• Published 3rd Jul 2015
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Hellsing: The Rise of Seras Victoria - Kaliann25

Fluttershy is in grave danger, but a lucky encounter with a monster from the pits of hell will save her life and much more. Now as the new master of vampire Seras Victoria, everything will change for the shy pony

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Arc 1: Master of the Monster (Part 2)

(Part 2)

Fluttershy was in shock, so much so that she was still analyzing what just happened to her. One second, she was running for her life trying to escape from a bunch of diamond dogs. The next she accidentally woke up the scariest monster in the world which then mercilessly killed the three dogs. Now that monster was calling her ‘Master’.
The thing bowed once more to Fluttershy and started to speak.

“I’m sorry I scared you like that. It's because I’ve being sleeping for over a million years, and when I woke up I was too thirsty to think clearly. But do not fear me. I’m here to serve you, not to harm you."

Fluttershy gulped.

“I-I just simply don’t understand…”

Seras dedicated a warm smile to her new Master, trying to tranquilize her a little. Surprisingly, it worked.

“When you opened my coffin, you were bleeding, and part of your blood fell straight to my face. It was enough to reanimate me, and also it told me things. So many things about you, and about the danger you were in."

Fluttershy gulped.

“My blood t-told you things?” She asked in a whisper.

Seras nodded calmly.

“It's part of my vampiric nature. For us, blood and souls are much like a currency; lives being our reward. Your blood allowed me to have a small view of your soul: a pure soul full of beauty and kindness. That’s why I knew you were the one I was waiting for, a Master who is worthy for me to serve. But it also told me that you were about to be captured and enslaved by those creatures, so I had to act; even if I knew you don’t like violence. Again, I’m so sorry and I swear that I won’t scare you again."

Fluttershy didn’t know what to say, but at least she understood part of what was going on; she decided to give a chance to that being, considering that the monster was able to kill her easily, but decided talk to her.

“Um… tell me… your name... ”

“My name is Seras, Seras Victoria." said the vampire girl. “But you can give me any name you want. As I said, from now on, I only exist to serve you, Master Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy tried to smile, but the situation was making her very uncomfortable; still, she somehow saw the bright side of things.

“Um… Seras, please… can you guide me out of this cave? It's too dark and I think I got lost. Please…”

Seras nodded.

“Of course. As a being of darkness, I can see perfectly here. Follow me, Master."

And just like that, Fluttershy followed the strange creature. It was an abnormal situation, and the shy pegasus was wondering if she’d ever get used to it. There was also the fact that other ponies wouldn’t trust Seras that easily, considering she just killed three Diamond Dogs in seconds.

Soon enough they arrived to the cave’s entrance to Fluttershy’s relief. However, when they made a small step outside, Fluttershy noticed how Seras frowned and covered her eyes.

“Is something wrong, Seras?” Asked Fluttershy.

Seras shook her head.

“Ignore me, Master. Most of the time, sunlight is deadly for most of my kind. It doesn't hurt me as much, but still it pains me a little. Don’t worry about me, this is only a small price I had to pay centuries ago."

Nodding, Fluttershy began her way back to Ponyville, followed calmly by Seras. Taking her chance, Fluttershy began to examine what kind of creature Seras was.
She looked like some kind of a tall hairless monkey with red eyes who wore a red dress. One of her arms was made of some kind of shadow that irradiated a faint red light.
While following Fluttershy, Seras was admiring the forest.

“So this is what happened to London. I like it better like this. What is it called now?”

“The Everfree Forest." answered Fluttershy. “We have to keep moving, there are all kinds of dangerous creatures in this place, so the sooner we get home, the better."

Seras smiled, amused, knowing that as the ultimate predator, any animal wouldn't dare to get close to her. But still she didn’t say anything so she didn't scare Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy, you’re still bleeding." said Seras. After a while, the scent of fresh blood came to her. She had a small snack of Diamond Dogs but that still wasn’t enough to fully recover her after a million years of abstinence.

The small pegasus let go an ‘eep’ when she realized but just nodded.

“I’ll take care of it back home. And speaking of home… what are you going to do, Seras?”

“Whatever you tell me," said Seras calmly. “I can return to the cave if it’s most comfortable with you; or any place you tell me. I just have to move my coffin to the location."

