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Scootaloo's New Family - Alaborn

Scootaloo has the worst family in all of Equestria! Even Princess Twilight Sparkle agrees. That’s why she’s granting Scootaloo the whole summer to find a new, better family. And Scootaloo knows just where to go.

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Chapter 1: Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo’s New Family

By Alaborn

Standard disclaimer: This is a not for profit fan work. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright Hasbro, Inc. I make no claim to any copyrighted material mentioned herein.

Chapter 1: Rainbow Dash

Twilight Sparkle returned to her castle by teleporting, reappearing in the throne room. Immediately afterward, a rainbow blur streaked across the room, coming to a halt as Rainbow Dash hovered in front of her. The pegasus looked her in the eye. “This is a joke, right?” she said.

“No, I’m very serious. I’m giving Scootaloo the chance to find the family she’s always wanted,” Twilight Sparkle replied.

“Do I look like a mare who’s ready to raise a filly?”

“You’re not going to be raising a little filly. You’re going to be caring for a nearly grown filly who’s just as independent as you, and to whom you’ve wanted a chance to grow closer,” Twilight Sparkle said. “Trust me, Rainbow Dash. I know your loyalty to her means you won’t let her down.”

“But her parents!”

“I just came back from talking to them. They were just as surprised as you, but when I explained my idea, they agreed to try this for the summer,” Twilight Sparkle explained. “Go ahead and sleep on it, and I’ll bring Scootaloo to you tomorrow. All you need to do is make a bed for her and feed her, and I’ll even provide a stipend for you.”

“Okay,” Rainbow Dash said doubtfully.

Twilight Sparkle smiled. “Just be yourself, and everything will work out fine.”

“All right, weather team. Put some wingpower into it!” Rainbow Dash called.

The Ponyville weather team captain pressed her hooves into the cloud holding her cloud home. On either side of her, the members of her team flew, contributing their own wingpower to moving the whole structure down. Slowly, the cloud descended, until it rested four feet above the ground.

Waiting below was Scootaloo, her little wings buzzing rapidly. Standing behind her, Twilight Sparkle monitored the situation.

“And one final thing,” Rainbow Dash announced. She grabbed tufts of cloud, and quickly fashioned them into steps.

“Cool!” Scootaloo said.

“Eh, it’s temporary. What I’m thinking is we should install a ramp. That way, you can pick up some awesome speed when you’re leaving home.

“Awesome!” And her wings buzzed again.

“Now, Scootaloo, remember the rules,” Twilight Sparkle said. “You’re to treat Rainbow Dash as your mother, which means she’s in charge of you. And you have to stay with her until either you want to make this official or you decide you don’t want to continue.”

“That’s never going to happen!” Scootaloo said.

Twilight Sparkle just smiled. “Good luck, you two.”

As Twilight Sparkle flew away, Rainbow Dash flew over and wrapped a wing around Scootaloo. “Time for the grand tour, squirt.”

They hopped up the cloud steps, Scootaloo in particular enjoying the springy sensation of clouds underhoof.

“So here’s the rainbow fountain. You definitely don’t want to drink it. Stuff gets caught in it.”

Scootaloo looked at the rainbow fountain. She always thought it looked cool from the ground, and the pillars of color were neat, but they drained into a pool where leaves and dead insects floated.

“The yard is mostly standard building clouds. They’re a little firm, so try not to crash into them. But over here I keep a stash of soft napping clouds.”

“Napping clouds?” Scootaloo asked.

“Hey, you never know when you’ll have a few moments. Champion athletes like us need to rest whenever we get the chance!”


“Now let’s see the rest of the house.”

Scootaloo followed Rainbow Dash inside. The living room had the normal cloud furniture; a couch, two chairs, and a table were visible. Well, she assumed they were there; the cloud surfaces were barely visible under piles of magazines and stacks of old pizza boxes.

“So, yeah. The living room, the kitchen’s over there, exercise room there, and upstairs are the bedrooms and bathroom. Now let’s show you where you’re staying.”

Scootaloo hopped up the stairs, following Rainbow Dash as she flew the short distance. She stopped as Rainbow Dash pointed to a closed door.

