• Published 20th May 2016
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Pamphile: Alicorn of Harmony - AkumaKami64

Expansion on Crescent Pulsar's fic Pamphile: Twilight Sparkle defeats Nightmare Moon alone, becoming the Alicorn of Harmony. With growing outlooks, she will endevour to be a true Pamphile, a Friend to All, even if she has much to learn still.

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Preening and Many Meetings

"Ohhh, ohh yeah, that's the spot!" Twilight said with a shudder of delight, lying on a massage table as the two palace maids preened her wings expertly. One was midnight blue, a darker shade than even Luna, with a mane of the same color and the other was a shade of light green with a white and yellow stripped mane; both were, unsurprisingly, Pegasi.

While the art of wing care was often a private or personal matter, there were those who were trained to care for the winged individuals that could not do it better than what was sufficient for their health. As such, several maids in Celestia's employ were well trained in the art and completely professional about it.

"Your wings are so soft, so luscious, Milady," Midnight Leather said with an alluring smile, taking a moment to smell the wings, "Your magic almost has a musk of its own. Must be that New Alicorn smell," She joked lightly, using her own wings to massage Twilight's wing muscles and the back.

Well, mostly professional.

"Midnight, stop teasing her. You're supposed to be undoing her cramps, not making more with your teasing," Jade Glider scolded lightly, smiling none the less.

Midnight chuckled airily, her wings soothing Twilight's back, "Apologies, Milady. I'm too used to Princess Celestia. She usually finds talks like this to be amusing and relaxing," She explained.

"A problem I have nary a doubt will be remedied on its own due time," A regal and familiar voice greeted, catching their attention.

"Princess Luna!" They all greeted in surprise as the newly-returned Alicorn walked into the room.

"No, no, do not rise on my account," She insisted quickly, smiling at her savior, "You two may continue thine services, I merely desire to speak with Lady Twilight," She assured.

"Yes, Your Majesty," The maids said with a bow, returning to their current attendee.

"Princess Luna, wha-what can I do for you?" Twilight asked with a small blush as she remained on the bed, "...Also, did you get taller?"

"Mayhaps a bit. My true size and form will return with my strength," Luna answered offhoofedly, "Sister is attending to the aftermath of the Nightmare Moon incident. She recommended that if I found rest unwelcoming, I should seek you out. I...twas hoping to trouble you for...what did Celestia call it? A tour?" Luna requested.

Twilight blinked slowly, the skilled treatment on her back and new wings slowing her mind just a bit, "A tour...oh, right, Canterlot Castle wasn't even built back then," Twilight realized thoughtfully.

"And you hast lived among these halls for several years now as an apprentice to my sister," Luna mused curiously, "After your preening, of course. I would feel eternally ashamed to ruin your first wing treatment."

"All due respect, Princess, but I don't think I could leave just yet even if I wanted to," Twilight said sheepishly, grinning in delight to everyone's amusement.

Luna smiled warmly, "Ahh, I remember Tia's first professional preening. A joy of hers that has diverged very little in the past centuries," She mused, smirking at the maids, who giggled, "I shall be calling upon thine services in the very near future, Maids."

"Oh, what an honor. And just yesterday, we were only attending one Alicorn," Midnight said with a grin.

Jade giggled in amusement, "Let's pray we have the energy for three."

"Sorry to disappoint," Twilight spoke up, her eyes half lidded in serenity, "But I shall be taking a bit of a vacation to Ponyville while I relax and adjust to...this-" She paused to give a small flap of her wings, "-and other things. Canterlot's royal library is faaaar too tempting for me to stay away from if I'm living here."

"Oh? So mine sister did not exaggerate in claiming your hunger for knowledge is as insatiable as an equibus?" Luna mused teasingly.

Twilight blushed sheepishly, "I-I've been told similar things."

