• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Purple Skies - WinterTwister

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Purple Skies.

Twilight woke up and saw the nurses drinking coffe and trailing a doctor that had appeared. The doctor was giving the nurses orders while he examined Soarin's body. A nurse noticed that Twilight had awoken and came over to her.

"Hello, do you need anything, dear?"

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Only 2 hours, you should sleep more."

"Is he alright?"

"Hes alive for now, but hes in a minor comma, don't worry we have our best doctor working on him."

Twilight nodded and looked over at Soarin', she could hardly stand to see him but couldn't look away. Soarin' was barely breathing, his face still showing extreme pain while the doctor felt his ribs and neck. Twilight felt a wave of nausea that forced her back to sleep.


Twilight dreamed of her and Soarin' laying down on a red checkered blanket in a gentle meadow by a slow flowing stream. Soarin' was back to normal, head and sides unbandaged, he was smiling and stroking Twilight's mane. Soarin' mouthed some words that Twilight couldn't make out, but soon after the world around them twisted into a chapel. Twilight looked down and saw that she was in a white dress, she looked forward and saw an isle with ponies staring at her from the sides, and at the end of the isle she saw Soarin' waiting for her.


She started walking down the isle.

'Twilight, wake up.'

Twilight reached the end of the isle and started walking up the red velvet steps to Soarin'

'Twilight wake up!'


Twilight shot up from her dream and almost hit the pony standing over her with her horn, the morning sun was rising, and SpitFire was right next to her bed.

"Twilight, hes awake."

Twilight jumped out of her cot and rushed to Soarin's side.


Soarin' smiled. "Good morning, Twilight."

Twilight started tearing up. "Your okay?"

Soarin' gave a dehydrated cough. "Y-yeah, I think so."

A nurse brought Soarin' a glass of water and slowly poured a small amount in his mouth.

"Thank you."

The nurse nodded and set the glass down on a tray next to Soarin's bed.

The doctor walked up next to them. "Hello, I'm Doctor Jolt. It seems that Soarin' is doing fine and should be able to leave in a few days."

"Thanks goodness.." SpitFire sighed.


SpitFire and Twilight tensed up.

"The crash was too severe for a complete recovery." The doctor cleared his throat. "The crash made his spine shift, his wings are now disabled, he may be able to fly again someday, but never for longer than a few minuets."

Soarin' tried to sit up was was too weak. "Really doctor?"

Doctor Jolt nodded. "I'm sorry son."

"So this means I can't be a WonderBolt anymore?"

"I'm afraid so."

Soarin' looked at Twilight and SpitFire, they were both crying, Soarin' felt bad as well, but he was grateful to be alive.

Twilight had tears running down her face, put her hoof on Soarin's hoof. "I'm so sorry Soarin'..."

"I'm just happy to be alive."

SpitFire spoke up. "Me too, Soar..."

All three stayed in silence for several moments.

"Don't worry Soar, we aren't going to leave Ponyville till you get better." SpitFire gestured over outside the tent and they saw the rest of the WonderBolts waiting outside.

"Thanks Fire.." Soarin' laid back into his bed and closed his eyes.

"I need to go take care of some business, want to come Twi?"

Twilight gave her head a shake. "No, I don't want to leave him."

SpitFire smiled. "Soarin' really picked a winner. Later Twi." SpitFire left the tent

Twilight nuzzled Soarin's hoof, he was asleep now. "I'm not ever going to leave your side Soarin'."


(4 days later.)

Soarin' exited the tent and took a deep breath of fresh air, the sun was setting. Twilight exited the tent with him, they both had large smiles on their faces.

Soarin' had never missed being outside so much before, it felt like an eternity on that bed.

Twilight nuzzled Soarin' and asked. "Anything do you want to do now that your out?"

Soarin' looked up at the sky. "I want to go for a walk to stretch my legs."

Twilight and Soarin' both slowly walked through Ponyville with waves and hello's from ponies all over town, everyone was happy that Soarin' was better.

"Thank you for letting me stay with you at the library, Twilight."

Twilight kissed him. "There's nopony else I would rather live with.

Soarin' and Twilight continued to walk, Soarin led Twilight out of Ponyville into the country-side. "You were really next to me the whole time Twilight?"

Twilight nodded. "I was so scared, I didn't want to lose you."

"Let's stop here. I want to rest for a second."

Soarin' and Twilight walked away from the road and settled down on a hill. Soarin' and Twilight were both laying the in the grass, holding each others hooves, staring up into the sky.

The sun was setting in a perfect hue, showing a wide array of colors. They locked eyes as if they were staring into each others souls, and then they entered a long passionate kiss. They broke away from each other as they saw the sky change color, they looked at the sky in awe. For miles all they saw on the horizon, were Purple Skies.

Hey guys, WinterTwister here, I hope you enjoyed Purple Skies, I had alot of fun writing it. I want to thank Jolttix for the idea of Soarin' and Twilight, and thewaffler for being a great enthusiasm boost and his amazing ideas.
Again hope you enjoyed the story, it really touched me personally. ~WinterTwister