“That’s my bedroom. You can always come to me if you need help, but you need to ask permission before coming into my room. Understand, Scoots?”


“So the bathroom’s through there, and here’s your room.” Rainbow Dash opened the door, revealing a plain room with a cloud bed and nightstand. The walls were undecorated, but the floor was covered with boxes of old trophies, ribbons, and other stuff.

“Yeah, sorry, didn’t have much time to clean this up. But tell you what. After work, we’ll get this place made into a bedroom suited for the most awesome filly in Ponyville!”


“Well, I’ve got to get to work. Are you crusading today?” Rainbow Dash said.

“Of course! We’re going to try hang gliding, and spelunking, and building catapults!”

Rainbow Dash laughed. “Sounds like a big day. You have fun now, squirt!”

Scootaloo smiled. Rainbow Dash didn’t even try to tell her that her plans were too dangerous. She was the best mother ever!

“So, is it true? What everypony’s saying?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Yeah! Rainbow Dash is my new cool mom,” Scootaloo replied. “Wait. What’s everypony saying?”

“That Twilight Sparkle lost it again,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Or that she’s mad with power,” Apple Bloom added.

“And the idea of Rainbow Dash caring for a foal is utterly preposterous,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Hey! Rainbow Dash is a great mom!” Scootaloo protested.

“I don’t know. When everypony agrees, maybe there’s something to it?” Apple Bloom said.

“We’ll show them,” Scootaloo said. “Now, does everypony have their rope and helmet?”

Scootaloo returned home, tired and dirty. It was another successful day of crusading, minus the actually getting cutie marks part. She happily bounded up the cloud stairs of her new home and rushed through the front door. “Rainbow Dash! I’m home!”

The house was silent. “Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo waited before trying again, shouting loudly. “Rainbow Dash!”

She heard the sound of stumbling upstairs. A moment later, Rainbow Dash flew down. Her mane was sticking up in every direction, even more so than usual.

“Hey, squirt. Whoa! How’d you get so much tree sap on you? I didn’t think you were even going into the forest!”

“Well, you know how it is. Hang gliders don’t always go where you want them to go,” Scootaloo said.

“Well, after a hard day of crusading, I bet somepony’s hungry! I’ve got some pizza. But first, you need a shower.”

“Wait. You don’t want me to do chores first?” Scootaloo asked.

“Scootaloo, ponies like us are too awesome to do chores!”

Scootaloo’s wings would have buzzed with excitement, were it not for the tree sap pinning them to her barrel.

“Okay, let’s go find the shower,” Scootaloo said to herself. In her past trip to the bathroom, she hadn’t looked for the shower. But it wasn’t hard to find. Despite the cloud construction being different from her old home on the ground, the layout of the bathroom was the same.

She pushed aside a thin layer of gray clouds, almost like fog, to reveal the tub and shower. The clouds that made up the shower had something black clinging to them, with an unpleasant odor.

“I can deal with that,” Scootaloo said as she turned on the faucets. A gentle spray of water issued from a shaped cloud. Once the water was the perfect temperature, she stepped in.

And promptly slipped. That black stuff was slippery. And tasted totally foul, she decided, after her muzzle landed in a patch of it.

Scootaloo got to her hooves, more carefully this time, and positioned her wings under the stream of warm water. Slowly, the tree sap softened, and she was able to scrub it out, using the shampoo she found in a half-full bottle in the corner of the shower.

She felt refreshed when she stepped out of the shower. She found the towels stored in the cabinet below the sink. She wrinkled her muzzle at the slightly off smell they had. But she persevered, for pizza was waiting!

Scootaloo headed downstairs, and then paused when she saw what was waiting for her. “Is that cold pizza?”

“Sure is. I didn’t have time to get a fresh pie, but you’ll find that it’s just as good cold as hot. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to the pizzeria together.”


Scootaloo did have to admit that cold pizza was tasty. And it sure beat all those healthy meals her parents forced her to eat!

Scootaloo stirred with the coming of morning. The sun was bright, the bed pleasantly warm, but something was missing. And when she headed downstairs, she realized what it was.

Nothing was cooking.

Rainbow Dash was already downstairs, stretching in the exercise room. She looked up as she saw Scootaloo. “Hey, squirt!”

