• Published 29th Nov 2011
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Baking Perfect Pie - Kumare Tanamaru

When the new kid comes to town, Pinkie Pie volunteers herself to throw him a Pinkie Party.

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Stranger Than Pie?

Do you know why you're here, Pineapple?

What? No, what are you talking abo-

You were sent here for a reason.

W-who are you? Why-

You were a disgrace. That's why we sent you away. Your parents couldn't handle you anymore.


Yes. That's why they-


Left you.


I jolted awake to find myself on the floor.

Just a dream...

I had arrived here in ponyville just yesterday, and I was still unsure of what to do about money to pay off the house.

These ponies are nice. None of them seem too... judgmental.

I pulled the sheets off of myself and made the bed.

Breakfast for one? Looks like it. I suppose I-

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Applejack.

"Well howdy do? Juss popped by to see how your first night in Ponyville went! Mighty fine I reckon! Nice to see somepony bright eyed and bushy tailed so early in the mornin'!"

"Goomornin Applejack.." was all I could mutter to her.

"Anyways, I suppose you're wonderin' why ahm here!"

"Please enlighten me Applejack!" I said as enthusiastic as I could.

"Me an' some of the girls are gonna go git some breakfast, and one of them in particular was wondering if you wanted to come!" She smiled, as if hiding something.

I raised my eyebrow to that and decided to play a little joke on her. I squinted at her

"Okey Dokey Lokey...." I said staring at her. Her eyes were shifting back and fourth as if they were in a pool of water.

"W-why ah you lookin' at me like that? I got nuthin' to hide or nuthin'! no siree, nuthin' hidden here!"

"Relax Applejack, I was only kidding!" I snickered.

"Oh.. ah haha." she forced out a laugh.

"Yes, I'd love to go to breakfast. Who invited me, by the way?" I said while closing and locking the door.

"Um.... it was, uhm... Rainbow Dash! ah mean Rarity! ah mean, it was Rainbow Dash and Rarity!" Her eyes were still shifting back and fourth.

"Rainbow Dash and Rarity, huh? Never would have guessed. Shall we go?"

"Yer comin?"


"Well hogtie me and gag me with a spoon! Let's get tuh goin'!"

A spoon? Great Celestia...

As we arrived at Sugarcube Corner I was greeted with delight by my new acquaintances that I met just yesterday.

"Hey there Pineapple!" said Rainbow Dash.

"Yoo hoo~ Pineneedle!" Said Rarity

It's Pineapple... I thought.

"Howdy everypony!" said Applejack. "I brought Mr. Spice like Rainbow and Rarity requested!" She seemed to emphasize their names as if hinting at something, but I chose to ignore it.

"What?" said Rainbow Dash falling over. "Oh yeah... Thanks Applejack!" She said as she nudged Rarity.

"Hmm? Oh! Yes, thank you dear!"

I raised an eyebrow

"So, How's everypony doing?" I asked. Nopony said anything for a short while. this gave me a little time to think about how many ponies had showed up.

Two.. Four... I counted in my head

"Hey... where's Pinkie Pie?" I said almost concerned. To this Twilight instantly said:

"She'll be here in a bit. Fluttershy, will you bring out the food please?"

"Certainly!" She said smiling and giggling a bit.

We talked about what had happened during my trip from Trottsten, and why I decided to come to Ponyville.

"Well, it was time to get out, find my own way, you know what I mean?"

They all nodded. The five ponies seemed to have eaten all of their food very quickly, as if in some sort of rush.

"Anyways, I-"

"Would ya lookit the time? We have tuh go now, don't we girls?"

"Yes! That's right, we really must be on our way!" replied Twilight hastily.

"Oh, um, alright? I'll come too." I replied confused.

"No! Heh heh, I mean, no. You need to eat. We'll see you later, okay?" She said with a forced smile on her face.

"Oh, okay then."

Looks like they don't want me around... I thought lowering my head to my food again.

They left and I tried my hardest to put on a smile to wave them goodbye. I didn't understand it.

Did they not want to hang around me? Oh well, I'm sure that whatever they-

My thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of somepony breathing down my neck. I turned around to ask him to back off a bit, but was greatly surprised.

"Excuse me, but could you... AH!... Pinkie Pie?" I said with my complexion starting to turn white.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I scare you? If I did, I didn't mean to... Whatcha eatin'? Ohh that looks yummy! Mind if I have a taste?" She said taking a big bite out of my sandwich as she smiled genuinely.

"Sure, would you like to join me for lunch? Or the rest of my lunch that I have?" I chuckled

"Would I!?" She exclaimed as she sat in the seat across from me. "Hey, um. I'm sorry about screaming at you yesterday. I wasn't trying to avoid you or anything... I was just in a hurry!"

"It's alright," I said. "Stretching out my legs a little doesn't hurt anypony!"

She was sweet. She seemed harmless, and she had beautiful sky blue eyes. Her mane was as fluffy as the clouds were. She smiled and showed off her perfectly clean teeth and ordered with delight. She must of seen me staring at her because she questioned me about it.

"Why are you staring at me?"

I sat there for a second and then responded

".... huh? Oh, I don't know." I said shaking my head.

She laughed. It was the cutest laugh that I'd ever heard.

"You're silly! By the way, my name's Pinkie Pie! I throw parties! But that's not all I throw. I throw balls, I throw parties..."

She went on for awhile about what she throws and such, which gave me more time to admire her in all her perfection. She was beautiful, and I had never felt like this for anypony before. Especially not a filly. Her pink mane swished with the slight breeze, which distracted her a bit.


"... And basket balls,"


"And sometimes I throw up! But that was only when I ate those baked bads! Hey, are you alright?"

"H-huh? Yeah! Why?"

"You were staring at me again!" She gasped "Do I have something on my face?"

"No, no. Not at all."

"Oh. Okey Dokey Lokey! So, what's your name?"

"Name....? Oh, name!"

"Really? That's strange, I've never heard of anypony with the name 'Name' before!"

Great going.

What are you talking about name?


There was a giggle.

You're silly! Hey, Name! Guess what? Me and the other ponies want to meet with you so we can learn everything there is to know about you! isn't that fun?

Pinkie Pie was sitting across from me smiling the biggest and most beautiful smile ever.

Name? oh, no. My name's actually Pineapple Spice. Sure, I'd love to come!

"Okey Dokey Lokey!" She said out loud. "I like your name by the way, it's cute!" She said this and then looked away, covering her mouth with her hoof.

"Oh, I guess. Somepony got hungry when I mentioned my name to her."

"Well that's silly! Your name isn't edible! At least, it doesn't seem like it is!" She gasped "Is it? Can I be the first to taste it?! Can I? Huh, huh, huh??"

I laughed out loud

"If you can figure out a way, I'll let you!" I smiled at her, and she reacted to this with a slight loving smile.

The clock sounded and the pink filly gasped in shock.



"We're late!"

"Late?" I said confused

"Yes, late!"

"Oh! Right!.... For what?"

"Your party, duh!"


"What, you didn't think I'd throw you a party when you first got here?! If I didn't, that would be sooo incredibly borriiing! That's why I dashed off, I have to get everypony an invitation, plus I had to plan the party! C'mon, let's go!"

She grabbed my hoof, and we trotted off into Ponyville's town library.