Luna chuckled with the maids, "Still, I do have one burning question, Lady Twilight? Is there a reason you are still in possession of the elements?" Luna asked, glancing down at the royal yoke, the Elements of Harmony embedded in it.

Twilight hummed, making a small noise of surprise before practically melting on the spot, "All done, Milady. Unless you which for...further service," Midnight Leather offered with an alluring smile.

Blushing nervously, Twilight shook her head quickly, "N-no, thank you, Ms. Leather. Maybe another time," She said, standing slowly, feeling utterly refreshed as her ethereal mane waved in its own wind, "Whatever you are being paid, it isn't enough," Twilight said without thinking.

"We live to serve, Milady," Jade said humbly, both of them bowing as she stepped off the table.

"I'm not a princess yet- you don't have to bow to me," Twilight reminded with a smile over her shoulder before looking down at the still-small Alicorn, "Now, I believe you wanted a tour, Princess Luna?"

"Just Luna for you, Lady Twilight," Luna requested.

"Now who's being humble?" Twilight joked lightly as she led Luna to the door.

"Umm, Lady Twilight? The Elements?" Luna reminded.

"It's okay, just give them a moment," Twilight assured as they stepped out of the room. The moment they did, Luna blinked at a sudden flash of light, finding that Twilight was now wearing her Yoke of Harmony, Twilight giving it a bemused expression, "Princess Celestia and I found out the hard way that they are not fond of being too far from me," Twilight explained dryly as she started walking.

"A most peculiar but useful quality in preventing theft," Luna commented, trotting after the former-unicorn, "Though, thine reputation should be enough."

"Huh?" Twilight asked in confusion.

"You shall see in time, if what my sister plans and speculates is true, Nightmare Slayer," Luna quipped with a smile.


Celestia smiled to herself, outwardly benign as the various lords and barons and counts and dukes all reacted to the news, along with the administrative officials. Twilight didn't know it, but the young mare had been an interest of the upper class since the day she walked into the palace. A personally chosen student of Celestia was, truly, something that happened once a generation. Many a famous ancestor was connected to a student of Celestia. And now they had one that had that was a legend in her own right.

"Princess Celestia," Fancy Pants spoke up over the murmuring crowd. After thousands of years, the nobility of Equestria was more mixed than when it began. Still, most of the ones present were unicorns as the capitol was still the traditional home of most unicorn nobles. The rest would arrive in the coming week, "Forgive me for being blunt, but are we to understand that Canterlot will be seeing the governance of four princesses in the coming future?" He inquired curiously.

Celestia chuckled good natured at the question, "Not for a good time, Lord Fancy. My sister will need time to recuperate from her time cursed by the Nightmare and to readjust to the modern world," She started up, keeping the story clear that Luna had indeed been corrupted by the Nightmare forces, "Mi Amore Cadenza, for the time being, has retained her desire to be a Princess of Aide rather than a Princess of Rule. I understand she mobilized the royal guards the minute word reached Canterlot. If Nightmare Moon's coup had been more longer term, you would be speaking to her instead of me," She reminded gently, with no small amount of pride of her niece's ability to take the wheel if needed, "As for Twilight Sparkle, she still has much to learn and a great deal to relearn due to her ascension. For the time being, she is a Lady of the Realm. A Princess To Be, as it were," She elaborated with a smile.

The nobles went through another round of murmurs, a bit gladdened there would be no overly drastic changes in the near future. While there were deeper questions many would wish to ask, they were too delicate to ask in this premature setting, if ever. Still, a Lady of the Realm? The title carried more weight than it was meant to, marking one as a trusted ally of the Crown, making one feasibly second only to the Princesses. And giving it to an Alicorn?

Twilight Sparkle truly was a Princess in all but name now.

"Princess," A voice grunted, drawing attention to the back as a large grey Pegasus stepped forward with a black mane and black markings upon his head. His green eyes paid little mind to the nobles as he locked gaze with the Princess, "Will her Ladyship be in need of security? Or is the Alicorn of Harmony secure enough in her power to not need us?" He asked with a small smirk.