Fluttershy frowned in thought. The situation was unnerving, and the dark nature of this

creature scared her… but abandoning a creature in the middle of the Everfree Forest after it saved her was something that was against Fluttershy’s principles. She had to do something.

“Seras, I can’t just leave you here like that. For some reason, I feel like you’re my responsibility and I have to do something about you. You can live with me in my cottage…”

Seras nodded.

“As you wish, my Master."

“Please, Seras… don’t call me that, it scares me and I don’t want any slaves. I only want to be your friend. Can you just call me Fluttershy?" the yellow pegasus begged.

Seras smiled, touched by her Master’s adorableness and kindness.

“You don’t have to beg me, Fluttershy, if that’s what you want just give me the order."

“Seras please!”

“Just kidding!" Seras smiled.

While they walked, Fluttershy realized she had to hide her new friend, but how?

“Seras, can you do something about your appearance? I have a bad feeling about how my friends are going to react to you. It’ll be easier for us if you hide because you’re too big and terrifying."

Seras bowed again.

“I can do that and take care of your wound at the same time. I just need you to… give me

some of your blood. It’ll be fast and I swear I won’t bite."

Fluttershy’s horror was evident by her expression, but still she offered her wounded hoof

to Seras, who took it and began to lick it. Taking as much blood as possible (which wasn’t much), ayhe wound started to heal.

Soon enough, Fluttershy was healed and Seras began to change.First, she shrank to the size of a pony. Her arms and legs slowly began to turn into hooves; a blond tail sprouted from her rump and her uniform transformed into red fur that covered her completely. Seras’ face turned more and more equine like the rest of her. At the end, two red wings appeared next to her barrel, finishing her transformation.

“There you go. I absorbed part of your essence through your blood. I hope you don’t mind. Now I can mix between your people without any problem."

Fluttershy didn’t know what to say, but soon she smiled. Perhaps the red eyes and the black foreleg were still unnerving, but the change from human to pony form was a relief. However, she was worried about what Seras did to the Diamond Dogs and how she still didn’t show a bit of remorse.

After a while, they finally reached Ponyville.

“Seras, I’ve been thinking about my invitation."

“I understand." said the vampire, bowing. “My senses are sharper than any pony's, so if you need me, you just have to say my name and I’ll be at your side in no time."

“It's not that Seras! I was just noticing that you’re some kind of predator…”

“The ultimate predator, if you're asking." said Seras. “A monster who depends of others’ blood to sustain itself."

“Precisely, Seras. When you say others, you mean other ponies, right?” Fluttershy asked, shivering.

Seras nodded, closing her eyes.

“Technically, yes, but if you ask me to, I’ll avoid attacking other ponies. As long as I sleep in a coffin with dirt of my birthplace, I’ll keep my strength. That’s why I survived all this time without feeding."

Fluttershy was fascinated by the creature.

“Seras, you see, I’m not one to restrain you to feed; after all predators are vital for the balance of nature, even if I don’t like the situation. So, as long as you feed only from animals, I don’t see the problem."

Seras bowed again.

“No attacking ponies, only animals. Yes, I can do that”

Fluttershy nodded, smiling.

“I'm glad that you get it Seras! Now, about what we discussed earlier: can you keep stay hidden until I find a way to introduce you to my friends?”

“Of course! Just give me my orders and I’ll obey you without a second thought. Something we can use to our favor is that I’m nocturnal, so I can hunt during the night in the deeps of the forest without waking any pony."

Fluttershy shivered again thinking about the poor little animals, but she remembered that predators were as useful as other animals.

“Thank you so much Seras! Now I’ll write to Discord. I’m sure he’ll accept you easier than the others, and maybe he can help me to introduce you to my other friends. Now… now what?”

“I’ll move my coffin to your house as soon as possible, but my other stuff has to stay in the cave. I don’t want that anypony getting hurt by playing with my weapons."

Fluttershy nodded.

“Just… can you wait until night? I don’t want to answer any questions about moving a big

coffin to my house. If that’s okay with you, um… new friend."

Seras smiled and nodded.

'I’ll like serving Fluttershy. It'll be kind of refreshing after serving Integra and Alucard.'