• Published 3rd Jul 2015
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Hellsing: The Rise of Seras Victoria - Kaliann25

Fluttershy is in grave danger, but a lucky encounter with a monster from the pits of hell will save her life and much more. Now as the new master of vampire Seras Victoria, everything will change for the shy pony

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Arc 1: Master of the Monster (Part 1)

(Part 1)

The young priest stared firmly into Alucard's eyes, who smiled sadistically to the imprudent cleric. Without letting the vampire intimidate him, the boy took his stake and ran towards his enemy. Alucard laughed. He was amused by the boy's foolish actions. The vampire began to shoot at him.

But the priest didn’t care; he was prepared to fight any kind of monster. He had waited his entire life for this moment: the confrontation between him and the king of all darkness, the vampire Alucard. He was, after all, a member of the Iscariots, Vatican’s ultimate weapon against darkness; the dark side of the Catholic Church.

Alucard kept shooting at the imprudent cleric, but the young member of the Iscariots dodged almost all of the attacks and also received several. He wasn't too concerned about it; he was biologically engineered to be more than a man. He was the successor of the Iscariot’s greatest member: Father Alexander Anderson.

Alucard dropped the empty gun and became a dark shadow that surrounded the father with his demonic powers. The vampire's sanguine eyes stared at the priest; but still he didn’t care. The priest took a bottle of Holy water and spilled it at the eyes, blinding the vampire. Alucard screamed in pain.

“You miserable dog! Good one, but you’ll need more than this to finish my unlife. Besides, humans can kill monsters, but not the dogs... NEVER THE DOGS!!”

The priest stuck his hand into his robe. Taking out a silver stake, he cut the beast’s head off. Knowing that wasn’t enough, he jumped in time to elude Alucard’s shot as a counter attack.

The priest prepared himself while Alucard turned into several bats that surrounded him by every angle; preventing escape. However, the cleric didn’t go backwards, instead he violently opened his Bible sending Alucard an attack of holy pages. The vampire was forced to take his human form again; and this time he smiled at his rival.


The priest made the sign of the holy cross.

“I am father Faría, and I’ll finish the job of my predecessor, father Alexander Anderson; the last of the greatest Iscariots.”

Alucard smiled, pleased.

“Yeah, Anderson… the only one who was the closest to finishing me, the one I still call my rival. But maybe you could triumph where he failed. Yes, I think that in a not so distant future, you will be one who will end my vast past and finally crush my eternal life."

“What are you talking about, you leaderless monster? In the not so distant future? I’ll finish this here and now!” declared Faría.

Alucard turned into red mist slowly, moving away from the priest.

“Yes, you’ll be the one who will terminate me; it has already been decided. But not today, human. I have a mission to accomplish first. Beware, because next time I find you, I won’t give you my unlife that easy… Father Faría.”

As he said that, Alucard vanished, leaving the priest alone, who only smiled ironically and mumbled:



Alucard flew in his form of mist until he reached a nearby rooftop, where a young woman was already waiting for him: the last undead he had created, Seras Victoria.

She was a beautiful, curvy girl with blonde hair and red eyes that were once blue. She was wearing a red uniform where she still wore the different insignias of the long lost Helling Organization: one with her name, and another with Hellsing’s motto, 'WE ARE ON A MISSION FROM GOD.

“Master.” greeted Seras, bowing to him.

“Don’t call me Master, police girl. Especially now, when my time is about to run out.”

Seras seemed surprised.

“Master, what do you mean?”

The greatest of all monsters contemplated his life while staring at the moon with a small amount of sadness in his eyes.

“Millennia ago, I was just a stupid child with a stupid fear of death, and because of that fear, I quit God and the mortal life, becoming what I am now. I was reborn as this creature and dedicated my existence to terrorize the living until I was defeated by Van Helsing, and was forced to clean the world of the monsters I created."

Seras nodded, she already knew that.

“Being afraid of death was the stupidest thing I had ever done, and since then I’ve being condemned by this pointless existence. But now, I see a way out of my eternal boredom, and that way out is called father Faría."

“Master!” cried Seras.

“Be quiet, police girl. Since Integra passed away, my existence has no sense; she was my reason to keep going; the only one who made this curse tolerable... but because she died decades ago, I’m now emptier than ever."

Seras kept quiet, realizing her Master had made a final decision.

“Seras, you were the last vampire I ever created, and with the time you have turned into my best friend; the last friend I have. Thank you for your companionship Seras, but now is time for us to separate, forever."

Seras tried to say, “Master, I’ll follow you no matter what!”, but Alucard shook his head.

“Seras, you keep calling me Master even if you don’t have to. You stay at my side not for obedience, but care. But now is time to say goodbye, my dear friend... my dear Seras…”

Alucard petted Seras’ head with a faint smile.

“Once I finish to clean the world of monsters, I’ll let Father Faría kill me… and who knows! Perhaps I’ll see Integra in hell."


“When I finish, you’ll be the last of our kind, my beautiful Seras. Do whatever you wish with your existence, for I am going forever..."

