Hellsing: The Rise of Seras Victoria

by Kaliann25

First published

Fluttershy is in grave danger, but a lucky encounter with a monster from the pits of hell will save her life and much more. Now as the new master of vampire Seras Victoria, everything will change for the shy pony

A Hellsing Ultimate/ My Litle Pony Crossover; a remake of one of my failed stories but after a while I reposted it on my fanfiction account in spanish, and finally decided to translate it. Again I hope you like it and is you read Spanish you can see the original here

Vampires: horrid creatures who tormented the already extinguished human race; vanishing along with their preys thousands of years ago. Or do they? Fluttershy accidentally awoke the last of the vampires, bringing back to Equestria the past horrors. GORE


Also author Ocelot the Devil posted his own version and you can find it in here on FanFiction. Ocelot, I hope you like this new version, is quite different than my original one so you can keep going with your version.

Arc 1: Master of the Monster (Part 1)

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(Part 1)

The young priest stared firmly into Alucard's eyes, who smiled sadistically to the imprudent cleric. Without letting the vampire intimidate him, the boy took his stake and ran towards his enemy. Alucard laughed. He was amused by the boy's foolish actions. The vampire began to shoot at him.

But the priest didn’t care; he was prepared to fight any kind of monster. He had waited his entire life for this moment: the confrontation between him and the king of all darkness, the vampire Alucard. He was, after all, a member of the Iscariots, Vatican’s ultimate weapon against darkness; the dark side of the Catholic Church.

Alucard kept shooting at the imprudent cleric, but the young member of the Iscariots dodged almost all of the attacks and also received several. He wasn't too concerned about it; he was biologically engineered to be more than a man. He was the successor of the Iscariot’s greatest member: Father Alexander Anderson.

Alucard dropped the empty gun and became a dark shadow that surrounded the father with his demonic powers. The vampire's sanguine eyes stared at the priest; but still he didn’t care. The priest took a bottle of Holy water and spilled it at the eyes, blinding the vampire. Alucard screamed in pain.

“You miserable dog! Good one, but you’ll need more than this to finish my unlife. Besides, humans can kill monsters, but not the dogs... NEVER THE DOGS!!”

The priest stuck his hand into his robe. Taking out a silver stake, he cut the beast’s head off. Knowing that wasn’t enough, he jumped in time to elude Alucard’s shot as a counter attack.

The priest prepared himself while Alucard turned into several bats that surrounded him by every angle; preventing escape. However, the cleric didn’t go backwards, instead he violently opened his Bible sending Alucard an attack of holy pages. The vampire was forced to take his human form again; and this time he smiled at his rival.


The priest made the sign of the holy cross.

“I am father Faría, and I’ll finish the job of my predecessor, father Alexander Anderson; the last of the greatest Iscariots.”

Alucard smiled, pleased.

“Yeah, Anderson… the only one who was the closest to finishing me, the one I still call my rival. But maybe you could triumph where he failed. Yes, I think that in a not so distant future, you will be one who will end my vast past and finally crush my eternal life."

“What are you talking about, you leaderless monster? In the not so distant future? I’ll finish this here and now!” declared Faría.

Alucard turned into red mist slowly, moving away from the priest.

“Yes, you’ll be the one who will terminate me; it has already been decided. But not today, human. I have a mission to accomplish first. Beware, because next time I find you, I won’t give you my unlife that easy… Father Faría.”

As he said that, Alucard vanished, leaving the priest alone, who only smiled ironically and mumbled:



Alucard flew in his form of mist until he reached a nearby rooftop, where a young woman was already waiting for him: the last undead he had created, Seras Victoria.

She was a beautiful, curvy girl with blonde hair and red eyes that were once blue. She was wearing a red uniform where she still wore the different insignias of the long lost Helling Organization: one with her name, and another with Hellsing’s motto, 'WE ARE ON A MISSION FROM GOD.

“Master.” greeted Seras, bowing to him.

“Don’t call me Master, police girl. Especially now, when my time is about to run out.”

Seras seemed surprised.

“Master, what do you mean?”

The greatest of all monsters contemplated his life while staring at the moon with a small amount of sadness in his eyes.

“Millennia ago, I was just a stupid child with a stupid fear of death, and because of that fear, I quit God and the mortal life, becoming what I am now. I was reborn as this creature and dedicated my existence to terrorize the living until I was defeated by Van Helsing, and was forced to clean the world of the monsters I created."

Seras nodded, she already knew that.

“Being afraid of death was the stupidest thing I had ever done, and since then I’ve being condemned by this pointless existence. But now, I see a way out of my eternal boredom, and that way out is called father Faría."

“Master!” cried Seras.

“Be quiet, police girl. Since Integra passed away, my existence has no sense; she was my reason to keep going; the only one who made this curse tolerable... but because she died decades ago, I’m now emptier than ever."

Seras kept quiet, realizing her Master had made a final decision.

“Seras, you were the last vampire I ever created, and with the time you have turned into my best friend; the last friend I have. Thank you for your companionship Seras, but now is time for us to separate, forever."

Seras tried to say, “Master, I’ll follow you no matter what!”, but Alucard shook his head.

“Seras, you keep calling me Master even if you don’t have to. You stay at my side not for obedience, but care. But now is time to say goodbye, my dear friend... my dear Seras…”

Alucard petted Seras’ head with a faint smile.

“Once I finish to clean the world of monsters, I’ll let Father Faría kill me… and who knows! Perhaps I’ll see Integra in hell."


“When I finish, you’ll be the last of our kind, my beautiful Seras. Do whatever you wish with your existence, for I am going forever..."

Seras was frozen with shock by her Master’s decision. So this was it? She was alone now?
Her last companion, the only one she thought would be with her forever was now gone. Alucard: her Master, the only one who understood Seras’ loneliness.
She saw all her mortal friends going, one by one, but never thought Alucard would go too.

Without anything to do on that rooftop, Seras returned to the ruins of Hellsing Manor, walking to the basement where her coffin was waiting. What else she could do but sleep? The only thing she knew for sure was that she wouldn't give up. She would find a purpose for her eternal life no matter how long she had to wait. With those thoughts on her mind, Seras closed her eyes, waiting to slip into unconsciousness.

Seras never knew how much she slept, and didn’t care either. She was waiting, always waiting. She didn’t even realize when the human race had finally extinguished, letting a new species to rule over the earth. The old values of greed and self-destruction were replaced by Friendship and Magic.
And during all that time, Seras was sleeping; waiting, forever waiting.

“We’re coming for you, beautiful!” shouted one of the Diamond Dogs who were chasing poor Fluttershy.

The young pegasus tried to fly faster, but she realized there was no way out; sooner or later the dogs would catch her and Celestia knew what they would do to her. And all because she began to look for a small creature to help it; but somehow she entered to the dog's territory without noticing.

Now she was lost, Ponyville was too far and her only hope was an unknown zone of the Everfree Forest. Still, she had to try. She dashed through the bushes while scratching her hooves before getting lost in the dark of the forest. Fluttershy hadn't noticed she was bleeding a little.

“Now what, boss?” Asked one of the dogs to their leader.

The big dog smiled while sniffing the floor.

“She’s bleeding! Come on pals, now it’ll be easier to track her!"

The other two of the band grinned evilly and entered to the forest, guided by Flutershy’s scent.

In the meantime, Fluttershy found a cave that was too dark for her to see, but it would would help her for not being caught. It was darker than anything inside, making it impossible to even see her own hoof in front of her; but she didn't care at that moment, because now darkness worked as her ally. She then realized something: she was bleeding!

“No!” mumbled Fluttershy, suddenly realizing that they would find her easily.

In the distance, she heard their voices again:

“Come on pals, the idiot cornered herself! Now she's easier prey!"

Fluttershy gulped and ran deeper into the cave. Suddenly, she bumped into some kind of wooden box in the cave. The noise attracted the dogs.

“She’s over there! Come on!”

Fluttershy, in a moment of inspiration, opened the box and tried to hide inside it, but she suddenly realized the box wasn’t empty. Inside there was… some kind of dry corpse. 'Is it a...mummy?!' she thought.

Fluttershy screamed in horror, revealing her position. Of course, the poor pegasus didn’t notice how her cut was dripping blood just on the corpse’s face.

“Found you!” announced the dog’s leader.

Fluttershy gulped and began to slowly walk backwards.

“Please.... d-don’t! I-I’ll do anything, just let me go!”

The Diamond Dog smiled. It's yellow eyes glowed in the darkness like sinister lights.

“Too late, my dear. Now you’re ours!”

A creak in the middle of the darkness gathered everyone’s attention.
The dogs turned to the box, realizing the cover was opening slowly and creepily. Fluttershy and the dogs were frozen in terror as tall figure with red eyes stared at the group.

First she stared at Fluttershy, then at the dogs. She smiled, showing her white fangs to the frightened group. Before they could react, the creature took the leader by the neck and bit his neck, draining his blood until he went dry.

The dog’s screams of pain resounded all over the cave, making the scene even more terrifying. The other two didn’t think twice and began to run away from the monster, but she was faster than them and disappeared… only to reappear in front of them smiling with their leader’s blood still dripping from her teeth.

“Now, you’re mine..." she said with an incredible sweet voice.

Several red eyes surrounded the dogs and before they could react, a dark shadow caught them, preventing their escape while Seras resumed her feast. The second one screamed, and, being the smallest of the group, he died very quickly.

The third dog was paralyzed by fear because he was forced to see his friend's fate and knowing that he was the next. Seras then turned to him.

“Sorry, but you dared to threaten her; and now you’re paying the price. Also, I’m starving. I slept over a million years and I’m really, really.. thirsty..."

The screams of agony terrified Fluttershy even more, who was too scared to run. She shrank in a corner trembling, waiting for her fate.

She heard the footsteps walking towards her, and she began to cry thinking about all of her friends.

“P-Please don’t hurt me!” She begged to the tall creature.

“Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you, right?” she asked with her soft little voice.

Fluttershy took her time to process what she just heard. Was that monster was asking her if she was alright?

“Did I not save you in time?” Asked again the creature, more worried than before.

Fluttershy slowly gulped and finally turned to the creature; whose worrying expression confused her even more.

“Y-Yes… I’m alright. Thank you very much…”

“Glad to hear that, my Master.” said Seras, bowing to Fluttershy.

The young Pegasus gulped again.

“Ma- Ma- Master?”

The thing bowed again to Fluttershy, taking her hoof and kissing it.

“Yes, Fluttershy, during all these years, I’ve being sleeping... waiting for something I didn’t know until now. I was waiting for you, Fluttershy, my new Master. I, Seras Victoria, only exist to serve you”

Arc 1: Master of the Monster (Part 2)

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(Part 2)

Fluttershy was in shock, so much so that she was still analyzing what just happened to her. One second, she was running for her life trying to escape from a bunch of diamond dogs. The next she accidentally woke up the scariest monster in the world which then mercilessly killed the three dogs. Now that monster was calling her ‘Master’.
The thing bowed once more to Fluttershy and started to speak.

“I’m sorry I scared you like that. It's because I’ve being sleeping for over a million years, and when I woke up I was too thirsty to think clearly. But do not fear me. I’m here to serve you, not to harm you."

Fluttershy gulped.

“I-I just simply don’t understand…”

Seras dedicated a warm smile to her new Master, trying to tranquilize her a little. Surprisingly, it worked.

“When you opened my coffin, you were bleeding, and part of your blood fell straight to my face. It was enough to reanimate me, and also it told me things. So many things about you, and about the danger you were in."

Fluttershy gulped.

“My blood t-told you things?” She asked in a whisper.

Seras nodded calmly.

“It's part of my vampiric nature. For us, blood and souls are much like a currency; lives being our reward. Your blood allowed me to have a small view of your soul: a pure soul full of beauty and kindness. That’s why I knew you were the one I was waiting for, a Master who is worthy for me to serve. But it also told me that you were about to be captured and enslaved by those creatures, so I had to act; even if I knew you don’t like violence. Again, I’m so sorry and I swear that I won’t scare you again."

Fluttershy didn’t know what to say, but at least she understood part of what was going on; she decided to give a chance to that being, considering that the monster was able to kill her easily, but decided talk to her.

“Um… tell me… your name... ”

“My name is Seras, Seras Victoria." said the vampire girl. “But you can give me any name you want. As I said, from now on, I only exist to serve you, Master Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy tried to smile, but the situation was making her very uncomfortable; still, she somehow saw the bright side of things.

“Um… Seras, please… can you guide me out of this cave? It's too dark and I think I got lost. Please…”

Seras nodded.

“Of course. As a being of darkness, I can see perfectly here. Follow me, Master."

And just like that, Fluttershy followed the strange creature. It was an abnormal situation, and the shy pegasus was wondering if she’d ever get used to it. There was also the fact that other ponies wouldn’t trust Seras that easily, considering she just killed three Diamond Dogs in seconds.

Soon enough they arrived to the cave’s entrance to Fluttershy’s relief. However, when they made a small step outside, Fluttershy noticed how Seras frowned and covered her eyes.

“Is something wrong, Seras?” Asked Fluttershy.

Seras shook her head.

“Ignore me, Master. Most of the time, sunlight is deadly for most of my kind. It doesn't hurt me as much, but still it pains me a little. Don’t worry about me, this is only a small price I had to pay centuries ago."

Nodding, Fluttershy began her way back to Ponyville, followed calmly by Seras. Taking her chance, Fluttershy began to examine what kind of creature Seras was.
She looked like some kind of a tall hairless monkey with red eyes who wore a red dress. One of her arms was made of some kind of shadow that irradiated a faint red light.
While following Fluttershy, Seras was admiring the forest.

“So this is what happened to London. I like it better like this. What is it called now?”

“The Everfree Forest." answered Fluttershy. “We have to keep moving, there are all kinds of dangerous creatures in this place, so the sooner we get home, the better."

Seras smiled, amused, knowing that as the ultimate predator, any animal wouldn't dare to get close to her. But still she didn’t say anything so she didn't scare Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy, you’re still bleeding." said Seras. After a while, the scent of fresh blood came to her. She had a small snack of Diamond Dogs but that still wasn’t enough to fully recover her after a million years of abstinence.

