• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Day 4 of the Festival. Part 2

Spike walked back to the library with a large headache from the ordeal with Pinkie. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. He picked up the spair key under the mat in front of the door and opened the door. Spike yawned and stretched his arms while heading to the stairs, eager to get to bed, but stopped as he reached the foot of the stairs. He heard noises upstairs that made his eye twitch. 'I'll just...sleep on the couch then...' Spike collapsed on the couch where Soarin' had slept last night and immediately fell asleep.


The warm sunlight had shone from the window into Twilight's closed eyes. She gently woke up and saw Soarin' still cuddled up with her. Soarin' woke up seconds after Twilight and stared into her eyes.

"Good morning, Twilight."

"Good morning, Soarin'." She said, and then leaned over to kiss Soarin'.

They held the kiss for several minuets, now knowing true love for each other.

"Here, I'll make you some breakfast downstairs." Soarin' leaned up wards and tried to get up, but he was still bound by Twilight's hooves.

"I'll make it." Twilight got up and left Soarin' after another light kiss.

Soarin' watched Twilight trot down the stairs from Twilight's bedroom, thinking about everything that happened last night. He smiled realizing that there was no doubt that Twilight was everything he ever wanted. Soarin' got up out of the bed and trotted down the stairs and saw Twilight in the kitchen. He turned and looked into the other room and saw Spike still passed-out on the couch. 'I hope everything went alright with AppleJack yesterday.'

Twilight focused on something simple to make Soarin'. She called from the kitchen hearing him in the next room. "It will be ready soon, I'll bring it to you." Twilight blushed thinking about what she and Soarin' had done last night.

Twilight finished cooking the meal and took the plates to the table. She sat next to Soarin' and they had a quiet breakfast. After they finished Twilight took the plates back to the kitchen and came back and nuzzled Soarin'.

"I love you so much."

Soarin' stood up and returned the gesture. "I love you too, today I was hoping that you would like to come meet my team captain today."

"That sounds like fun, should we wake up Spike and tell him where we are going?"

"No, he looks tired, he probably went through alot last night."


"Yeah, he really likes AppleJack and I told him that he should find out if she felt the same way."

"I hope it went well.." Twilight said while peering at Spike.

"I'm sure it did. Ready to go?"


Twilight and Soarin' left the library and walked at a slow pace, happy to be together. They stopped at several places along the way, watching the young phillys play the festival games and having light conversations with other couples. Soarin' had led Twilight to the apartments where the WonderBolts were staying. He opened the door for Twilight and went inside after her.

"Hello? Anyone home?"

SpitFire had turned the corner and smiled at Soarin'. "Hey Soarin'! Where have you been?"

"Oh.. I have been in town."

SpitFire looked at Twilight. "Hi there, I'm SpitFire."

Twilight extended her hoof with a friendly smile. "Hello, I'm Twilight Sparkle."

SpitFire had shaken hooves with Twilight. "Nice to meet the girl that Soarin' fell head-over-hooves for!" SpitFire let go of her hoof. "Sorry, but you can't meet any of the other WonderBolts right now."

"Oh that's fine. I'm glad to just meet Soarin's friends."

"I have something cool to show you, follow me." SpitFire led Twilight to her room while Soarin' decided to stay in the living room and read some fan-mail.

As he sorted through the mail he read one that read.
Dear Soarin', I saw that you added something funny to one of your performances, I enjoy a laugh too, but you should have stayed professional.

Soarin' couldn't help but feel a little betrayed, was it wrong to do something he enjoyed? He go a slight headache so he just threw the letter in the trash and shrugged it off.

Twilight and SpitFire returned laughing.

"Man Soarin' you picked one hilarious marefriend!" SpitFire wiped her eyes. "Well, I better get going, the WonderBolts get to organize a fireworks show today. Sorry I didn't tell you about it Soarin' but I thought you needed time to have with Twilight here. You should bring her around later at the town square to watch it!" SpitFire finished and waved by to them and headed out the door.

