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Pamphile: Alicorn of Harmony - AkumaKami64

Expansion on Crescent Pulsar's fic Pamphile: Twilight Sparkle defeats Nightmare Moon alone, becoming the Alicorn of Harmony. With growing outlooks, she will endevour to be a true Pamphile, a Friend to All, even if she has much to learn still.

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Early Amends, Epic Children

Her parents took it...fairly well.

"Woop-Woop! Woop-Woop! Our daughter's an Alicorn~! Eat your hearts out, fathers everywhere!" Night Light cheered in pride as he somersaulted around the room...and into the kitchen.

"Oh, my Silly-Filly-Twily!" Twilight Velvet gushed, hugging her daughter in what "seemed" like a headlock and petting her mane in a manner "similar" to a noogie, "We knew we had awesome kids, but seriously! You two don't need to compete like this!" She teased with a grin.

More than fairly well.

Cadence raised an eyebrow at this to Shining Armor who shrugged, "They reacted pretty much the same way when I became captain of the royal guard," He answered.

"We aren't competing!" Twilight denounced as she wiggled out of the hold without accidentally knocking her mother over.

"Riiiight," Night Light said with a smirk as he walked in with mugs of coffee for everypony, "It's not like you didn't become Princess Celestia's student right after your brother became a royal guard or that this isn't happening after he became captain...oh, wait, it is," He corrected smugly.

"Though, I think they're close to tied now, considering who he is...friends with," Twilight Velvet said with a knowing smirk at the supposed-to-be-secret-couple, prompting a blush and diverted eyes.

"Huh? What friend are you talking about?" Twilight asked with a tilted head, prompting her father to shake his head in amusement.

"I don't know about that," Shining Armor said with a sly smirk as his sister glared.

"Shiny, don't you dare," Twilight said with a seething look.

"What? I was just going to tell them that you single hoofedly defeated another Alicorn to rescue Princess Celestia before you ascended," Shining answered with mock-innocence, getting a look that promised unholy revenge at a later date.


Twilight yelped as she looked to her mother, who had slammed a notepad on the living room table, her magic holding a quill. The smirk on her face and look in her eye made Twilight briefly want to go round two with Nightmare Moon, "Details. I neeeeeed details! My story crafting mind demands it!" She called for, almost hungrily.

"...Daddy, Mommy is scaring me," Twilight said in a squeaky voice.

"After Nightmare Moon?" Cadence asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You want to trade places?!" Twilight hissed to her former foalsitter.

Cadence took another look at Twilight Velvet, "On second thought, we never did get the full story," She answered carefully.

'Note to self, see if I can't find a way to have Shining and Cadence both thrown in the dungeons when I become a princess,' Twilight mentally grumbled to herself as she looked back to her mother, placated slightly and unwillingly by her father massaging her wither.

"Light, you know that's not fair!" Velvet whined, hating how her determination melted into putty from his backrubs. It was cheating, Celestia Dammit!

Wait, did that mean she could swear using her own daughter's name, and therefore her own?...That was a weird notion to consider.

Where was she again?

"Come on, Twily, I can only keep her calm like this for so long," Night Light prompted with a chuckle. He decided to leave out that after "so long" they were liable to start humping each other.

Oh, right, milking her daughter for potential story material.

Twilight looked between the four set of curious eyes, "...If I had known this would happen, I would have brought Spike along," She murmured in resignation.

"Hey, that's right. Where is Short-Stuff?" Shining asked in realization, having not been able to spend a lot of time with the drake, being in the guard and all.

"Oh, he's back at the palace, probably saying goodbye to some of the staff," Twilight answered offhoofedly.


"Spike, what have I told you about stealing my maids while they're on the job?" Celestia asked in amusement at the drake riding the cleaning mare.

Not like that!

Peach Sweet grinned sheepishly while Spike, sitting on her back, held up his claws in protest, "Come on, Princess! This'll be my last time seeing everybody here for...Shells only knows how long," Spike pointed out with a pout.

The maid giggled at that, "He is right, Your Highness. If Lady Twilight had waited another day, we would have thrown a small going away party for her and our little mascot," She joked, nuzzling Spike a bit, who blushed in embarrassment as her soft orange mane and beige coat brushed his purple scales.

Celestia smiled at the scene. Spike was a bit of a minor celebrity among the castle employees. After all, a friendly baby dragon with a strangely high maturity and intellect? Whose fire, thanks to Celestia's mail spell, didn't accidentally burn anything? Not often a pony could say they met a creature like that. And as there was a bit of inter-group rivalry among the royal staff, the maids somehow roped Spike into being their officially unofficial mascot, to the outrage of the accountants and the blacksmiths.