The small pegasus let go an ‘eep’ when she realized but just nodded.

“I’ll take care of it back home. And speaking of home… what are you going to do, Seras?”

“Whatever you tell me," said Seras calmly. “I can return to the cave if it’s most comfortable with you; or any place you tell me. I just have to move my coffin to the location."

Fluttershy frowned in thought. The situation was unnerving, and the dark nature of this

creature scared her… but abandoning a creature in the middle of the Everfree Forest after it saved her was something that was against Fluttershy’s principles. She had to do something.

“Seras, I can’t just leave you here like that. For some reason, I feel like you’re my responsibility and I have to do something about you. You can live with me in my cottage…”

Seras nodded.

“As you wish, my Master."

“Please, Seras… don’t call me that, it scares me and I don’t want any slaves. I only want to be your friend. Can you just call me Fluttershy?" the yellow pegasus begged.

Seras smiled, touched by her Master’s adorableness and kindness.

“You don’t have to beg me, Fluttershy, if that’s what you want just give me the order."

“Seras please!”

“Just kidding!" Seras smiled.

While they walked, Fluttershy realized she had to hide her new friend, but how?

“Seras, can you do something about your appearance? I have a bad feeling about how my friends are going to react to you. It’ll be easier for us if you hide because you’re too big and terrifying."

Seras bowed again.

“I can do that and take care of your wound at the same time. I just need you to… give me

some of your blood. It’ll be fast and I swear I won’t bite."

Fluttershy’s horror was evident by her expression, but still she offered her wounded hoof

to Seras, who took it and began to lick it. Taking as much blood as possible (which wasn’t much), ayhe wound started to heal.

Soon enough, Fluttershy was healed and Seras began to change.First, she shrank to the size of a pony. Her arms and legs slowly began to turn into hooves; a blond tail sprouted from her rump and her uniform transformed into red fur that covered her completely. Seras’ face turned more and more equine like the rest of her. At the end, two red wings appeared next to her barrel, finishing her transformation.

“There you go. I absorbed part of your essence through your blood. I hope you don’t mind. Now I can mix between your people without any problem."

Fluttershy didn’t know what to say, but soon she smiled. Perhaps the red eyes and the black foreleg were still unnerving, but the change from human to pony form was a relief. However, she was worried about what Seras did to the Diamond Dogs and how she still didn’t show a bit of remorse.

After a while, they finally reached Ponyville.

“Seras, I’ve been thinking about my invitation."

“I understand." said the vampire, bowing. “My senses are sharper than any pony's, so if you need me, you just have to say my name and I’ll be at your side in no time."

“It's not that Seras! I was just noticing that you’re some kind of predator…”

“The ultimate predator, if you're asking." said Seras. “A monster who depends of others’ blood to sustain itself."

“Precisely, Seras. When you say others, you mean other ponies, right?” Fluttershy asked, shivering.

Seras nodded, closing her eyes.

“Technically, yes, but if you ask me to, I’ll avoid attacking other ponies. As long as I sleep in a coffin with dirt of my birthplace, I’ll keep my strength. That’s why I survived all this time without feeding."

Fluttershy was fascinated by the creature.

“Seras, you see, I’m not one to restrain you to feed; after all predators are vital for the balance of nature, even if I don’t like the situation. So, as long as you feed only from animals, I don’t see the problem."

Seras bowed again.

“No attacking ponies, only animals. Yes, I can do that”

Fluttershy nodded, smiling.

“I'm glad that you get it Seras! Now, about what we discussed earlier: can you keep stay hidden until I find a way to introduce you to my friends?”

“Of course! Just give me my orders and I’ll obey you without a second thought. Something we can use to our favor is that I’m nocturnal, so I can hunt during the night in the deeps of the forest without waking any pony."

Fluttershy shivered again thinking about the poor little animals, but she remembered that predators were as useful as other animals.

“Thank you so much Seras! Now I’ll write to Discord. I’m sure he’ll accept you easier than the others, and maybe he can help me to introduce you to my other friends. Now… now what?”

“I’ll move my coffin to your house as soon as possible, but my other stuff has to stay in the cave. I don’t want that anypony getting hurt by playing with my weapons."

Fluttershy nodded.

“Just… can you wait until night? I don’t want to answer any questions about moving a big

coffin to my house. If that’s okay with you, um… new friend."

Seras smiled and nodded.

'I’ll like serving Fluttershy. It'll be kind of refreshing after serving Integra and Alucard.'

Arc 1: Master of the Monster (Part 3; UNEDITED)

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(Part 3)

At the next day Fluttershy was awoken by insistent knocks on her door. Still half sleep and a little annoyed (she really needed to rest after what happened), Fluttershy slowly walked to see what was going on. When she walked downstairs, she sighed. In the middle of her living room was an enormous coffin.

“So it wasn’t a dream” she mumbled examining the coffin, until the knocks keep insisting. “I’m coming! I’m coming”

Fluttershy opened the door, her five six friends were waiting for her.

“Ehem… good morning? What brings you here so early girls?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Good afternoon darling” corrected Rarity checking fi Fluttershy didn’t have fever. “Are you alright Fluttershy? You’ve always being a morning pony”

Fluttershy shook her head.

“Rarity, it has to be a mistake. It can’t be that late… remember that my pets always wake me at sunrise for their breakfast. They couldn’t let me sleep too late, not with all the things I have to do for them and…”

Pinkie Pie bounced inside the cottage checking all the birdhouses and nests Fluttershy had.

“Fluttershy, it seems that your little animals are sick or something because I don’t see anyone” said the pink pony examining a den. “Oh, sorry, they’re here but… it seems something happened Fluttershy, they’re all trembling in a corner. Why do you think they're that scared?”

Fluttershy gasped and moved Pinkie to examine the den herself. It was true, the mice family that lived in there were desperately trying to hide from something… a predator perhaps? Suddenly Angel jumped to Fluttershy’s head and trembling like the rest of the animals, he pointed to the coffin. Fluttershy gasped again, but at least the mystery was solved.
Unfortunately Angel’s gesture called everypony’s attention.

“Fluttershy, what’s this thing?” Asked Applejack kicking the coffin. “It’s kinda’ weird”

“Yeah, what’s inside?” Asked Rainbow opening the cover ignoring Fluttershy’s weak attempt to stop her.

A bunch of bats escaped horrified, squealing and flying all over the place. Fluttershy’s pets got even more scared, but at least now Fluttershy had an idea to distract their friends faking annoyance:

“Rainbow Dash! You scared them! Now it’ll take all morning to get them inside”

Rarity shook her head confused.

“Ehem…Fluttershy dear, why do you keeps those things in a box that looks like an oversized coffin?”

Fluttershy blushed and lowered her eyes.

“Yesterday I found them on the Everfree Forest after something scared them destroying their home; a cave on the deeps of the forest. I felt sorry for them so I brought them here, thanks Celestia I found that wooden box to move them here since they are nocturnal. A bear friend of mine helped to carry the box”

Twilight nodded.

“Okay… that sounds reasonable. What kind of bats are they?” Asked the purple alicorn staring to one of them who was looking at her with his red eyes. “I’ve never met this kind before”

Fluttershy scratched her head.

“I don’t know, probably an unknown specie from the Everfree Forest”

Twilight nodded, suddenly remembering why were they all there.

“And speaking about the Everfree Forest, yesterday I felt a very dark presence coming from there, but I thought it was only my imagination… until a letter from Pirncess Celestia confirmed my suspicion and commanded us to go check there. As guardians of Harmony, it’s our job to investigate what’s going on”
Fluttershy gulped, she had a very good idea about what (or who) Twilight detected.

“Okay… just give me some time to take care of my pets and catch the bats, okay? Fifteen minutes?”

“We can help you with the bats” suggested Pinkie chasing one of them happily.

“No! Don’t you see they’re afraid of you? They trust me but they don’t know you yet! It’ll be faster if you let me do this by myself”

And because it was only reasonable, they agreed to wait for Fluttershy outside. Once they left, Fluttershy sighed relieved while the bats took the pony form of Seras Victoria.

“That bat thing was very clever” congratulated Fluttershy.

Seras bowed and smiled.

“My instructions are that I have to keep hidden. And this is just a basic ability of my kind”

Fluttershy sighed again.

“Okay, okay… Seras, I know I told you that you can stay here but I was thinking it would be better if you move to the basement…” she said apologizing quickly. “I know it’s not your fault but you’re scaring my animals and they can’t live terrorized forever. It’s no good for their health”

Seras bowed to Fluttershy with a warm smile.

“Don’t worry Fluttershy, in fact, I would be much more comfortable for me on the basement since sunlight doesn’t get there”

And like nothing, she took the enormous coffin and went downstairs. Fluttershy nodded trying to calm down a little while her animals finally decided to leave their refuges now that the predator was gone. What a morning!
But at the end Fluttershy managed to do her chores really quick and join her friends who were waiting for her at her garden.

“You took less than I expected, good” said Twligith. “Now let’s move, if it’s possible I want to solve this before the night”

And thanking (for this time) for Twilight’s OCD, Fluttershy could join them without having to answer many questions. ‘I hope that Discord can be here soon’ thought the shy Pegasus before getting into the forest with her friends.
At the beginning the group didn’t see anything, but then Rainbow Dash noticed the first victim.

“What the hay happened to that hydra?!”

Everypony ran where Rainbow indicated them, gasping in horror. Before them, an enormous six-headed hydra lied dead, completely dried without a single drop of blood in her system; looking at the ponies with a horrified expression.

“I wasn’t expecting this” mumbled Twilight. “We’re dealing with a very dangerous predator; only an Ursa or a Leo… or well, basically only a Zodiac Beast could do something like this, but is really uncommon for them to attack just like that”

“A’ don’t know Twi, if you ask me A’ think we have something bigger than a Zodiac thing in hooves” said Applejack pointing forward.

Twilight approached shrieking in horror when she saw the other victims, who were two Zodiac beasts: a Cancer and a Capricornio; and like the hydra they seemed to be drained of all blood. What kind of monster could do that? Because the worst part was that there wasn’t any signs of fight on the scene, apparently the giant Zodiacs were an easy pray for the unknown creature.
Fluttershy shivered in silence, praying for her friends to never find the cave were she was attacked by the Diamond Dogs.

“This can’t be” said Twilight. “What kind of monster could do such thing?”

“Okay girls, I highly recommend get back home and return here with… I don’t know, an army perhaps!” Said a very unnerved Rarity.

“No, we have to know what’s going on here!” Said Applejack. “As long as this creature is still out there, the town is in grave danger!”

“It looks like a vampire” said Rainbow Dash examining a small mark on one of the the hydra’s necks; that was pony-sized.

“Don’t be ridiculous Rianbow Dash!” Complained Applejack. “Vampire bats only drink fruit juices, not blood”

“But the method is almost the same, this thing bit it’s victims and extract all the juice; or the blood in this case” said Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie Pie began to look all over the place, but didn’t find anything. If the situation keep like that, Fluttershy would face difficulties very soon so she decided to… lie. At least for the moment, until she find a way to introduce Seras to her friends.

“Ehem, girls, this is not what you think”

They all turned to Fluttershy.

“What do you mean Fluttershy?” Said Applejack, worried. “Do you realize that a strange creature who drinks blood from giant predators its outside? Maybe A’m an ignorant about magic and dark stuff, but A’m damn sure that whatever Twilight felt is the responsible for this!”

Fluttershy shook her head, at least she could use the fact that she knew the Everfree Forest better than her friends to her favor.

“Girls, you don’t understand! This creatures is not strange at all! Deeper into the forest, there is a predator who do this to its victims; it’s only natural. There’s nothing unusual here except that the creature approached too much to Ponyville”

That helped, but only a little. Like Fluttershy thought, her friends trusted in her deep knowledge about animals.

“Okay, so this predator is part of the Everfree forest; I can accept that, but still we have to act carefully, the dark influence I felt was what pushed the monster this far from its home. Now that we know that this thing is a natural predator we can relax a little; but we still have to locate the dark presence I felt”

The rest agreed relieved, and went back to Ponyville. Luckily for the yellow Pegasus, soon enough she was free to get back home where Discord was already waiting for her.

“My dear Fluttershy! Is so wonderful to see you!” Said the draconequus hugging his friend. “You’re as beautiful as always”

Fluttershy returned the hug, truly happy to see Discord there.

“Discord! Thank Celestia you came! I really needed to see you!”

He shrugged smiling, truly pleased that Fluttershy thought about him in a time of need.

“You said it was urgent so here I am, Fluttershy. Now tell me, what can I do for you, my friend?”

She slowly separated from Discord’s hug and approached to the house in silence. At first Discord seemed confused but suddenly he teleport in front of Fluttershy in a protective attitude.


“Stay behind me, Fluttershy! Run! There’s a very dark presence in here. I don’t know how to describe it but…”

Fluttershy gulped and gently moved Discord’s paw and entered to the house.

“That’s what I’m trying to say you, Discord. Ehem, Seras, can you come here please?”

Discord trembled when he felt the dark presence coming upstairs, revealing the slim figure of Seras Victoria who looked at Discord with her bright red eyes.

“What is this thing?” Asked Discord breathing heavily. It was the first time he saw an undead; and it was terrifying.

“I can ask the same to you” said Seras calmly. “It seems like the Master have interesting friends”

“The Master?” Asked Discord turning to Fluttershy. “What’s going on here, Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy offered a cup of tea to her friend.

“It’s a long story, you better sit down Discord”

And then she told the whole story: how the Diamond Dogs were chasing her, and accidentally ended awakening the vampire. Once she finished, Discord raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, can I be honest with you Fluttershy?”

The yellow Pegasus smiled.

“Of course Discord!

He took a deep breath and…


Fluttershy gulped.

“Bu… bu… but Discord, you’re acting like my friends when I tried to reform you, you’re not giving a single chance to Seras”

Discord moved his head disapprovingly.

“But I’m not an undead!”

Seras stared at him.

“Ey, weirdo, do you think I asked to become this?”