Seras was frozen with shock by her Master’s decision. So this was it? She was alone now?
Her last companion, the only one she thought would be with her forever was now gone. Alucard: her Master, the only one who understood Seras’ loneliness.
She saw all her mortal friends going, one by one, but never thought Alucard would go too.

Without anything to do on that rooftop, Seras returned to the ruins of Hellsing Manor, walking to the basement where her coffin was waiting. What else she could do but sleep? The only thing she knew for sure was that she wouldn't give up. She would find a purpose for her eternal life no matter how long she had to wait. With those thoughts on her mind, Seras closed her eyes, waiting to slip into unconsciousness.

Seras never knew how much she slept, and didn’t care either. She was waiting, always waiting. She didn’t even realize when the human race had finally extinguished, letting a new species to rule over the earth. The old values of greed and self-destruction were replaced by Friendship and Magic.
And during all that time, Seras was sleeping; waiting, forever waiting.

“We’re coming for you, beautiful!” shouted one of the Diamond Dogs who were chasing poor Fluttershy.

The young pegasus tried to fly faster, but she realized there was no way out; sooner or later the dogs would catch her and Celestia knew what they would do to her. And all because she began to look for a small creature to help it; but somehow she entered to the dog's territory without noticing.

Now she was lost, Ponyville was too far and her only hope was an unknown zone of the Everfree Forest. Still, she had to try. She dashed through the bushes while scratching her hooves before getting lost in the dark of the forest. Fluttershy hadn't noticed she was bleeding a little.

“Now what, boss?” Asked one of the dogs to their leader.

The big dog smiled while sniffing the floor.

“She’s bleeding! Come on pals, now it’ll be easier to track her!"

The other two of the band grinned evilly and entered to the forest, guided by Flutershy’s scent.

In the meantime, Fluttershy found a cave that was too dark for her to see, but it would would help her for not being caught. It was darker than anything inside, making it impossible to even see her own hoof in front of her; but she didn't care at that moment, because now darkness worked as her ally. She then realized something: she was bleeding!

“No!” mumbled Fluttershy, suddenly realizing that they would find her easily.

In the distance, she heard their voices again:

“Come on pals, the idiot cornered herself! Now she's easier prey!"

Fluttershy gulped and ran deeper into the cave. Suddenly, she bumped into some kind of wooden box in the cave. The noise attracted the dogs.

“She’s over there! Come on!”

Fluttershy, in a moment of inspiration, opened the box and tried to hide inside it, but she suddenly realized the box wasn’t empty. Inside there was… some kind of dry corpse. 'Is it a...mummy?!' she thought.

Fluttershy screamed in horror, revealing her position. Of course, the poor pegasus didn’t notice how her cut was dripping blood just on the corpse’s face.

“Found you!” announced the dog’s leader.

Fluttershy gulped and began to slowly walk backwards.

“Please.... d-don’t! I-I’ll do anything, just let me go!”

The Diamond Dog smiled. It's yellow eyes glowed in the darkness like sinister lights.

“Too late, my dear. Now you’re ours!”

A creak in the middle of the darkness gathered everyone’s attention.
The dogs turned to the box, realizing the cover was opening slowly and creepily. Fluttershy and the dogs were frozen in terror as tall figure with red eyes stared at the group.

First she stared at Fluttershy, then at the dogs. She smiled, showing her white fangs to the frightened group. Before they could react, the creature took the leader by the neck and bit his neck, draining his blood until he went dry.

The dog’s screams of pain resounded all over the cave, making the scene even more terrifying. The other two didn’t think twice and began to run away from the monster, but she was faster than them and disappeared… only to reappear in front of them smiling with their leader’s blood still dripping from her teeth.

“Now, you’re mine..." she said with an incredible sweet voice.

Several red eyes surrounded the dogs and before they could react, a dark shadow caught them, preventing their escape while Seras resumed her feast. The second one screamed, and, being the smallest of the group, he died very quickly.

The third dog was paralyzed by fear because he was forced to see his friend's fate and knowing that he was the next. Seras then turned to him.

“Sorry, but you dared to threaten her; and now you’re paying the price. Also, I’m starving. I slept over a million years and I’m really, really.. thirsty..."

The screams of agony terrified Fluttershy even more, who was too scared to run. She shrank in a corner trembling, waiting for her fate.

She heard the footsteps walking towards her, and she began to cry thinking about all of her friends.

“P-Please don’t hurt me!” She begged to the tall creature.

“Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you, right?” she asked with her soft little voice.

Fluttershy took her time to process what she just heard. Was that monster was asking her if she was alright?

“Did I not save you in time?” Asked again the creature, more worried than before.

Fluttershy slowly gulped and finally turned to the creature; whose worrying expression confused her even more.

“Y-Yes… I’m alright. Thank you very much…”

“Glad to hear that, my Master.” said Seras, bowing to Fluttershy.

The young Pegasus gulped again.

“Ma- Ma- Master?”

The thing bowed again to Fluttershy, taking her hoof and kissing it.

“Yes, Fluttershy, during all these years, I’ve being sleeping... waiting for something I didn’t know until now. I was waiting for you, Fluttershy, my new Master. I, Seras Victoria, only exist to serve you”