• Published 19th Sep 2017
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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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Rules and Past of Sunset Shimmer Part 3 of five & (Arrival) bonus chapter

Sunset was almost to the train station, luckily it was all downhill till here but she forgot one thing, the two flights of stairs which lead to the ticket booth. She must have stood there for too long because the guard pony walked up to her and started asking questions. Sunset didn't blame him, thinking from his perspective. She was tall for her age, she hit her growth spurt early and she was wearing a black cloak. So he had no way to know she was a filly. Even though she knew this guard pony and was even friends with his son she was still scared.

“Halt.” The stallion called out. No need for that Sunset thought. She was too scared move. Not like she could run anyway. “Lower your hood and state your business.” Oh no. Sunset thought, she lowered her head and her ears pinned back. If she pulled down her hood he would see her face and the bruises. “Very well, I will remove it for you. Then state your business” He started walking closer to her and when he reached his hoof out to pull the hood down she flinched and took a step back, putting pressure on her bad leg. Pain shot up it making both of her back legs collapsed making her sit down fast and a pained cry escaped her lips. This alarmed the guard. “Miss? Are you alright, it seems that you're hurt… Sunset?” Her hood had fallen to the side so it only hid part of her face. She fixed it almost silently but that didn't stop the guard from seeing her face. What alarmed him most, however, was that Sunset flinched. Why?

“Sunset? First of all, why are you here and I want you to take off your cloak or I'm going to send for your father.” The guard said this in a dead serious voice. He was going to take her home but what would he do if he saw her marks. On one hoof if Sunset took her cloak off she might not get out of Manehattan. On the other hoof if her father was sent for then when she returned he would make good on his threat. Seeing no way out of it she swiftly took the cloak off and met the eyes of the guard pony. This time he was the one to freeze, but not in fear. He froze in shock.

There were three bruises on her face. One on the side of her head, one on her muzzle and her lip was cut. Her neck seemed fine but there was a large number of bruises on her shoulder, sides, and back. There were a few bruises on her legs but what drew his attention was a large bruise on the right back leg and it was bent at an odd angle. “Celestia… What happened to you?” He said under her breath “Come on little filly let's get you home-

“NO!” a shout interrupted him.

“No… don't bring me back there, please… please” The stallion was shocked. Sunset was crying and asking, no... pleading for him not to bring her home But why? “It was h-him, he did this.” He? He who? It couldn't be her father could it, who would do this to their own child?

“Who? Who Sunset? Who did this to you!”


Sadly that answer just one of his questions. He still had one left, though he figured the reply. “I'm leaving. I need to go away and the train will be here soon and I need to go.” He glanced at the clock, indeed the train would be here in a few minutes.

“What’s stopping you then, besides me?” He wanted to help this filly get out of her home and get that filly beater locked up.

“I can't get up the stairs.” He looked up to the stairs and her back leg. Yeah, that would be a problem. He walked up the stairs and into the ticket booth. Sunset couldn't guess what he was doing but the train was coming and she still needed her ticket. As she started climbing the stairs she was shocked to see the stallion come out of the booth with a ticket in his mouth. With minutes to spare the stallion picked the young filly up with his magic and carried her up the stairs and to the platform, giving her the ticket and saying goodbye. As the stallion walked away she couldn't help but hear him sigh under his breath.

“I'm going to get fired for this… Then I will make sure that filly beater gets locked away.”

Present day. (bonus chapter)

After Sonata tells Sunset what her life was like, from when she was a siren to when Sunset found her on the roof they reached an agreement. Well, really it was Sunset not taking no for an answer. Sonata was to live with Sunset until she could afford her own place, in return Sonata was to obey the rules, go to school and find a hobby. She also needed a job. When questioned about why to get a hobby Sunset merely said “everybody needs one”

It has been a couple of days now and Sunset was on her way to school with a siren in tow. “Sunset, how do I know that they aren't going to hate me?” This is the tenth time that Sunset has been asked and she gave a different answer each time but, now she was running out. She settled for the obvious answer this time.

“While they might not like you or they could be afraid of you, once they get to know you and you do things to prove you’re sorry then they will forgive you! After all, they forgave me over time.” She was still worried though. Sunset had called Celestia ahead of time and requested to have the sirens schedule changed so they had every class together. Along with Celestia, Sunset also called some people that would get along and help Sonata when needed. Those people consisted of Derpy, Scratch, Tavi, Sweetie Drops, Lyra, Watermelody, Flash, Teddy, Wiz Kid and Scott Green. The first four were close friends of Sunset. The other students where friends of Sunset and those that had quickly forgiven her and trustworthy. Sunset wanted Sonata to have friends in varying groups to start with as well, if she wanted to take part in any of the clubs.

