• Published 30th Dec 2016
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Homecoming - Rose Quill

Sunset Shimmer recieves devastating news from her previous world of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle of the human world accompanies her on her journey back home to help support her in her time of need.

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Chapter Seven - Ponyville

“Sunset! Are you ready for the super-duper all points Ponyville tour?” Pinkie Pie asked no sooner than I stepped off the train.

I shrugged, not really minding the chance to walk around a bit. I followed the pink mare as she hop-skipped around town, pointing out most of the interesting landmarks. I only half-paid attention, seeing after the first couple of stops that they roughly mirrored the town where CHS was located. But at one stop, I asked Pinkie to slow down.

“Be just a moment!” a voice called out as I pushed through the door of the Carousel Boutique. I looked around, seeing the vast number of dresses arranged on various poniquins and hangers. A few seconds later a purple-maned pony trotted out from a room, glasses perched on her nose and a measuring tape draped across her withers.

“Sunset!” she cooed, stopping by a bench with some drawings on it. “What brings you to my humble boutique?”

I worried the ground with a hoof. “I was hoping to ask for a favor,” I said. “I need a dress…”

“For the memorial. Of course.” Her face took on a sympathetic look. “I’m ever so sorry, darling. Are you faring all right?”

“It’s getting better, I think,” I said. “I miss her, I’m not breaking down every five minutes, but inside, it's just so...hollow.”

Rarity stepped up close and eyed me critically. “Step up to the podium, Sunset, and I’ll grab a few quick measurements. We’ll see what we can work out.”

It was easy to see the similarities between this Rarity and the one I called my friend. But where fashion was a passion and a hobby to my Rarity, it was a lifestyle and business to this Rarity. She was all business and while she chatted me up while working, the focus was completely on the dress.

After taking my measurements, she started levitating various bolts of fabric out, holding them next to me to see how it looked with my mane, my coat, or eyes.

“Idea!” she cried, horn flaring as she took a bolt of heather gray cloth and a bolt of black and a few onyx gems and began working in a flurry. After an hour or two I was wearing a dress of close-fitted black with some gray layers, accented with onyx stones along the collar. Rarity was doing up a few loose sections while I looked in the mirror.

The skirt draped gently in flowing layers but didn’t drop too low. It fit close through the body and had an open collar reminiscent of the collar and lapels of my well-worn jacket back home.

Home. That was an interesting term now. Ever since returning, everything felt natural and normal, but so did everything in Canterlot High. Was it merely proximity and form, or was it something else?

Where did I truly belong now that I had been accepted by my family and Celestia?

Rarity did up the last stitch, and stepped back, smiling. “How is the fit, my dear?”

I did a few twists, walked a few steps and sat on a supplied cushion. I looked at the fashionista.

“Like a glove, Rarity. ”

“Watch out!”

I instinctively threw up a kinetic shield at the warning in time to deflect a book flying towards me as I entered the library of Twilight’s castle. Glancing around I saw both mares looking a little shame faced.

“Sorry, Sunset,” the Twilight from my world said sheepishly “I don’t quite have fine control down yet.”

I lifted the book and glanced at the title before letting the Princess take and re-shelve it.

“Star Swirl’s Rules of Magical Relativity?” I asked. “Did I interrupt an argument?”

“No, not at all,” Princess Twilight said, laughing. “She was helping me do a little bit of clean up and just misjudged the angle of her push.” Another book was encompassed by a violet glow before flying up to an empty spot on the shelf. “You don’t have to force it, more like a slow, steady push,” she said to the human Twilight. "Don't focus on the object, but the intention and let the magic do the rest."

“I’m trying,” she said in a tired and frustrated voice. A book was surrounded by an azure glow and trembled before fully rising from the ground, then oriented itself right-side up and wobbling towards a vacant shelf spot.

It was a bit too low and bumped the shelf, causing the blue pony to growl in frustration, then stick her tongue out in concentration. The book rose a bit and settled into the bookshelf. The novice Unicorn gave a exhale of relief, as though she had been holding her breath the entire time.

