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YHaY: Set The World On Fire - PastyWaffles

The Lone Wanderer is thrown into a world where humans are dumber than rocks. This is going to be a loooong day.

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An Alright Day (Rework)

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D.C. Wasteland, NW of Fort Bannister, 1400 hours

Large black and yellow metal boots pounded in sequence and side stepped an uprooted fire hydrant smashing into the ground with tremendous force. The impact sent bits of rock and irradiated dirt flying in all directions as the ground shook with the might of the giant who swung it. The small black and yellow armored figure on the ground continued to fire green beams of light from the rotating barrels of its weapon at the mutated colossus that had swung the red hydrant at him.

This colossus was known as a super mutant behemoth, a tall, hefty and much more feared variant of the standard super mutant. It carried a fire hydrant that it had ripped from the ground and used it as a rudimentary club to hit stuff with. This behemoth was recently agitated by a much smaller human in thick black armor.

That human was Alexander Meredith.

Or The Lone Wanderer, whatever you prefer is alright with him.

Mr. Meredith was a hardy man, capable of getting thrown by a deathclaw into a puddle of toxic waste and shaking it all off like it was nothing. Although, he always wore his bulky suit of power armor, an experimental X-03 'Hellfire' model that he had customized with a personal color scheme and worn decals to make it more... wearable for him.

The paint job consisted with a yellow lead based paint that transferred radioactive particles into extra power for his armor while also being flame retardant. On each of his arms was a yellow '101', a small reminder of where he came from, on his chestplate was a nuclear insignia on the left side and a black 'Lyons' Pride' sigil painted on the front next to it. All this was to remind him where his loyalty truly lies, not with the glorified hoarders that the Brotherhood turned into when Sarah Lyons died.


The armor was the best you could find in the wasteland, made from duraframe and created with many built in utilities, also some that Alex had made himself. On his power armored back was large metal backpack that he filled with all sorts of goodies and attached to his suit are multiple weapons that all had their uses. But he currently wasn't bothering with any of those, because he was using his beloved L30 gatling laser that he had dubbed Vengeance.

With his armor, weapons and faith in a mixture of karma, science and luck, Alexander always thought there was hope in the world, even in the darkest of hours. This ideal carried him through many situations.

The ruins of D.C.

The horrors of the vaults.

The invasion of the Enclave.

He had survived it all because he had hope. Nothing brought him down because he knew he would prevail, no matter how long it took. Not even this Behemoth that was being a bitch to kill.

Alex kept firing Vengeance's unusual green lasers at the behemoth, slowly wearing down its rock hard skin. Before long the behemoth got too tired to fight anymore and was being pushed to his limits with its charred flesh hanging on nothing more than a string. He raised his fire hydrant once more in retaliation and brought it crashing down, sending a shockwave that made Alex stumble for a second, only for him do recollect his composure a mere second later.

The behemoth fell to the ground face first, unable to fight any longer. Alex took this chance to walk up to the mutants head, set Vengeance down on the ground, and pull Bleak Days from the clamps on his back that held it in place. Bleak Days was a prototype gauss rifle that he had collected from the locked technology vault that he had reopened with the completion of the combat simulation with all safeties off. Alex charged up the electromagnets that made up the gun's mechanics with three cranks of the handle as he said his goodbyes to the behemoth.

"See you in the next life buddy." Alex said in his static roboticized voice.

He pulled the trigger of the gun, thus sending the charged and shrieking 2mm electromagnetic round through the skull of the mutant and leaving a large hole for which blood to dripped through. The leaned the rifle on his pauldron and breathed a sigh of exhaustion.

"Damn, that took longer than expected. How didn't you blast a hole through him the first time?" He asked his gauss rifle. He shrugged his shoulders and lifted Bleak Days over onto his back and felt the clamps that held it lock down the gauss rifle in place. He went over to the dead behemoth to search for items, but something caught his eye.

There was a bright gleaming amongst the rocks in the shopping cart on its back. He went over to it, opened the cage and pulled back several large rocks to reveal a small handful of gems. There were six and each gem was a different color, but there was a purple one that the shining was emanating from. It was as if they were covered in a layer of lightning, just like the shocksword that he had sheathed on his hip.

"How did you get your big green hands on these?" He asked the mutant behemoth as he looked down at its dead body, getting nothing but the stench of death and the harsh wind in response. "Right."

But really, how did these small multicolored crystals get in here? Did the behemoth pick them up by accident? It was all confusing and improbable, but Alexander's curiosity shone brighter than the gems themselves. He slowly and cautiously reached for them with his robotic hand, only for the shining to intensify a hundredfold, blinding him.

Then everything went black.

A fresh scent wafted over Alex. A scent he has only smelled in one place. The scent of... nature. He slowly opened his eyes, finding them to be as heavy as cinder blocks. Once he pried them open, he could see some obvious differences.

First off, his power armor HUD had gone from a yellow-orange to a deep flashing red, telling him that the armor was in emergency lockdown mode and had locked all joints into the resting position. Second off, he was looking down at... grass. Not the dead dried up grass of the wasteland, but actual living green grass that looked like it was tended to often. This raised a massive amount of questions as the only place that had grass was oasis and even they didn't cut it neatly like this. He tried moving, but he didn't budge. He remembered that he was still in emergency lockdown mode.

