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Hellsing: The Rise of Seras Victoria - Kaliann25

Fluttershy is in grave danger, but a lucky encounter with a monster from the pits of hell will save her life and much more. Now as the new master of vampire Seras Victoria, everything will change for the shy pony

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Arc 4: Last mission, only chapter (UNEDITED)

(Only chapter)

Seras slowly opened her eyes finding herself in an infinite white space. Seras smiled remembering, it was here where she found herself before restart her existence as an undead. That time she was chased by the illusion of zombies but now Seras felt strong and ready for anything. Like she said to father Alexander Anderson a million years ago: ‘Now I don’t fear anything’
But, sit there wasn’t going to do anything so Seras began to walk to no particular direction, only hoping to find her destiny.

“Police Girl” someone called Seras.

Seras froze. What? That voice… but no, it couldn’t be.

“Police Girl” her Master’s voice called again.

Seras turned in awe. Her first Master was standing right before her, just like Seras remembered him: red Victorian clothes, dark glasses and his ironic wolf-like smile that Seras missed so much. It was him, the vampire Alucard.

“Master!” Said Seras running to hug her Master.

Alucard accepted the embrace for a little, but then he separated and began to walk. Seras smiled and followed him shyly but happy to meet him again.

“I never thought I would see you back here, Police Girl” said Alucard.

Seras sighed sadly.

“I know, but I realized you were right, Master. We’ll never belong to the world of light. It wasn’t our place during the era of men… and it isn’t now at the era of equines”

“Equines?” Asked Alucard.

“Colorful ponies” explained Seras bored. “I served one of them as it was Integra, but for her own sake I had to leave her. Their ruler was terrified from me and I let her destroy me to protect my Master from her. She killed with my own weapon, you know?”

Seras facepalmed.

“Unbelievable. From the very beginning I knew you weren’t like the others of our kind, Police Girl”

“I’m sorry, my Master” said Seras bowing.

Seras turned to her smiling warmly.

“I never said it was a bad thing” said the eldest vampire petting the girl’s head as he did during the Millennium attack. “That’s why I let you live, you know? Because after all what happened to us, you still had your conscience almost intact. You feel compassion, true friendship, even love… all the feelings that left me when I became this”

Seras half smiled, she already knew that.

“Now what? Do I keep going or something?”

Alucard shrugged.

“Maybe in the future Seras, but not now. In the meantime live your life Seras, you earned it. The selfless sacrifice you did for your young Master was more than enough to convince HIM that you deserved a second chance as a mortal. Go ahead, live a happy life; a true life. And I’m proud of you Seras, you’re the only one of us who even earned such a privilege. This is good bye Seras, I won’t see you again”

“Master, what do you mean Master? Where are you goin?”

Alucard got lost in the infinite white.


Seras found herself lying with her eyes closed, but where was she?

“Look, she’s waking!” she could heard someone. It was Lyra?

“Give her some space!” She heard Discord saying. “Go ahead, cellist, move for Faust’s sake!”

“The poor dear, but I don’t understand! I thought Princess Celestia just killed her” That voice had to belong to Fluttershy for sure.

“Well, you know what she always says” joked Vinyl’s voice, even if she seemed very nervous: “you can’t kill her because she’s already dead”

That was it, Seras opened her eyes.
All her friends were around her: Discord, Fluttershy, Lyra, Octavia and Vinyl; and everypony seemed really happy to see her.

“Seras, is that really you?” Asked Fluttershy.

The light-blue Pegasus nodded happily.

“Yes, Fluttershy my…”

“No Seras, please don’t say it” begged Fluttershy. “For the sake of my sanity don’t say the word”

Seras laughed silly and shrugged.

“Fluttershy my friend”

Tears of happiness appeared on the yellow pegasus’ eyes and quickly hugged Seras, who returned the embrace happily; and it was when she noticed that she lost a foreleg.
The others joined to the hug truly happy and relieved, this was over and their friend was okay; everything was doing great.

“And what happened to you Seras?” Asked the draconequs after a while. “I can’t feel that darkness around you anymore. You feel more like any other mortal”

Seras smiled.

“Exactly, a normal Pegasus with a life before me. I don’t fully understand but apparently the sacrifice I made for Fluttershy and you gave me a second chance. I’m not an undead anymore, just a mortal”

They all exchanged a surprised look but then just hugged tighter Seras, who laughed in joy. Perhaps Equestria lost a very valuable defense but Seras had her reward after so many years of alone suffering.

“I’m glad for you Seras” said Lyra smiling from ear to ear. “Now I imagine you can have fun freely during the day; and you don’t have to ask permission to Fluttershy anymore. Ey, we can even go the next Antro-Con together where we’ll share all your knowledge about humans! And show them a true human weapon… but uncharged, of course”

“Lyra, with all respect, you and Octavia urgently need therapy” sighed Seras half annoyed.