Discord shivered when the thing began to approach him.

“Long time ago, when I was still alive, I suddenly transformed into this horrible being. I only knew that give up meant dying, so I allowed my first Master to transform me; not knowing what it truly meant. And believe me: to quit to my humanity was the hardest I’ve ever done”

“But I… I’m really concerned about Fluttershy, alright? Sorry but I can’t allow you to hurt her, I must tell Celestia. Maybe she can do something about you”

“DISCORD PLEASE DON’T!” Shouted Fluttershy flying to her friend. “She deserves a chance, just like you! Wasn’t horrible to be trapped into stone for a thousand years? If you tell her about Seras something similar could happen to her!”

“She’s an abomination!” Exclaimed Discord.

“I know” said Seras. “But sadly not even your beloved Princess of the Sun have power over my pointless existence. Not even me, I belong to Fluttershy now and if she decides to believe in me, I’ll stay at her side”

Discord was truly uncomfortable with the situation; he knew he had to do something about Seras but he was terrified of her and also didn’t want to hurt Fluttershy.
At the end the shy Pegasus approached gently to him.

“Discord, I called you because I need to find a way for the others to accept Seras. You were on her situation, remember? Without anypony else who trusts you except for me?”

Discord sighed looking at Fluttershy’s eyes.

“The thing is, Fluttershy, that we’re talking about a monster of darkness. You see… well, forget it. Tell me Seras, why Fluttershy? Anypony who resurrect you would become your Master or what?”

Seras scratched her head.

“It’s interesting when you think about it, you see, Fluttershy have some vampiric blood inside her (even if it’s a fruit vampire) so that’s why her blood resurrected me so easily. But most important: she remembers me my past self”

“You mean before you turned into an undead?” inquired Discord.

Seras nodded.

“Even after I turned, I fought with everything against it; trying to preserve my essence, but after live disgrace after disgrace… I reached a breaking point. My Kindness died the day the man I loved was killed, making me realize how alone I really was”

Fluttershy, touched by the revelation, hugged Seras to comfort her; and finally looked to Discord.

“You see? She isn’t bad!”

Seras nodded.

“And that’s why I’ll serve Fluttershy no matter what, to fight the battles she can’t in order to protect her pure heart and never let her true self die”

Discord gave up, lying on the couch; and realized for the first time that Fluttershy’s pets went to hide feeling the danger. He couldn’t blame them, considering what kind of creature Seras was.

“I just hope you know what you’re doing Fluttershy. But I could feel better if Seras can prove me how loyal she really is”

“Discord!” Fluttershy complained. “That won’t be necessary!”

“No, it is a great idea” said Seras. “And it could help me to hide better from those beings of Light, your Princesses I mean”

Discord raised an eyebrow while Seras bowed to Fluttershy.

“My first Master taught me about a dark ritual that ties my powers to your will. If I don’t have your permission, I can’t use my powers”

Fluttershy moved backwards a little scared, but Discord approached interested.

“But Seras! You don’t have to do this!” Said Fluttershy.

Seras looked at Discord.

“That would help you to understand I mean no harm, to you and the others”

“You’re crazy, you know?” Said Discord, but nodded in agreement.

At the end, Fluttershy agreed, but only because it was the only way she could prove others that Seras was a good persona after all. Besides everypony’s safety was compromised and this seemed less extreme that terminate Seras.

“Okay, let’s do this!” Said Fluttershy.

Seras put her dark energy hoof on the floor, making appear a red circle of light with a pentagram on the middle, ornamented with several unknown symbols. Seras’s shadow covered the whole house; with lots of red eyes surrounding the three persons on it.

“Fluttershy, I need you to drop some blood on the center” asked Seras.

Fluttershy gulped but still she trusted Seras; so she took a knife to make a small cut her hoof (Discord frowned to this) and dropped the blood where Seras indicated. Four white ponyshoes covered with the same ancient symbols of the center appeared on Seras’ hooves.

“Go ahead Fluttershy, I need you to say ‘activating Restriction Seals zero, one, two and three”

Fluttershy gulped and said:

“Activating Restriction Seals zero, one, two and three”

A red glow covered Seras, while her aura weakened suddenly. The vampire bowed to her Master.

“It’s done, from now on you just have to say ‘deactivate restriction seals three, two, one… etc…’ but seriously, don’t release the Level Zero unless it’s absolutely necessary. But now my powers are completely under your control”

Fluttershy didn’t know what to say while Discord raised an eyebrow, he simply didn’t understand.

Arc 1 Final (UNEDITED)

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( Arc 1 Final)

Fluttershy spent the next days getting used to her new friend but still refusing the idea of Seras being her servant; but aside of that, there was no problem between them. Seras used to sleep until Luna lowered the sun and then the first thing always did was to ask Fluttershy is she needed any help; but since the Pegasus always said no, Seras walked straight to the forest to hunt something for dinner.
But in order to hide the vampire from Twilight, Fluttershy asked Seras if she could hunt only on the deeper and darker part of the Everfree Forest; luckily for them, the purple alicorn lost Seras’ trail thanks to the Restriction Seals.

“And Seras, one more thing: do you think you can restrain yourself a little? Last time you were too voracious and if you keep like this you’ll extinguish all the forest’s wild life”

Seras laughed uncomfortably.

“Ehehehe… sorry about that Fluttershy, you see, that time I was starving; I haven’t had a drop of blood in over a million years and I couldn’t restrain myself. Naturally I have enough with a victim or two”

Fluttershy nodded happily, she trusted Seras.

The only one who was uncomfortable with the situation was Discord, who spent every minute watching Seras; if the monster decided to turn against Fluttershy, he could protect her. Or at least die trying… the most probable scenario.

“You know? It’s a shame you don’t trust me entirely” said Seras one night after had a feast with a manticore. “I think both of us can understand each other; your stupid and harassing sense of humor reminds me Captain Bernadotte. Besides, I understand that you were on the same situation that I am now… with no other who truly trusts you besides the Master”

Discord, disguised as a tree, came back to normal.

“You knew it was me?”

“I can see through illusions, it was my first vampiric ability” remembered Seras. “Whatever, with your permission I’ll go for another of this tasty cat-things”

“Drinking from animals doesn’t satisfy your demonic nature” observed Discord. “I can feel it, if it wasn’t for your especial coffin, you’ve being weakened by now”

“I know it’s only a placebo, but I swore to the Master that I won’t hurt others”

Discord frowned, he cared about Fluttershy, but also he was starting to feel sorry about the monster.

“Are you so empty on the inside that being a servant is the only thing that calms your pain?”

Seras shrugged.

“When I turned into this I began to work for the Hellsing Organization and I had a purpose. They took away from me my human existence; but at least I was doing something to protect the human-kind from other monsters like me. But centuries before I went to sleep Hellsing was already gone and so was my purpose. That’s why I went to sleep, to find a new purposee; and I’ve found it: to serve Fluttershy”

Discord sighed.

“You’re weird Seras Victoria, but as you said, I think I understand you and I’m convinced now: you’re not a threat to Fluttershy”

Seras shook Discord’s claw.

“Then that makes us friends, my first friend in this new world”

“Your first friend is Fluttershy, even if you call yourself a servant she’s your friend no your Master”

Seras smiled and after have a second manticore for her meal, she went back to Fluttershy’s home along with her new friend Discord. And from that moment the two of them became really close; Discord even stole some blood packages from Canterlot General to give Seras something to feed for real. Seras thanked the gesture and kept it as a secret from Fluttershy, making it some kind of internal joke between Discord and her.
That peaceful and pleasant existence was unknown for Seras, who spent her whole life and unlife fighting; always fighting. But now she was in peace with the world and with herself. It was quite nice; but in the bottom of her heart, she knew a shadow darkened this new careless existence: and it was the fact that given the time, Fluttershy would die, just like those who shared a bond with her. But Seras tried to not to think about it; in order to enjoy herself as long as she can.

But one day something happened, starting with the smell of burned sugar on the air.

“Darkness is coming” mumbled Seras inside her coffin, even if she didn’t know why.

Fluttershy was also awoken because of the smell.

“Discord! Is too early on the morning!” She complained flying downstairs.

But the yellow pegaus quickly realized that the draconequs wasn’t in there. What was going on? Guided by a bad feeling, she went out of her house only to face the horror: Ponyville, her home, was devastated. The whole place was the pure definition of chaos; ponies in a red and black armor were destroying the whole town with powerful spells and enormous swords covered in fire. And in the center of the devastation, Fluttershy saw her friends and Princess Celestia; trapped in an energy field that slowly was turning them into stone. Twilight noticed her and tried to say something but Fluttershy couldn’t hear her.
And on the other side there was Discord, also trapped in a force field that drained his powers to increase the power of the black swords.
Then Fluttershy heard the laughs and turned.

It was a unicorn who seemed the male and older version of Trixie: he had blue fur and like Trixie, a sky-blue mane and tail; and purple eyes. He also wore a long purple cape decorated with silver stars and a magician hat also decorated with the stars and sleigh bells.

“Finally, the last of the Elements of Harmony!” Smiled the strange unicorn. “If you haven’t woke up on the next half an hour I would go to wake you myself, but I wanted to give you a surprise! What do you think, huh?”

Fluttershy screamed in terror.


The unicorn seemed to think about it.

“Well, is hard to tell. First because it’s fun; and second, because I want to become immortal. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony are naturally immortals, and so the alicorn Princesses. The dragon? Well, his life is only naturally longer than a pony’s but I still can work with him. Now changing the subject, I haven’t introduced myself. The name is Swirl; Star Swirl the Bearded”


“Hell Yeah! And by the way, I’m still alive not because I’m immortal like you; but because I was locked in a magical prison that freezes you in a moment of time in order to have you locked for eternity. Anyway, since I was the one who designed the stupid prison (known as Tartarus) it was easy for me to organize the massive jailbreak, even if it took millenniums. By the way, this appearance is only an age-spell; it won’t last, and I can’t regress to an age more than once. Is kind of depressing, you know?”

“Clover the Clever was right to lock you there you freak!” shouted Celestia, who was half way to turn into stone.

Star Swirl shrugged.

“Oh yeah, a total cliché; so ironic that was offensive. Betrayed by my own student; but luckily she passed away like any other mortal, but that won’t happen to me” the crazy unicorn said turning to Celestia and then back to Fluttershy. “Now I’ll capture you and reveal the secret of true immortality; and since I’m going to kill you in the process (sorry about that) I have to find a new Ruler for all the ponies. I think my last descendant will do, I have no interest in such a charge”

“Is your last descendant Trixie?” Mumbled Fluttershy.

“Winner, winner, we have a winner!!” Smiled the crazied unicorn. “Now Discord show her what she won!”

The energy orb that retained Discord began to electrocute him, making him scream in agony while tried with all his power to not hurt his beloved friend; but Star Swirl’s powers were stronger than his will. An evil smiled appeared on the crazy unicorn when Fluttershy was caught by two of his soldiers who began to approach her to the energy field where her friends were.
Something broke inside the Pegasus, she wanted to save her friends no matter what; but she also wanted to teach that monster a lesson.


“Don’t tell me” ironized Star Swirl. “What are you going to do? Stare us to death? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

“I’ll show you” mumbled Fluttershy. “SERAAAAAS!”

Star Swirl raised an eyebrow but shrugged and commanded one of his soldiers to gag Fluttershy. The armored pony approached, when suddenly he vanished into a red flash. The other who held Fluttershy took his sword looking for the attacker; when the shadow materialized in front of them, as a red Pegasus who still held Star Swirl’s soldier by his throat with her teeth.

“Seras: don’t kill anypony, just… just punish them and save my friends” commanded Fluttershy.

Seras released the soldier and disappeared again; to appear right behind the one who still held Fluttershy and took him by the neck, only to bit his throat too. Her red eyes were glowing because of the pleasure, the thirst and the anger.
Other of the soldiers dropped his weapon and ran away, but Seras caught him with her vampiric agility and also directed to his throat.

“GO GET HER!” Shouted Star Swirl.

An already freed Fluttershy walked to Star Swirl Staring at him.

“Do you really think you can hurt my friends and simply go away with it? DO YOU THINK THAT BEING TWILIGHT’S IDOL GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TREAT HER THAT WAY? YOU’LL PAY! YOU’LL PAY!!”

Several of Star Swirl’s soldiers ran to re-capture Fluttershy, but Seras was protecting her Master, tackling and drinking from those who dared to come too close to Fluttershy. Soon enough the soldiers stopped trying approach the yellow Pegasus, allowing Fluttershy to get to Star Swirl, who began to sweat coldly, he was really afraid of the monster who was protecting the Bearer of Kindness.

“Seras” continued Fluttershy, “I free you from your Restriction Seals three, two, one… I want you to free my friends, but I ALSO WANT YOU TO PUNISH THOSE WHO DARED TO TOUCH THEM! But don’t kill, just punish”

If Star Swirl was scared before, now he was really terrified when he felt Seras’ monstrous power grow even more. ‘Free you from your restriction seals… what happened? Why is this monstrosity here? Why is helping the Bearer of Kindness?’ began to think Star Swirl.
But he didn’t had the time to keep questioning what happened when Seras ran to him at full speed, without giving him the time to counterattack; only an emergency teleport, but he lost his precious concentration and freed his prisoners who went back to normal.

“Fluttershy, what’s happening? What is that thing?” Shouted Twilight seeing how Seras charged again to Star Swirl, showing him her fangs.

This time the magician reacted quickly and casted a fire sword that decapitated Seras quickly. The black armored soldiers sighed in relieve surrounding the Mane 6, Spike and Princess Celestia. Star Swirl was still breathing heavily but also relieved.

“You’ll pay for this Bearer of Kindness, I don’t know what kind of abomination was that but it really frightened me up. Now you’ll see what means to defy Star Swirl the Bearded”

And, to emphasize his point, he took Seras’ head to show to his enemies. But instead of Seras’ cut head, he held a Diamond Dog’s head”

“WHAT?” He shouted in horror while jumping backwards. Suddenly Star Swirl bumped into somepony… a red Pegasus with red eyes and a black foreleg.

