• Published 28th Mar 2016
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Ponies meets PK-117 - WeAreTheMeta

PK-117 is a Promethean Knight Mar. Built by the Forerunners to fight the flood. But something is off. He was on a halo ring but now he is on a strange world with colorful talking ponies. Guess things can't get worst? Oh **** I just jinxed it didn't I

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Meet the Nightmare

Twilight's POV (After Nightmare Moon appears)

Chaos. All I could see was chaos. After Nightmare Moon appeared, in the position of Princess Celestia, everypony started to cause a mass panic. I was reviewing in my mind about what had happened at the celebration.
Start at 1:00 and continue to the end

As I snapped out of my thoughts I started to run back to the library to find an answer. On the way back I started to see an orange light. "I hope nopony is starting a fire because if the are.it..will...be...." I started to say but my words died out as I saw the unimaginable. A large figure was forming in front of my very eyes from small orange cubes. As I continued to stare I didn't notice that the ponies that were in charge of the food, applejack; weather, rainbow dash; music, Fluttershy; decorations, Rarity; and the one that defied all logic, pinkie pie; were running towards me.

"Twilight are you ok," Applejack asked not noticing the now fully formed creature. As soon as the rest arrived they all noticed a large creature with glowing orange and pieces of its body floating.

As soon as the creature finished forming it talked in a deep robotic voice, "I am Forerunner Promethean Knight 117. I am here due to seeing a large riot and responded based on program number 1005689, help any intelligent life form if they are not a threat to the Forerunner Empire." When it spoke next it was looking around, "Why has this happened? And who am I talking to?" I was about to answer until Rainbow jumped in and asked, "how do we know if you aren't a spy for Nightmare Moon huh?" The Promethean answered immediately almost too quickly because it seemed to think of a million things in the span of a second. "I am not a spy as you call it for this "Nightmare Moon" because I was created by the Forerunner empire to fight the flood. But enough time wasted we need to find this so-called Nightmare Moon and return the sun before this planet becomes ice." As soon as the Promethean said that I realized how important this is. We are facing extinction and the other girls realized that as well. "Then after we solve this problem I will answer any and all questions that you have about me." After the Promethean finished that we all said "ok" together.

"But to my original question who am I talking to?" The Promethean asked. I was the first to answer. "My name is Twilight Sparkle and I am the student of Princess Celestia." Next was Applejack. "I'm Applejack." Next and not to my surprise was Rainbow Dash. "I'm Rainbow Dash the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria and future Wonderbolt." But to my surprise, the Promethean responded. "I do not admire somebody who is over-confident and thinks they are the best. There is always someone better than you at something." "What do you mean I am the best in all of Equestria and nobody is better than me at anything." "Then how are you in a fight against a Promethean? After this problem is solved I will show you what makes me a Promethean Knight." All of us were in shock at how it responded and didn't know how to respond. "Oh, we will see tin can." When that banter was finished rarity was up next. "Hello, darling my name is Rarity and I must say how elegant your armor is and how it shows both elegance and strength in one piece." "This isn't armor, this is my body." This shocked all of us. "What do you mean that this is your body there is no way because you aren't alive," I said. "I am what you would call a robot with a brain but the brain isn't organic." I just became shocked and froze. "I think you broke her," Rainbow said. "Well, shall we continue?" The Promethean asked. After Rarity Fluttershy introduced herself. " Hi my name is Fluttershy." It only just nodded as he understood her perfectly and we asked why. "I was able to her Fluttershy because I upped my hearing levels so I could hear her." When introduction was finished I told everypony that we should head back to the library to find out how to defeat Nightmare Moon.

117 POV (on the way to the library)

As we were walking to the library Twilight talked about I picked up an odd signature on my scanners and saw a large black pony following us and it stopped as soon as I saw it. "Well well well I thought my presence was undetected but I guess not." This shocked everybody and I asked who she was. "That's Nightmare Moon," Twilight told me. "Your right little pony but your not who I'm interested in but the Promethean following you." Nightmare said. "How do you know that?" Rainbow asked. "Oh I don't know I just followed you and listened to your conversation and I was just about to nap Twilight from you but it seems my plan was ruined so I will just have to kill you." Nightmare said. "Twilight I will fight her get away from here," I told her.
As the group of ponies ran away I equipped my scattershot and hard light sword. "So you have magic how scary," Nightmare said sarcastically. "It isn't magic but my weapons," I said as I shot the ground beneath her. "I also know that you are following those group of ponies," I told her. This shocked her. "How does this thing know that I'm not in front of him," Nightmare thought. When she looked back it wasn't there. But when the real her looked behind her it was there with its sword right in her face.


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