Celestia shook her head in amusement at the stallion's attitude, "General Jet Foot, I assure you, if Twilight Sparkle is in need of a guard, you'll be the second pony I seek recommendations from, right after the Royal Guard Captain," She assured, briefly scanning the room and confirming, yet again, that Shining Armor was not in attendance. Nor was Cadance, for that matter.


"Sister certainly invested well in the castle's kitchen," Luna said, licking her teeth oddly as they walked through the halls, the occasional guard saluting them, "Though, this Jell-O concoction has a most unusual sensation to it, especially when in the mouth."

Twilight giggled at that, "Well, that's the entrance, the kitchen, the dining hall, the ball room, the royal guest area and the way to Princess Celestia's room," Twilight mused, having decided that taking Luna to see her sister's room just seemed like something for the siblings to do, "That just leaves the dungeon-"

"I think I shall visit that another time, thank you," Luna said dryly, having no desire to ruin the fun mood with the dreary dungeon.

"-the garden-"

"-the physicians don't want me venturing out while I may be susceptible to new diseases and allergies," Luna grumbled with a blush.

"-the throne room-"

"Isn't that occupied for court?" Luna reminded.

"-and the barracks," Twilight listed off.

"Ah, the gallant ponies at arms. Twas rather impressed that they were so willing to confront an Alicorn, outclassed though they were," Luna mused before looking confused, "What about the library?" Luna asked curiously.

"I fear you may be trapped for another millennia if you venture in there with her," A voice called playfully, making Twilight's ears perk up as a smile came onto her face.

Luna, not noticing Twilight's reaction, turned to see the new arrivals. There was a white stallion with a very coltish yet handsome look about him with a blue mane. And the uniform, different from those of the other soldiers complimented him well. There was also a very beautiful mare, her coat pink and her main curly with purple, magenta and yellow stripes. She was also wearing cloak of sorts, 'A noble, perhaps?' Luna mentally mused curiously, "Lady Twilight, are these acquaintances of yours?" She asked curiously.

Twilight shook her head in amusement, "Princess Luna, this is Shining Armor, my brother," She introduced, getting a surprised look from Luna.

"Your brother is in the Royal Guard? Truly, the surprises never end around you, Lady Twilight," Luna said, smiling at the young stallion.

"Princess," he greeted with a bow of the head, "Pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine, Soldier," Luna assured with a regal smile.

Twilight, meanwhile, glanced at a giddy Cadance, who mouthed something to her that made Twilight blink, 'She doesn't know? Luna doesn't know what? That Shining is the Guard Captain? Obviously, but- OHHHH! Luna doesn't know Cadance is an Alicorn!' Twilight realized in surprise.

No one noticed, but the Star of Laughter glowed ever so softly.

"And this-" Twilight spoke up again, "-is Cadance, my former foal sitter," She introduced, fighting down a grin.

"Your brother and your foal sitter? Lady Sparkle, will you be introducing me to thine parents before this day is done?" Luna teased lightly, making Twilight gap at the unintended double meaning, Laughter shining brighter.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Princess Luna," Cadance greeted with a warm smile that surprised Luna a bit.

"Princess," Shining spoke up, "What I'm about to do is as a brother, not a soldier," He informed with a smirk.

Luna blinked before smirking as well, "Carry on, do thine duties," She prompted.

Twilight looked confused before she found herself in a headlock, Shining giving her a light noogie, "Ahhh, Shining, stop it!"

"So, I let you go off for one night, and you come back with a pair a wings and the number of Alicorns doubled," Shining teased, pausing thoughtfully, "Huh, is this what the Princess's mane feels like? Hmm, she might not even need a pillow to sleep with this on her head," He mused absently.

"Shame, guess that means there's only one Alicorn without an ethereal mane," Cadance said with a pout.

