come cheap so he barely manages to break even. Then there's Fluttershy, the only reason why she doesn't have much money is cause almost all of it goes to the animal shelter she volunteered at. That doesn't stop the bullies from picking on her for it, but Sunset makes sure it won't happen again.

Most names on the list, however, are from broken homes and abusive or families where loved ones have died. The students from broken homes are more drastic, hardworking or shy, some even try to show off. Like the Apple family, they are all hardworking. Big Macintosh, Applejack, and Applebloom lost their parents in an accident. Big Macintosh doesn't talk much and focuses on his work. Applejack talks with others fine but tends to overwork herself during Applebucking season and Applebloom will do almost anything for attention. They are not the only ones though. Trixie Lulamoon also lost her father, who was killed onstage during one of his performances by a failed stunt. Now she tries to follow in his footsteps as a stage magician but, her attitude and talking in third person made her the perfect target for bullies.

The worse of the three though was abusive families. There was only one student at CHS that Sunset knew was once part of an abusive family, Scootaloo. One day Sunset overheard her crying to herself about said home life and Sunset quickly put a stop to it and sent an anonymous message to child services. Now? Thanks to a few bribes and calling is a large number of favors. She is living with her sister Rainbow Dash and the athlete's parents.

Only one person besides Sunset knew for sure that this list exists, she didn't even tell Snips and Snails about it because it would raise suspicions. That person, of course, was the one person that she trusted with her own life. Vinyl Scratch and when Vinyl asked her “why? Why keep a list, and why have these rules anyway?” The only way to answer that was for Sunset to tell Vinyl her past. Which lined up with a lot of her rules, not all but a lot...

Author's Note:

Yeah, I had this idea and wanted to try this out. I'm already almost done with the next chapter, its gonna be done by the end of the day. The last one might be posted then also (eastern time)