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Vanishing Act - redandready45

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An Empty Spot (Edited 03/21/20)

A palpable silence hung over the crowd. The excitement of the day and the fear everybody felt once the magic had been unleashed had been replaced with the silence of a tomb, as everyone stared at the spot where Twilight Sparkle once stood.

At the epicenter of the magical incident, the chilling calm was the most profound, as Wondercolt and Shadowbolt alike stared silently at glasses, smoky shoe, and the pendant laying idly on the ground. The solemn quiet was broken after a few moments by a voice laden with concern.

"Twilight," said Spike, as he approached the spot where his master once stood. The voice was soft, but it quickly broke the trance the two teams where in. They all stared at the sentient dog, their faces still solemn. If the Shadowbolts were stunned by hearing a dog use human speech, they did not reveal it.

"Twilight," Spike repeated, in a voice that held even more sadness. He walked to the center of the scorch mark, in between the glasses and pendant. "Come back," he cried out in a pained voice, collapsing onto his belly in tears.

Among the Wondercolts, Pinkie Pie began to weep like a baby. Her wild, poofy hair straightened, as if the unforeseen energy that made her energetic drained away. Fluttershy walked over to mournful Spike, picked him up and cradled him like a baby. As she tried to comfort the dog, sad tears were running down her own cheeks.

Among the Shadowbolts, Lemon Zest fell to her knees and began crying, taking her precious headphones off her head, and throwing them down in a fit of self-loathing. Sour Sweet also began crying, her anguished noises filling the air. Those who were able to maintain their composure looked toward the entrance, hearing the noise of heels running across the concrete path.

A frantic Dean Cadence ran toward the burn mark on the ground, her face full of horror. She bent her neck, looking down at the artifacts of her sister-in-law, like she was looking at a grave site. .

"What happened to her," Cadence asked desperately. Despite her sadness, she saw the Wondercolts who had maintained their cool turned their heads to Sunset. Cadence walked over to Sunset, realizing she was the only person present who could give an answer.

"What happened to her?" Cadence asked Sunset in a louder voice. The fire haired girl, her eyes beginning to water, first looked to her friends, who sought her guidance. She then looked toward the Dean, whose face was growing impatient with Sunset's silence. In a desperate rage, Cadence grabbed Sunset by her shirt and pulled her to her face.


"I DON'T KNOW!" Sunset screamed at the Dean, her face red with frustration. Cadence released Sunset, tears flowing down her pink cheeks. "I don't know," Sunset uttered, her voice broken.

With that, Cadence's composure failed, and she fell to her knees in tears. She wept the loudest, picking up the glasses and the pendant and clutching them to her heart like they were her child. Spike wiggled out of Fluttershy's grasp, and walked over to the more familiar woman, putting his head against her leg, as they both mourned Twilight.

The rest of the Wondercolts wept, as did the Shadowbolts. Celestia and Luna walked over to the anguished Dean, and both hugged her tightly in an attempt to calm her down.

In the bleachers, both Canterlot and Crystal Prep student alike were in varying degrees of sorrow.

The mourning of the two teams was interrupted by the approach of a very angry principal.

"You did this," screamed Cinch, staring furiously at the Wondercolts. They all stared at angry woman, faces full of shame and regret.

"Principal Cinch," Sunset said in a quiet, guilty voice, smalls drops falling from her face, "I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to-,"

"Enough," she hissed said angrily, causing Sunset to cease defending herself. "You and Canterlot's magical shenanigans just killed my prized student. I plan to report this to the proper-,"

"You made her use the magic," shouted Sugarcoat, her voice full of rage. The Wondercolts and the two administrators of Canterlot High looked at Cinch with extreme anger. Except for Sunset, who unbeknownst to everybody, suddenly stopped weeping and staring at Cinch with cold eyes.

"What," Cadence barked, looking at Cinch. "You made her unleash the magic," Cadence said dismay, her face that of someone who had been stabbed in the back.

"We did," said Sour Sweet sadly. She suddenly glared at Cinch. "We all told her to do it." The orange-skinned girl and blue-skinned girl gave them furious glares, while Celestia and Luna were shaking with fury.

"You made her unleash magic," Celestia said furiously, "what were you thinking?!"

"I see what you're doing," Cinch said, ignoring Cadence's dismay. "You're trying to blame me when you are the ones who cheated. I demand you forfeit the games immediately." The Wondercolts and Shadowbolts looked at Cinch with a mixture disgust and shock. Sunset's face remained calm and composed, but she began to clench her fists.

"The games," Celestia said, her voice filled with disgust as she began clenching her teeth. "you lead your students to push Twilight into unleashing something she didn't understand, which killed her, and you're talking about the games?! Don't you give a damn about her?!" Her face softened as she heard Cadence's tears. Cinch however, retained her cold appearance in the face of everyone's growing anger. Fluttershy looked to Sunset, and noticed the vein on Sunset's forehead was throbbing, and the girl's balled fists were beginning to tremble.

