• Published 29th Nov 2011
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Baking Perfect Pie - Kumare Tanamaru

When the new kid comes to town, Pinkie Pie volunteers herself to throw him a Pinkie Party.

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Meeting With The Six

Here goes nothing

"What should I start with?"

"Well," said Twilight "Start with why you left your home."

"Okay. Well, when I was a young colt I was the only one in my family to be a different color than everypony else. I was a light shade of pink, and the rest of my family was a dark shade, although my mother was pink, she was still a dreary color. My mother told me that there had been another pony in the family that was pink, but she was... let loose from the town. Anyways, I had been different from everypony else, but no pony ever told me why. I liked to play outside while everypony sat inside doing a puzzle, or something 'safe'. My mother told me that I shouldn't act up in public. I asked her why, and she said that if I were to act up in public then they would take me away, and I would be 'let loose' from the town." I frowned.

"That's terrible!" said Twilight in shock.

"It's, uncouth! Why you poor dear, Pineneedles!"

"Pineapple!" everypony shouted at Rarity.


"That's juss awful. How could any mother deny her child ah childhood?" said Applejack in annoyance.

"Yeah, especially playing outside! That's just uncoup!"

"It's uncouth, dear."

"No it's not, it's uncoup! As in, why-would-you-want-to-stay-coupped-up-inside-all-day-instead-of-playing-outside-all-day!"

"Right. Of course dear Pinkie Pie." Rarity said rolling her eyes.

"Shh! You're interrupting the story! Go on Pineapple." said Rainbow Dash

"Huh? Oh, right. Where was I?"

"Let loose from the town?" said Twilight.

"Right, right. Anyways, I continued on being as careful as I could with my 'strangeness'. I thought maybe if I stayed inside for a longer period of time, then I would be safer than playing outside from dawn til dusk. So, I tried my hoof at puzzles. I was good at them, but they were boring. I-"

The door flung open and in came three young fillies. A white unicorn, a yellow earth pony, and another orange pony with wings, which I remembered that they didn't have names. or at least not to my knowledge.

"Applejack! When are you comin' home?"

"Shht! Applebloom! Yer interruptin' him! Mind yer manners now."

"Oh. Pardon. But Applejack, you were supposed to take us to the lake to see if we can't get a scuba-diving cutie mark!"

"Oh fer the love of Pete! Not today Applebloom. Why don't you an' the rest of yer friends sit there and listen to Mr. Pineapple's story."


"No buts now, ya hear? Sit tight."


The three little fillies took a seat on the ground in front of the rest of the older ponies, that remained standing.

"Please continue, Mr. Pineapple."

"Okey Dokey Lokey!" I said

They all stared at me for a while as I regathered my thoughts.

"I tried my hoof at playing ball in the house with my brother and sister, but they never wanted to do anything that could potentially harm them. Which was no fun at all! Talk about a snooze crew!" I said slightly jokingly then continued. "Well, I tried a bunch of things in the house. Decorating, playing music, all sorts of things. The one thing I did try that suited me very well was baking. Although it was the downfall of me. My mother had come home to the smell of sweet cupcakes. All she said was 'My my, what is that delightful aroma?' She came into the kitchen to see me putting another batch into the oven, while my brother and sister decided that they wanted to chow down on some of my fresh cupcakes."

"Wait wait wait!" exclaimed Twilight "This doesn't make any sense! I thought you were supposed to be telling us why you came here! Not telling us how you got your cutie mark!"

The three fillies faces on the floor lit up with excitement as they stopped their game of rock, hoof, tree stump.

"Gosh darnit Twilight, juss let the poor colt finish!"

I stood there a little confused

"Well, you see Twilight," I said to her "This all ties in to how and why I left."

"Oh. Ah hehe. Please continue." she said shrinking back, as if she had taken characteristics from Fluttershy.

"Well, as my siblings were about to eat the cupcakes I had made my mom came in and brought them away from them. The she said 'Pineapple Thyme Spice! What in the great name of Celestia are you doing?!' I didn't know what she meant, but my cutie mark appeared. She told me that she was going to have to report me to 'Them' because of my insubordination. They came and took me out of my home and locked me away in a cell, where they fed me for three years."

"WHAT?!" all of the ponies exclaimed

Fluttershy had her eyes open extremely wide, and had the biggest frown on her face that I had ever seen.

"After the three years were up," I continued "they brought me out and showed me back to my parents. I was overjoyed to finally get out to see my family again. But... They weren't happy to see me at all. They shunned me. I wasn't allowed to go home."

"WHAT?!" the ponies exclaimed again.

"That's right. My mother told me that she didn't want to see my face again. My brother and sister got to say goodbye to me, but I wasn't allowed to see my father, and I have a feeling that he didn't want to see me either. So, I was forced to leave the town with supplies to last me long enough to find the next town over. That was Ponyville."

"Oh mah stars! That's juss awful!" Said Applejack

"What happened next, what happened next?!" Shouted Pinkie Pie. I looked at her and tried my hardest to smile at her. At least she cared.

"I set out. It took me at least two years to get here I think. I had to go pass the Great Swamp, go through Clear Canyon, and around Vasst Lake."

"Wow. Those are some of the wonders of Equestria! You're so lucky!"

"But Twilight," said Fluttershy with empathy. "If Pineapple wasn't kicked out of his home, he would have never seen all those things! You poor, poor dear."

"It's alright Fluttershy," I said trying to lighten the mood. "There's only one thing I want from my parents now."

"For them to get an earful?" said Rainbow Dash.

"To come back and love you?" said Fluttershy.

"To buy you a nice dinner?" said Rarity.

"To show yew some respect?" said Applejack.

"To explain why they made the decisions that made?" said Twilight.

"Pinkie Pie? You want to guess?" I said.

She thought hard for a minute or two, pacing around the room in confusion, and muttering something inaudible.

"I've got it! Since she didn't want you baking, and she didn't want you playing outside, AND she didn't want you to see your dad before you left, that could only leave one possible thing!"

"What?" we all said in confusion.

"Your wedding!"

"Pardon?" said Applejack "How in tarnation did ya come up wit that Pinkie Pie? That's-"

"Right." I said.

"See? I told you Applejack!"

"I just want them to see my wedding. To show them that I can put a smile on my face regardless of what they did to me. It was wrong. I'm sure they know that already, but I just want them to see how happy I am to have parents."

Scootaloo look to the ground when I said that, and then she spoke.

"I know what you mean." she said walking out the door.

"Well," said Twilight "We'd love to help you Pineapple, but..."

"You don't really have plans to get married soon, so I don't think we can!" said Rainbow Dash in her usual triumphant manor.

"Thanks, all of you. It really means a lot to me that you would do want to do that for me."

"We're always here for you Pineapple!" said Pinkie Pie with a loving smile.

A tear formed in my eye as I thought about my mother. They started falling from my eye's when I thought about my brother and sister. When I thought about my father, I completely lost it.

All of the ponies in the room gathered around me and comforted me in my time of need. Pinkie Pie especially.

These ponies, I thought

They don't care what happened to me in my past. They're my true friends, and I couldn't ask for better ones.

"We love yew Pineapple. An' don't chu ferget that." said Applejack

My tears rolled down my face, and onto the floor where they flowed together.

Just like a family should