That Twilight didn't know anything about this made it all the more amusing. Poor mare had her nose far too deep in books until now.

"I'm sure you'll be visiting often, but I suppose a bit of horseplay is fine all the same," Celestia mused, smirking at Peach's blush.

"Your Highness!" She squeaked at the double meaning.

"This another one of those 'when you're older moments'?" Spike asked dully.

"VERY!" Peach answered, her face burning from embarrassment.

"Don't worry, Spike. If Twilight doesn't give you an explanation one day, I'm sure some of the maids will give you an in-depth one," Celestia assured innocently.

If she wasn't the princess, Peach would have yelled something. As it was, she just said nothing.

"...So, Princess Celestia?" Spike asked, breaking the silence, "Since I play middle-drake for you and Twilight, you, um, mind returning the favor on occasion?" He asked hopefully.

Peach stopped blushing, turning to stare wide eyed at Spike, '...Balls of Bronze, Spike, Balls of Bronze,' Peach privately mused.

Celestia blinked at the request. It was rather strange to her, how simple and relatively normal that question sounded compared to any other she had heard in a long time. Like she lived in an apartment and somepony just asked her to grab their mail for them while she got hers. No potential ulterior motive, no groveling, just a friendly yet polite request.

She rather liked that.

"I think I can manage that, Spike, but do try to send your personal letters only when the sun is down," she requested, getting a thumbs up from the dragonling.

"So, no chance you'll stay then?" Peach asked out of curiosity.

"No," Spike said flatly, "I'm sorry, but I imagine leaving Twilight alone on a regular day for more than six hours and I can't help groaning over her going into freak-out mode over...things," Spike answered with a shudder.

"You sound like you need a raise," Peach joked with a giggle.

"Nah, I already make about ten-thousand bits a month," He answered with a flick of his claws.

"Haha...Wait, what?" Peach asked with wide eyes as Celestia slowly walked back out of the room.

"Yeah, I can't really get into it yet, being legally a baby, but the Princess pays me that for...well, partially as an allowance and partially for helping take care of Twilight," Spike answered with a grin.

"...I barely make half of that," Peach said blankly.

"Really?" Spike asked in surprise, looking up in the air, "Huh, guess a hundred-fifty a day would come up to that," He mused, stroking his chin.

"You're a baby, how does that even work? I know you're smart but...," Peach asked curiously.

"Secret," Spike said cheekily, "A guy's got to have some secrets."

"I thought that was us mares," Peach said with a smirk.

"Turnabout is fair play?" Spike offered with a shrug, "Now...are we going to get back to playing or do I need to find a new steed?"


"And that's most of it," Twilight answered with a deep breath at the end of the tale.

She tried to ignore the floating pages of papers, her mother's magic floating them around in different groups. What for only she knew. Character arcs? Timelines? Different book ideas?

"You played chicken, with an Alicorn," Shining Armor noted blankly.

"Is that the kind of things Auntie teaches you? Because I don't remember getting lessons like that," Cadence asked with amused yet surprised wide eyes.

Twilight groaned at the familiar dialogue, "I'm not living that down, am I?" She asked with a sigh.

"I don't know why you'd put it like that," her mother comment absently, still scribbling notes, "After all, it is easily Top Three of your Moments of Badassary."

"Mom!" Twilight protested with a blush.

"What? Would you just prefer Epic? Because Awesome is a little too soft for this, after all," Velvet mused, unphased by her daughter's reaction.

Twilight facehooved at that, glancing down at the silent Yoke of Harmony. Good, she didn't need the Elements adding fuel to this fire- her mother might make the pseudo-Elements in her books a tragic love interest to the pseudo-Twilight! And that would be all kinds of awkward to read, let alone if anypony took it as the truth!

"...You were taught by one Alicorn, foalsat by another and you're befriending the third one that you save," Night Light commented blankly as he took a sip of coffee, "You know this all makes you sound-"

"Like a fairytale, I know," Twilight finished blankly.

"I was going to say a Superheroine or Chosen One figure, but yes, that too," Night Light corrected in amusement.

"Badass, heroic children. What more can a writing mother ask for?" Velvet asked with a pleased sigh.

"Ignore her, she's on a start of a creative high," Night Light advised, "So...all of this happened over you having a revelation about the importance of friendship?" He asked curiously.

