• Published 28th Mar 2016
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Ponies meets PK-117 - WeAreTheMeta

PK-117 is a Promethean Knight Mar. Built by the Forerunners to fight the flood. But something is off. He was on a halo ring but now he is on a strange world with colorful talking ponies. Guess things can't get worst? Oh **** I just jinxed it didn't I

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The Return

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1000 Years Later

PK-117 (POV)

Systems Rebooting...


Promethian Vision...Online

Blade Arm...Online


Energy Shields...Online

Auto Sentury...Online


As my vision returns, I don't see space but a ceiling with the shape of a sun on it.

"Hmm... That light must have been some sort of wormhole that sent me somewhere else." I say to myself. As I stand up I notice that I am in some sort of room. There is also a horse with wings and a horn. I think it is sleeping. I should try and communicate with it.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"Hmm. Luna, it is..." The creature starts talking but notices that I am standing there. I noticed by the tone of voice that it was female. As I look at her she looks back at me wide eyed. She then looks around and notices that something has moved and then looks back at me. Smiling cheek to cheek.

"Ma'am...why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

"Because I thought that you would never wake up. Several times I thought you were dead. Anyways I am Princess Celestia ruler of Equestria." Celestia announced.

"I am Promethean Knight PK-117. Knight Battlewagon class Promethean. I was recently fighting a Flood infestation on several ships when I was teleported here by a white light. I went into a sleep mode that would last 1000 years." I stated.

"Well PK-117 do you have a name?" Celestia ask. "Also, why are you wearing that strange armor?" Celestia added to the previous question.

"Well to answer you first question my name is PK-117. For the second question, this isn't armor. This is my body. I am a machine." I replied answering both Celestia's questions. But before Celestia could ask another question she was teleported away. But when I first saw her I took her Biometric reading so I could track her location so I would know where she was 24/7. I then went to a nearby window as started to look for her Biometric signature. Then I found the signature but then I noticed something was off. It looks like she is in some old castle. But there is another that signature that I do not remember recording. As I look at the DNA signature it has similarities to Celestia's. Must be a family member but that is odd. Why would she be all the way out there to talk to a family member unless that family member is evil. I then turn on my Promethean Vision to see what the area Celestia is being held in looks like.

"My assumption was correct. Celestia is being held in a cell. That other horse must be her family member. I will listen in to hear what they are saying. But if I hear anything that may cause harm to the innocent then I will follow my orders and destroy anything that brings harm to the innocent." I say.

Celestia (POV)

As I open my eyes I see what I expected to see. Nightmare Moon. I expected this to happen but what I didn't expect was that earlier that PK-117 had finally woken up.

"Ah. My dear sister. How have you been because I have absolutely terrible. DO YOU KNOW WHAT 1000 YEARS ON A DESOLATE ROCK WITH NOPONY TO TALK TO DOES TO ONES MIND?!?!" Nightmare Moon says.

"Sister" I began to say but Nightmare Moon cuts me off.

"I am not you sister anymore. I am something better. Something stronger. Something powerfuler."Nightmare Moon says.

"Wait did I say powerfuler?" Nightmare Moon ask.

"Yes...you did," I replied.

"Wow. I mean just wow. I just messed up didn't I." Nightmare Moon say.

"Yes. Yes, you did." I replied.

"Anywho I am going to plunge Equestria into an Eternal night. By Celestia." Nightmare Moon says while leaving.

"I hope you are alright Twilight," I say. But little did Celestia know that Nightmare Moon was listening through the door.

"Hmm...Twilight. Must be Celestia's new student," Nightmare Moon say.

"I am just going to brainwash her to follow my command. Yes. Yes. That will be heart-wrenching for Celestia to see. Her most beloved student following my commands." Nightmare Moon said. Unbeknownst to her was that her location was compromised because of PK-117 finding Celestia's life signature.

"Why do I have the feeling I am being watched," Nightmare Moon said.

Author's Note:

Hey, so I want some fanart for me to use for my fanfictions. Make them for me and I will use them in my new fanfictions or current ones. So I hope you like this new fanfiction. Like, comment, enjoy, and follow me.

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