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Pamphile: Alicorn of Harmony - AkumaKami64

Expansion on Crescent Pulsar's fic Pamphile: Twilight Sparkle defeats Nightmare Moon alone, becoming the Alicorn of Harmony. With growing outlooks, she will endevour to be a true Pamphile, a Friend to All, even if she has much to learn still.

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Future Princess, Humble Badass

"That. Is. AWESOME!" Rainbow cheered, hovering in pure amazement, practically squeeing at the epic tale, "Like the awesomest thing I ever heard!"

Twilight blushed in embarrassment at the overenthusiastic Pegasus as she and the rest of the ponies that might become her friends walked through the Everfree, her mentor and the newly restore Luna with them as well, "I-I don't know about that," She said sheepishly, brushing a hoof through her now-flowing mane, trying to keep her wings tucked in.

"You survived a rock slide, stared down a manticore, befriended a sea serpent, shrugged off some scary illusions like it was nothing, and all of that BEFORE taking on Nightmare Moon on your own?!" Rainbow recounted, "Where do they even make ponies like you!?"

"Well that's a silly thing to ask," Pinkie Pie said with a grin as she pronked along, "Obviously they made her in the princess factory!" She declared like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Jokes and bluntness aside, they are right, dear," Rarity pointed out, looking thoughtful, "You're like something out of a fairy tale: A gallant pony riding into our lives from nowhere to save the day and save not only our beloved ruler but also save her sister from a terrible evil," She said dramatically with a wave of her hoof.

"And in the end, yer turnin out ta be a new Alicorn and a future princess yerself," Applejack piped in.

"G-gallant?! Me?" Twilight repeated in shock, blushing from the praise. She was just a little bookworm before today, none of these adjectives were things she would have put to herself!

"Thine companions art most correct, Lady Twilight," Luna piped up as she looked at the group over her shoulder, her sister's wing light around her in a show of support and concern. Her tone and body language seemed demurred from a mix of exhaustion and sorrow. Despite that, she gave Twilight a small smile of utmost gratitude, "While thine humbleness speaks needless more volumes to the character of the newest to join the ranks of the Alicorns, it is most unneeded. Your deeds of this night deserve all the praise in the world," She said softly.

Twilight stared at Luna for a moment in a moment, the entire group coming to a stop as the two ascended ponies stared at each other, and then Twilight glanced at her mentor, as if asking permission. The sun princess smiled softly and nodded her consent. Luna looked a bit confused when her sister removed her wing from her person, turning to face her savior fully as the violet mare approached her until they were face to face.

Luna felt just a bit embarrassed in her smaller body, looking up at a pony that, Alicorn or no, was so many times her junior it was ridiculous to think about.

"Princess Luna," Twilight started off kindly, yet just a tad formally, smiling down at the weakened immortal in a way that made Luna blush a tiny bit, "We both have a bit of rocky road ahead of us: I have to figure out being an Alicorn, and then a princess, while you have a thousand years of culture and history to reacquaint yourself with," She pointed out before giving her a bow of respect, "As we both have more than a little experience with each other's problem, I was wondering if you might consider me your first friend in this new era?"

Luna looked at the figure of the bearer of the Elements of Harmony bowing to her...was that even the right term any more, bearer? Was she not the Princess of Harmony now, if not the Avatar?

All those idle thoughts ran through Luna's head before she realized she was hugging Twilight Sparkle, crying softly into her coat, "I-I would be honored, Lady Twilight," She said tearfully, even as Twilight embraced her softly, "B-but please, do not bow to me. Never you," She requested, almost pleadingly.

Twilight blinked at the request, but smiled all the same, "As you wish, Princess," She promised softly.

The six other ponies watched it with various degrees of happiness and adoration. Fluttershy looked ready to faint, but from happiness overload instead of fear for once. Pinkie looked ready to throw a million parties a day to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Rarity smiled, but hers had a thoughtful, whimsical look. Applejack had a small smile, sympathizing with Princess Celestia as an elder sister and if anyone didn't know any better, they might think Rainbow Dash was developing a bit of hero worship for Twilight, given her wide, admiring grin.

Celestia, meanwhile, was busy enjoying how happy and adorable her student and sister both looked right now.

