• Published 29th Nov 2011
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Baking Perfect Pie - Kumare Tanamaru

When the new kid comes to town, Pinkie Pie volunteers herself to throw him a Pinkie Party.

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"Well, here I am." I thought out loud.

things will be different here. New ponies. Hopefully they will except who I am.

"Here I come Ponyville!" I shouted in delight.

I'm not very good with keeping my mouth shut. That's something to work on. I don't really know what will happen here. I just moved out from my parents house and I'm on my own for the first time. Maybe I can get a job at-

"Oof! Oh, 'scuse me ma'am," The rainbow maned pony turned around

"No prob kid. Hey you're new, aren't you?" she replied with slight enthusiasm

"Uh, yes ma'am, I-"

"Whoa, enough with the 'ma'am' kid. You look about as old as I do!" she jumped in the air and hovered for a bit. I had never seen a pony with... Wings?

"Oh, uh. sorry."

"Geez kid, lighten up! I'm Rainbow Dash, pleased to meetcha!"

"Likewise Rainbow Dash!" I said cheering myself up, but, why was she staring at me like she was expecting something.

"Uh, so what's your name?" she said rearing.

"Name..? Oh, name! I have one of those! It's Pineapple. Pineapple Spice." Sheesh, I had forgotten my name for a couple of seconds. She was pretty and all, but that was your first impression?

"Hey, don't look so down. Since you're new to Ponyville, you should probably talk to Twilight. You'll know her when you see her." She chuckled "She's probably got her nose stuck in a book."

"Oh, ok. Thanks Rainbow Dash!" I said with a nice confused smile.

"See you later kid!" she called as she flew into the clouds.

What in the world was.... A pony with wings?! Oh well. I might as well go see Twilight. I sighed and started off into a direction. How was I supposed to find Twilight when I don't even know what she looks like?

Nose in a book. I decided.

"Um, Excuse me, could I trouble you with a question?" I said slightly timidly.

This is out of character for me, I usually just bounce right up to someone new.

"Oh my goodness darling! Whatever are you saying? Please speak up, goodness you sound just like Fluttershy with that voice!" She said irritated.

"Oh, how's this?" I replied surprised

"Much, much better. Now, what is it? Rarity is very busy you know!" She said turning to her work again.

"Do you happen to know where the library is?"

Gee, great question Pineapple, she only lives in this town.

"Why on earth would you want to go THERE? It's simply dreary, and not to mention full of stuff only Twilight likes. Why, I was never raised to spend my time doing something boring! 'You always have to do something that excites you, dear.' is what my mother told me when I was young and-"

"Not to be rude Rarity, was it? But I'm just trying to look for Twilight." I replied annoyed.

"Oh. Looking for Twilight hmm? She'll be at the library. Why are you looking for her anyways?"

"Well, I'm new in town and this weird pony with wings named Rainbow Dash told me to look for Twilight and-"

"Oh that Rainbow Dash! She has no respect for others. Although not nearly as aggravating as Applejack. Which reminds me! Come! let us go!"

"Um, ok?" I looked at her in confusion.

Hopefully she'll take me to the library.

We walked along for a very long time. She was going on and on about something. Something about when she was young, and destiny. She asked me if I was new, and I nodded my head. I told her my name and where I came from, but that didn't seem to interest her very much. We trudged along very slowly, and all I could think about was how long I had to listen to her rant about her past, and her work. I usually wasn't like this. I usually tolerate more than this. Especially when my mother lectured me about always doing the right thing and stuff like that.

"We're here!" She finally said. I raised my head, but all I could see were apple trees.

"Excuse me, but where exactly are we? This looks like a farm, not the library."

"Why of course! We're here at Sweet Apple Acres, why on earth would you think I would go to the library?"

"Because I was... never mind. Who lives here anyways?" I rolled my eyes, not caring if she saw or not.

"My good friend Applejack! Maybe she can help you with whatever it was you were ranting about on the way over, Pineneedle."

"Pineapple." I said annoyed.


I sighed and went inside the barn.

What was up with these ponies? They were all crazy, and didn't know how to help somepony.

"Anypony here?" I shouted slightly angrily.

"Juss a second!" replied a slurred voice. An orange pony with a hat came trotting down the stairs. "Whut can I help ya with, pardner? Say, I haven't seen you about these parts before, ah you new?"

I stared in amazement. She smiled at me. I didn't know what to say. What was up with her voice? it seemed so silly and out of place. Tying that thought to my words I said:

"Uh... Why are you doing that with your voice?"


"Your voice, whats wrong with it? Are you okay? Do you need medicine?" Then she said something that shocked me.

"Well, why ah you pink? It's just part of who ah am. Same as you, can't help bein' pink. It's alright, I know you're new to Ponyville and such, whut did ya need help with?"

Nice going doofus.

"I'm on mah, I mean, my way to the library. And this one pony named Rarity led me here."

"The library? Ah you lookin' fer Twilight?"

"Yes! I am." I sighed in relief. Finally, somepony that made sense!

"Well, ah'd love to help you, being new to ponyville and all, but ah haf tuh stay here 'nd take care of the farm here."

I looked at the ground in disappointment.

"But.." she said as she raised a hoof to her chin. "Ah bet Fluttershy could git you there lickity split! knowin' her, she'll love ta help yew. She should be here any minute now, ah asked her ta come on down for a favor, but i'll get mah little sis ta help me with it." she said in decision.

"Oh, thank you very much Applejack!"

"No problem pardner. By the way, ya got a name stranger?"

"Pineapple Spice!" I said with over enthusiasm, which she chuckled at.

"Nice tah meetcha Pineapple! interestin' name. Makes me kinda hungry!"

"I get that a lot! Although I don't see why, my name's not edible or anything!"

"that was random," She chuckled. "Sounded a bit like Pinkie Pie fer a second."

Pinkie Pie?

"Applejack! You'll never believe what Trey got m-" She exclaimed in a hushed tone, and stopped upon seeing me.

"Well hi there Fluttershy! This is Pineapple, ah need yew to take him to Twilight straight away! An' don't stop to sniff the flowers along the way now, ya hear?"

"Oh.... okay...." The winged pony replied while landing on the ground from her flight.

Again with the wings, I don't understand what's going on.

"Now Fluttershy," Applejack scolded "don't chu start with the shyness, this here fella needs some help, alrighty? Now, introduce yerself, an be on your way."


"My name's Pineapple, what's yours?"

"uhm.. my names... fluttershy......" she shrank down as if trying to hide herself.

Ho boy.

"Fluttershy, was it? well, shall we be on our way?"

"Uhm... yes.... if, that's okay..." she replied shrinking even further. "Where are we going......?"

I could hardly hear her, but replied to the answer the best that I could. We began our walk along the road back into town to find the library, and I tried my hardest to be nice and converse with her.

This is it. My new life begins.