“Good morning, Rainbow Dash. Do you have anything for breakfast?”

Rainbow Dash flew into the kitchen. “I think I have some cereal around here.”

Scootaloo heard the sound of things falling over, and Rainbow Dash swearing. She went into the kitchen, and found Rainbow Dash buried under a pile of boxes. She flew out of the mess, a box of corn flakes clutched in her forearms. “See? What did I tell you?”

“And do you have milk?”

“Oh. Yeah.” She opened her icebox, and after some digging, returned with a bottle. “Sure do!”

Scootaloo poured herself a bowl of cereal, and carried it to the kitchen table. She grimaced as she took her first bite. The cereal was soggy, not crunchy. And the milk had a funny taste.

“Rainbow Dash? Is something wrong with your milk?”

She took a swig straight from the bottle. “Tastes fine to me.”

Scootaloo smacked her lips. “It kind of tastes like blueberries.”

“What? Don’t you like blueberries?”

“Well, yeah, but....”

“Look, Scoots, the only reason to have breakfast is to fuel your body for another day of being awesome. If you want great-tasting food, we’re getting it at dinner tonight,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Okay,” Scootaloo said.

Rainbow Dash flew back to the living room, where she resumed her stretching. “Hey, Scoots? After work, maybe we could do some exercises, build up your wingpower?”


Rainbow Dash flew back to the kitchen table. “Just okay? Not awesome, or cool, or radical? Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah,” Scootaloo said. She forced down another spoonful of funny-tasting cereal. “I just need to get outside. It’s a beautiful day, right?”

“As Ponyville’s number one weather manager, I guarantee it!”

It was a beautiful day. But Scootaloo wasn’t looking up at the clear sky. Her hooves dragged and her head hung low as she wandered around town. She didn’t even notice the pony in front of her until she bumped into her.


Scootaloo looked up. “Oh, sorry, Twilight.”

“I didn’t expect to see you without your scooter. Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s great!” Scootaloo replied with a forced smile.

“Something on your mind?”

“Um, yeah. Rainbow Dash is great, and she gave me a room, but it doesn’t feel like my room, you know? Could I, you know, pick up some of my things? Without breaking the rules?”

Twilight Sparkle smiled. “I think that’s fair.”

“Great! I’m gonna go get my scooter and....”

“Wait, Scootaloo,” Twilight Sparkle interrupted. “A filly your age shouldn’t be going to a stranger’s home by herself.”

“But they’re not strangers! They’re my family!”

“Not right now they aren’t!” Twilight Sparkle said.

Scootaloo looked to the sky for a sign of her new mother. She was at work, of course, but nopony was flying around doing weather tasks. Her eyes landed on a single cloud. It looked like a perfect napping cloud.

“Fine,” Scootaloo grumbled. “Let me get my scooter first. Then we’ll go together.”

Scootaloo zipped along the road at a safe speed, tracing the familiar path to her neighborhood, with its old houses and tall trees. The lawn of her house had balls and toys scattered on it, but somehow it seemed like less of a mess.

She skidded to a stop and leaned her scooter against the wall. Twilight Sparkle flew down and landed on the lawn beside her.

“Ready?” Twilight Sparkle asked.


Twilight Sparkle knocked on the door.

“Come in. The door’s unlocked,” Scootaloo’s mother called from inside.

Twilight Sparkle opened the door with her magic, and they stepped inside. Scootaloo looked at the familiar home, with the worn carpets, the pictures on the wall, the scuffed wallpaper. It seemed cleaner than she recalled.

“Mrs. Quick Stitch?” Twilight Sparkle called.

“In the living room.”

Scootaloo sniffed the air. Cinnamon. She had missed her mother’s cinnamon oatmeal!

They entered the living room, where Scootaloo encountered a familiar sight. Her mother was seated on her chair, with the yarn from multiple skeins threaded through her wings as her latest knitting project rested in her lap. The twins played in their little playpen. They looked up at Scootaloo, and then went back to their toys.

“Princess! Forgive me,” Quick Stitch said as she started to rise.

“Please, no need to bow, and call me Twilight,” Twilight Sparkle said. “We came by because Scootaloo wanted to pick up a few things to decorate her new bedroom.”

