• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Day 5 of the Festival.

Soarin' and Twilight were sleeping peacefully upstairs, but they were abruptly awoken by a loud knock at the door.

Soarin' get out of bed and stretched his joints. "I'll get it." Soarin' trotted down the stairs and went to the front door to open it, seeing SpitFire outside.

"Soarin', we have to get to town square." SpitFire said, slightly rushed.

"Why?" Soarin' rubbed his head in confusion.

"Don't tell me you forgot! We have a public practice today."

"Oh! I forgot all about that. Give me a minuet ill be right there."

SpitFire took off towards the town hall. Soarin' flew back upstairs.

"Who was it?" Twilight said as she got out of the bed and trotted to her mirror.

"I have to go to the town square and practice right now, you should come watch." Soarin' smiled as he walked up to Twilight.

After a light kiss Twilight replied. "I'll be right there, you go have fun."

Soarin' shot downstairs and flew as fast as he could to the town hall.

Twilight finished brushing her mane and trotted down the stairs and saw Spike walking towards the door. "Are you going to watch the WonderBolts too?"

"Yeah, I'm watching them with AppleJack, and I want to watch Soarin' fly." Spike said as he opened the door.

Spike and Twilight both hurried to the town hall where they saw WonderBolts flying through the air.

Soarin' was practicing his loops, the tricks he had the most trouble with, scanning the crowd, waiting to see if Twilight was here yet. He saw the lavender mare enter the town square with Spike and smiled and waved at them, who promptly waved back. Soarin' decided to show Twilight a trick he had been thinking of, he increased his speed to his peak and his signature WonderBolt trail started forming behind him with little sparks of lightening emanating from the trail. He looked down and saw Twilight's eyes shining in amazement and smiled to himself, and then he prepared himself by straightening his path after turning around to fly over the town hall. Soarin' quickly turned upwards and performed three quick loops and then started flying downward after created a heart in the sky for Twilight. Soarin' was glad he was able to pull off the heart in the sky, but he panicked after he tried shifting his wings upward but he kept plummeting towards the ground.

The crowd erupted into cheers, enjoying the seemingly dare-devil stunt, but Twilight saw past the practice and saw Soarin's face. Twilight's heart sank as she knew what was going to happen next. Twilight's horn started glowing as she ran towards Soarin's path to the ground, but she wasn't fast enough. Twilight saw Soarin' hit the ground head-first in slow motion with tears flooding her eyes and she continued to run to Soarin's motionless body. The crowd stopped cheering as they saw the WonderBolt hit the ground, cheers turned into gasps and cries towards the medical tent that was positioned in town hall.

Several nurses flowed from the tent and galloped to Soarin' who was on the ground, his blood slowly spilling from his head. They laid Soarin' on a stretcher with Twilight crying on the ground next to where Soarin' had crashed, the rushed Soarin' back to the medical tent with another nurse comforting Twilight.

"Don't worry, we'll help him." The nurse said unenthusiastically, she had never seen an injury this bad ever since she became a nurse.

Twilight couldn't reply in her breakdown, but mumbled through her cries. "Please...Celestia..no..."

The nurse held Twilight up and slowly walked Twilight to the medical tent.

Twilight stopped crying as she saw the nurses moving frantically, cutting the WonderBolt uniform off of Soarin' to help the wound on his head. Soarin' was losing alot of blood. Twilight froze at the sight of the blood and just sat down in the dust, staring at her hooves.

Spike and AppleJack ran to join Twilight and the nurse outside of the tent.

"What the hay happened!" Spike said, shaking at the sight of Soarin'.

"He crashed in the town square. Right now hes critical, we're doing everything we can to help him." The nurse told them, stroking Twilight's mane. "And your friend here is in shock."

Spike went over and started helping the nurse in comforting Twilight.

"Spike do ya' think that he'll be alrigh?" AppleJack said as she sat next to Spike.

"I hope so.."

The nurse had left Twilight with Spike and AppleJack and hurried inside to aid the other nurses.

The three had been outside of the medical tent waiting for about an hour before another nurse had come out of the tent. Twilight finally moved and looked up at the new nurse.

The nurse cleared her throat. "Your friend has been stabilized, hes fine at the moment. We cant fully diagnose his condition though, we are having more medical equipment being transferred here now."

"Can we see him?" Spike asked the nurse.

She gave her head a shake. "No visitors at the moment, not until we can be sure hes fine."

"Okay." Spike turned to Twilight and AppleJack. "Twilight do you think you can get up?"

Twilight got up slightly and dusted herself off, keeping her blank face.

"have you eaten anything?"

Twilight gave her head a shake to say no.

"Here, lets get to Sugar Cube Corner." Spike led Twilight to the bakery that was only a short distance away.

They walked inside the bakery and Pinkie saw Twilight's expression as they entered.

Pinkie bounced over. "Whats wrong with Twilight?"

"Soarin' had an accident, and shes taking it pretty hard, we came to try to get her to eat something to feel better." Spike led Twilight to a table and sat her down.

Pinkie dashed into the kitchen and brought back some cake and laid it in front of Twilight.

Twilight didn't even look at the cake, she broke down again on the table.

"S-s-Soarin'... " She said through her sobs.

They stayed at the bakery, allowing Twilight to unleash her emotions while Spike told Pinkie about everything.

An hour had passed and Spike returned to Twilight's side. "Want to go check up on Soarin'?"

Twilight couldn't cry anymore, her throat was sore from the crying but replied. "Yes please.."

Spike led Twilight back to the medical tent and AppleJack stayed at the bakery with Pinkie.

Spike and Twilight reached the medical tent, new wires were hooked up to Soarin' and the nurses were constantly checking the monitor. A nurse from inside saw them and walked up to them.

"Hello again, hes fine for now. You may see him if you want." She opened the tent flap open more to make room for them to enter.

Twilight rushed next to Soarin'. She saw his head bandaged up with splints to his side over his wings. Twilight leaned into Soarin and gave him a light kiss on his cheek.

"I love you..." She whispered.

Soarin's eye slightly opened and started moving his mouth, he mouthed a response to Twilight. 'I love you too.' It was silent but Twilight saw him slightly smile and try and move his hoof closer to Twilight, but his face showed pain and the monitor went off like a siren.

Nurses came immediately and pushed Twilight away, yelling commands to each other.

A nurse screamed after looking at the monitor. "His heart stopped! Get the defibrillator!"

Twilight just sat down on the cold ground again, staring at the frantic nurses.

"Remove those wires and start up the defibrillator!"

Twilight silently started crying. 'No...'

"Clear!" The head nurse brought the machine down on Soarin's chest.

"No effect, try again!"


Twilight put her head between her hooves and started hyperventilating.


Soarin's body jumped each time the machine struck him.

"His vitals are still cold, try again!"

The head nurse rubbed the defibrillator and tried again. "Clear!"

Soarin's eyes shot open and he breathed inward, but passed out from the pain.

"His vitals returned to normal.. get a new I.V in him."

The nurses all gave out a sigh, now that Soarin' was safe again.

The nurse trotted over to Twilight. "We can prepare a cot for you, if you want to stay that is."

"Yes please."

The nurse unfolded a make-shift bed with the cot and helped Twilight lay down.

"Don't worry, we will keep a close eye on him." The nurse trotted away.

Twilight immediately passed out, she was exhausted, and very scared.