• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Day 2 of the Festival. Part 1

Twilight trotted home in the night with Soarin' on her mind. 'I don't know why I like him so much... maybe this is whats called a soul-mate? I remember reading about it in my book...' Twilight almost ran into the library door thinking about the precious few hours she had spent with Soarin' today. She entered the library and something inside of her snapped to realization. 'Wait, I kissed his cheek, is that alright? Is that still going to fast? What if i confused him?' Each word came faster than the last as she thought about it. She started grabbing every book on the subject 'dating' and 'colts' and started reading them in a frenzy into the night.


Soarin' walked out of his room in the very large apartment Ponyville had supplied them with and stretched his wings. He slept like a rock that night, he had a dream of himself with Twilight under a tree in Celestia's glorious sunlight, Twilight had her back to his chest as Soarin' leaned on the tree with Twilight in his hooves. They had said nothing the entire time and they had their eyes closed just enjoying each others company. He stood in his place focusing all of his thoughts on the dream, until a WonderBolt waved a hoof in front of his face.

"Yo Soarin', you alright?"

Soarin' only saw an image of himself and Twilight, but when he heard the voice the image diminished and he only saw a WonderBolt trying to get his attention. He gave his head a light shake. "Sorry, I was just thinking about some stuff..."

The WonderBolt laughed. "Well, we have some left-over pie from last night, you can have it for breakfast if you want it."

Soarin' said something he never thought he would after being offered pie. "No thanks, I'm not hungry."

The WonderBolt had wide-eyes, not ever expecting Soarin' to turn down pie. "Alright, I'll just save it for later then. Later." The WonderBolt trotted off into one of the bedrooms.

Soarin' looked out of the window to see how early it was, the sun had recently risen. He had nothing to do, but was in luck that the Welcome Summer Festival started as soon as the sun did. He headed for the door and started to make a grab for his jacket but heard a voice behind him, it was SpitFire.

"Hey Soarin', I told you to have fun, but not that much fun!" SpitFire said snickering at Soarin'.

"What are you talking about, fire?" Soarin' felt nervous.

"Not wanting pie, getting up early? I think you found someone special." SpitFire could read any of her teammates like an open book.

Soarin' smiled and blushed a bit. "Yeah.. shes wonderful."

"You should bring her by later so I can meet her!" SpitFire had a friendly smile on her face.

"Alright, that sounds good.. I better get going" Soarin opened the door and put on his jacket that hid his wings.

"Have fun!" SpitFire said, teasing him as he left the apartment.


Soarin' was enjoying the festival's attractions, the early competitions, the delicious food, and talking with a few fans that noticed him through his disguise every now and then. The whole time he was thinking about what he was going to do today with Twilight. He started thinking to himself. 'I hope I'm not pressuring her in anything..I don't know what I would do if I lost her, and we barely know each other...' Soarin' was giving himself a headache and decided to stop thinking and just walk around aimlessly. He started wondering away from the crowds, he wanted to see more of the town than just the festival. Soarin' noticed that he was being followed and turned around to see who it was, It was a rainbow maned pegasus that had a large smile on her face.

"Soarin'? Is that you? I'm so glad to meet you! I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Ponyvile!" Rainbow Dash landed next to Soarin.

Soarin' smiled, he was always happy to talk with fans. "Hello Rainbow Dash, can I just call you rainbow?"

Rainbow Dash smiled harder and moved closer to Soarin'. "You can call me anything you want Soarin'...I have some questions I want to ask."

Soarin' was used to ponies in his personnel space so he just continued to smile. "Sure thing rainbow, shoot away."

Rainbow Dash calmed down a little before she spoke again, keeping her voice steady and in an odd tone. "Well... ever since you joined the WonderBolts I've had.. well.. you could say a crush on you... and I was wondering.. If you had a marefriend?"

This took Soarin' by surprise and his eye twitched a little. He couldn't speak right. "I.. uh-uh... um..."

Rainbow edged a bit closer and fluttered her eyes a bit. "It's okay, I know I'm awesome.." Rainbow continued to lean closer to Soarin'.

Soarin' was dumbstruck by the pegasus and her sudden actions and he couldn't move. 'Get away you idiot!'

Rainbow Dash was centimeters from his face before Soarin' finally acted. "No! Please, I'm sorry, I do have a marefriend." Soarin' ran off and left Rainbow Dash there, confused, angry, and depressed.

Soarin' was still confused about what had happened a few minuets ago. 'If I hadn't moved..Twilight wouldn't ever talk to me again.. I'm not going to screw this up, I'm going to find her and make sure she has the best day ever!' Soarin' started checking the moving crowds for the lavender mare, but gave up seeing as there were so many ponies. He decided to check the place that Twilight had taken him last night. Soarin' found Sugar Cube Corner from memory and saw that a few ponies were sitting at the benches, but no Twilight. Soarin' felt hungry so he walked inside the bakery to buy something to eat and he saw a cotton candy pink mare behind the counter.

"Hi! Welcome to Sugar Cube Corner, I'm Pinkie Pie, what can I get you?" Pinkie asked.

"What do you recommend?"

"Well, if you don't mind the wait I have some apple pie in the oven right now."

"Yeah... that sounds fine." Soarin' was feeling a little down for not being able to find Twilight, and Pinkie noticed it.

"Whats wrong?"

"It's nothing..."

Pinkie giggled. "You can tell me anything and I can help."

"Well.. I have been looking for someone but I can't find her."

"I know everypony in Ponyville, whats her name?"

"Twilight Sparkle."

Pinkie started laughing.


"Shes one of my bestest friends! I can tell you where she lives if you want."

Soarin' found his hooves on the counter leaning close to Pinkie. "Where?"

"She lives in the library!" Pinkie smiled, but was surprised to see Soarin' running out the bakery. "Wait! Don't you want your...ugh. Lost another customer... Oh well!" Pinkie started cleaning the table while whistling a catchy tune.