“I’m glad you came. We’ve put all of Scootaloo’s belongings in the box in that corner,” Quick Stitch said, motioning with a wing. “Don’t worry, Scootaloo, I made sure everything was there, including your diary.”

“Wait. Why’d you do that?” Scootaloo said.

“Striker’s old enough that he should have his own room. And since we have a room available, we let him take it.”

“Mom! That’s my room!”

“Not for now.”

“I think your mother made a fair decision, Scootaloo,” Twilight Sparkle said. “Now, let’s get your things and let your mother get back to her work.”

Silently, Scootaloo picked up the large box and carried it back to her wagon.

“Have a good day, Scootaloo,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Thanks,” Scootaloo replied. She stepped on her scooter and, after a quick look back, headed back to the center of town.

“What’s that big box of junk for?” Apple Bloom asked.

“What box?” Scootaloo looked back, and saw she had completely forgotten to drop of her box of stuff before heading to the clubhouse. “Oh. That’s everything from my room.”

“Is there anything in there we haven’t done?” Sweetie Belle wondered.

“Nah, I think we’ve tried everything twice,” Scootaloo said.

“I know! We could try to get cutie marks in room redecorating!” Sweetie Belle said.

“It’s Rainbow Dash’s house,” Scootaloo said.

The others looked at her blankly.

“A cloud house?”

“Oh, yeah,” Apple Bloom said.

“So how is living with Rainbow Dash?”

“Great! Everything’s great!”

“Uh, Scootaloo? You’ve got that weird smile,” Apple Bloom said.

“Like that time Miss Cheerilee asked you to comment on Diamond Tiara’s speech, and said you could only give positive criticisms,” Sweetie Belle added.

“No, it’s good. I haven’t had to do any chores!” She smiled again.

“Okay...” Sweetie Belle said.

“I mean, that’s great, right?” Scootaloo said.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked at each other.

“I guess?” Sweetie Belle said.

“I mean, chores aren’t as fun as crusading, but they’re necessary to keep a farm running,” Apple Bloom noted. “And it feels good to get them done.”

“Well, I’m on easy street with the coolest pony in Ponyville, and I couldn’t be happier,” Scootaloo boasted. Or tried to boast. There was a quaver in her voice, one she remembered hearing before.

It was back when she went camping, and was trying to convince herself she wasn’t scared.

“So what are we doing today?” Scootaloo asked.

“We could pick flowers,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Let’s make applesauce!” Apple Bloom suggested.

“Sure, let’s do both of those,” Scootaloo said.

Scootaloo’s time with the Crusaders ended in the early afternoon. Apple Bloom had her chores, and Sweetie Belle had some music lessons Rarity had signed her up to do. So she headed home to drop off her belongings.

The clouds of Rainbow Dash’s porch shifted ominously under the combined weight of Scootaloo and her stuff. Her hooves sunk far farther than they should have. She went in the house through the front door, and while the floor felt fine, she still had to step carefully to avoid the debris cluttering Rainbow Dash’s floor.

Scootaloo made it to her room and frowned. There were so many boxes on the floor, there was no place to drop her own box. Sighing, she placed it on her bed for the time being.

“Let’s put something up,” she said to herself. She chose her favorite Wonderbolts poster, the one that would be her favorite until one came out with Rainbow Dash on it. She held it up to the cloud wall; it fell down.

“Oh, yeah.”

Scootaloo thought back to what her mother taught her about working with clouds, how she could take a small amount of cloudstuff and make it sticky enough to attach to wood or paper. Then that sticky cloud could hold a picture on a cloud wall. And she didn’t even have to find a hammer!

She reached her hoof into the wall to pull out some cloudstuff, and a whole chunk of cloud disintegrated. White powdery stuff got everywhere; she breathed it in and started coughing.

“Yuck!” The nasty taste of old, dry cloud lingered in Scootaloo’s mouth.

“Forget it. I can do this later,” she told herself.

“Eight, nine, ten! Great job, Scootaloo!” Rainbow Dash said, taking the barbell away from the filly.

Scootaloo felt the burn in her wings. She flexed her wings and stretched her flight muscles to cool down, just like Rainbow Dash had taught her.