Luna grinned a bit at that, "Rest assured, Ms. Cadance, my mane shall once more be like a veil of the bejeweled night when my strength returns."

"Shiny, let me go!" Twilight yelled again, shoving him off to everypony's surprise, sending him toppling to the ground, "...Sorry, new strength coming in," Twilight apologized.

Shining stared, stunned for a moment, before grinning, "Just don't dent the armor, Sis. It'd be hard explaining how and why my sister damaged it," He said with a chuckle.

"Yes, I imagine the royal guard captain would have your flank for doing that to a future princess, sister or not," Luna joked, Shining biting his cheek to keep from laughing.

"So, these are the Elements of Harmony," Cadance comment, stepping closer to get a good look at the yoke. Twilight tried to hold her head high, but just came off looking nervous, "They suit you, Twily," Cadance said supportively.

"Thanks," Twilight said, rubbing her head with a blush.

"But is it supposed to be glowing?" Shining asked, tapping the Star of Laughter curiously.

Twilight sighed at that, "Unfortunately, the princesses made it clear that there is no book I could possibly find in the castle about the nature of the Elements. So, we have no idea," Twilight informed, eyeing the elements curiously, "I am VERY sure this thing is sentient though," She commented. At that, all the elements glowed softly, as if in confirmation.

Twilight looked up to see her foal sitter and brother staring with wide eyes while Luna openly gaped, "I...I didn't realize Harmony was a conscious entity," Luna commented, stunned.

"Well, be sure to take care of my Little Twily, kay Harmony?" Shining asked jokingly.

"Shining, it's not going to respond to every thi-" Twilight started, going blank faced as the Stars of Magic and Loyalty glowed brightly, as if in determination.

"...I didn't realize Harmony was talkative either," Luna quipped, over her surprise now. To her interest, the Stars of Kindness and Generosity glowed briefly; the light almost seemed to be aimed at her.

"Well, at least I know Twilight is in good hooves, if what the Princess said about the Elements is true," Shining said with a teasing smirk, "That must be awkward, going to the bathroom with those."

"Oh, like your Armor isn't?" Twilight retorted with a scowl.

"My armor isn't alive," Shining retorted, getting a giggle from Cadance.

"So...any idea how to break this to your parents?" Cadance asked smugly, watching as the siblings froze like statues.

"...What manner of parents spawns a foal like Twilight Sparkle?" Luna muttered to herself in interest, "We may cut the tour short here, Twilight. I can sympathize in the desire to be among family and friends."

"Are you sure, Luna?" Twilight asked, tilting her head.

"Yes, yes. Now that I know the basic layout of the castle, I merely need to familiarize myself with my new dwellings," Luna said offhoofedly, waving off the concerns, "Though, Shining Armor, would you happen to know when I could arrange a meeting with the royal guard captain? While I trust in my sister's judgment, I do like knowing who has made it their duty to protect us, our home and our subjects," Luna requested.

"Oh, the Captain is off duty at the moment, Princess's orders, but I'm sure he'd be happy to meet with you today, Princess," Shining said with a grin.

"Oh? Where might I find him then?" Luna asked curiously.

"Oh, about two hundred centimeters in front of you," Twilight answered with a sly smile.

"...Centimeters?" Luna asked in confusion, glancing to her savior quizzically.

"Captain Shining Armor of Her Majesty's Royal Guard, I think that is enough playing around," Cadance said with a impish smile.

Luna blinked once, then twice, as she almost didn't process it before she went wide eyed and looked between the siblings several times before settling on Twilight, "Your Brother Is Captain Of The Royal Guards?!" She asked in disbelief.

"Yep, got promoted about a year and a half ago," Twilight said with a smile.

"...Is there anything else?" Luna asked in disbelief, "Art you going to say next that thine foal sitter is an archduchess?" She asked sarcastically.