“I don’t know about Octavia but I’ve being begging it to Lyra since we started dating” mumbled Bon-Bon with a small chuckle.

Seras laughed happily with the rest of her group, everypony except for Discord and Fluttershy who didn’t belong to that group of friends. Anyway they were happy for Seras, who now had a whole life before her.
At some time Seras tried to stand but suddenly fell.

“What? Oh, right, my right foreleg was made of my demonic powers. I think I’ll have to get use to this” sighed the vampire; standing again, but this time with her wings’ help.

“They couldn’t give you your leg back?” Asked Fluttershy softly.

Seras shrugged.

“Apparently not, but who cares? Is a small price compared with being alive. After a million years of being a vampire this is a great gift; so small things like lose a foreleg doesn’t matter, and if I’m honest with you I’m relieved that was just my leg and not my eyes too. Now I only hope that the Princess of the Sun listen to reason this time”

Discord smiled to Seras.

“She will, because if she dares to hurt you; she’ll know what I’m capable of. I’m reformed now, so I won’t let anyone to hurt my friends”

Fluttershy glared to her friend, but nodded in silence knowing Discord could protect Seras better than anyone.
Then Seras’ stomach growled.

“Oh, you’re hungry!” Smiled Bon-Bon “Do you want some daisy sandwiches, Seras? Or do you prefer roses? I think I have some lilies too”

“Ey that’s mine!” Protested Lyra.

Bon-Bon just ignored Lyra and placed the picnic basked she prepared for the expedition of death to the Tartarus.

“Here you go!” Said confectioner. “I made more than enough for everypony!”

“Great!” Said Seras. “It’ll be a good change from blood”

“You deserve the best my friend” said Lyra hugging her former vampire friend. “Bonnie’s cook is the best; and you know? You can have my lily sandwich, after you saved us is the least I can do”

Seras returned the hug.

“Lyra you already gave me something so big that I would never be able to return you the favor: your friendship. Leaving aside your craziness you’re my best friend”

Lyra nodded.

“You’re my best friend too, not only you were a human, but also you gave me the opportunity to use real human weapons. Human weapons!”

Everypony facehoofed; everypony but Octavia who agreed with Lyra.

“I know, right?” Said the gray pony. “Now I have a really interesting entry for my journal, about how exciting was helping to destroy those bastards with all the non-magical power from Seras’ arsenal”

Vinyl had a sweat drop on her forehead.

“You know Seras? I think you’re right about therapy” sighed the DJ taking one of Bon-Bon’s sandwiches.

The vampire rolled her eyes; showing her arsenal to her friends was very bad decision; Lyra’s obsession with humans was something she should consider but now it was too late to regret. And Octavia, well, that was unexpected but still the vampire trusted that the Princess of the Sun really learnt from the experience and destroy the Hellsing storage.

“Enough with the therapy!” Protested Octavia. “Now it’s time for Seras to take her first bite of real pony food”

The former vampire obeyed taking the nearest sandwich and tasted it. It was amazing, a whole new revelation of flavor after more than a million years of having the same drink over and over again.

“Oh Bon-Bon! This is excellent, what is it?”

“Oh, that’s a dandelion one. I’m glad you liked it!”

Lyra hugged her marefriend.

“Bonnie is an expert in the art of cooking! Her sandwiches are great, but her sweets are just magnificent!”

Bon-Bon kissed Lyra and took a sandwich herself.

“Thank you my love”

“And tell me Seras, when you’re going to find a cute little mare for you, huh?” Joked Vinyl.

“You know I’m straight, right?”

“Don’t worry, it can be fixed” said Vinyl shrugging. “Octavia was straight too until I came! And, ey! That’s a great idea! Everyone, next time we hang out we’ll take Seras to that club”

“Oh great!” Ironized the vampire.

“Okay, enough of pointless chit-chat!” Suddenly said Discord. “We still have to say something to our beloved Princess of the Idiots; and the last train of Discord express leaves, NOW!”

They teleported, it was time to confront Celestia for the last time.

In Canterlot, the survivors of that massacre were in deep silence, saying good bye to their fallen partners caring a big coffin where they deposited all the weapons they could rescue, since the bodies weren’t in conditions recover.
It was stunning how the army decimated; at least three quarters.
For Celestia, who obviously presided the ceremony, seeing the coffin was a great slap remembering her mistakes. She could feel the stares blaming her for all what happened.
Not even Luna, not even Twilight nor the other Bearers supported her this time; she would have to carry the weight of blame all by herself.

“And what happened with that being of Darkness, who gave us victory?” Whispered Luna. “The monster of Seras Victoria I mean”

Applejack stared at Celestia.

“Seras Victoria wasn’t a monster; or at least not a bad one. She showed her true nature but never harmed us, she stayed faithful… until death”

“Did she fall in battle?” Asked Candace.