“Guess what, Scoots? That wasn’t 60 pounds you were lifting. It was 100,” Rainbow Dash said.


“That’s right! Keep up your practice, and you’ll have no trouble flying once your wings grow.”

All in all, it was a productive afternoon for Scootaloo. After getting out of the house, she headed to the park, where she practiced her sprints and wing-ups. And then Rainbow Dash arrived to coach her and spot her while she lifted weights with her wings. It was the kind of bonding she always enjoyed.

“I think we both earned some pizza, right, Scootaloo?”

“You bet, Rainbow Dash!” the filly replied.

“We gotta clean up first, though.”

Rainbow Dash flew up, dove into an errant cloud, and popped out of it as it disintegrated into a fine mist that glowed with all colors of the rainbow.

“Cool!” Scootaloo cheered.

The two pegasi headed home. When they got up the stairs, Scootaloo paused. “I think the cloud’s getting kind of thin here,” she said.

“Eh. I’ll fix it later,” Rainbow Dash replied.

Scootaloo headed to the shower. The same foul black stuff covered the cloud tub and walls. She closed her eyes and pretended she was in her bathtub back home. When she was done, the same odoriferous towels were waiting for her under the sink.

Scootaloo shook her head, returning her mane to its natural state, as she came down the stairs. “Bathroom’s free,” she said.

“Great, let’s go!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Aren’t you going to shower?” Scootaloo asked.

“Duh. That’s what flying through the cloud was for!”

Scootaloo sniffed. Rainbow Dash still smelled like, well, the scent Scootaloo always associated with her big sister/mother, but it was stronger.

“Hey, squirt. That pizza’s not going to eat itself!”

“Here it is. Garlic Twist’s Pizzeria. Best Bitalian food in Ponyville!”

“Cool!” Scootaloo said. This was definitely not a place she’d ever gone with her family. It didn’t look like the restaurant was designed with foals in mind.

“Hiya, Rainbow Dash!” the pegasus stallion behind the counter called. He was expertly tossing a pizza crust in the air using his wings. “The usual?”

“Depends on what the squirt here wants,” she replied. “What do you like on your pizza?” she asked Scootaloo.

“Green peppers and tomatoes!”

“Green peppers? Ugh!” Rainbow Dash said.

Scootaloo frowned.

“Don’t sweat it, squirt,” Rainbow Dash said, mussing Scootaloo’s mane. “We don’t have to like the same pizza.” She turned to the cook. “Hey, Twist! One extra large, half with green pepper and tomato, half with onion and hay bacon!”

“Coming right up!”

Ten minutes later, Garlic Twist came out with a piping hot pizza on a wooden paddle.

“Wow! That’s huge! How are we going to eat all that?” Scootaloo said.

“An extra large pizza tonight means breakfast tomorrow!”

“Oooh, my stomach,” Scootaloo moaned. “I never should have had that fifth slice.”

“You never should have challenged me to an eating contest, squirt,” Rainbow Dash said. She may have won with six slices, Scootaloo noted, but she was flying a lot slower than normal.

The two pegasi entered their home. Rainbow Dash took the pizza box, still with plenty of pizza left, and tossed it on top of a stack of other old pizza boxes, all from the same restaurant. The tower of cardboard swayed precariously.

“What do you want to do now, Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow Dash clutched her stomach with her forelegs. “After eating all that, I need a nap.”

“Okay,” Scootaloo said.

Rainbow Dash flew up to her room, and Scootaloo trotted after her. The elder pegasus retreated to her room and closed her door, a puff of wind rustling Scootaloo’s wings.

Scootaloo went to her room, saw the mess, and sighed. She wanted to make the room her own, but it was still cluttered with Rainbow Dash’s mementos. White powder from the damaged cloud wall now coated her bed, mingling with a thick layer of dust on the bed frame, the old trophies, and everything else. She saw the smudges on the blankets and smelled yet another musty odor.

Scootaloo retreated to the living room, just looking for a place to sit down. There wasn’t one. Maybe if she moved that stack of magazines on top of the tower of pizza boxes....