"Lockdown override code Omega-BC-121." He said and every joint in his body made a clunking sound as the magnetic locks were released. It had taken him weeks to find out how to create a lockdown code with an Enclave terminal and even then it was a pain to code it into the suit.

He stood straight up again and took in his surroundings. There were finely trimmed hedges, large trees, vibrant flowers, grass all around and a clear blue sky dotted with perfectly rounded white clouds. Vengeance was lying in the grass a few feet away from him, as if looking up and enjoying the lovely day. So, he decided he would too.

With a single thought, the back of the power armor opened up, fresh air replacing the stale. He folded his arms forward and pushed his broad form out of the armor and onto the grass, the armor closing. The air was warm and clean and the green surroundings just seemed to stretch on. He stretched his arms up, hearing several pops in his back and shoulders. He had been in that suit a while and it felt good to feel something other than metal against the suit he wore under it.

The suit that he was wearing inside his X-03 power armor was a suit of prewar chinese stealth armor that he had gotten along with Bleak Days in the technology vault. He had found great use in it and its ability to act as a reusable stealth boy, even if it did use the auxiliary power of power armor when he activated the stealth field inside a suit. It had helped him in many a sticky situation.

He pressed a small button situated on the side of his head, the golden visor and the black face mask of the armor sliding up and over his head, exposing his scarred face to the open world. There was a small patch of light brown hair poked out from the front of the hood and his blue eyes were taking in all the information they could. He took a deep breath in, filling his nose and lungs with new scents. He looked around with a bit of scrutiny, looking for all the slightest details.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." He said to nobody. But that doesn't mean nobody heard it and he knew that very well because they weren't very good at sneaking around and eavesdropping.

Out of the corner of his right eye, he could see something looking through the shrubs at him with wide dish-like eyes. From what little he could tell about it, it looked like some small form of equine that was pastel green with an oversized head and rather vulnerable eyes. It was breathing so heavy and panicked he could shoot it in the dark.

He turned his head to look at it fully. As soon as he did that, it booked it out of the bush and ran- no, galloped- away over a hill and towards...

"Holy. Shit." Was all Alex could say as he crested the hill and looked at the gold lined purple and white spires of a massive castle that had a rock face running up its side. A waterfall cascaded down the wall of rock and ran in a river under a drawbridge and then kept going until it fell off the mountain. It was the most wondrous thing he had ever laid his eyes on. The sheer size and detail of it was immaculate.

He stood staring at the magnificent spectacle, but a sound gaining purchase of his attention was increasing. It sounded like the creature was coming back, but there was more than one set of thumping... no, clopping. This could only mean trouble. He pressed the button on the side of his head, resealing his face within the stealth armor while he ran towards his power armor. He grabbed the handle, turned it roughly and stepped black as it opened up. Hopping in and being resealed into the suit, he tromped over to Vengeance and picked up the large death machine with his metal hands.

He pulled the lever on the side of the large weapon, the claws that held its power source in place opening and ejected the fusion core within it and Alex caught it as it flew out. He would have to check its charge later so he placed it in a small leather loop on his hip and grabbed a fresh one. He placed the fully charged fusion core into the empty slot and pulled down the lever. The claws closing and pulling the powerful energy cell into the gun further, green energy began flowing through the gun like water through a pipe. He looked back up the hill and awaited the threat.

Over the hill came three of the equines, two fitted with all golden armor and carrying spears. The third was the same equine that had run off earlier. They all stopped dead in their tracks when they saw him.

Sergeant Bulwark was patrolling the Canterlot gardens along with another guard, a private, that he didn't know in the slightest. They were told to walk around and report stuff, like any patrol. But a gardener had ran up to them claiming that there was a big human in armor in the gardens. But the most absurd part of it is that she said it talked. So, as mandatory protocol, we went with her to see what ridiculous thing she though she saw. But now that he saw it...

...he was amazed and terrifed.

The human... minotaur... thing... was far taller than normal and was wearing weathered black and yellow armor, eyes glowing a bright orange. It carried a large silver, red and green device in its hands and had multiple other devices on its back and waist that looked like nothing he had ever seen, except for the sword in its scabbard. The large object it was holding had parts that were glowing green with life, almost pulsating.

In a bout of fright, the private he was accompanied by shot up a flare with his horn, alerting the rest of the Canterlot guards of threat. The flare that was only used if battles had started and we were outnumbered. Within seconds, more reinforcements arrived, including Princess Luna. She landed, glaring at the creature who was surrounded on all sides by guards from both divisions.

"Guards, what's the assessment of the threat?"

'Wait, did the blue horse with wings and a horn just talk?' Alexander thought. He might be able to salvage this meeting after all.

"It's just standing there, princess." Said one of the - as the big blue horse called them - guards. Well, it made sense, as they were all wearing armor and carried weapons. But it appeared that this nation has reverted to the medieval era that Alex had heard of in old prewar books. He could only guess that it was a nation on account of it having a princess.

Alex could see only one way to spur the conversation forward. He took his hand off the trigger of Vengeance and raised it up as if he was about to wave to them. The guards around him seemed to tense up at his movement and readied their spears and crossbows.