"...About that," Cadance said with a giggle. Luna looked around, only to gap as Cadance vanished her cloak and unfolded her wings, "Mi Amore Cadenza, Alicorn of Love, Princess in Aide, Adopted Niece of Celestia, and Proudest-Foal-Sitter-Of-All-Time," She reintroduced herself with an over the top bow, "At your service, Aunty," She said with a grin.


Twilight went wide eyed as Luna collapsed backwards, legs twitching.

"Huh, that was how Shining reacted when he found out you became an Alicorn," Cadance commented idly.

"That's not true!" Shining protested with a mock glare.

"Yes, it is," Cadance said with a grin, "In fact, you fainted twice."

"Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!" Twilight said, looking to Luna in panic, "She passed out! What do I do, what do I do!? Should I raise her legs? No, no, that's for lacerations. Should I get Princess Celestia? How am I going to explain I made her sister comatose?!"

"...And that, according to the Princess, was how you reacted when I passed out," Shining retorted smugly.

"Oh, like you dislike a beautiful mare worrying over you," Cadance retorted with a blushing grin, "Besides, I only did it the first time. Second time, Aunty and I considered drawing on your face," She informed with a small, mischievous smile.

They both went wide eyes as a large, powerful jet of water shot right by them, racing down the hall. They turned in shock to a very sheepish Twilight, a bit of water of her horn, "I...tried to summon a glass-worth of water to wake her up and kind of overpowered it?" She explained in embarrassment.

As she did, a few droplets fell from her horn, landing on Luna's nose and startling her awake. The Alicorn of the Moon blinked as she stared up at her savior, standing over her smaller form, "...If thy desire to claim the more traditional reward for saving a princess, Lady Twilight, I must insist on being able to recuperate and prepare myself if either of us art to be satisfied," She requested calmly, Twilight looking very confused while Shining and Cadance bit their lips hard to suppress snickering, "Also, why is my back wet and cold?"


"Attention, attention!" Mayor Mare called over the murmur filling the town hall, filled with a good number of ponies, "Now, I know we've all had a long night and longer morning. So, I'll just cut right to the chase so we can all go home and relax a bit," She assured, getting looks of relief or exhaustion, "First off, Princess Celestia has informed me that there will be no need to change the clocks. Despite the late start, the sunset and following sunrise will be on the same time as always," She explained, getting several sighs of relief. Setting clocks was annoying enough without anypony knowing what time to set it for.

"So much fer the longest day of the year," Applejack joked, Big Mac chuckling in his throat.

"Next, due to the extended night and other influences, we will be getting an unavoidable rain shower ahead of schedule," Mayor Mare continued, making Rainbow Dash groan. Unavoidable Rain Shower usually translated to a storm being too big for the average team to just clear away. Which meant this was going to be a keep the storm from getting too bad job, "Lastly, a bit of good news for us all: Lady Twilight Sparkle will be moving to Ponyville for an extended time to settle into her new, um, overall state...and, as noted by Princess Celestia, a much needed and well earned vacation," Mayor Mare read off, her voice curious at the end.

"Yes!" Rainbow Dash cheered to herself as most of the ponies livened up a bit at the notion of the soon-to-be Princess living in their town, "I knew there was a reason she asked if I'd be willing to teach her about wings!" She said to herself with a hoof-pump. She was going to train a princess!

The other weather Pegasi looked to their leader-in-all-but-name, sharing amused looks. The multicolored mare had been very talkative about a certain Alicorn.

"Umm, Mayor?" Pinkie Pie called, raising her hoof high.

"Yes, Pinkie?" Mayor asked curiously.

The party pony cleared her throat as she stood on her chair, "I would just like to say that the usual mass-going-away party for all visitors has been cancelled! I am sorry," She said with a sigh, "A lot of the supplies went bad this morning or got used up for other parties. However, everyone who stays will be welcome at Lady Twilight Sparkle's "Welcome Back and House Warming" Party!" She cheered, instantly happy again.