While Derpy got along with anyone, she and Sweetie Drops where the best bakers in the school. Aside from Pinkie and her craziness. Scratch, Tavi, and Lyra are a large part of the music club. With Vinyl making electronic mixes and putting both the rockers and the classical compositions on CDs. While Tavi was the best Cello player in the Orchestra and Lyra, one of the best piano and true to her name Lyre player at the school. Watermelody was an actor that is also a great artist and has a lot of friends that are understanding of her decisions, she was also on Sunsets list and had figured it out the day after the fall formal. Flash was a rocker with a band that trusts his decisions and is VERY forgiving. Teddy, unlike a lot of the stereotypical jocks, was kind to everyone no matter what they were or weren't good at. Wiz Kid, another kid on Sunsets list. Is another kid that everyone got along with and was close friends with Teddy so there was no point in only telling one. Then there was Scott Green, a fashionista rival only to Rarity and is quick to see when something is wrong or suspicious. That's probably how he found out Sunsets list.

Sunset elbowed Sonata "Just so you know my two other roomates are going to come back today, they where staying at a friends place so you could get ajusted." Sonata only gave a nervus nod in response

As Sunset and Sonata neared the entrance of the school they saw Pinkie Pie, Rarity, AppleJack, Rainbow and Fluttershy waiting for Sunset. As they got closer the other girls took notice of the siren, yet somehow failing to notice Sunset who was standing right next to her. As they made their way over Sunset took a step off to the side, wanting to see how this played out.

AppleJack was the first to speak.

“Whoa there missy, ain't you one of the sirens?” The only answer was a small nod.

Next was Rainbow

“What are you doing here? Are you spying?” A shake of the head.

Now it was Rarity

Honestly, darling, does she look like a spy to you? Anyway, dear, I can hope that you are not going to try and take over the school again?” Another nod. “Then let me be the first to welcome you properly to our school.” Rarity reached forward offering her hand, breaking out into a large smile when it was taken.

Now it was Pinkie Pie

“Does that mean that we are totally good now? Cause that would be the best and we can have so much fun together. Much more fun then when you were a big meanie and turned into a flying fish-pony. I mean not like it wasn't the coolest thing ever but you were kinda a party pooper. Anyway, I have a few questions for you! Like when is your birthday, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream and cake, what is your favorite foods, do you have any allergies or are you intolerant to anything cause I don't want to anything that would make you sick. I Pinkie Promise! Anyway, why are you here? Oh silly me. Of course, you're here to go to school... “

It was around here that Fluttershy realized that Sunset was standing next to her.


Sunset, the only one able to hear Fluttershy over Pinkie Pie, who was still talking, turned to her.

“Is everything ok Shy?”

“Oh, Yes. I just didn't see you there is all. It just surprised me”

“Haha, looks like you're not the only one.” Motioning to the girls now surrounding the Siren. “At least someone realized I was here”

“I'm sure they did, they just wanted to talk to… What's her name?”


“I'm sure they just wanted to talk to Sonata first”

“I bet”

“So, um… Is Sonata ok now? Like, she’s not going to try anything right?”

“She won't Shy, Sonata is really sorry about what she did and really needs a friend now.”

“Yay! I'm glad we’re going to have a new friend.”

This is when the two girls turned their attention back to the other five girls.

“Wait a sec, I'm just gonna call Sunset about this. She’s gonna love the news”

When the five girls heard ringing from behind them four of the girls jumped back in surprise and said in unison “Sunset! When did you get here?”

Fluttershy laughed, Sunset Facepalmed and Sonata pit her piece in by saying, “what do you mean? She’s been here the whole time?”

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I want to wish you a Good veterans day and hope you liked this chapter. Anyway here is a short poem dedicated to the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to protect ours.

It will always be remembered,
On the month of November,
That you gave your life,
To keep us free from strife.

You saved those indire,
Yourself trapped in crossfire.
Before greeting death,
Drawing a last breath.

A symbol of hope,
Until you entered a scope.
On your gravestone,
May it be forever known.

The lives that were saved,
By the obstacles you braved.
Now that you depart,
A family will receive the purple heart.

“I will incorporate more poems into my story as time goes on.”