And stifled a giggle when Twilight's crown fell off her head and landed on Luna's back. Luna, now dried of tears, had no such reservations of a small laugh, "I have to get use to that, don't I?" Twilight asked with a small sigh, smiling all the same.

"M-mayhaps, but I'm sure sister has perfected a few tricks for that," Luna assured with a chuckle as Twilight tried to pick it up with magic...and had the crown burst into the foliage above.

"I got it!" Rainbow said instantly, racing up to grab the headpiece before it hit the ground- or before it even stopped rising, likely.

All the mortal ponies starred at a bewildered Twilight in shock, "Umm, Twilight? Are, umm, you okay?" Fluttershy asked in concern.

The wide eyed former-unicorn nodded, "Guess I don't know my own strength anymore," She mused, Celestia and Luna looking amused, as she felt the crown gently plopped back onto her head.

"There you go, right back where it belongs," Rainbow Dash said with another grin as she floated nearby.

Twilight smiled in thanks, before looking in slight annoyance at her crown, "This would be a lot easier if you were a part of the necklace too," She commented idly.

Celestia herself could say she was shocked as Twilight's crown vanished in a flash of light, her royal yoke morphing slightly to have a larger Star of Magic in the center. Above it, like a crown or horn, was the Star of Loyalty. On the right side were the Star of Honesty followed by the Star of Generosity and the left had the Star of Kindness than the Star of Laughter.

"...Okay, now yer just showing off, Sugarcube," Applejack said in surprise.

"Umm, this isn't bad, right, Princess?" Twilight asked automatically, looking down in confusion and a bit of worry.

"I do not believe so, my student, but the elements are a mystery to even myself and my sister," Celestia answered curiously, "Still, let us continue on, Ponyville is not much farther and we'll have plenty of time to discover what else this means for you, My Student," Celestia assured.

"Oh, right and you were trained by the princess yourself," Rainbow Dash commented as they went on, "What's next? You were babysat by the Captain of the Royal Guard as a filly?" She said in jest.

While everypony else chuckled at the joke, no one noticed the sheepish look on Twilight's face, or the amused one on Celestia: Best save some surprises for another day.

"Princess Celestia! Thank goodness you're alright!" A guardpony called as they reached the edge of the forest, the stallion racing up to meet them with a bow.

"I'm more than alright, my good stallion," Celestia assured with a smile as she looked to her sister than to Twilight, "Thanks to my student."

At the comment, the soldier looked away from his princess and his eyes went wide at the two new Alicorns. One looked fairly young, dressed in black regalia over dark blue coat and a cyan mane. The other, a young adult mare, looked just like the Princess's personal student. Only now she had wings, a bejeweled royal yoke, with her mane and tail now etheral and flowing like the Princess's as stripes glowed softly and midnight hair sparkled like stars in the sky.

His tongue caught in his throat, he did the only automatic thing his brain could register. He bowed, "Miladies," He greeted with a mix of awe and apology.

"All tis well, good stallion," Luna said softly, "You expected us as much as we expected ourselves," She said to his confusion.

"It's a long story," Twilight said sheepishly.

"But first, we have one important thing to do!" Pinkie Pie spoke up quickly as she appeared between the two smaller Alicorns.

"Party?" Twilight guessed with a raised eyebrow.

Pinkie looked at her with wide eyes, "You are an amazing Princess already," She said in awe as she stood up on her hind legs, "SISTER REUNITED, DAY IS SAVED, ALICORNIFICATION, NEW FRIENDS PARTY!" She declared loudly to the town. The inhabitants, already cheerful at the return of the sun and the likeliness of their princess's safety, perked up at the all-too-familiar call of the Pinkie.

The guards in town just blinked in confusion at the sudden commotion.

"I'll be right back," Twilight said, muttering in concern as she charged her horn, "I have to go check on someone," She explained, getting a nod from Celestia in understanding before vanishing in an extra bright flash.

"Wow nelly! I'm seeing spots!" Applejack said in alarm as she swayed on spot a bit, rubbing her eyes.

"Poor dear must being dealing with quite the power boost," Rarity murmured with a few quick blinks.

"Ohhh, pretty!" Pinkie called out, looking at a particularly nicely colored splotch in her vision.