“Good, good!” Princess Twilight bubbled. “A little more practice and you won’t even have to concentrate to do this. Soon we might be able to work on fine control!”

My Twilight had a few beads of sweat on her forehead. “If you say so,” she panted.

“It does get easier,” I said, taking a seat on one of the cushions set around and set my dress in its bag down behind me. “With each levitation, like lifting a small weight a bunch to build up a muscle.”

The Princess nodded and floated a small mug over to the tired unicorn, who accepted it gratefully, holding it with both front hooves.

“So, how’d the meeting go?” she asked after getting a mug of cider of her own.

“It was nice seeing my sisters again, especially with so many things different now. I’ve been invited to a wedding, by the way, so I may be visiting again.” I almost missed human Twilights face lighting up in interest. “The funeral was already prepared and settled before I got here. We’ll meet again after the service tomorrow and read over the documents that need all three of us present.”

“That’s good, Sunset,” the princess said. “But that wasn’t the meeting I was asking after.”

I closed my eyes. “There was some shouting and accusations, mostly from me at me. In the end, though,” I smiled. “I think it’s all going to be ok, between me and her.”

“Good,” my one-time rival returned my smile. “I have a couple quick errands to do, but I’ll see you all at dinner. My friends are going to be there so I can introduce you!” She trotted off, humming.

“That’s going to be confusing,” I muttered.

“Applejack picked up pretty quick,” my Twilight said, coming to sit beside me. “And her Applebloom is a little more relaxed than ours.” She stretched before she sat down. “And I met Pinkie already.”

“Pinkie is the same no matter where you see her, I guess.”

“Mm-hm.” She looked at the bag behind me. “What’s that?”

“Oh, Pinkie’s tour stopped by Rarity’s boutique. I don't have any Equestrian clothing, so I got something made for the service tomorrow.”

“Can I see? Or should I wait? Should I get something made too?” She looked down and tapped her hooves together. “Sorry, I don’t know what to expect. It's obviously not a matter of habit here like back home.” She glanced behind her, her tail giving a slight twitch. "I keep feeling like I should be embarrassed by the lack of modesty, but no one else seems to even notice."

“It is more for important events or social functions. Only the most vain or oblivious wear clothes all the time here. Maybe after dinner, I’ll let you see pony fashion. But if you want something of your own, that’s the mare to talk to,” I said, nodding towards one of the doors as Rarity entered with Fluttershy at her side.

“Oh, but wouldn’t that be rude? She doesn't really know me,” she fretted. "I couldn't impose."

I rolled my eyes. “Rarity!” I called out.

The fashionista paused and trotted in, noticing Twilight at my side. “Yes, Sunset?” Fluttershy glided in and stood meekly by the door.

I indicated the pony to my side. “My friend Sunshine was wondering about perhaps engaging your talents for getting something to wear to the service tomorrow, if it isn't an imposition.”

The white unicorn’s eyes lit up as she gave Twilight the once over. “Oh, but of course!” she cooed. “That coloration of yours will be just perfect with some of the new bolts I got in.”

“There you go,” I said, smiling. “Thanks again, Rarity.”

Sunshine smiled. "Yes," she whispered. "Thank you."

The unicorn smiled back, then a sly look came over her face.


“Oh, nothing, darling, just thinking about how to best use those new cuts.” She left, whispering to Fluttershy as she did.

“Thanks, Sunset,” Twilight said, leaning in to give me a quick hug.

“No problem, Sunshine.” I smiled back and leaned into the hug. “You’ve done a lot for me.”



She looked like she was about to say something, then shook her head. “Nothing, it was a stupid idea.”

“What was?”

“Don't worry, just a stray thought. If you don't mind, could we sit next to each other at the dinner? Not that I feel uncomfortable,” she said hurriedly. “But I'm going to be the only one from our side of the mirror and you may have to explain things to me so I understand the cultural differences. Not to mention I'm still feeling silly eating by putting my muzzle in the plate.” She tried to levitate another book but broke off with a huff of exhaustion again, the book barely having moved.

I smiled, lifting my garment bag.

“Let me drop my dress off in my room and we’re good to go.”