The visitors in the crowd looked curiously to Mayor Mare, who blinked and searched through her notes again, "Ahh, yes, she will be moving in tomorrow," She explained calmly.

Pinkie Pie smiled with a hoof to her chest, "That's right, the party will be to-" Pinkie paused as she and everypony went wide eyed at that as well.


While all the other ponies started to rush around in a hurry, Applejack sat calmly with her brother, "Ya know, if I hadn't met that mare before, I'd think she was expecting a royal welcome at the drop of a hat," Applejack mused.


"Yah, but don't worry, she's a real humble sort. Imagine she enjoys a few things that Rarity lady does, but she ain't got her nose in the sky like some nobles," Applejack continued.


"I reckon she didn't think we'd make a big deal out of it. Or maybe she didn't know we'd be informed at all," Applejack mused thoughtfully.


"Ya remember any of the stuff she like best?" She asked curiously.


"Oh hay. Hoping to give her a "house welcomin" gift all the same," She said with a frown.

"Family's still in town," Big Mac reminded, rolling his straw in his mouth.

"Hm, yer right! Maybe one of them remembers. Thanks, Big Bro," Applejack thanked with a smile and a pat on the back.


"By the way? Applebloom know yet that the mare we greeted yesterday is a princess now?" She asked with a grin, which he returned with a smirk.


"Well, that's one thing to look forward to," Applejack said with a bit of teasing to her voice.





"Great, some rats must be in the attic again."

Twilight Velvet and Night Light were, a bit anxiously, trying to relax in their living room. Ever since the sunrise became undoubtedly late, they had become increasingly worried about their children. When the rumors start flowing that Celestia had been kidnapped or was otherwise missing, they worried even more so. While they, like most ponies of Equestria, loved the princess, they were more concerned with the fact that if anything happened to her, there was a good chance something happened to one or both of their offspring as well- what with Shining being the captain of her guard and Twilight her personal student.

They were very proud parents, if that wasn't obvious.

Still, when the sun finally did rise, they were a bit relieved. And some of their friends had overheard the guards talking about their orders from "Captain Armor", so they had some sense of peace at that- one of their children was alive and probably well by the sound of it; but no word from or about Twilight. Though, they did hear some strange rumors about two new Alicorns arriving with the Princess's return to the castle, along with something about her sister? It was all very strange and vague.

"Honestly, I've always been more worried about Shiny than Twily," Night Light commented offhandedly.

"Oh? How come?" Velvet asked curiously as they drank their tea- well, tea-coffee mix. They experimented when they were nervous- not like that!

"Relying too much on that dome shield of his. I mean, I get it, his talent and all, but you'd think he'd at least make it have spikes or a stunning ability- you know, something that keeps someone from just pounding on it until it breaks," Night Light mused.

"Well, it helps that he's stronger than the average unicorn," Velvet mused with a shrug, "Plus, he's more like Twilight than he likes to admit- that shield buys him a few seconds to think without actuallly freezing up," She pointed out with a giggle.

"True. Though, the only thing that has ever made him freeze up is an angry Twilight and a beautiful mare talking to him," Night Light continued with a chuckle, remembering fond events- for him, at least, "So...any ideas about the story behind the Late Solstice?" He asked idly.

"I don't know, but believe me, ever other writer from here to Las Pegasus is going to be using this night as a plot point or story opener for the next year or so," Velvet mused with a sigh, "I'd be thinking about that too if I could just know Twilight was fine."



"Can't you let us wallow with our worry in peace?!" Twilight Velvet yelled overdramatically, getting a chuckle from her husband, whose ears twitched curiously as he glanced behind her.

"Actually, Dear? I think that last one was the door," Night Light informed, getting a surprised look from her as she looked to it as well.


They both immediately bolted to the door, quickly opening it to see the elder half of their missing heart.

"Shiny!" Twilight Velvet cried happily, wrapping her hooves around her son tearfully, who looked surprised but returned it with a smile as well.

