• Published 19th Sep 2017
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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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As the sky starts to rain

Sonatas POV

Sonata is sitting on the edge of a building looking down. It wouldn't hurt too much if she fell, it would be quick it would be painless. She couldn't take it anymore her sisters, have left her alone and she just wanted to die. She's wanted to for a long time but couldn't find out how she wanted to do it, she's been trying to make up her mind for quite a while now. Sonata didn't have the money for pills they were just too damn expensive, she didn't have the guts to drown herself or to hang herself. So they left her two options, either jump or to cut herself even more than she already has.

Sonata began to rub her arms of the memory, her fingers tracing the cuts on her arm. She just couldn't bring herself to cut deep enough to pose a threat on her life. So out of frustration and anger, she threw the blade in her hand off the roof of the building.

" I trusted you, I loved you, we were family, so why did you leave?" it was a thought that has been running through her mind the last three weeks, it's been three weeks since the Battle of the Bands. It's been three weeks since the sirens lost their magic. It's been three weeks since Sonata has seen her sisters. Three weeks since they left. She didn't have the money to pay for her apartment or enough money to even pay for food, she's been living on the streets. It wasn't easy for her to find enough food to keep herself from starving to death, but that was all she could do.

Sonata couldn't rely on the students for help, the last time she ran into a group of students whatever her name was and her two friends. " I think their names were Fleet Foot, Lightning Dust and this guy named Iron Will" Sonata pondered out loud. They had chased her away from the school, threatening that if they saw her again she wouldn't walk away. The last straw that drove Sonata to try to kill herself was the Rainbooms, she tried to talk to them to try to apologize only to have it thrown back in her face. The only one that seemed to really care about what happened to her was Sunset Shimmer.

"Sunset Shimmer" Sonata laughed out loud.

"Even after everything I did, you still feel bad for me? Why. Well, you won't have to worry about me anymore, no one will." Sonata said to no one, the roof was empty and as she looked over the edge she could see how far the fall will be. Three stories straight down she wouldn't feel a thing when she landed. She decided that's how she would go, she would fall three stories to the cold pavement below. As if the sky itself was mocking her, it started to rain soaking Sonata and the roof and the ground. To know that she was going to die today... She was going to die alone with no one to care for her. It's what would be best for everyone because she didn't matter. Not to anyone. She stood and walked even closer to the edge preparing to take that final step to end it all. She picked up one foot ready to step over the edge she heard someone scream her name.


Sunsets POV

Sunset has just finished meeting up with the rest of the Rainbooms after band practice. She was making her way back home, which is actually thankfully close to the school. As Sunset walked down the side walk she was limping, It was an old injury that happened years ago and was barely noticeable though, noticeable if she was carefull. She began to think back on her day, on her past and her mistakes. It's been 3 weeks since sunset has earned the trust of almost the entire school which she was quite happy with. It has been a long time since the Fall Formal and even longer since she left Equestria.

She was once so full of rage and anger she wanted to control everything and everyone that she could. She had become a tyrant, and a bully, no one would dare stand up to her. That was... Until Twilight Sparkle came to this world and stepped in between Sunset and Fluttershy. Then Twilight Sparkle One the Fall Formal which led to her stealing the princess's crown and turning into a raging she-demon. After the darkness was purged from her she could barely cope, she couldn't go a single day in school without getting nudged, verbally assaulted and threatened. Sunset fell into a depression and did things that she now regretted. Her-self torment continued until after the Rainbooms called for her help to defeat the Dazzlings.

It's been 3 weeks since Sunset has seen the Dazzlings and she was growing worried. Since it was scared that they might be in the same place that she had been in. So tonight instead of going home back to her three bedroom apartment, with a nice hot shower. On this cloudy day, she's choosing to go searching for the Dazzlings to offer them forgiveness. To give them the same help at the Rainbooms have given her.

That's when she heard it, someone crying out saying " I trusted you, I loved you, we were a family" Sunset could tell that was one of the sirens but, the words were worrying her even more. As Sunset began to walk towards the voice she realized it came from the roof of one of the nearby buildings. As she made her way towards the said building she, could hear more of what the siren was saying. It wasn't until sunset reached the stairs that led to the roof when she heard her name.

"sunset shimmer". She was just noticing that the sky had started raining like it was grieving for something or someone. The mentioned girl froze, thinking that she had been seen. Only for the siren to continue, but the words she said next... chilled Sunset to the bone.

"After everything I did, you still feel bad for me? Why? Well, you don't have to worry about me anymore, no one will." That got Sunset moving, fast. She ran up the three flights of stairs, hoping that you won't be too late. Reaching of the roof as the siren, which since sunset recognized as Sonata, was about to step over the edge. Time slowed as she did the only thing she thought she could do, she screamed out her name. Hoping to get her to stop what she was about to do.


Author's Note:

Hi, everyone! I hope you enjoyed my first story so far on Fimfiction, this story will have 2-3 chapters depending on how long it will take to clean up some of the loose ends.

As always criticism is appreciated.