Twilight turned thoughtful at that, having to put this into words, "That...feels like an oversimplification, to be honest. It...felt like finding my cutie mark all over again, as if I always KNEW the importance of Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty, and the Magic that Friendship can bring; But it took a moment where I was...truly worried for everyone, the whole world, for me to truly understand it all. And when I did...," Twilight paused with a soft smile, lighting up the room as her wings half unfolded, "I felt like I just found the oasis in the desert and knew this was something very important in my life, something I wanted to protect and share with the world," She finished softly.

Everyone stared at her breathlessly, even as Velvet's magic kept writing down her daughter's words.

Twilight blushed a bit under their gazes, clearing her throat, "S-still, I do have a bit of work to do on myself, I think. While I've embraced friendship, I can't say I've been that good at...it...before...," Twilight trailed off as her eyes slowly went wide.

"Twily?" Shining asked in concern, waving a hoof in front of her face and getting no response.

"Is...she having a vision or something? Is that an Alicorn thing?" Night Light asked curiously to the Love Alicorn.

"It hasn't been for me," Cadence answered in concern.

"Silly-Filly-Twily?" Twilight Velvet called with an apologetic smile, "Smartypants is missing."

Twilight blinked and gasped, "Oh BUCK ME!" She yelled in urgency as the Element Stars all flickered frantically.

"I wasn't serious!" her mother assured quickly.

"NOT YOU! I GOT TO GO! IREALLYSCREWEDUPBYE!" Twilight called as she jumped over the couch and teleported in midair.

"...What was that about?" Night Light asked slowly, getting shrugs all around.


Moon Dancer was having very mixed feelings about the last twenty-four hours. On one hoof, she had a party with most of her friends. On the other, the pony she wanted most to be there didn't show up. But then she heard about said pony leaving Canterlot in a royal chariot. So, it was fairly possible said friend's teacher, the honest-to-Tartarus princess of them all, had given her an important job to do- like taking care of the Summer Sun Celebration. Finally, there was all the confusion of the sun not rising, rumors of the princess going missing, the royal guards running around to keep the situation under control, etc.

She was just going to chalk it up as a bad day.

Assuming what just happened was real, she might take this as karma paying up for said bad day.

Still, it was a little hard to believe: Twilight Sparkle suddenly appearing out of thin air in the middle of her house, leaping towards her.

The flowing mane, new wings, and royal yoke did nothing to help prove to her this was real.

Not that she wasn't somewhat secretly enjoying the very real feeling of being pinned under an Alicorn-Twilight, staring at her with those deep, purple eyes.

"...Be gentle?" Moon Dancer squeaked.

Twilight blinked at that, "Huh?? Say what?" She asked in confusion.

Now Moon Dancer blinked, "Wait, Twilight? Is...that really you?" She asked slowly.

"Yeah, um...sorry about this," Twilight apologized awkwardly as she stepped off the unicorn, taking a moment to help her up.

Moon Dancer took this moment to fully take in the ascended form of Twilight.

"...I feel like I should be bowing or something," Moon Dancer commented with wide eyes.

"I've...been getting that a bit as of late," Twilight admitted, scratching her head nervously.

"Unless I'm misunderstanding something...you'll probably to get used to it soon...Princess?" Moon Dancer pointed out, slowly and questioningly.

"Not yet, but eventually, yes," Twilight admitted with a sigh, "I think they said I'm a Lady of the Realm right now, but it's all been going a bit fast for me sometimes."

Moon Dancer nodded, a bit numbly, "...What happened?" She asked finally.

"It's...a long story," Twilight answered tiredly, "If it's all the same to you, I'd rather wait before telling this story again."

Moon Dancer scrunched her eyebrows at that, "Then...why are you here? I mean, not that I don't want you here! Just...you sound like you'd rather be at home, if not in bed?" She asked curiously yet cautiously.

Twilight bit her lip for a moment as she looked her similarly-styled friend in the eye...before engulfing her in a hug. A tight one, "I'm sorry!"

Moon Dancer gasped for air as the hug loosened but didn't stop, allowing her to take those words in, "W-what? Sorry? For what?" Moon Dancer asked in shock and confusion.

"For everything. Missing your party, giving you and the rest the cold shoulder so often, ignoring how much you wanted to be my friend and..." Twilight stopped to sigh as she released Moon Dancer, "'I'm sorry I haven't been a good friend."

Moon Dancer didn't say anything, staring at Twilight with an slack-jawed expression.

"I've...kind of had an epiphany recently, but it took me until just now for that to catch up with my memories and make me realize how I must have made my friends feel. I...want to make it up to you- and Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Lyra and Minuette for that matter. I don't have a present yet, but-" Twilight went on until a hoof planted itself on her mouth firmly, silencing her.