The weight of the magazines caused the top pizza box to shift, and the whole thing came tumbling down on Scootaloo. The boxes popped open, and old pizza slices fell all around her. A powerful smell assaulted her nostrils. The pizza slices were covered in blue and green and black molds, the cheese resembling rubber, slices of onions shriveled away to the thickness of paper.

Scootaloo felt an itching in her mane. She reached up and found another slice of pizza. She pulled it away, and saw disgusting little white bugs crawling over it.

Now, Scootaloo, having four brothers, had seen a lot of gross things. But this was the first time she encountered something so disgusting that she ran away.


Scootaloo ran to the bathroom, to the shower, with its black slime. She turned to the sink, its cloud basin covered in mineral stains and hairs of six colors. She looked to the toilet, its bowl discolored by rust.

It was the best of several bad options. She dunked her head in the toilet.

Scootaloo stood outside the door to Rainbow Dash’s bedroom. She never wanted to say anything bad about her idol, but this evening was just too much.

“I’m sure she was just busy,” she said to herself. “I mean, Rainbow Dash had that huge Wonderbolts test, right? And she had to practice for the Equestria Games?”

Scootaloo took a deep breath and spoke. “Rainbow Dash? Can I come in?”

Rainbow Dash’s snoring was replaced by a snort and the sound of movement. “Huh? Who’s there?” she said.

“Can I come in?” Scootaloo said again.

Rainbow Dash opened the door. “Sure, squirt.” She sat on the bed and patted a space next to her. “Come sit down.”

Scootaloo hopped on the bed, sitting next to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash wrapped a wing around Scootaloo. “Scoots, I have no practice for this mother thing, but I’m going to do my best. So what do you want to talk about?”

“You know I like to ride my scooter, and that gets me all dirty,” Scootaloo started. “And when our crusades fail, sometimes we end up muddy or sticky. But I always clean up afterward.”


Scootaloo looked around Rainbow Dash’s room. She saw the framed Wonderbolts posters, the portrait of her father, pictures with Twilight Sparkle and the others, and several pictures of the two of them together. But she also saw stacks of dirty dishes and old cups cluttering the dresser. “Um, I know you’re busy, Rainbow Dash, with your job and your training, so I can understand that sometimes you don’t have time to do chores.”

“Okay, sure.”

“But things here are a little bit too dirty, if you know what I mean. And some of the clouds need to be replaced, and I was thinking, if we worked together, we could....” Scootaloo’s voice trailed off as her gaze landed on a pile of clothes on the floor of the bedroom. A distinctive dress with a rainbow pattern was at the bottom of the pile.

“Is that your Gala dress, Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo asked.

She looked over. “Looks like it.”

“As in, the Gala three years ago?”

“I guess?”

“And it’s been sitting there this whole time?”

Rainbow Dash shrugged.

“I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash! I can’t do this!” The tough little filly fought to avoid showing tears.

“What’s wrong, Scoots?”

“I don’t mind getting dirty, and a little clutter is okay, but I can’t live in a place that’s this filthy!” Scootaloo sniffed. “I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash. I can’t live with you as my mother.”

Rainbow Dash looked Scootaloo in the eye, seeing the tears welling in them. “You’re right, Scootaloo. A filly as awesome as you needs somepony better to be her mother.”

The two ponies shared an embrace, with Rainbow Dash patting Scootaloo’s back. “But can I still be the awesome big sister who teaches you to fly and takes you out for pizza?”


Scootaloo placed her hoof on the door to Princess Twilight Sparkle’s new castle. The crystal door swung out. “Hello?” she called.

Twilight Sparkle appeared with a pop. “Scootaloo! Does this mean Rainbow Dash isn’t going to be your mother?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “I learned that a mother and a big sister are two different things.”

Twilight Sparkle levitated the box off of Scootaloo’s back. “Let’s take you back to your room here,” she said. “Do you want to decorate it?”

“Why waste the time?” Scootaloo replied. “Tomorrow, I’m going to find my new family, and I know just who it will be.”

Author's Note:

This is an open-ended story. I know the first three targets, and I know the last. In between them, I'll write as many ideas as I, or the readers have.

So, if you an idea for a new mother or father for Scootaloo, and an idea why it won't work out, post it in the comments!

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