• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Hey, I'm Soarin'!

Hey, my name is Soarin' and I live the fast life of being a WonderBolt! The speed, the wind in my mane, the adrenaline rushing through my body it's all I could ever want! Fans always cheering for me and I get several new friends a day, being a WonderBolt also pays very well...but recently I've felt...weird. Something is missing but I gave myself a headache trying to think about it.

One day I was in a canterlot bakery ordering a pie when another WonderBolt came in to pick up an order.

"More pie Soarin'? I think you would love pie more than a marefriend." The WonderBolt chuckled while teasing him.

I just stood there at what he said, was that my answer? A marefriend? The thought of it made me smile and feel good again..yes! That must be the answer to my problem! Later that day I was in my bed thinking about a marefriend, I guess I had a large selection because I had just noticed how many of my fans were single mares.. I didn't want just any mare, I wanted one that I could have a deep connection with. I thought of the WonderBolt's members, the mares that were in the WonderBolts didn't interest him, they were too laid back and most of them already had coltfriends. I thought about SpitFire, she was my best friend, of course she was awesome but I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship. After thinking about it I thought I might never find my special audience.. I hope one day that I do.