“I’ll tell you a little secret: you can’t kill me. I’m already dead”

Star Swirl trembled in fear when Seras took him from his cape’s neck with her left hoof (the normal one) and with the other one, the one made of dark energy; she covered the whole town with her shadow; a shadow covered with red eyes that stared to Star Swirl’s soldiers. They tried to escape of course; but Seras’ shadow was too powerful to fight, lots of them tried to use their enchanted weapons but couldn’t do anything to Seras’ familiars. Sometimes the shadow seemed to move backwards… only to immediately regrow disarming the attackers, leaving them to Seras’ mercy.
The soldiers dropped their weapons and shrank shaking in fear; they were Tartarus’ most powerful and vicious criminals, but now they were reduced to a frightened mass of cowards.
One by one the shadow pierced their bodies, allowing the blood to emerge and form a small river that was disappearing at the contact of Seras’ hooves. Seras moaned in pleasure, still staring to the magician.

“Alright Star Swirl, it is time to show us if you are at the level of your legend, give a real fight. Transform your body, summon your Familiars; do some kind of interesting pony magic. It’s just noon, we have time for a long match”

Star Swirl finally broke and screamed horrified, but still he started to cast random spells to Seras, but even if a couple hurt the vampire, her shadows healed the wounds immediately. Seras just walked to Star Swirl, don’t even bothering to stop Star Swirl.
In his desperation, Star Swirl decided weaken his opponent casting an age spell to turn her into a harmless elder, but Seras kept the same; and even sighed when that one hit her.

“I don’t understand you Star Swirl, immortality is a curse, not a gift. Being immortal means to see everything and everyone you ever loved aging and dying. I refused to die once and now I’m paying the price”

“What do you mean?” Asked Star Swirl.

“Between us, I’ve being wishing death from some time but sadly I can die only when my extent past finally crush my eternal future”

Seras’s shadow immobilized Star Swirl, allowing the vampire to bit his neck and drink. Her eyes glowed with all her power while Star Swirl’s blood was revealing his dark plans. She raised an eyebrow, the content was very interesting; but respecting her Master’s command, Seras released Star Swirl soon to keep him alive, and the magician began to cry like a child.
Seras turned to her Master.

“This comedy was only the beginning. If he succeeded in his attempt to get rid of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony; his second in command, some creature named Tirek, would start the invasion from Tartarus. If he failed, well, Tirek will wait until the right time come. On their imprisonment, those two prepared especially to defeat the power of Harmony; that’s why you were beaten so easily. Luckily for you, they weren’t prepared for an undead”

Star Swirl cried louder.

“How do you know?” Asked Celestia still doubting if she could or couldn’t trust the monster.

“His blood told me” said Seras bowing to Fluttershy. “Now, the menace have being controlled my Master, and following your instructions I kept them alive. Now, can I go back to sleep? It’s barely noon and I hate sunlight”

Fluttershy nodded, so Seras took her hoof and kissed it… a gesture she did only to show her Master’s friends that she was on their side. Fluttershy understood of course, that’s why she allowed it.
Seras turned into a bunch of bats and flew back to Fluttershy’s cottage.

Arc 2: Balance of Power (UNEDITED)

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(Part 1)

Everyone were reunited at Fluttershy’s cottage, gathered around the large coffin that members of the Royal Guard brought upstairs; causing a massive hiding of Fluttershy’s pets. Even Star Swirl shivered when he felt the dark aura coming from the wooden box.
A dead silence reigned all over the place, while everypony were waiting for the night ready to have a “calm” chat with the creature inside the box; even if Fluttershy already gave them the main details of how she awoke Seras and she swore loyalty to her. Even Discord defended the creature explaining that she was still a good pony who did her best to protect life; and only because Fluttershy asked her.
And then, the moon appeared on the sky. The coffin’s cover slowly and creepily moved, allowing to the creature to show herself. Everyone except for Fluttershy and Discord moved backwards in horror. Star Swirl tried to get away from the guards who were holding him: but they somehow stood firm. Seras Victoria finally arrived.

“Oh come on, shit happens you coward; and I won’t do anything to you unless you harm Fluttershy; or she ask me to” said Seras looking at the old magician. “But… I also understand everyone’s fear; I know my nature doesn’t help too much”

Celestia gulped but managed to walk firmly and authoritative to Seras

“So you are the creature known as Seras Victoria” said the white alicorn.

Seras bowed respectfully to the Princess of the Sun.

“Is an honor to meet you, Princess Celestia; ruler of Equestria. It’s been so long since I met Royalty; and I’m very honored to stand in front of you. Now, I hope that my intervention helped in your battle against your enemy Star Swirl the Bearded”

Star Swirl cursed and stared at Seras defiantly. Seras stared back silently, but the effect was devastating: Star Swirl’s eyes turned red as Seras’ and began to sweat and whim as a little scared kid. At the end he put an idiotic smile, trembling in his corner.

“Seras stop it” commanded Fluttershy. “You already defeated him, okay?”

Seras bowed submissively.

“I know, sorry Fluttershy my master; but I assure you he’ll be okay in a few minutes, I only used a little mind control to keep him quiet for a while. But if you allow me a suggestion, perhaps everyone could relax a little if you reactivate my Restriction Seals”

Fluttershy smiled proud of Seras.

“Oh, that’s a great idea Seras! You see? She’s very cooperative and sweet, right? Okay, I reactivate your Restriction Seals one, two and three. From now on your powers are limited until I need you again; thank you Seras”

A red aura surrounded the vampire and she bowed to her Master; uncomforting the yellow Pegasus but she let it pass this time.

“Aaand… officially you’re creeping me out” gulped Rainbow Dash scratching her neck nervously. “But thank you, I guess, for saving us and all… ehem, Seras Victoria”

Seras offered Rainbow a gentle smile.

“It was my pleasure, Rainbow Dash. And don’t be shy, you can call me just Seras”

Dash gulped but managed to return the smile, leaving aside she was a monster from the pits of hell, she had to admit Seras was a nice pony.
And then Rarity approached gently.

“Ehem, first thank you for all you did Seras. I have a present for you, but I’m afraid I must admit that giving presents to a creature of darkness unnerves me a little” said the white unicorn offering Seras a small box. “Anyway, I hope you like it Seras Victoria. Is the least I can do for the pony who saved our lives; besides I think it totally fits you darling”

Seras made a small nod accepting the box and opened it. Inside there was a beautiful yellow sundress; perfect for summer days and a matching hat. Seras couldn’t repress a gasp of satisfaction, making Rarity’s day.

“It’s beautiful, just like the ones I used to wear during my free days; you know? I still remember when we used to live on that small motel on South America after a mission and I wore it on the streets of Brazil walking along with captain Bernadotte”

She stopped, letting escape a small tear of blood. Looking at her sad, Pinkie Pie bounced to her with her gigantic smile.

“Ey Sery! Are you alright? Because I’m suuuuper fine because of you. If it wasn’t for you, we would be stone right now and that’s not fun; because being a statue means no more singing or laughing or bouncing or dancing or anything fun. When I saw you the first time I thought: Pinkie that’s an odd pony but still your friend; and I wanted to throw a huge THANK YOU party but Twilight and Princess Celestia insists in giving you their approval before and that’s why we’re here instead of a party, but I still made you some cake, you want it? I know you do!”

And she practically forced the sweet on Seras’ mouth knocking her down. Seras began to cough and twitch all over the floor trying to breath. Applejack reacted quickly and applied the Heimlich maneuver to make Seras threw up the cake. Seras thanked Applejack in silence, breathing heavily after that one.
Pinkie Pie looked at Seras with tears on her eyes.

“You don’t like my cake? It’s my super welcome recipe”

Seras took the napkin Applejack offered to her and after cleaning her mouth, the vampire just tried to comfort Pinkie.

“It’s not your fault Pinkie Pie; you see, as a vampire I can’t consume normal food. I’m pretty sure you’re a great baker but I can’t taste your delights; it’s part of my nature”

Pinkie nodded and began to cry loudly.

“Pinkie! She already told you that it wasn’t that she didn’t like your cake!” Protested Applejack.


“Pinkie, I think you’re annoying Seras” said Applejack looking at the creature, who stood there without saying a word… until she busted into laughs.

Not evil laughs, real and happy laughs that slowly began to spread all over the ponies; who laughed careless for a while, until Seras stood already recovered.

“Amazing! I haven’t laughed that much since I was a little girl. You’re great Pinkie Pie!”

“Laughter is the most important part of us, that’s my believe!” Said Pinkie Pie hugging Seras, who confusedly returned the embrace.

“Thank you Pinkie Pie, it’s a relieve to know I can still laugh like the old times”

“You mean when you were still alive?” Asked Twilight.

Seras nodded sadly.

“I’m afraid that’s right. You see, being an immortal monster is an annoyance; that’s why I don’t understand why that idiot wishes immortality that much. It only brings you loneliness”

Star Swirl grinded his teeth but didn’t said a word, he didn’t wanted to suffer another mind-control attack from the creature.
Twilight looked at her idol first and then to Seras.

“Well, you’re totally terrifying but still we owe you one Seras. Thank you very much; and ehehehe… I don’t know, it doesn’t feel odd to use your powers to protect Equestria?”

Seras shrugged.

“Not quite. a million years ago existed a secret operation agency called the Hellsing Organization; where they had this believe: that humans, or ponies given the case, are inadequate anti-monster agents. They’re weak, they’re mortal, they’re corruptible; body, mind and soul. The most effective weapon against a monster is another more powerful monster”

“So you used to fight for good” said Celestia staring to Seras.

She nodded.

“For over two hundred years I was an exterminator under Hellsing’s command. My mission, protect humanity”

Celestia raised an eyebrow.

“So you’re saying that humans really existed”

Seras nodded again.

“Yes, Princess Celestia. As a matter of fact, I was a human myself until I turned into this creature”

“A pony?” Asked Celestia.


The Princess finally admitted it, Seras was a good girl with a great and very likable personality; but her demonic nature made her doubt. Discord guessed her thoughts and rolled his eyes, but didn’t intervened since he also had problems to accept Seras Victoria at the beginning.

“So this isn’t your real form, Seras Victoria” continued questioning Celestia after a while.

Seras looked at Fluttershy, who offered her a tiny smile that indicated to obey the Princess in everything. So, Seras bowed to Celestia.

“This is my real form, Princess Celestia; because is the form my master chose for me. But my original form was a very much like a human”

Celestia nodded, that thing made her nervous but at least she wasn’t a danger. Or at least she hoped so.

“Okay, we’ll discuss that later. Now, Seras Victoria, what can you tell me about the invasion from Tartarus? How much time do we have?”

Seras stared at Star Swirl.

“Their blood told me so many things, but the mains are: if Star Swirl didn’t return glorious from his fight against the Elements of Harmony, his second in command will advance, but only after reorganize their forces. It’s a very large army, formed by all kind of creatures that are locked on that magic prison. They managed to dig a huge hole to escape from the enchanted mountain, away from the vigilance of Cerberus”

Everypony exchanged a concerned look.

“I calculate the whole forces reorganization will take from three to four months” continued Seras. “The second in command, a monster known as Tirek, is very careful and fears the power of Harmony. He won’t risk more than necessary; but still wants vengeance so sooner or later he’ll attack”

Star Swirl spitted to the ground.

“He’s probably a coward, but Tirek will know what to do; even to defeat you, Miss ‘exterminator agent’ from Hellsing”

Celestia advanced to Star Swirl.

“The power of Harmony in unbeatable, Star Swirl. And I can assure you Seras Victoria won’t participate in the battle”

Seras looked at Fluttershy who nodded slowly.

“You’re helpful and all, but very scary Seras”

The girl bowed to the shy Pegasus.

“As you wish, but I highly recommend to prepare yourselves for the moment of truth. If you want, you can use the weapons I have on storage; especially designed to destroy all kinds of monsters”

Celestia looked at Seras.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, under the cave Fluttershy found me, I have several weapons and boxes and boxes of holly ammunition that will kill every threat to your kingdom. Thanks for the blessing of the Human’s God, my arsenal haven’t age a day”

“Kill? Are you suggesting that we should kill?” Exclaimed Twilight.

“You have no other chance to defeat Tirek’s army” explained Seras. “They’ll kill you if they have the chance, so you better act before giving them that chance!

Celestia shook her head.

“Stop it! Just stop it, please? We ponies have all kind of defenses that doesn’t imply kill. Now let’s concentrate in you Seras Victoria: from now on your existence is not a secret for us or the inhabitants of Ponyville”

Seras nodded.

“That’s why you should introduce yourself to town and find the way to reform. Maybe that’s not necessary but I won’t rest until I make sure that you’re not a threat for my little ponies”

Seras raised an eyebrow.

“In exchange of being reformed and make some friends, I’ll send you a shipping of medical blood from Canterlog General. Giving you a chance is the least I can do for saving us; and now if you excuse me, I’ll return to my home; this was a very bad day”

Then, she flew throw the window while their guards took away the weakened Star Swirl.
When they left, Discord shook his head in disapproval.

“Not using Seras’ force is a tactical mistake. She can handle the whole Tartarus all by herself, right?”

Seras smiled.

“Thank you for trusting me Discord but you better don’t tell her. She’s frightened from me”

“We can’t really blame her for that” said Twilight. “But if she gave you a chance, don’t waste it Seras Victoria. If you show her that the Magic of Friendship can change you she’ll let you in peace. If she told you to not to act, you better do as she says”

Seras shrugged, even if she knew that Discord was right.

“Very well, what I’m supposed to do nos?”

Fluttershy just smiled warmly.

“Make some friends of course. Everypony saw you saving the town, so I imagine that they see you as a great friend; or at least not a threat. It’ll be fun Seras, trust me”

Seras nodded.