Luna raised an eyebrow at them before looking to Celestia, who just chuckled and shrugged

While the Celebration began to form, Twilight reappeared back inside Golden Oaks Library...or, rather, on top of it. With a small frown, she teleported again, reappearing in the basement of all places, "This going to be like starting over from scratch, isn't it?" She asked to no one. To her surprise and interest, the Elements in her golden necklace glowed a bit, almost in sympathy, "Huh...wonder if they ever did that for the Princesses?" She mused to herself before walking up the stairs to the library.

As she headed straight for the bedroom where she left Spike, she failed to notice a pony lying in the corner, having passed out from the party and only now coming to consciousness. Watching the Alicorn waltz out of the basement and into the bedroom, the earth pony blinked and sat up, "...Okay, no more of Pinkie's special punch," Berry Punch mused in bewilderment, deciding to calmly get up and leave before she had more hallucinations.

"Spike? Spike are you up?" Twilight asked softly as she came up to the bed, finding the young reptile curled under the blanket, stirring a bit.

He then proceeded to yawn in a manner he would refuse to acknowledge as cute, "Twi...? What happened? I miss the celebration?" He asked tiredly as he sat up sleepily.

"Oh, no, I'm sure that'll be going on for a while," Twilight said with a vague chuckle.

"Ah, kay. Just let me-" Spike paused and went wide eyed, "Missing Princess! Nightmare Moon! Eternal Night! What happened?!" He asked in alarm as his memories went back before blinking, "And what's with the hair? Did Celestia teach you that?" He asked, his brain starting to fully boot up.

Twilight looked a bit sheepish, "Yeah, you see, about that...Well, after I put you to bed, I kind of...wentoffanddefeatedNightmareMoonaftefindingtheelmentsonmyownandbecameanalicorn," Twilight answered quickly.

Spike squinted as he tried to process that, "Tough and deaf Nightmare Moon...what?" He asked, unable to make that out.

Twilight sighed, "I went into the Everfree, defeated a few obstacles, got to the old castle, retrieved and awakened the Elements of Harmony, stopped Nightmare Moon, and saved Princess Celestia," Twilight listed off slowly and clearly, leaving him gapping.

"...I fall asleep for a few hours, and you go off and save the world?!" Spike exclaimed in disbelief, his tiny arms up in shock.

Twilight chuckled a bit, looking sheepish, "Kind of, yeah," She admitted, having nothing else she could say, "So...good night's sleep?"

"Don't change the subject! I have soooo many questions now! Like...Like...what are those?" Spike asked blankly as he looked down, his eyes half lidded.

Twilight looked down at the elements, "Oh, right. These are the Elements of Harmony. They...changed shape, among other things, once I turned them back from stone," She explained simply.

"That raises even more questions, but that isn't what I meant," Spike said, pointing to her side.

"Oh, right, the wings...," Twilight trailed off, having forgotten about them a bit. Just looking at them made the appendages twitch and flutter a bit. She turned her face completely straight and looked at Spike, "I forgot to mention: The Elements apparently turned me into an Alicorn," She elaborated.

Spike stared at her evenly for several long minutes.

Then he proceeded to fall off the bed, face down on the floor.

"Spike! Are you okay?" She called in alarm, turning him over.

He lay there, staring blankly at the ceiling, "Twilight, next time? Don't let me fall asleep. I don't think I'll be able to keep up the next time I miss out on this much stuff happening," He requested, sounding a bit annoyed yet also numbed to the situation.

Twilight chuckled softly, "Trust me, I know the feeling," She assured, leaning down to give him a supportive nuzzle. Spike blinked before sighing heavily in contentment with a large smile on his face, "Ummm, Spike? You okay?" She asked awkwardly, not sure what that was about.

"Yeah, you're mane is just really, really comfortable now," Spike said, almost sounding like he was ready to fall asleep again.

Twilight giggled a bit, "I wonder if that's an Alicorn thing or just me," She mused, pulling back and prompting him to sit up with a sigh.

"...A bucking Alicorn," Spike repeated, shaking his head, "Was this just a way to get out of making friends?"

