• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Twilight was reading one of her favorite romance books 'Above and Beyond' Blushing at the page the was reading and felt slightly angry towards the knock that came from her door and snapped her out of the trance she was so thoroughly enjoying. Twilight walked downstairs and opened the door to Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

"You're not going to stay cooped up in that house forever are you, Twilight?" Rainbow said while flying into the library.

"Yes, you should come outside darling! I cannot allow you to turn pale from the lack of sunlight." Rarity said smiling.

"Sorry, guys you know how my studies occupy me." Twilight just said plainly.

"Ha ha! Yeah studies.." Rainbow was reading the page Twilight was on before she answered the door.

Twilight stuttered a bit while trying to grasp the book with her magic. "H-hey! Give that back!"

Rainbow finally stopped moving away from Twilight's aura after finishing the page. "I don't like romances anyway." she said while the book was being carried away by the glow.

Twilight placed the book back on the shelf while blushing with embarrassment. "Please don't look through my stuff upstairs, Rainbow."

"Sorry, I was just curious to what you were 'studying'.." Rainbow said putting emphasis on the word, studying.

"Well please don't do that again." Twilight said looking away from Rainbow in annoyance.

"Twilight my dear, there's nothing wrong with reading romance stories, I read them myself from time to time." Rarity said while putting her hoof on Twilight's shoulder.

Before Twilight could say something Rainbow Dash landed right next to them. "Well, we should go outside and help with the decoration."

"Decoration?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah for the Welcome Summer Festival. Ponies from all over come to Ponyville to celebrate it." Rainbow told her.

Twilight had forgotten all about the festival.

"Yes! Come darling, you must come and aid us at town square!" Rarity said while pulling Twilight from her hoof out the door.

"Okay, that sounds fun.. I could use some exercise." She said while squinting from the sun's harsh rays.

The three mare's had walked to the town square and Twilight saw as the mayor was directing ponies on where to add streamers and balloons. They went up to the mayor and rarity was the first to ask.

"We are here now, where do you need us?" She said while smiling.

"I need you three over at Sweet Apple Acres to help out the apple family, we have much to do before the festival starts tomorrow!" The mayor said while turning to direct more ponies.

"Awesome, this year's festival is going to be..well..awesome! I heard the WonderBolts are even coming this year!" Rainbow dash already started day-dreaming about them.

"That does sound fantastic, does it not Twilight?" Rarity asked, also excited for the festival.

"It sure does. We should hurry over and help Apple Jack." Twilight said, anxious to get busy with the preparations.

The three mare's started on their way to Sweet Apple Acres.


The WonderBolts were all circling the air and then came down in a large single-file spiral and each landed in a perfect line.

The one that landed first flew in front of the line of the WonderBolts.

"Great job guys, I think we are all set for the Welcome Summer Festival!" SpitFire said with a smile on her face.

The WonderBolts cheered and congratulated each other.

SpitFire enjoyed watching the team perform perfectly and it always made her happy to see the team so tightly-knit as friends, but she noticed a WonderBolt looking down at the ground. She walked over to see what was troubling him.

"Hey Soarin', whats up?" SpitFire asked.

"Oh.. it's nothing.. just got alot on my mind, that's all." Soarin' said while looking up from the ground.

"Yeah, the stress can be killer. We can all relax after we open the festival tomorrow." SpitFire said hoping to make Soarin' feel better.

"Yeah..relax.." Soarin' returned to looking at the ground.

SpitFire decided not to say anything else to him, seeing that she couldn't change anything and returned to the front of the line of WonderBolts.

"Alright, everpony rest up for tomorrow, we need to be at our best for the festival."

All of the WonderBolts flew off heading to their HQ to rest up for tomorrows big event.

AN: This is my first true shipping Fan-Fic, If a Character is out of his/her normal behavior feel free to warn me so I can fix it.