“If that’s what you think, I’ll do as you say, Fluttershy. But I still believe that is a waste of time and we better prepare for the Tartarus’ invasion”

“And about that… you better prepare yourself Seras” said Fluttershy. “I think Discord is right and not using your power is a tactical mistake”

“WHAT?” Shouted Twilight. “You can’t disobey Princess Celestia. She was very clear: we can’t kill anyone, I know Seras is very powerful and can use her powers for good; but now we are in a different era and violence is not the answer”

“I’m not saying that I’ll disobey her but I think we can talk her to reason. Is like you said Twilight, Seras is very powerful and is used to fight for good”

“And if we add that she just saved us…” mumbled Dash.

“Sorry Twilight, my dear, I know she’s your teacher and you love her; but she’s too soft to menaces. I’m very afraid of Seras; but I’m terrified from the Tartarus Invasion”

They all agreed, even Twilight; if reluctantly. After all they all knew that Star Swirl was only the beginning.

But now they had to concentrate on Seras’ new friends.

Arc 2: Balance of Power part 2 (UNEDITED)

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(Part 2)

It was very late, but still the ponies gathered around the town hall. Mayor Mare unsuccessfully tried to calm the mad crowd demanding for answers; about what happened, about the mysterious creature who saved them, about the mysterious magician who looked like Trixie. No matter how hard she tried to make herself listen, it was impossible. Luckily for her, at some point Vynil Scratch gently used the voice-amplificatory spell on her.

“Everypony please listen!” She finally said. “I want to give you answers, really, but the truth is I have the same information you all have. But don’t worry, right now Princess Sparkle and Princess Celestia are discussing about what happened and I’m sure that we’ll have our answers in no time. Even the Bearers of Harmony are…”

The whole town made an exasperated groan.

“It’s always the same” complained Octavia Melody, cellist and Vynil’s marefriend. “Since Princess Sparkle arrived we haven’t had a single month without an incident”

“Yeah, she’s right!” Joined Carrot Top. “I saw the whole thing: that magician wanted them; not us, as always we had to pay the consequences because somepony had issues with them. THEM, NOT US!

“Right, like that time when the showmare, Trixter I think, came back because she wanted to defy Sparkle. Sparkle!”

“True! And what about the last monster they defeated? The centaur-thing, he was looking for Princess Sparkle and her friends. But because we live on the same town we had to see him face to face”

Mayor Mare sighed knowing there was no use to stop the complaints, mostly because she agreed with most of it. Is not that the residents of Ponyville didn’t appreciate Equestria’s great protectors; but living on the same town of them was simply too tiring. Exactly like Octavia said, since Princess Sparkle moved to Ponyville, they had to deal with something at least once every month.
She was about to say something else but then the whole town spotted Princess Sparkle flying to the town hall along with Fluttershy. And even if they shut once they saw her, Twilight heard most of the complaints… and sadly she had to agree they were right.

“Attention everypony!” Called Twilight once she landed. “Look: I’m sorry, we never expected this to happen”

“You never expect anything anyway” Said Roseluck. “ For example: you never expected that the god of chaos wanted to attack Ponyville because is your home; or that time when Fluttershy, Rarity and you brought us the parasprite plague”

Twilight sighed knowing the florist was right, but still she had to stay firm.

“Again, I’m sorry, okay? I’ll try to make it up to you, I swear. But leaving that aside, we called you to this meeting because we wanted to introduce you the pony who saved us all. And no, is none of the six of us. So… Fluttershy, can you call her please?”

Fluttershy walked slowly to the platform, ignoring the ponies staring at her and mumbling things. The shy Pegasus just hoped that the crowd to accept Seras because they wanted, not because they feel intimidated by her.

“Seras!” Called Fluttershy.

A pack of bats crossed the night landing on the platform; slowly forming a red Pegasus with blond hair and red eyes, a black hoof and a bat Cutie Mark.
The whole town muttered when they saw her, feeling an instinctive fear; but Seras tried to calm them making a small nod.

“Greetings residents of Ponyville, my name is Seras Victoria; the one who took care of Starswirl the Bearded. Well, I don’t really know what to say, ehem, nice to meet you all. I have been living in Ponyville for a coulpe of months but is a pleasure to finally meet you all!

Seras tried to smile, but the only answer she got was an awkward silence. Everypony were giving Seras a blank stare; until a shy hoof raised, it was Derpy.

“So… what happened to your hoof?” She asked. “You know, just asking, ha-ha”

Seras looked at Fluttershy, who just nodded in approval so she proceed to tell the truth:

“It’s made of demonic energy. My original limb was cut off long time ago, so my dark powers created this one”

And like Seras thought, everypony gasped in fear and moved backwards by instinct. This creature was truly terrifying.
The vampire tried to ask for silence raising her hoof, but only scared the ponies even more. After another awkward silence, Seras lowered her head and began her explanation. In order to gain true friendship, she received instructions to be completely honest.

“Let’s be clear: I’m a vampire, an undead monster who sustain itself drinking blood from the living creatures; but don’t be afraid. I’d never attacked an innocent; and recently Princess Celestia agreed to send me medical blood from hospitals to make sure I won’t ever hurt any of you. And even if I run out of my supplies, I would never touch you, that’s a promise”

Unbelievingly, this helped a little; the ponies could feel the honesty on Seras’ words. So, encouraged and a little more relaxed, Doctor Whooves dared ask:

“Tell me Seras, how did you ended in Equestria?”

Seras looked nostalgically at the Everfree forest and smiled.

“As I said, I’m a vampire and I have some special abilities that allow me to survive by thousands of years. If I sleep in a coffin filled with dirt from my birthplace, I won’t die no matter how many years I spend without blood. This was the case and because; I’ve been sleeping for over a million years and because Fluttershy accidentally awoke me, I’m here now”

Fluttershy lowered her head slightly uncomfortable, but still she knew she had to be honest. In the meantime, the ponies began to mumble and glaring at the group.

“My turn! My turn!” Suddenly said Lyra excitedly. “If you lived so many years, did you met the humans?”

The whole town began to laugh while Bon-Bon felt sorry for her marefriend. As always Lyra was making a fool of herself; but then Seras just smiled proudly.

“Of course I did, I was a human before I turned into this”

The whole town muttered suddenly; it was a joke, it had to. But Seras was dead serious.

“That’s so cool!” Smiled Lyra. “But why you’re a pony now?”

“Because we vampires have the power to change our appearance at will. I use this form because Fluttershy told me I would fit better this way.

Lyra’s pupils shrank in excitement, this was the best night of her life!

“Unbelievable! Can I see your human form? Pleaaaaaaaaase…”

Seras doubted for a little but then smiled, her orders were to make friends; and this girl Lyra was a good start. Apparently her former humanity was powerful enough to make the minty-green unicorn forget her fear and the fact she was an undead.
With a playful smile, Seras closed her eyes and began her transformation: making her tail disappear and her body adjust to stand in two legs; her fur became her uniform making her skin soft and pink one more time.
Human Seras winked an eye to Lyra.

“What do you think? You like my human form?”

Fluttershy smiled proud of Seras; while Twilight facehoofed. I know it’s a good thing she made her first friend… but seriously, it has to be Lyra?
Bon-Bon groaned in annoyance, thinking that the creature could save them this; if Lyra was annoying before now she was going to insufferable.

“They’re just like I dreamed! Can you see it Bonnie?” Asked Lyra with a huge smile.

Cheerilee kicked a small rock.

“Me and my big mouth; I promised Lyra if she could scientifically prove the existence of humans; I would allow her to make a class about humans in my school”

“I understand your pain” sighed Ms. Cake. “I offered her a free MMM cake if she made it. Damn it”

By her way Vynil approached Lyra and gave her a friendly punched her shoulder.

“So you made it. Cool! I always thought you were mad!”

“She’s mad, even if she was right, she’s still mad” said Octavia. “But hey! Congratulations”

Lyra nodded to her best friends.

“I know, right? I was always right and you wrong! To all ponies who laughed at me, who’s laughing now? Hahahahahahahahah! Lyra Heartstrings was always right!”

Bon-Bon punched her.

“Okay, okay; we admit you were right, now stop it”

Lyra smiled proudly and made a small raspberry. Bon-Bon returned the smile and approached to Seras.

“Well, leaving that aside, you don’t seem so bad Seras Victoria. If you did that to just to please Lyra… I think you an okay gal”

Seras returned to her pony form.

“It was my pleasure. Besides she seems a good pony”

Lyra hugged Seras, much for the vampire’s surprise.

“First you save our lives and then you prove I was right! I owe you two big ones Seras”

“I’m glad I helped” shrugged Seras.

The group of four friends began to talk when Vynil looked at the clock.

“Ey look at the hour! The meeting ended early and I’m still on time to my show on POnX club! Remember: you promised me to go see me!”

The other three mares sighed and began to follow Vynil, when the DJ looked at Seras and smiled.

“Ey, I have an extra pass! Wanna come?”

Seras raised an eyebrow.

“Just like that?”

“I don’t see why not. Leaving the creepiness aside, you’re a nice pony Seras. Or you don’t like electronic music?”

Seras looked at Fluttershy, who proudly made an approving nod, so the vampire smiled and joined the group.

“It’s great to have a human friend, don’t you think?” Teased Lyra hugging Seras again.

The rest of the group sighed and proceed to ignore her; but Lyra didn’t care. Now she had somepony to talk about a race that really existed.

“Now, before we enter” interrupted Vynil when they arrived at the night club. “I don’t tolerate to anypony abandon my show until it finish, and I won’t stop until Celestia raise the sun”

“That’s why we rarely join you Vynil” said Octavia.

Seras winked an eye.

“Don’t worry about it, vampires are nocturnal after all”

Lyra nodded.

“Great, so one of this night I’ll stop at your place so you can keep telling me about humans, it would be fun; right girls?”

“Ignoring Lyra, where do you live Seras?” Asked Octavia.

“Fluttershy’s home. She’s my master after all; and I only exist to serve her”

The group looked at Seras.


Seras just nodded.

“That’s the price I had to pay the day I became an undead: my freedom”

After an awkward silence, Lyra looked at her new friend feeling sorry for her.

“But is she treating you alright? Can you still be our friend, right’”

“My orders are to make new friends, so of course I can” said Seras.

“So it’s official, you’re part of the gang now!” Exclaimed Vynil excitedly.

“Yeah, you can always count with us; with your friends” assured Bon-Bon kindly.

For the first time after so many years, Seras felt a warm feeling on her dead heart. It was the power of true friendship; of course, she had Discord and all, but somehow she felt this group was where she truly belonged.
Still the young vampire didn’t understand why ponies were so confident but it was a good change from humans. Looking at the moon, Seras greeted the silent observant who were watching all her moves and entered to the club along with her new friends.

Princess Luna separated from her magic telescope truly impressed.

“Did that monster just felt me from here? What are you Seras Victoria?”

Arc 2: Balance of Power part 3 (UNEDITED)

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(Part 3)

The days passed peacefully for Seras, even if the incoming menace of the Tartarus were bothering her; but she had her orders: make new friends, and it was surprisingly a good thing; even if her best friend was a crazy mare obsessed with humans Seras didn’t care.
Lyra could be crazy but she still was a very good friend who always cared about the ponies around her and a funny pony to be with (once you get use to the unstoppable chat about the humans).
By other side, Bon-Bon was a loving and caring mare who was Lyra’s counterpart; always listening and helping in everything she could. A little too quiet sometimes but still a trustable good friend.
Vinyl was another wild one; always energetic and in the mood to party, she always tried to convince the others to go see her shows even if they were too tired… until now. Since Seras slept during the day she had no problem in joining Vinyl to any party at any club. One time she even saved the DJ from a bunch of stalkers who attacked her; using only her presence. Now the white unicorn considered herself Seras’ second best friend.
And finally there was Vinyl’s marefriend, Octavia. At first Seras thought she was the typical snobbish aristocrat brat who only cared about herself; but it was a pleasing surprise to find out Octavia was everything but a snob. Even if she came from a wealthy family, Octavia was a shy and humble pony; whose main worries were about improving with her cello and taking care of her marefriend.
The four of them were a strange group but still Seras managed to get along and have fun; after all she was following orders, but also enjoying herself.

One night Fluttershy opened the door to a very excited Lyra, smiling from ear to ear.

“Evening Fluttershy! Is Seras home? Do you mind if she come with us? Tonight is our Anthropologist Club biweekly meeting and I would love to have a real human’s testimony!”

Fluttershy smiled, she was glad Seras were making new friends, even if it was with Lyra’s group, who didn’t’ get along with Fluttershy’s friends.

“Oh, hi Lyra. Please come in, Seras will be here any second now” said Fluttershy looking at the basement door.

As the Pegasus assured, the vampire arrived and smiled to Lyra.

“Evening Lyra, what brings you here?

Lyra pouted.

“Aw, don’t tell me you forget about our meeting”

Seras winked an eye to the minty unicorn.

“Just kidding Lyra, I was looking forward it. So… shall we go now?”

Lyra nodded excitedly and Seras bowed to Fluttershy.

“I’ll be going now, Fluttershy; unless you need me, of course”

Fluttershy sighed, this servant thing was getting annoying, but only managed to smile:

“Don’t worry about me Seras, I’ll be fine. Go ahead, have fun”

Seras bowed once again and followed Lyra, joining to Octavia, Vinyl and Bon-Bon.

“So, who else is in the anthropologist club?” Asked Seras.

“Just the five of us!” Said Lyra.

“Yeah, we all agreed to schedule two nights at month to allow Lyra to share her new discoveries about the mythical humans” explained Bon-Bon with a sigh. “It’s so much better than had to listen to every single discovery she just made; so instead of bothering us at two a.m. or interrupt something important with her new founds, Lyra agreed to save everything she learnt for this especial nights”

Lyra shrugged still smiling, but Vinyl and Octavia sighed tiredly; as always this was going to be a looooooooooong night.
Seras just chuckled.

“So all we do is to talk about humans the whole night?”

“No, we also have a few drinks” said Octavia. “We end up really drunk when the night ends, and I have to admit is kind of fun. With two weeks of preparations Lyra always manages to make things a little interesting after all”

“But tonight you’ll be the one who talks, Seras” said Lyra firmly. “I want to know how much of my research is correct!”

Seras sighed wishing she could have some alcohol too, but still she knew it was going to be a lovely evening. Quoting the Master, I cannot imagine a more perfect evening; heh-heh.
Finally they arrived at Lyra and Bon-Bon’s.