Shining Armor sent a disgusted glare to Celestia before answer his wife:

“Yes and no, Seras saved us reducing Tirek’s nothing but a formless red mass” he said shivering. “But then Princess Celestia took one of Seras’ own weapons and exterminated her, the greatest defense Equestria ever had. And the worst part is that she let her do it! She didn’t even defend herself!”

Both Luna and Candace shivered horribly.

“Fluttershy stayed there to say good bye to her friend” said Rarity. “And the worst part was that Seras called herself a servant even if Fluttershy always treated her like a friend. A monster from the pits of hell but still a noble soul until the end. The way how she let Celestia kill her proved it”

Celestia could hear her and looked at the group of mares behind her, but she let it go. She knew they were right, this was something she’ll haveto learn to live with.
But still there was a funeral she had to preside:

“And to close this dark chapter of Equestrian history; I’ll close down forever the cave where Seras Victoria kept her horrible killing machines to make sure no pony will repeat the horror we released today”

The door of the Great Hall suddenly opened, letting pass a group of mares: Fluttershy, Seras’ friends and Discord; leaded by a three legged blue pony.

“Ey idiot, did you ever learn? Stop playing dumb and destroy the damn things already!”

Celestia frowned and advanced furiously to the insolent.

“Who are you and how dare you to address me like that?”

Seras smiled ironically, an unnervingly familiar smile.

“No… it can’t be” mumbled Celestia recognizing the creature.

Seras nodded.

“Yes, you just killed my with my own gun, I think I owned the right to address you however I want”

The Mane 6 gasped, along with the soldiers who knew Seras’ pony form. It was her, but it couldn’t be. They just saw how Celestia destroyed her.
Discord floated before everyone and smiled.

“Unbelievable mares and gentlecolts! Today we witnessed a true miracle: as a reward for her sacrifice for Equestria, Seras Victoria came back as a mortal! A mortal as any of us!”


“Yeah, apparently kill her was a good thing after all” said Discord to Celestia. “She’s a mortal now Celestia, not the monster who saved you and your Kingdom. That’s why you’re going to leave her alone, you hear me?”

The other friends joined the draconequus.

“Yeah, she deserves a pleasant life after all she lived” said Vynil.

“And as the last of humans she can be useful” added Lyra.

Fluttershy joined.

“Seras deserves to be happy, Princess Celestia. She sacrificed too much because she didn’t fully understood what meant to be a vampire, and when I woke her by accident she was so empty on the inside that she voluntarily tied her will to mine. But she’s free now and deserves more than a life of service and you know it”

“Princess, you shouldn’t kill her” said Twilight joining Fluttershy. “But luckily Seras is back and you have the opportunity to make it up to her”

Candace and Luna joined too supporting Seras.

“She saved us Tia”

“Auntie, you know what’s right”

At the end Celestia had to smile.

“I admit this is a true relief” she said advancing to Seras and bowing to her. “Seras Victoria, I owe you a huge apology; I let the fear took the best of me and destroyed you even after what you did for us. And even if I know I don’t deserve it, I’m begging you for your forgiveness”

Seras sent the Princess a blank stare but nodded.

“Alright. Luckily sacrifice is one of the most appreciated virtues for the Humans’ God and I was given a second chance. But seriously, destroy the damn storage, okay? I can’t tell you how to do your job but please destroy it, not for me; for my friends, especially Lyra and Octavia. Don’t take unnecessary risks letting those things just sealed, destroy it”

Luna nodded.

“If my sister doesn’t, I’ll do it Seras Victoria. Guide me to your storage… even if I have a little idea of where is it, isn’t that blind spot for my sight-magic?”

Seras smiled.

“So you were the one watching me”

“Yes I am, but only because I saw an incoming danger from you Seras. But don’t be afraid, from now on I’ll let you alone, you proved your loyalty during this battle”

Fluttershy approached to the vampire shyly.

“And tell me Seras, what are you going to do from now on?”

The former vampire looked to the horizon and shrugged with a bright smile.

“Me? Live my life”


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Im at a cross i dont know if i want or of im satisfied with the ending. I would like to see the fallout of celestia's subjects to be sure, specificly the mane six's new views on her. I would also like to see how seras moved on with her life.

Amazing story small grammer mistakes but good flow and excellent story telling.

P.S. thanks for keeping with seras's character. A big pet peeve of mine is when a story doesnt stay true to character.

Despite the grammatical mistakes and the horrid Moron-Lestia, this was a nice read all in all. Mostly thanks to our favourite Police Girl.

And now a sequal, where Seras learsn to live again and find herself a mate.
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This was pretty awesome in my opinion. Loved it!

Sequel or at least alt version.

This was a beautiful story and I LOVE the massacre it was very beautiful to read.

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