"Just...give me a moment here," Moon Dancer requested as she took deep breaths and retracted her hoof, "Twilight, you don't need to make it up to us. We...always knew the kind of pony you were, but we all still wanted to try and be your friend. We don't want you to apologize for being yourself, even if they'll all love that you're more interested in being friends now. I'll...admit, it hurt not having you at the party, but..." She paused, looking over Twilight's form again, "It's clear that you were busy."

"If it helps, I kind of diverted a potential apocalypse among other things," Twilight cut in sheepishly.

Moon Dancer blinked but chose to ignore that for now, "... And as for the present?" She asked rhetorically, smiling a tiny smile with teary eyes as she embraced Twilight this time, "I think this is enough of a present for me."

"What, your friend becoming an Alicorn?" Twilight asked with a nervous laugh.

"No. You wanting to be my friend," Moon Dancer corrected, holding back a sniff, "I've wanted that for a long time, Milady," She added on playfully.

"Just...Twilight, Dancer," Twilight requested with a chuckle.

"No promises," Moon Dancer teased weakly.


"So...you actually did it," Luna commented with a smirk as she sat in her new bedroom.

"I told the old coot I'd make castle on a mountain side and that is exactly what I did," Celestia said proudly.

"Yes, well, I doth not imagine Star Swirl expected thou to hold onto that argument for so many centuries," Luna mused teasingly.

"It was the principle of proving that it was possible, even if it took the united efforts of the three tribes," Celestia answered with a mask of professionalism.

"Aye, of course that be the only reasoning for such an endeavor," Luna commented playfully and knowingly.

"And I did it all without any chaos magic or any offshoot of the same," Celestia contented with a touch of smugness.

"Speaking of which, I am pleasantly shocked that Discord twas not able to regain his freedom with the elements incapacitate for a millennium," Luna pointed out, looking over her shoulder to the window.

"I feared the same, but after the first three centuries with no reaction at all? I've come to suspect our old foe may be dead rather than imprisoned," Celestia mused grimly.

"Tis that why thou would put him up in the garden like that?" Luna asked with a head tilt.

"Dead or alive in there, I thought it too dangerous to even attempt at breaking it and risk...just about anything happening, honestly," Celestia explained before shrugging, "And...well...dead or alive, it seemed to be adding insult to injury just to chuck him away in some dark dungeon."

"Agreed," Luna responded softly, reminded of her own long banishment, before smirking playfully, "Still, I almost pity him if he does escape again, having to contest with us AND The Alicorn of Harmony herself," Luna joked.

"Let us just hope it doesn't come to that," Celestia said, feeling one part amused and one part grim at that thought.

"So...you simply must tell me how you came across this absolute diamond in the rough, Sister," Luna requested, changing the subject with a smirk.

"Do you mean when I took under my wing? Or when we first saw each other?" Celestia asked with a mysterious smile.

"...I get the strangest feeling that Lady Twilight's story can pass into legend with nary a detail needed to be altered to enhance her image," Luna commented with a sigh, "Well, do not dally! On with the story, I am used to learning shocking details about my savior. Speaking of which, before ye begin, it occurs to mineself that thou has something else to explain to me," Luna recalled with a thoughtful scowl.

"Cadenza?" Celestia guessed with a smirk.

"Aye, her and how you apparently have a unicorn nephew despite my being broodless," Luna elaborated.

Celestia chuckled at that, "Sister, you have much to catch up on."

"Yes, including a new treat that Lady Twilight and the Ponyville mare known as Pinkie Pie insist I try in the near future," Luna mused.

"Oh? And what is that?" Celestia inquired with a head tilt.

"Sister? What exactly is a Dough-Nut?" Luna asked in reply.


"Tia?" Luna asked in concern after Celestia was silent for a time.

"We're going to the kitchen. Now."

Author's Note:

Beta: Dragon_Wizard91

Well, that's the new chapter. I added in a bit of headcannon as to why Discord got put in the garden- too dangerous to attempt destroying, but has been utterly unresponsive long after the things that sealed him turned to stone. Not unreasonable to thing he's stuck like that now.

As for the rest, Velvet and Night Light gush over their epic children and Twilight makes up with her near-look-alike, Moon Dancer. I figured Moon Dancer would be understanding of the canon Twilight if she apologized on the follow day and explained everything- let alone this Twilight, whose obviously been busy by the new body.

Oh, and Celestia is introducing Luna to new sweets and Spike has a few secrets from Twilight- how long they stay like that is anypony's guess.

Thanks for all the support, Stallions and Mares! Until next time!