“We’re here!” Announced Lyra happily. “Everything is ready so please serve yourselves. We have wine, beer, rum, scotch, vodka… everything!”

Bon-Bon rolled her eyes, but made herself a margarita and another for Lyra. Octavia took a glass of wine and prepared a screwdriver for Vinyl. Now they were ready.

“So…” began Lyra. “As you know, most of the anthropologists determined that humans were omnivorous beings; even if the few corpses we found didn’t show any signs of sharp teeth or claws; necessary for the consumption of meat. Yeah, Seras have fangs but she’s a vampire, but now with her help we can finally demonstrate that humans were vegetarians like us. Now, Seras, do you want to say something?”

Seras nodded.

“Lyra, sorry for disappointing you but humans were indeed omnivorous. Yeah, we didn’t had claws or fangs or poison to fight; and that’s why we developed weapons; tools that allowed us to confront beasts twice as big as us, and even to exterminate a whole city as once. Now that I think about it, seeing how some people used their intellect was pretty frightening”

After a five minutes dead silence, Lyra asked: “Ehem… when you say weapons you mean spears and armors like the Royal Guard, right?”

Seras shook her head.

“No, I mean fire weapons. Yes, we began using armors, swords, spears… even war-hammers. But at some point we focused in projectiles and how to increase its’ precision and power. That’s why the latest military uniforms were made in order to improve mobility; like my clothes in my human form, that’s an example of combat clothing”

Lyra was in shock. It was for real? Fire weapons, that seemed so intriguing but frightening at the same time. Octavia took a sip from her wine.

“So that anthropologist from Maredrid was right. Congratulations for him”

“I don’t understand, I simply don’t understand” said Lyra trembling. “How could this mythical civilization be so… warlike and violent? This can’t be truth! If they were so powerful, then why did they extinguished?”

Seras opened a blood package and shrugged while drinking.

“Well, I’m not surprised. I was sleeping during that time so I can’t tell for sure, but I think humans just exterminated each other. Like you said, they were extremely warlike and violent”

Bon-Bon petted her marefriend’s head.

“Come on Lyra, you were wrong, so? Is not the first time and it won’t be the last. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll let it go”

Lyra smiled.

“Yes, you’re right Bonnie. Is just that this is too shocking. But Seras, is it true then? Humans invented devastating weapons that they used to exterminate each other?”

Seras looked at the window. She had an idea but she doubted about it.

“Well, apparently my silent watcher is off-duty tonight so… would you like to come with me? I have something very interesting to show you”

“Silent watcher?” Asked Vinyl raising an eyebrow.

“Apparently the Royalty is worried about my demonic nature, even if I never gave them a reason to fear me. Anyway, your Princess of the Night have being watching me since I revealed myself”

“Okay, a little disturbing but anyway; what do you have to show us Seras?” Asked Lyra excitedly.

Seras smiled to her friends.

“So, you wanna come?” Said Seras.

The other mares shrugged but nodded happily; so Seras guided them through the Everfree Forest. They passed without being disturbed by the animals, since they all feared Seras; their instincts indicated them who the ultimate predator was.
And finally they arrived to the cave where Fluttershy found Seras.
Seras showed them the way to the bottom, still not believing how easily they trusted her.

“Here we are” announced Seras.

“But I don’t see anything” said Lyra using her horn as a flashlingt.

“Just wait” said Seras extending her hoof to press a hidden button.

A small tremor shook the cave when a door appeared out of nowhere; a very old elevator.

“This cave used to be Hellsing Organization Headquarters, a secret entity that fought the forces of evil. As I already told you, I used to be some kind of demon hunter; so what do you think?”

“Cool!” Said Vinyl examining the place.

“Come on in!” Invited Seras entering to the elevator. “I promise you won’t regret”

The mares followed Seras, knowing she was their friend and she would never hurt them. The elevator took them to the basement, and once Seras turned on the light they noticed they were in some kind of storage; full of some things that seemed like large and heavy tubes and boxes of boxes of something.

“Seras, what’s this?” Asked Lyra looking at the small silver objects that were in the nearest box.

Seras winked an eye.

“Welcome, to the Hellsing Organization weapons warehouse”

A minute astonished silence later:


Seras then took a couple of the large tubes, connected with some kind of metallic backpack and a belt full of the little silver objects from one of the boxes.

“This is my Harknonnen II; very powerful and portable, for vampires of course; a human could never manipulate a weapon like this”

“So you used all this?” Asked Octavia examining the Harkonnen I.

Seras showed them a small framed picture of her and the Wild Geese; smiling to the camera and showing their weapons; being the Harkonnen II the largest. Seras cleaned a small tear of blood she cried.

“Are you okay, Seras?” Asked Bon-Bon.

“Yes, just a little nostalgic. That’s one of the curses of being and undead, you have to see everyone who mean something to you pass away. And this guys, my friends, didn’t deserved to die like they did”

“What happened?” Asked Octavia concerned.

“Humans were bad fighting with monsters: they were weak, they were mortal, they were corruptible; body, mind and soul. They died cruelly murdered by a vampire I hated the most; Zorin”

They all felt Seras’ anger remembering that horrible night, the night her kindness died and became a true monster at least. Taking her human form and wearing her weapon, Seras laughed.

“She deserved to die, oh yeah; I had no mercy, killing her with my own hands. I refused to drink her blood, not even a drop. She deserved to disappear, to vanish from earth”

The ponies looked at Seras and hugged her.

“It’s okay Seras, bad things happens. But look at the bright side: they rest in peace now” said Bon-Bon. “And because you’re immortal, we’re friends now”

“That’s right!” Said Vinyl. “You’re a monster but a very cool one; if it weren’t for your powers, we would be Star Swirl’s slaves now!”

“Exactly, try to calm a little” said Octavia smiling.

“We’ll be always together” said Lyra. “Thank you so much for showing us this place, obviously very important to you and we’re honored you invited us”

Seras didn’t know how to react, but at the end she smiled feeling the warmness in her dead heart. That ponies meant a lot to her, they were her friends, her beloved friends. And she knew she meant a lot to them as well.
The magic of friendship was working.

“Thank you” said Seras finally. “Thank you very much”

The ponies nodded.

“Whenever you need us” said Bon-Bon.

Then, Lyra took a book from one of the shelves.

“Seras! What’s this?”

“Oh, that’s the Bible, the official book of human’s religion”

Lyra trembled excitedly and began to examine the book.

“Cool! Humans had their own God, excellent! I’ll be everypony’s envy at the next Anthro-Con! Seras, can I borrow it?”

“You can keep it” said Seras. “Just don’t read it out loud when I’m close; holly words literally deafen me”

Bon-Bon stared at the book.

“What? How old is that book? Over a million years? Why it haven’t destroyed yet?”

Seras smiled.

“It’s blessed, that’s why. The whole place is blessed by the human’s God; that’s why your Princesses didn’t found me until Fluttershy awoke me. The blessing makes this place a blind spot for them”

“Cool!” Said Vinyl. “Ey Seras, can you show us how do you use one of this weapons?”

“Of course, but be warned: I trust you enough to show you the place, but you’re not allowed to take any weapon outside. This things are very dangerous, even more in a hands of a pony who doesn’t know what it’s doing. Understood?”

The four mares nodded, so Seras showed them a small door at the side of the warehouse that lead to a target practice field.

“Are you ready?” Asked Seras.

The mares nodded, so Seras turned on a switch making appear a moving target; twenty five miles away. The target exploded in a thousand pieces.

“More targets!” Commanded Seras.

Vinyl activated the mechanism and Seras began to shoot until her Harkonnen II emptied.

“And that’s a human weapon” said Seras getting back to her pony form.

Her friends were astonished by Seras’ skill; they only saw explosions like that during the battle between Twilight and Tirek, and only because both of them had an impressive magic power. But what just happened in front of them was unbelievable since there was no magic involved; only human science.

“Wow, just wow” gulped Octavia. “I don’t know if the Princesses could survive at one of this”

“Alright, I think I agree” mumbled Lyra.

“Hmmm, you two better watch your tongue” said Bon-Bon. “Remember they’re immortal”

“The blessing of my God assures that nothing I shoot will ever back up again, but yeah, watch your tongue Octavia; I don’t think they like the idea of me having such things. Anyway, let’s get out of here”

The girls walked behind Seras commenting excitedly but not Lyra. Lyra was too concentrated reading the Bible (at least trying, since she didn’t know Latin) but she was also analyzing the weapons’ mechanism; perhaps, with her magic, she could operate one of those; and the idea was tempting her more and more.
Lyra promised not to take the weapons out of the warehouse, but she could enter and use the weapons whenever she wanted. Thanks to the human’s God Seras showed her the place. It would be great!

Arc 2 Final (UNEDITED)

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(Part 4)

Following her sister’s instructions, Luna kept watching the strange creature, but Seras never did anything suspicious and the Element of Kindness and Discord kept supporting her. The only thing that called Luna’s attention was that there was four mares who befriended the vampire and they always hung out during weekends; being Vinyl Scratch the one who shared the most with Seras since she had a nocturnal job, a couple of times Seras even protected the DJ scaring two drunk fans who tried to take advantage on the mare.
Only one time Luna got scared, when she was too distracted watching the Tartarus and didn’t noticed that Seras and her four friends disappeared from her sight; but they appeared again seeming to be fine. What I don’t understand is how they vanished from my sight, asked Luna to herself but didn’t thought too much about it since she had somepony else to watch: the demented sorcerer Star Swirl the Bearded.

Locked on the deeps of the dungeons, with his great power properly restricted with an anti-magic horn ring created by Celestia herself, Star Swirl was constantly interrogated about his plans, but he never revealed a thing and defied the Princesses with a stupid smile; making shiver the Princesses with ease, since they knew very well that they couldn’t defeat that unicorn easily. Not only Star Swirl was the strongest unicorn of all times, but he also invented almost all Equestrian magic; practically being super smart was kind of his super power.
But another detail about him was that his quest for knowledge drove him completely insane; he had no distinction between good and evil, making his obsession with becoming immortal something very, very dangerous; and as an extra, he spent countless hours discussing with his hat.

“Ey Hatty, have you noticed?” He asked to his companion. “We’ve being here for an entire month, isn’t that awful? If it wasn’t for that thing who drinks blood at this rate we would killed Tirek and gave the throne to my descendant Trixie already. Is kind of sad don't you think?”

Of course the hat didn’t answered but he reacted as it did. The guards who watched him always shivered when he began, hearing him discuss with an unanimated object was always a disturbing experience.

“What do you mean I shouldn’t include her in my plans? Remember Hatty: blood is thicker than water. I know she was rude when we introduced ourselves but I can’t really blame her; would you believe that one of your ancestors is still alive?”

The hat kept silent.

“Get rid of Kindness you say? Hatty I know she was the one who freed the beast but I thought you were smarter. What happen if you free a mad dog? Without anypony to restrain her, that monster could kill us all. The Bearer of Kindness is her brake if you know what I mean”

He hugged his hat.

“Oh Hatty I’m so happy for having you; if it wasn’t for you maybe I would lose my mind”

The guards better stayed silent, when a powerful magic beam transformed them into crystal statues. Star Swirl laughed happily when he smashed the statues to the floor breaking them in a million pieces to make sure there was no way to bring them back to life. Then he threw away his anti-magic horn ring and calmly walked away right after put the hat on the top of his head.

“I have the better ideas when I have you there Hatty; you whisper the better plans this way. And yes, I don’t care how strong the alicorns are; all their spells are nothing but bad copies of my own. This ring is completely pointless if you know the right spell and I do know. Anyway, damn you Hellsing exterminator; if it wasn’t I would regained my strength in a day or two”

The hat didn’t say anything.

“You’re right Hatty, is pointless to keep complaining. Let’s thank the fact that the age spell I casted on myself still remains; but I have to hurry, no matter what I’ll be immortal”

He walked out of the Palace like nothing, knowing that he won’t be detected. He appeared before Cerberus, who recognized his smell and attacked with all he had; but Star Swirl used a sound spell that made the gigantic dog to whim and writher in pain, a powerful frequency unhearable for non-canines.

“Star Swirl, I thought I won’t see you again” greeted the weakened Tirek to the unicorn.

“Dude, we have troubles, big troubles”

Tirek sighed relieved.

“Thanks Faust! For a moment I thought they 'reformed' you as they did with Discord or my idiotic brother. So Harmony defeated you, huh?”

“Yes and no, one of the Bearers of Harmony tamed a beast ten times scarier than anything we have in here. Something ancestral, older than our world and everything we know about it”

“Ancestral? Are you serious?”

“She assured she was a human before turning into an undead”

“Human? Undead?” Asked Tirek. “Seriously, what happened to you Swirl?”

The crazy unicorn sat on a rock sighing.

“As you heard, an undead. That thing died but somehow revived as a monster that can’t be killed, and believe me; I cut her head off but she recovered like nothing. Besides she called her demon servants and then drank half of my blood. A monster that sustain herself from blood who was about to kill me but stopped only because her master, as she calls the Bearer of Kindness, forbid her to do so. Believe me dude: that thing is older and more powerful than me; something we can’t fight”

“Oh it can’t be so bad”

“She taught me a lesson: the most effective weapon against a monster is another more powerful monster. Our advantage: Celestia haves only half of a brain and refuses to use Seras Victoria’s power to fight us”

Tirek began to think.

“Well, if we consider that her student kisses the floor Celestia steps on, we still have a chance”

“You better reconsider things Tirek” said Star Swirl. “If we precipitate, it would be the last that we do. Believe me: that thing is as dangerous as any army”

Tirek trusted in Star Swirl’s judgment; even if he was completely insane he still was the smartest being of all times. Besides, why deny it? The centaur was completely afraid of the unicorn.

“Still we have a chance, if that thing have demonic powers we can do something if we use the opposite of it; maybe a holly weapon”

Star Swirl shrugged.

