• Published 28th Mar 2016
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Ponies meets PK-117 - WeAreTheMeta

PK-117 is a Promethean Knight Mar. Built by the Forerunners to fight the flood. But something is off. He was on a halo ring but now he is on a strange world with colorful talking ponies. Guess things can't get worst? Oh **** I just jinxed it didn't I

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Battle in Space (Prologue)

Author's Note:

I do not own Halo. I do own my character like what he does but what he looks like is owned by 343 Industries. If you wanted to see him well here he is. Also, he is a Promethean Knight Marshal. A boss found in Warzone as a boss in Halo 4.

PK-117 (POV)

The battle was growing fierce. Flood combat forms were charging at our line. I fired my Scatter Shot at their lines. As I did so my shots killed five at a time from the spread of my shot. As the battle continues, I ordered my soldiers to attack.

"Attack the Parasite and protect the Forerunners!" I yelled

"Affirmative." My soldiers replied. As the battle continued we lost more and more soldiers and I had to make a choice. Commence self-destruction and destroy the ships or fight to the last Promethean and kill as many Flood as we can. But before I could give any order a bright light appeared above me.

"COMMANDER!" One of the Promethean called while firing his suppressor at the Flood killing a combat form. As I looked away from the light I was starting to get sucked in. In the final moments, before I left, I gave one final order.

"Commence self-destruction sequence and destroy the ships," I said as I gave my last order as I was sucked into the light.

Celestia (POV)

I was crying in my room. I had just sent my sister to the moon. As I am crying I am recalling the battle that took place between me and my sister. Watch from 2:05 to 4:01.

"Why. Why did I do that to my own sister?" I cried. All of the sudden A bright light overtook my vision. As I regained my vision I saw something that astounded me. A glowing orange metal golem. Although it did look different from the ones I have seen before. It did look asleep. It is odd, though. I will keep it here until it wakes up and decides what to do from there.

"Yes. that is what I will do." Celestia said to herself.

PK-117 (POV)

As my optic sensors reboot, I see something. When they are done what I see is something that my records don't recognize. I try to say something but my voice modulators are damaged so it sounds garbled.

"Wwwat... aaarrrr... uuuuu..." I ask. My head turns sideways not on my own command due to damage from the battle I was in.

"I am an Alicorn. Also, my name is Celestia. What are you?" Celestia ask.

"IIII... aaaaam... Prooo...meethian...kkniiight...MMMM...aaaaarrrrrrr...ssshshshsh...aaaaaallll...toooo...muuuch...daaamaaage....fffffrrrooom...baaaatle...Shhhhuuuut doooown innnnnitiaaaated iiin ttttttteeee minuuus...teeeen...niiiiine...eeeeghiiit...seeeven..." I bengan the count down.

"Wait wait wait. No no no don't shut down." Celestia begs.

"Thrrrreeee...twwooooo...oooone...." As the countdown finished I shut down.

"No no no no. Don't go." Celestia cries thinking she lost another innocent soul but what she didn't know was that I went into a sleep mode that will last 1000 years due to repairs. The day Nightmare Moon returns. This is due to the fact that the repairs would transfer the air and turn them into useful materials to repair me with.

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