"Well...let's just say that certain revelations have caused me to reevaluate my original position on that subject and has led me to now fully and heartily throw my efforts into making friends," Twilight explained with a smile, a warm and bright one that could have humbled the sun.

Technically, that might have already happened.

"..." Spike blinked as he looked up in her eyes. It was Twilight alright, but there was definitely something different about her. She seemed...just a bit more relaxed now. Not entirely, yet it was like she finally understood something that allowed her a bit of inner peace with herself and the world, "So, any of the mares we met today going to be likely candidates?" He asked curiously.

Twilight grinned a bit at that, "Don't worry, lover boy. Despite her name, seeing her probably won't be a rarity," She joked.

"Hmm, not bad for a first joke," Spike complimented with brief applause- she actually wasn't sure if that was sarcasm or genuine, "Now, I think you said something about a party or something?" He remembered, straining his ears for a moment, "Sure sounds like one to me."

"Well, let's go join in then. There's somepony I need to introduce you to anyway," Twilight said with a smile as she stood to the side to let him get on, "I'd levitate you up, but...my magic is a bit...sensitive at the moment," She said sheepishly.

"I'll TRY not to fall asleep on your Mane of Sleepiness," Spike said as he hopped onto one of his usual spots: Twilight's back, "Riding an Alicorn. Hehe, not many get to say that, eh?" The baby dragon joked with a grin.

Twilight sighed at the double meaning to that, "Spike, please don't phrase it like that. We'll get weird looks if you do, if not worse," She forewarned as she headed down the stairs.

"This another one of those "when you're older" things you and Princess Celestia keep bringing up?" Spike asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Very," Twilight answered with a small smile as they exited the door.

As they expected, there was a celebration going on. Since it WAS the Summer Sun Festival, they already had everything they needed- plus a little bit more from Pinkie Pie, no doubt. Without hesitation, the pair headed to the crowd, towards the towering form of Princess Celestia herself.

As they came closer and closer to the gathering, more and more ponies took notice of her, turning to stare with wide eyes of awe, wonder, and a bit of confusion. Twilight became a bit self-conscious as they started to whisper in speculation to each other, but bit her lip as she continued her walk up to her teach, who was already smiling welcomingly.

Between the regalia that was the Elements of Harmony, her obvious Alicorn status, her flowing hair, and the look on Celestia's face...in their situation, Twilight would probably guess that this was Celestia's own daughter.

Twilight briefly noted Luna had some kind of a necklace of flowers placed on her now.

"...Did Celestia have a secret lost daughter or something?"

This question, ironically, came from Spike, who was looking at Luna in bewilderment.

The two sisters blinked before looking at each other, realizing their enhanced height difference could lead to certain impressions. Despite herself, Luna couldn't help giggling with a brief look of mischief at her sister, "Nay, young Drake, I am her sister," Luna answered simply.

"Oh, umm,...sorry?" Spike said sheepishly, not sure who he should direct that at and hoping it applied to both.

Celestia just shook her head in amusement, "I'm glad you arrived now, Twilight, I was just about to...reintroduce you," She said in fondness in amusement. Twilight tilted her head as Celestia addressed the crowd, one wing around Twilight as the ponies went silent, "Ponies of Ponyville, I would like the honor of introducing to you a very important mare on this day: My Student, The Bearer of Harmony, who saved my Sister and myself, and rose to the ranks of Alicorn. I give you, Lady Twilight Sparkle, Future Princess of Equestria," Celestia declared in pride.

The shock that ran over the crowd was almost a palpable force as they took in the gravity of who this young mare was and what she accomplished. Spike's jaw dropped as he saw the ponies all starting to bow to Twilight, getting a clear view from her back. He suddenly felt the urge to get off- not to bow or anything, but it felt a bit...awkward, riding around on somepony that everypony else was bowing to.

Twilight stared as well, a bit overwhelmed. She even saw the five ponies she was starting to consider as friends bowing to her. What did she do? What do you do when everypony is bowing to you? What would Princess Celestia-

Twilight blinked as a thought occurred to her: She wasn't a princess yet. So...a few ponies glanced up and blinked as they saw the purple ascended bowing her head lightly in return to them with a warm smile on her face. She looked up as she saw most of their attention on her and spoke, "I am not a Princess yet, Good Ponies, so there is no reason to bow to me," She assured as she rose, the ponies following suit as well, slowly, "I did nothing more than what many other ponies would have done, if they simply knew how. That I figured it out, should be of little consequence," She said, pulling off her best Celestia-smile, "For many days still to come, I am still merely another pony...who happens to be an Alicorn, among other things," She joked lightly, getting a few laughs, "With that said, don't feel the need to stop celebrating because of me!"