“I’ll pray for Celestia and her bunch of Bearers be as stupid as usual”

“Lyra, you’re definitely crazy” said Bon-Bon following Lyra through the Everfree Forest, as always side by side with Vinyl and Octavia.

“If I’m crazy, why you keep following me?” Asked Lyra making a small raspberry to her friends.

Vinyl and Bon-Bon didn’t say a thing but Octavia shrugged.

“I admit I want to see that explosion again” said Octavia. “See some things destructive that don’t use magic is simply fascinating”

They arrived to the cave, Helling’s former headquarters, and Lyra and Vinly guided the group back to the weapons storage. Fascinated, the minty unicorn took one of the anti-midians rifle with her magic and walked to the target practice field.

“I think I’m ready, I learned the mechanics of this thing when Seras used it and I think I can use my magic to operate it”

Octavia examined the Harkonnen I and opened the back hatch to insert a bullet once she found one.

“Vinyl, would you do the honors please?”

The DJ seemed to doubt a little but then grabbed the weapon with her magic.

“Okay, so how do you use this thing Lyra?”

“Let me show you, Octy, you like big ones” joked Lyra manipulating the rifle pulling the trigger with her magic and shooting. There was a small detonation but nothing too big. “Just pull this small piece and let the weapon work, I guess your weapon can do something much more interesting”

Bon-Bon checked her watch.

“You better hurry guys, I don’t want to be here at night”

“Are you afraid to be late in the forest?” Mocked Lyra.

“No, I don’t want to Seras find us here”

Nopony said anything else and Vinyl hurried to shot the Harknonnen I.
The weapon’s recoil effect made the ponies fall but the explosion worth it, it was great.

“Okay that was pretty cool” smiled Vinyl fixing her glasses.

“Yeah, we better put everything back in its place and get out of here” agreed Lyra.

They began to clean the room, Octavia and Bon-Bon took the empty carcasses of the bullets while Lyra and Vinyl moved the enormous weapons to put them back where they found it when suddenly felt someone taking it.

“Here, let me help you with that” said Seras in human form taking the Harkonnen.

They all jumped startled.

“Seras! What are you doing here?” Asked Lyra smiling nervously.

Seras equipped her Harkonnen II.

“You are a bunch of idiots, you know? But for today I’m glad you’re all here. Equestria is under attack; as I already warned your Princess of the Sun, the attack to Ponyville was only the beginning, now is time for the real thing. You better stay here where the forces of evil can’t find you”

Seras then recharged from blessed ammo and prepared her weapon. Smiling, feeling the known sensation of that weight on her back, Seras opened a bag of blood and after empty it, she approached to the door.

“Seras, what are you going to do?” Asked Bon-Bon.

“What I have to. My orders is to keep inactive until the idiot of Celestia realizes that this is a fight Harmony cannot win. But since I don’t want to be detected, I’ll keep my powers at minimum so I’ll use my arsenal instead of my powers. The holy ammo will assure that those monsters would never back up again”

“Okay, Fluttershy isn’t that sweet after all” said Octavia with a sweat drop on her forehead.

Seras stared at her.

“We’ll discuss about why you disobeyed me later, understood? In the meantime stay here and don’t even think about getting out. I have to go to Tartarus for now”

And then she ran, ready for everything the Tartarus had for her. She only hoped that Celestia will understand soon, for the sake of her people.

The four mares, in the meantime, just saw Seras getting away.

“So the Tartarus attacks us” said Vinyl´.

“It seems so” mumbled Octavia. “What we do now?”

Lyra grinned and levitated the rifle and several boxes of bullets.

“Have you gone insane Lyra?” Shouted Bon-Bon.

The minty unicorn shrugged still smiling.

“The Prison of Tartarus isn’t far, so we can use a cart to transport all this, what do you think?”

Octavia seemed to considerate it.

“We have a cart we don’t use at home” finally said the gray earth pony.

“Seriously, what are you two thinking?” Asked Vinyl.

“To help our friend, of course” said Octavia calmly. “You can’t expect to Seras do all the job, right love? We have to help her”

Bon-Bon was trembling entirely.

“What’s wrong with you two? This isn’t a game, we can get killed!”

“Bonnie, you have to understand” said Lyra. “Is like Octavia said, we have to fight for Equestria and especially for our friend. Besides, I want to see a human weapon in action. Come on, we are Seras’ friends, and she deserves our help”

Vinyl shivered.

“You two need a psychiatrist urgently; luckily me too because you’re right, we can't call ourselves Seras' friends if we don't help her in times of need. And I cannot let my beloved Octy expose herself like that. I’m coming too”

Bon-Bon sighed, knowing there was no way to convince her friends to listen to reason.

“I know we’re gonna regret this”

Arc 3: Kill zone! (UNEDITED)

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(Part 1)

Seras was running to the battlefield, not at full speed since her orders were to wait until Celestia finally realize her mistake; but still she had a close eye on the battle and knew it was only a matter of time.
And finally Seras arrived.

“It’s a shame I can’t see Star Swirl’s expression now, I’m sure you already felt my presence. How is it, terrifying? Just feel lucky that it’s me and not my first Master”

With her penetrating red eyes, she appreciated the massacre where Star Swirl’s forces were easily recognizable because of the black armors and the fact they were completely slaughtering Celestia’s forces. The problem was that the Tartarus Unicorn Forces were all Star Swirl’s pupils and they knew much more things that the Royal Guards. Their spells were stronger, deadliest and they never hesitated to kill anypony; they launched great axes covered in fire that merciless butchered their opponents making the Soldiers of the Sun cry for mercy.

“This is too much Princess! We need to run NOW!” Cried Shining Armor. “RETREAT SOLDIERS, RETREAT! LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!”

“You’re only prolonging the inevitable” laughed Tirek in his ultimate form, that he gained at the beginning of the battle absorbing Celestia’s forces power leaving them to the mercy of his army of darkness.

It was hell on earth, at the ridiculous pony scale, nothing compared with the horror Millennium freed in London over a million years ago.
Celestia was desperate, as a good leader she stayed at the side of her army, standing on the front line helping them with everything she could; from healing and defensive spells to magic barriers to protect the surrounding lands. Everything needed lots of preparations but she trusted in the fact that she was prevented to the attack; unfortunately her opponent was her teacher and he easily destroyed all the barriers with a single spell. Everything was useless, Star Swirl and Tirek’s army of condemned was going to vanish them from earth.

“You can see it now, eh Celestia? Everything you do, everything you try is useless” Shouted Star Swirl from his position behind his army. “All the magic you know is a variation of my creations. You never were never capable to create new magic, you’re doomed my faithful student”

And effectively that was the case; Equestria’s only hope were the Elements of Harmony, leaded by Twilight Sparkle, but again that was a futile attempt. Tirek’s forces previously intercepted the Bearers and Discord by keeping them apart. Divide and conquer, the oldest trick in the book; the Magic of Friendship worked when they were together, keeping them separate deprived Equestria from its greatest defense. Now everything was lost, with Equestria’s greatest protectors separated from each other without any chance of escape, the Kingdom was at the monsters’ mercy.
Knowing everything was lost, Celestia let escape a small tear.
And just at that moment she felt how someone pick her from her throat smiling cruelly. Tirek relished with pleasure seeing his great opponent reduced to this: a cry baby.

“This is the end Celestia, not even Twilight Sparkle could defeat me this time”

“You’ll never prevail” whipped the white alicorn.

Tirek laughed ironically.

“Come on, not even you believe that this time. By neutralizing the Magic of Friendship I also took away your self-confidence. You can’t do nothing, you are nothing. And when I finish absorbing your magic… I would love to say I’ll kill you but the mad one wants to experiment on you, so I guess I’ll conform with the magic”

Celestia cried in fury helplessly realizing that there were battle that the Harmony couldn’t win. This was the end, she depended on the same weapon for too long. Now without Harmony Equestria was doomed; her mistakes hurt her truly, realizing she wasn’t made for war.

“I know it now, this isn’t a war I can win, I shouldn’t trust in my student and her friends only… now Equestria is hopeless. EQUESTRIA IS HOPELESS!”

Tirek shrugged and opened his mouth ready to absorb that precious magic that was denied for him his last return… but now he was free to take. Now that he had Star Swirl on his side he trusted he was invincible; even if the demented sorcerer really scared him, he knew there was nothing Celestia could do to defeat him this time. He finally had won.
From his position, Star Swirl shivered when he recognized the presence, that presence.

“NO, TIREK LOOK OUT!” Suddenly shouted the demented sorcerer.

Tirek turned to his partner with a confused look, when he heard the zooming. The centaur didn’t had time to react, in front of him the arm where he held Celestia exploded in a stream of blood completely covering Celestia on the red liquid. After half a second of confusion for both Tirek and Celestia, the read monster began to scream in agony:


Tirek’s pain transformed into a murderous fury, turning his attention from the white alicorn who was now in shock shacking in fear covered in blood, to whoever or whatever ripped off his arm. He looked where he heard the zoom, having a first look of the creature.
It was a bipedal hairless monkey with some kind of… metallic backpack? Attached to her back caring in both arms two strange tubes, one of them still expelling a small smoke trail. The creature’s red eyes stared to the monster, shining in hate; making Tirek feel an unknown level of panic. What was this monster and why was advancing towards him aiming the other tube right to his legs?

A second bullet exploded destroying all Tirek’s four legs at once. The centaur screamed in fear and pain when he fell in a puddle of his own blood. Slowly Tirek looked at the creature, who now was right before him; and introduced a cannon right into his mouth.

“Is time to say good bye” said Seras coldly.

Tirek tried to escape, to scream, to keep fighting; but something on the monster’s eyes froze him completely leaving him to the mercy of this creature.

“Seras Victoria” mumbled Celestia weakly.

“You really took your time to reconsider. Anyway, luckily for you now I’m here to clean up your mess. Just stay aside if you can’t stand a little massacre”

Seras then slowly approached her finger to the trigger, right to finish Tirek, when noticed Fluttershy and her five friends captured by Star Swirl’s solders. She disappeared in a flash.

Fluttershy closed her eyes, knowing what was coming since she clearly ordered Seras to do what she had to; but never thought she would have to watch it. The shy Pegasus had the bad luck to see when she crippled the evil Tirek and how was about to kill him, when vanished. Fluttershy gulped covering her eyes with hooves and wings on the exact moment when her captors were reduced to a formless red mass right after Seras shot multiple times.
The vampire bowed to Fluttershy, as always submissively and devoted to obey every single order from the yellow Pegasus.

“My Master…”

Fluttershy stopped her placing her hoof on the monster's mouth.

“Just save my friends, please; and if you can don’t mention this again… just save my friends and finish this once and for all! SAVE MY FRIENDS SERAS, I’M BEGGING YOU!”

Seras slowly extended her arm to the left and shot again. The second one she freed was Discord, who watched how the bullet destroyed all the heads of his captors; turning their necks into streams of blood. The bullet kept going, exploding right in one of Star Swirl’s regiments killing them instantly.
Discord gulped and teleported with Fluttershy and Seras; and after taking in arms his beloved friend, he teleported away.


“You don’t have to see this, my Fluttershy”

“But Seras is my responsibility. She, she…”

“She is our only hope now. Really, lock away all your opponents in the same prison where time never passes adding more and more prisoners was Celestia’s dumbest idea. It was a time bomb and now it exploded, it was only logical that this to happened; especially when you have somepony like Star Swirl between them. He was already demented when he was locked, I guess that the imprisonment just drove him even crazier”

Fluttershy didn’t say anything and silently prayed for her friends’ sake… and Equestria’s.
In the meantime, the vampire kept saving her Master’s friends one by one after brutally slaughter their captors, shooting her Harkonnen II reducing them to nothing. Rarity was the most affected when all her enemies exploded right before her covering the white unicorn in blood and body parts. Nothing of the remains remembered that it belonged to a pony; so obviously the poor fashionista fainted.
Rainbow Dash even puked in repulsion when she realized she was holding an intestine, but then Seras took her and deposited her gently at Celestia’s side, where the vampire reunited the Bearers of Harmony; everypony but Fluttershy who was with Discord.

“Are you alright?” Asked Seras a little concerned.

Twilight nodded weakly.

“Yes it’s only… is the first time anyone take a life in front of us, not to mention in a way that horrible. Even if Fluttershy told you to do the necessary, I wasn’t expecting this. Are this the horrors of human weapons?”

Seras recharged her cannons.

“As I told Lyra, humans were experts in destroying each other. And that’s why is worth to protect what you have here in Equestria, because you have the potential to be that beautiful nation that none of the human countries ever were”

Then Seras ran to Star Swirl’s army, that even if they were completely terrified of the monster, they still were great soldiers and ran ready to destroy her once and for all. Using the spell of create axes covered in fire, a brave captain avenged Tirek cutting Seras’ legs. The vampire fell allowing the other soldiers to mutilate her; one of them ripping her arms off, other piercing her head with a stake and such.
The small group of brave soldiers thought it was over, but Star Swirl knew all to well that they only managed to angry Seras. Unware of the incoming danger, the troop marched to the six mares who also knew what was going to happen. Effectively from Seras’ corpse a small bat raised, followed by many others that formed Seras again.

“Nice try” ironically smiled Seras.

Before the troop could react, they were brutally exterminated by the vampire; this time with her own hands.

“You know? All this fighting made me thirsty”

Slowly all the blood on the battlefield a river that flew to Seras’s black arm. Her eyes glowed in pleasure and let escape a pleased moan.
Tirek screamed terrified and tried to crawl away, calling Seras’ attention.

“Oh, I’ve forgotten of you” said Seras placing her fangs on the monster’s neck.

Of course Tirek screamed, but it didn’t last. After an agonizing minute, Seras threw away the dry corpse.
Again the vampire charged her cannons and aimed to a former army, now petrified mass of cowards. The fire resumed decimating Tartarus’ forces, if the battle kept like that; they would be completely terminated in a matter of hours.
Some of the black armored soldiers tried to respond using all the spells they knew, but every time the spells hit Seras, she immediately regenerated the wounds like nothing, creating a mass escape. But then Celestia’s army recovered their brave and began to chase the enemies mercilessly.
Still it was a brutal massacre, but the tables had turned.

