• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Day 2 of the Festival. Part 2

Twilight slowly lifted up her head from the open book that was laid on the desk. She rubbed her eyes with her hooves and looked at the open book, it had a little drool on the page but she didn't care at the moment, her mind was still buzzing from the lack of sleep.

"What time is it..?" She said out loud with a slight croak to her voice.

"Past lunch." Spike said while bringing Twilight a glass of water.

"Okay, thanks Spike.." Twilight started drinking the water, and in mid drink her eyes shot wide open and she started coughing. "What?!"

"Yeah you were up all night reading, what did you expect?" Spike said coolly.

Twilight's mind went from a buzz to a large reminder of her promise to Soarin'. She shot up the stairs and started grooming her mane and trying to fix her baggy eyes in the mirror. A knock came from the door and Twilight called to Spike. "Can you answer that Spike?"

Soarin' trotted to the library, anxious to see Twilight again. He fixed his mane that was out of place from the rush before he knocked at the door. He waited a moment before the door was answered by a small dragon.

"Hello, is Twilight home?"

Spike eyed Soarin' suspiciously. "Who are you?"

"I..uh.. I'm a friend of Twilight." Soarin' replied.

"Okay one second." Spike turned and brought a claw to his face. "Twilight! There's a guy here to see you!"

"Who is it?" Twilight yelled back.

"It's me, Twilight." Soarin' said slightly raising his voice so she could hear him.

"What?!" Twilight sounded rushed and a crash came from upstairs.

Soarin' flew up to Twilight's room to see what the crash was. He saw Twilight on the ground next to a broken stool, rubbing her hoof. He ran to her side to see if she was alright.

"Are you hurt?"

Twilight tried to get up, but her front left hoof was injured. "Y-yeah.. umf...ahh!" She tried to get up again but collapsed on the hoof and hit the floor with a thud and started tearing up at the pain.

Soarin' picked up Twilight and flew her downstairs. "Hey Spike, you got a first-aid kit?"

Spike scrambled to go grab the medical supplies.

Twilight looked up and saw that she had been carried down the stairs and was in Soarin's arms suspended in the air, he had a worried look on his face and Twilight blushed at the sight of him caring so much about her.

Spike returned with the supplies and Soarin' sat Twilight down in a chair. Soarin' was holding Twilight's injured hoof and started poking at it in several areas.

"Where does it hurt? .. here?"

Twilight winced at the pain as he poked in the injured area of her hoof.

"Spike hand me a medium splint, a bandage wrap and two safety pins."

Spike did what he was told and Soarin' went to work to patch up the injury. It didn't take long for him to finish his work and let go of Twilight's hoof.

Twilight tested the hoof on the ground and it held, she felt alot better. She looked up at Soarin' who still had a worried look on his face.

"Thanks Soarin'... I feel alot better now." Twilight started blushing at Soarin'.

He blushed back. "N-no problem... I really hate seeing you hurt..."

They starred at each other intently, both with large smiles on their faces. Spike decided to take his leave from the room, but he kept the door to the next room slightly cracked.

"Soarin'... I didn't know you cared this much about me.."

"Of course I do.. your the best thing that's happened to me since I joined the WonderBolts."

"But we hardly know each other..."

"That's true.. but I can't help but feel like I lo-.....really like you." Soarin' remembered his thoughts about pressuring Twilight.

Twilight's heart jumped. "I really like you too Soarin'....Maybe we can spend the day getting to know each other today? Unless you want to go to the festival that is..."

Soarin' didn't care about the festival anymore. "I want to get to know you better, Twilight Sparkle. The festival is all-week, and I would rather spend time with you more than anything in the world."

At that moment, Twilight forgot everything she read in her books and leaned forward into Soarin'.

Soarin' was surprised at first, but the normal kiss turned into a passionate embrace.

A loud gasp came from behind the door, but neither of them heard it. The world melted away and they entered a dark abyss that only showed Twilight and Soarin', to them, only the pony in front of them was all that mattered at the moment.

They slowly retracted from each other after several moments of the intense passion, both with their eyes half closed from the bliss.

They both tried to talk, but no words came out of their mouths, both unwilling to ruin the moment.

Twilight felt as if her heart was going to jump from her chest, Soarin' felt the same way. They stayed in each others hooves for what felt like hours, just starring into each other's eyes.

Twilight cleared her throat and pointed to the chairs. They both sat down and took each others hooves again over the table continuing to stare at each other.

Twilight, still blushing, was the first to break the silence. "So what would you like to know?"

Twilight and Soarin' talked for hours about their preferences, their childhoods, and exchanging stories about exciting events that had happened. Twilight told Soarin' about fighting NightMare Moon and Discord. Soarin' told Twilight about how he got into the WonderBolts and all of the things he did while being a WonderBolt. They talked the rest of the day away, and started moving into the night, but they had still kept the conversation going. Twilight would have never read a book again to stay with Soarin' and Soarin' could have never flied again as long as he was with Twilight.

Hey guys, Winter Twister here, I hope you're enjoying the story as much as I am. If you have any complaints, suggestions, or any type of criticism, I'm wide open.

~Winter Twister.