• Published 19th Sep 2017
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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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At Sunsets

Vinyl shuddered to think of what would have happened if she hadn't followed Sunset into the bathroom that day. What would have happened if she'd been too late, and what would have-

Vinyls thoughts were interrupted by tapping on the window, looking up she saw that it was Octavia she quickly got out and open up the door for her. Luckily Octavia didn't have practice today so she wouldn't have to throw her cello into the back seat, giving sunset and Sonata room to sit. Octavia much like Vinyl new how important this was and didn't waste time and gets in, the only thing being said between the two was 'drive'.

Vinyl turned up the radio due to the deafening silence in the car, hearing the music oddly made her think of the school's janitor Mr. Draconicus. Been in the situation that they were in at the moment that's still made vinyl smile. While there was nothing wrong with the prank-loving janitor it was his disregard of the rules that made him everyone's favorite non- educator. Much too principal Celestia and vice principal Luna's dismay. The song ended they were about a quarter of the way to the Ponyville warehouse and vinyl received a text from sunset.

SS: where are you?

VS: on my way be there in about 7 min

SS: good. Can you pick something up 4 me?

VS: yeah what?

SS: some tacos, Sonata seemed to like them and if I'm right she hasn't eaten in a couple of days.

VS: consider it done.

Octavia looked at vinyl questionly when they turned into the drive-thru of Canterlot King. Vinyl passed her phone over to Octavia so she can order. This was another inconvenience caused by vinyl disability, she could never order anything alone. She held up her hands all fingers, closed them and held up two more. " twelve? Are you sure of it Vinyl? There's only going to be four of us and sunset doesn't eat meat." when Octavia was finished she handed finals phone back to vinyl so that she could reply.

VS: Yeah. 2 4 you and me. then 8 4 the siren.

Octavia looked shocked. "are you sure that she can eat eight tacos Vinyl? I mean I have a hard time eating three." Vinyl just nodded her head and response, she had seen the pile of tacos overloaded on her tray during Taco Tuesday so she knew she could eat quite a few. After they got their food and pulled out of Canterlot King turn the music back up. After a little bit Octavia looked over Vinyl what disapproving eyes. " must you listen to something so crass?" again Vinyl just nodded, which resulted in Octavia rolling her eyes. " very well but I am picking the next song". And of course, with no other options, she agreed.

The song was over the Ponyville Warehouse was in view. It wasn't until they had arrived and got out of the car that Octavia spoke " this siren, you don't think she tried to... Do it, do you?" vinyl only responded with a shrug, there's no point in worrying about it. They won't know until Sunset gets here. She knew from experience the worrying only made things worse so so she decided to just sit next to the car, close her eyes and wait.

It hadn't been long when they heard Sunset call out. "Scratch! Tavi! Is that you?

"Yeah, it's us sunset!" Sunset emerged from the shadows, limping. With an unconscious Sonata on her back, Vinyl and Octavia rushed forward and helped support the siren Before Sunset dropped her. With Vinyl grabbing her arms and Octavia grabbing her legs. The three girls curing the unconscious siren to the car, Sunset begin to fill them in. The excess strain of carrying the girl on her back wasn't doing her leg any favors.

30 minutes later

Vinyl and Octavia's car pulled into the parking lot of sunsets apartment complex. They got out and continued to carry Sonata to the front door of sunsets apartment, luckily she was on the bottom floor. When they got in they first laid Sonata on the couch so that Sunset could get her bed ready. Her apartment wasn't the biggest but it was certainly livable for the three people living there. It had three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen/dining room, a living room and an office, the living room walls were a light cream color with new navy blue curtains that Rarity had made for her. As Sunset walked into her bedroom, which had the same colored walls and curtains as the living room it also had a twin bed with red covers and orange sheets. There was also a wooden desk and chair pulled up against one of the walls for work, along with a white dresser with a mirror. The other bedrooms aren't much different the only real difference was the color schemes. With one cover being blue and yellow, the other being russet and hunter green. The office was bare.

Sunset double checked to make sure that the bed was made then she folded down the blankets so that they could put Sonata into it bit easier in case she didn't wake up soon.

When Sunset had finished she walked back into the kitchen to see vinyl and Octavia eating tacos with Sonata still laying on the couch. As she took a seat at the table across from Vinyl and Octavia she braced herself for the questions to come. So wordlessly Sunset handed Vinyl the Whiteboard that she kept on the fridge and waited for the first question.

"Sunset dear," Octavia started. " I know you texted Vinyl but she has yet to explain everything to me, so I would be glad to hear your side of the story" Vinyl nodded her head in agreement.

Sunset saw this one coming so she took a deep breath and begin to relay her tale. " I was walking home from school when I heard something on the roof of the Ponyville Warehouse. I followed it until I could make out who it was and what that person was saying. As you can see it was Sonata and she told me that..." Octavia and vinyl glanced at each other while she was speaking. Sunsets voice cracked as she remembered what Sonata told her. "That her sisters left her an that she wanted to die." a tear tracked down sunsets face as she continued her tale. "I had to talk her down from the roof and shortly after she collapsed. That's when I texted Vinyl"

it was Vinyls turn to ask a question

Why did you text me, not one of your band mates?

There was no hesitation in Sunsets voice when she answered Vinyl, "You are one of my closest friends and I know that I can trust you with this. You two and nurse Redheart are the only ones that know what I tried to do that day, so I trust you with this secret too. There's also the fact that it was the rainbooms fault that this happened, my self inclu-." Sunset would have continued if it wasn't for a noise in the living room.

Author's Note:

wow. that took a while.

anyway here's the next chapter hope you enjoy