"We're celebrating because of you!" Someone in the back called, getting more laughs. Twilight suspected it was Rainbow Dash. Nonetheless, the celebration began to continue once more, even more so that they knew why and for whom they were celebrating. No pony noticed Pinkie Pie's momentary pout- she thought they were going to throw her in the air and do "Three Cheers for Twilight!"

"...Thou taught her well," Luna whispered to Celestia.

"Too well, apparently: I don't even remember teaching her that," Celestia noted with a surprised but pleased look.

"Learned by watching you," Twilight murmured as she turned to the elder Alicorns.

"Does thine humbleness know no bounds?" Luna asked in amusement.

"More like...I'm still processing this a little," Twilight admitted nervously, "No offense, but it feels like I might be having a fevered dream from that would-be head-butt I did with Nightmare Moon," She explained, before turning to Spike, "Princess Luna, I'd like you to meet Spike, my "Number One Assistant". Spike, this is Princess Luna, Alicorn of the Moon," She introduced.

To his credit, Spike put everything together rather quickly in his head. After a moment of staring at Luna, having a hard time visualizing her being Nightmare Moon, he stuck his claw out to her, "Welcome home, your highness," He greeted cheekily.

Luna blinked at the knowing look in the young drake's eyes before taking the appendage and shaking it, "Thank you, it is most grand to be home to fair Equestria, Hatchling," She greeted with a small smile. Spike looked a bit grumpy at the 'hatchling' comment but shrugged it off, before jumping off to join the party. As he left, Luna turned back to Twilight with a blank expression, "Thee hast a dragon," She stated simply.

"Well, yeah. I've been raising him since he was born...well, I had a lot of help from my family and Princess Celestia of course, but I've been trying to take my responsibilities to him as seriously as I can, since I hatched him," She explained.

Luna's expression didn't change as she took a breath, "Ye hatched a dragon, and art raising him as if he were thine offspring or sibling," She reworded, getting a nod, "Twilight Sparkle, the dress maker was correct: Thou art like something out a fairy tale: and coming from a mare from a millennium ago, We believe that is saying much."

Twilight scratched her head absently, looking to her teacher for aid, who had been staring at her since before Spike's introduction, "...You head-butted Nightmare Moon?" Celestia asked blankly, looking at her student with an unreadable expression.

"W-well, more like I...faked her out, as the saying goes, teleporting at the last second," Twilight elaborated.

"...You played chicken with Nightmare Moon," Celestia restated, getting a sheepish look, a sheepish smile, and a sheepish shrug, "...Where, exactly, did you get those, My Student?" She asked monotonely.

"G-get what, Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked.

"Your iron ovaries."

Author's Note:

And there we go MY first chapter for this piece. I'll be honest, until I started, I didn't realize how badass Twilight must seem right now, even to (or especially to) Luna and Celestia- who is wondering where her student has been hiding this inner badass. And after taking stock of that, I realized that Rainbow Dash would probably even being singing her praises and giving her some minor hero worship.

Also, to make this clear, I intend to have this be the same Nerdy OCD pony we all know and love, but she a bit...wiser, I suppose. Her ability to learn and understand things easily extends to emotions and relationship now. Whether or not if this is the cause orthe result of her early ascension is up to interpretation.

Still, this is going to deviate more and more from canon as time goes on. Biggest thing? Twilight is going to take the Pamphile thing fairly serious even if she starts out small/slow. Meaning she's going to interact and befriend more than the would-be Mane 6.

Well, hope you all enjoyed this. Next time, you'll see Twilight adjusting to being an Alicorn, moving to Ponyville, and possibly her making new friends.

PS I turned her crown into part of the necklace because A, I like it. B, It was the first thing I imagined when I read the other five on onenecklace, C. Convenience for Twilight. D. Etc.