"The girl was my ticket to success, and you destroyed her," Cinch yelled back. "For that, you deserve-," what words were about to leave her mouth stopped as she heard a furious scream to her right. She turned her head, and saw Sunset running toward her, screaming with rage, her face as red as parts of her hair. Before Cinch could react, Sunset pounced on her, tackling the middle-aged principal to the ground. In a daze, both from pain the shock of being tackled, Cinch saw Sunset climbing on top of her, the fire-haired girl's face resembling that of an angry animal. Before she could call for help, she felt a yellow fist collide with her face. A then another. The girl wailed on the principal, her eyes without an ounce of pity, letting out a scream as she rained blow after blow on the principal.

The pummeling lasted for a few minutes before she felt Sunset being pulled off of her. She laid down, feeling blood on her lips, a wondering why no one was coming to her aid. Though injured and dazed, she still had the energy to pull herself up. When she stood up, she saw a hyperventilating Sunset being held back by Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

"This little demon attacked a member of faculty," said Cinch when she finally regained her composure,"that alone should disqualify you-,"

"You know what," bellowed Sunset, pulling her arms free from her friends. "Fine. Go ahead. Disqualify me! I forfeit! You win!" Cinch was shocked at that statement, as were the Shadowbolts.

"They called this event the 'Friendship Games'," said Sunset, her voice laden with righteous fury. "That's what these games should be about." She narrowed her eyes even more. "None of you people know what FRIENDSHIP is!" Her voice carried throughout the field. Crystal Prep students were shocked by the girl's invective. She paused. She turned her eyes toward the Shadowbolts, glaring at them with the same amount of contempt she gave Cinch. The Shadowbolts turned pale at the sight of Sunset's wrath. "You don't even give it to your own teammate! You put her in danger, and made her unleash something none of you could control just because you wanted to win a dumb game! How selfish and stupid are you people!" The Shadowbolts flinched and bowed their heads in shame. A not so small number of Crystal Preppers did the same as well. "All to win a stupid game," Sunset's repeated with a hiss. "I just can't..." Sunset trailed off, too furious to speak. She took a deep breath.

"I learned long ago that there is something more important than winning," she glanced at her friends, giving them all a warm smile, which they returned. Her anger returned when she turned back to the Shadowbolts. "I don't need to step on other people to feel important, or win a contest to make myself feel good." She looked down, at a bit of regret on her face, before looking scornfully. "But that's all you people care about! So, you know what, keep the trophy." She clenched her teeth. "That obviously meant mean more to you then her," she growled out. Sunset's words felt like daggers in the hearts of the Shadowbolts.

She then stormed out in a rage. Slowly but surely she was followed by the other Wondercolts. Soon, the Canterlot student body also followed Sunset's lead, and storm away from the bleachers, giving Crystal Prep students varying degrees of angry looks. Within minutes, all of Canterlot High had left, except for Luna and Celestia, who were trying to comfort Cadence.

The Crystal Prep students sat in the stands feeling miserable and ashamed. Cinch, who was shocked by Sunset forfeiting the games, and who was feeling the pain from Sunset's blows, simply walked away, ignoring the glares that Cadence, the Shadowbolts, and the rest Crystal Prep were giving her.

Cadence heard a ring of her cell phone, and saw Shining Armor calling her up. She reluctantly answered.

"Hey Cadence," Shining's happy voice said through the phone. "I'm sorry I couldn't come to Games. How were they? Did Twilight come out on top?" Cadence tried to speak, but all that came out was whimper. Eventually Celestia took the phone from her, while Luna continued to hold the grieving woman.

"Shining Armor," Celestia said calmly into the speaker, "Cadence can't come to phone."

"What happened, why is she crying?," Armor said, his voice alarmed by his wife's cries. "And where's Twilight?"

Celestia bit her lip, wondering how she was going to explain what happened. Her eyes watered. "Well Shining," she said, tears starting to drip from her eyes.

The Rainbooms all followed Sunset to the parking lot, with varying degrees of anger. Rainbow Dash, however, smiled proudly at Sunset, and ran up to greet her.

"Sunset," Rainbow Dash said excitedly,"that was awesome what you said back there..." she paused when she saw tears leaking down from the yellow girl's eyes. "Sunset, are you OK," she asked. Sunset started sprinting away, crying loudly.

"Darling wait," Rarity screamed, concerned for her friend.

Sunset ignored their concerned cries, ran toward her motorcycle, and drove away into the night, her wails audible to all, until she was far from the school. Her friends looked at the direction she had driven in, their eyes full of sadness and concern.

Author's Note:

I'm happy to finally get this chapter out. I hope I got the emotions just right.

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