"That sounds like fun. What should we do now Soarin'?"

"No, idea, the show starts a few hours from now." Soarin' said while rubbing the back of his head with his hoof.

"Spike has a large DVD collection upstairs in the library, we could watch a movie?"

"That sounds great. We can check if Spike is up now too." Soarin' led Twilight out of the apartment and they started walking back to the library with Soarin's wing over Twilight. Neither of them could remember being so happy for so long.

They were walking past the town square as they saw a rainbow maned pegasus coming their way. Rainbow Dash landed in front of them with a frown on her face, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"Um..hey guys.. listen, I was being a real mule yesterday so I came to apologize." She extended her hoof to Twilight. "I'm really sorry.. I should have been a better friend."

Twilight took the hoof with a smile. "It's okay Rainbow, I forgive you." Twilight then turned to hug Rainbow.

Rainbow smiled and was happy that she had earned her friend back, but then turned to Soarin'. "Sorry about what I did the other day, that wasn't cool."

"That's alright, as long as there's no more awkward moments for us, everything's cool." Soarin' gave Rainbow a Hoof-bump

"I'll see you guys later, I got to keep the sky clear for the firework show tomorrow." Rainbow Dash flew off

"I'm glad nothing bad happened. I would hate it if you lost a friend."

Twilight smiled. "Yeah, Rainbow can be a little blunt sometimes, I knew she would come around."

Soarin' and Twilight continued on their way to the library having a conversation on what their favorite time of the year was. They reached the library and saw Spike exiting the building.

"Yo Spike, where you heading?"

Spike didn't see them coming up to him and jumped from the surprise. "Oh! Hey guys, I was just going over to Sweet Apple Acres to meet with AppleJack."

Twilight patted Spike on the head and teased him. "Looks like my little brother is growing up."

Spike just kept his cool and replied. "Yeah, and you know how little brothers like their sleep, was kinda hard last night."

Twilight couldn't say anything and stepped back, slightly worried. 'We weren't that loud were we?'

Spike went up to Soarin. "Thanks for that advice, it really helped me out yesterday. I'll see you guys later at the firework show." Spike walked off towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"See ya Spike." Soarin' said while Spike walked off.

Soarin' and Twilight went upstairs and picked out a movie called 'A Hitchhiking Pony's Guide to the Galaxy'. Twilight couldn't help but notice, even though it was one of her favorites, they hardly watched the movie.


Soarin' stretched out and popped his joints. "It's almost time for the show, are you all set to go?"

Twilight was putting away the last movie they watched 'Mare-do-well the dark knight' and replied. "Yeah, lets hurry."

The two headed downstairs, Soarin' had gotten into the habit of opening doors for Twilight, making sure he was as gentlecoltly as possible. They both hurried to the town square, having a light hoof-race and enjoying playing around like they were little kids again. They had arrived just in time, the show was just starting.

The balls of fire shot up into the air and exploded with deafening pops and dazzled the crowd with all colors imaginable. The beginning was slow, like a trickling faucet of simple colors with golden sparkling showers raining down on Ponyville. The midpoint segment of the fireworks became faster, arranging firework colors that climbed into the heavens of Equestria. The finale had started but nobody could resist cheering and gasping at the beautiful colors that intertwined with each other and created a spectical of amazement that at the end of the performance, the town square became dead-silent, but then erupted into cheers that put the cheers they gave for the WonderBolt opening to the Festival to shame.

"That was beautiful!" Twilight said while smiling at Soarin'.

Soarin' just stared deeply into Twilight's eyes. "Yeah..beautiful..."

The mayor had brought a microphone on the front steps of the town hall.

"Phillys and Gentlecolts.. I hope that you are enjoying the Festival, this year's has been the biggest yet. We have two more excellent days of fun left and I'm confident they will be something to remember!" The mayor stepped away from the microphone as the ponies cheered.

Soarin' and Twilight returned to the library with warm hearts and deep love for each other, talking about the fireworks show on the way. Twilight wished that days like this would never end, Soarin' felt the same.