Night Light took a breath of relief as he looked to the mare his son was suppose-to-be-secretly-dating-but-it-was-obvious-as-sin-to-them. Quite honestly, Night Light was very happy to have Cadance as future daughter-in-law. Not because of her being a princess, but the fact that she was one of the only mares Twilight would instantly approve of.

If the multiverse was real, he pitied the Shining Armor that was Twilight Sparkle's younger brother- the prospect of overprotective big-sister Twilight was as funny as it was alarming.

Shaking his head of that, he smiled at the Alicorn of Love, "I see you've managed to keep this lughead alive through last night," He joked, getting a smirk from her.

"Oh yes, he was quite helpless until I showed up," Cadance added in playfully.

"Hey!" Shining said good naturedly, the four sharing a small laugh.

"Shiny? Where's Twily?" Velvet asked softly as she released him, "She's not hurt or anything, is she?"

Cadance and Shining blinked at that, "She's not here with you?" Shining asked curiously.

Now the parents blinked, "Umm, no? Why would she be?" Night Light asked with a raised eyebrow.

"She said she was going ahead of us, to surprise you herself," Cadance said with a frown, turning to her coltfriend, "Do you think she...?"

Shining groaned as he face-hooved, "Teleported. And missed," He muttered in annoyance.

Twilight Velvet was now very confused, "But...Twilight mastered that spell a long time ago," She reminded with a scowl of worry.

"Her magic is...a bit on the fritz right now," Cadance informed vaguely, "But she's so accustomed to using it, she probably did it on instinct."

"So...my Filly Twily could be lost anywhere in Canterlot or even off the side of the mountain?!" Twilight Velvet asked in worry, her imaginative brain conjuring all kinds of horrible fates that could have befallen her child.

She was very much her daughter's mother.


"...Or she could be stuck upstairs somewhere and not willing to use magic at the moment," Shining summarized with a smirk as his mother deflated into a calm but sheepish demeanor.

"...Oh, wow, if that's her, she's been up there a while...," Night Light realized awkwardly.

"We should probably find her," Twilight Velvet said sheepishly as they all headed upstairs to find the missing member of the family.

After several minutes of searching and calling her name, they deduced that Twilight was not, in fact, in the attic but in a closet…the closet of Shining Armor's old room, to be exact.

"...I remember the last day I actually opened that," Shining Armor said in amusement, "I stuffed away every last out of place thing in there before heading off to the Guard."

"...Soooo, who's going to let her out?" Night Light asked with a raised eyebrow as they stood in the door way, looking at the closet.

"You two probably should," Cadance said with a small grin, "Get the surprise out of the way."

The spouses shared a confused look before shrugging and heading up to the closet, Night Light opening it with his horn.

Out of it spilled a few clothes, an old banjo, a few dirty magazines that Shining forgot about and one disheveled Twilight. She looked up at her parents with surprised eyes, a very much returned expression, "This, I can explain," She assured quickly. They didn't say anything, just glancing down to the yoke on her neck, "And those," She added calmly, her twitching wings catching their attention, "And these," She continued with a sigh as she stood up, giving them a full view of her flowing mane, "...I don't know how to explain that yet," She finished in resignation, letting them take in the image of their Alicorn daughter, hoping they didn't faint.

Author's Note:

There we go! Tiny cliffhanger. So, yes, Twilight is enjoying a bit of pampering by my new OCs; I found an MLP name generator and I swear, Midnight Leather came up on its own. And, immediately after, we see another named Jet Foot- my beta loves this one, btw. Hope you all enjoyed them, we'll probably see some repeat appearances.

And, yes, Harmony still speaks occassionally and Luna gets a little trolled by everyone. Ponyville is getting ready for Twilight while her parents are about to find out about everything Twilight did in Ponyville. Also, Twilight Velvet is, apparently, a writer on par with Daring Do. I kind of like that, to be honest. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed! Until next time!