“Seras Victoria” said Celestia once she recovered. “I demand to know why are you here? I clearly ordered you to stay out of this battle!”

Seras preferred to lied in order to not involve her Master but Twilight spoke first:

“Princess Celestia, stop it! Just… just stop it! From the very beginning, this was a battle that Harmony could not win no matter what, everypony knew that except for you! And because of your mistake countless lives lost, but now we have an advantage. Fluttershy’s orders were clear: Seras would intervene at the moment you realize your mistakes”

“I agree” mumbled Shining Armor, advancing towards Celestia even if he was too damaged. “Why did you take this long? We could avoid to lose all that lives, all of them brave ponies who only wanted to protect their beloved ones! And all because you refused to use the power we had at our disposal!”

“Luckily for us the weirdo with the hat wanted to use us in his experiments; or we would suffer the same luck” managed to say Rainbow. “But it’s too late to regret now, at least we have Seras at our side”

And precisely at that moment Seras’ heard something and turned to see the bulk of Star Swirl’s army advancing towards them; composed by all kind of dark creatures locked in the Tartarus. Seras grinded her teeth.

“Great, the reinforcements came”

The side doors of her Harkonnen II opened, revealing the rest Seras’ deadliest weapon: the big cannons expanded horribly revealing new kinds of ammunition like deadly exploding shells, anti-tank bullets and the great finale: Napalm grenades.
Just like when she knocked down Zorin’s airship, the weapon was at its full potential.

“DIE!!!” Shouted Seras shooting all she had.

Several explosions all over the battlefield helped the incoming army to stop, but it won’t last forever.

“I could use a miracle now” said Seras while keep shooting.

Then it happened, a small explosion that weren’t from Seras’ Harkonnen II. They all turned.
A second bullet from the Harkonnen I zoomed clearly all over the battlefield to finally impact again one of Star Swirl’s regiments reducing them to burned body parts.
Octavia gulped and recharged the enormous weapon, that was carried by Vinyl’s magic.

“Damn it, I’ll have nightmares after this” mumbled the gray mare.

“You’ll have nightmares? I’M THE ONE WHO’S SHOOTING, FOR FAUST SAKE!”

By her way Lyra was aiming the laser sight to a high ranked officer and shot.
The black armored stallion looked at the red spot on his helm, when suddenly the bullet went all the way through his head, silencing him forever. The minty unicorn shivered at the moment she realized she just took a life… but then remembered that it was for Equestria’s sake and shot again smiling.


Seras only took a deep breath and,


Bon-Bon had approached enough to Seras, pulling the heavy cart full of boxes of bullets.

“I know we shouldn’t Seras, but this is how friendship works! We cannot allow you to come here and take all the fighting on your own. I know this will be traumatic and the four of us will need a psychiatrist when this finish… but we’ll deal with it. We’ll help you, because you’re our friend and nothing will change that”

Seras sighed.

“Dear Princess Celestia, I learned a valuable lesson of friendship today: no matter how close your friends are and how much you love them… sometimes you have to keep your stuff away from the morons you have for friends!”

Celestia had a sweat drop on her forehead.

“That was the most interesting friendship report I ever had, but still counts”

The fight kept going, and Seras had to reluctantly admit that the ammo that her friends brought her was an invaluable help, but still Tartarus’ army was so big that she’ll needed more than just guns if she wanted to save Equestria.

“I don’t know how many enemies you locked there, but this won’t end well for us” said the vampire to Celestia at some point. “Our only hope is that my Master free me from my last Restriction Seal”

From their hidden spot, Discord transmitted the message to Fluttershy. The yellow Pegasus sighed

“I understand, if that’s the only way I’ll do it” said the small Pegasus. “Seras, I FREE YOU FROM YOUR RESTRICITON SEAL LEVEL ZERO! FROM NOW ON I NEED YOU TO USE ALL YOUR POWER!”

Seras felt the power increasing.

“What is it, Seras Victoria?” Asked Princess Celestia when she noticed that the vampire’s expression had changed.

Seras just grinned.

“This is it, I’ll finish this here and NOW!!”

Arc 3: Kill Zone! part two (UNEDITED)

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(Part 2)

The fight kept going, and Seras had to reluctantly admit that the ammo that her friends brought her was an invaluable help, but still Tartarus’ army was so big that she’ll needed more than just guns if she wanted to save Equestria.

“I don’t know how many enemies you locked there, but this won’t end well for us” said the vampire to Celestia at some point. “Our only hope is that my Master free me from my last Restriction Seal”

From their hidden spot, Discord transmitted the message to Fluttershy. The yellow Pegasus sighed

“I understand, if that’s the only way I’ll do it” said the small Pegasus. “Seras, I FREE YOU FROM YOUR RESTRICITON SEAL LEVEL ZERO! FROM NOW ON I NEED YOU TO USE ALL YOUR POWER!”

Seras felt the power increasing.

“What is it, Seras Victoria?” Asked Princess Celestia when she noticed that the vampire’s expression had changed.

Seras just grinned.

“This is it, I’ll finish this here and NOW!!”

Everyone, absolutely everyone; even those without the ability to feel magic, could perceive the monstrous amount of power coming from the monster. They all shivered, they all knew everything changed at the very moment Fluttershy took the final decision.

Still grinning, Seras placed her demonic energy arm on the floor; releasing shadows that expanded all over the battlefield. Tartarus’ worse criminals weren’t prepared for this: several dark shadows covered with red eyes staring at them.
Starswirl prepared his magic, he didn’t care about his army; Equestria’s invasion was only an excuse to put that mastodon of Tirek on his side, but all he wanted was to become immortal. Ironically his dream about never die drove him to his imminent death.

With her shadow completely surrounding her enemies, Seras was ready.

“Lyra, my rifle” she called.

The minty unicorn obeyed her friend, even if she felt a little disappointed that she couldn’t keep using a true human weapon.
Once she took it, Seras made appear a new form from her shadow… it was, another human? Apparently a male; dressing with a military shirt, a cowboy hat, an eyepatch on his right eye; and long brown hair tied in a long braid. The apparition set fire to a cigarette a placed on his mouth with a faint smile. Only the upper part of his body was visible, the rest was covered on Seras’ shadow.

“I knew it was only a matter of time for you to call me, Mignonette”

Seras smiled to him.

“Always a pleasure to see you Bernadotte, but I’ve told you a million times stop smoking inside me!”

The apparition just laughed while more like him emerged from Seras’ shadow. Hundreds, no thousands of ‘Familiars’; maybe not as much as Alucard’s but still more than enough to take care of the Tartarus invasion.
Star Swirl’s army recovered from shock and charged against them, only to find out it was useless. Seras’ being semi-ethereal, shadows weren’t attackable by normal ways; physical attacks were out of the question since nopony could touch them, and magic only angry the shadows. Tartarus’ army was doomed, there was nothing they could do against this new monstrous power.
And their panic increased when they saw Tirek’s shadow joining to the others.

“OH FUCK YOU TIREK! WE STARTED THIS TOGETHER!” Shouted Star Swirl running for his life.

But between the shadows, were one who unnerved the most to both sides. It was a tall human figure, all dressed in a large military raincoat and a kepi that covered his whole face except for his eye. A creepy purple eye that stared directly to Star Swirl.

But even with that monstrous army destroying his plans, Star Swirl was far to give up. Using his great power he attacked Tirek with a restriction spell, making appear chains all over his body that immobilized the monster becoming tighter and tighter by seconds. Soon enough the chains ripped off the monster’s limbs leaving useless.

“I’m sorry dude, but I know you would prefer this than being that monster’s slave for the rest of eternity” snarled Star Swirl making appear a wooden stake that pierced Tirek’s heart, releasing his soul from Seras.
Seras raised an eyebrow when she felt that, but still smiled.

“Oh well, I lost one; nothing too serious. Bernadotte, stay here and protect my friends; alright? And Bon-Bon, keep ready to lend Bernadotte new ammo whenever he needs”

The cream pony nodded furiously. Unbelievable enough, the whole thing haven’t affected that much. Apparently that level of insensibility was a collateral effect of being friends with a monstrosity from the pits of hell.

Tartarus’ army intended to retreat back to their prison, but Seras resumed her brutal hunting combining both her natural speed and strength and the Harkonnen II. This time they were sure that the ponies will win the battle, Seras was too powerful for any of them.
Twilight realize she was beginning to feel something unknown; not only she realized that the explosions and the massacre wasn’t affecting her as it should, but she was also feeling a little…

Shining Armor spoke:

“I know I shouldn’t say this, but is a true relief. Even if they stop Seras… the Tartarus will never recover from this carnage”

The Bearers and Princess Celestia gasped at the moment they realized he was right. Leaving aside the nauseating demonstration of pure evil and blood thirst (literally, of course), Shining Armor was right. They felt relieved knowing that the monster known as Seras Victoria was fighting for Equestria.

Star Swirl was sweating cold, just waiting for the inevitable.

“Why did I kept going with this? I knew this as going to happen, I even warned Tirek about her. Then why I kept going? This can’t be! But in the other side, why she haven’t attacked me yet? What is she waiting for?”

His questions were answered when a powerful punch crashed him against a wall, crushing several bones in the process, but only because he previously casted a protection spell; if it weren’t for it, he would crushed entirely. Star Swirl looked at the attacker, it was the shadow with the military coat; the captain who was staring at him with his purple eye.

The captain sent another punch, but this time Star Swirl teleported away just in time, and sent the same attack he used with Tirek’s shadow. Of course it didn’t work, Walter’s invisible wires were much more powerful than those chains so the captain only got rid of them by just flexing his muscles.

Star Swirl screamed and sent more magic attacks that the captain didn’t bother to evade; the magic only burned his clothes revealing a tall man with very marked muscles.
Star Swirl peed himself looking at this creature.


Hans Günche jumped and still in the air turned into a giant white wolf taking the magic sphere that was protecting the wizard in his sharp teeth. Star Swirl screamed even louder, and more when he noticed the fangs penetrating his magic. There was nothing he could do, there was nowhere to run; the only way was to accept his fate.
And he did at the same moment that Hans’ teeth reduced him and his protection to nothing but a memory.
There were whines and cries from the soldiers, without their two leaders everything was lost. The monsters were still destroying them mercilessly; and now that the giant wolf joined to the battle, this was worse than ever.
Some of the soldiers tried to use an enchanted-sight spell to detect the captain’s moves, so fast which made him invisible. Again there was nothing they could do.

Others tried to have a most honoring death charging to the Princesses and the Bearers, but there were destroyed by Bernadotte and Vinyl.

“It’s a little refreshing not fighting undeads, you know?” Joked Bernadotte shooting a unicorn’s leg. “I don’t have to aim to their heads or their hearts. Any part is good. More ammo Bonnie!”

Bon-Bon obeyed, recharging. The Bearers were covering trying to ignore was happening in both their hearts and the battlefield.
And there it was Celestia, who seemed thinking. Aim to their hearts or their heads? A weakness, she has a weakness…

Seras was exterminating an entire regiment, while others tried to attack from behind. However, they were destroyed by Vinyl, Octavia and the Harknonnen I.

“Tavi, another charge!”

The gray mare obeyed and another remain of the army of condemned were exterminated.

“Seriously, by Royal Decree the four of you are going to the psychiatrist when this overs” said Celestia. “And Octavia Melody, how many of those things do you still have?”

Octavia looked at her shipping.

“Only one more, Princess”

Celestia nodded.

“Alright, save it. I… I… I have an idea of how can we use the last one”

The ponies looked at their Princess, who avoided eye-contact for some reason. The only who remained silent was Bernadotte, who had seeing enough wars to know it perfectly: he could recognize someone terrified about to do something really, really stupid with just a look. And Celestia was about to do it, he knew it too well.

“Mignonette” he mumbled thinking about Seras. Of course he could protect her… but also knew Seras wouldn’t like it. Being part of her, Bernadotte knew all too well Seras’ decision from now.

The remains of Star Swirl’s army resigned to their fate.

“What would be worst? The explosions, the wolf or her?” Asked a soldier crying behind a rock.

“I guess you’ll never know” said Seras appearing before him.

The poor soldier was reduced to nothing with Seras’ last bullet. It was over.
What started as a battlefield was now a dead valley with nothing but death, blood, destruction, desolation and more death. Only Seras’ Familiars kept going, that soldier she just killed was the last of the army; again, it was all over.

“Okay, we won” announced Seras bowing to the Princesses and her Master’s friends. “It is over”

The ponies exchanged an uncomfortable look and nodded reluctantly, for both Bearers and soldiers this was a night they wanted to forget even if they knew it was impossible. Equestria’s History would be always stained by that horrible massacre.

But then they heard the noise of a weapon charging and turned to see what was happening.
Princess Celestia held the Harkonnen I with her magic and aimed it to its owner.

“Like you said, it’s over Seras Victoria” said Celestia.

“Princess what are you doing?” Shouted Twilight.

“Silence my faithful student!” Said Celestia staring to Twilight and back to Seras. “Seras Victoria, even if I appreciate what you’ve done for Equestria, a being like you shouldn’t exist on the first place. Thanks to you I learnt from my mistakes and your sacrifice won’t be in vane; but Seras I cannot allow you to live. A being of darkness such as yourself it’s an imminent danger for the whole world”

The ponies looked at Celestia if she was crazy. By their way, as Bernadotte predicted, Seras’ Familiars didn’t move.

“Your Majesty, she just saved us! She’s the greatest defense we’ll ever have!” Mumbled Shining Armor trying to get Celestia to reason.

“She is an abomination and we all know it” said Celestia still aiming to Seras.

Shining looked around him, fearing that the monsters Seras summoned destroy Celestia at any time now, but they remained inactive.

“So you finally realized how bad the two sides are, your Majesty” said Seras firmly. “If you’re too soft and compassionate; well, you saw what it brought. But on the contrary, if decide to exterminate every single threat without looking twice, you saw the result. In both scenarios your beloved Kingdom becomes a nightmare for your people”

Celestia kept aiming.

“I will never hurt you Princess, because my will is tied to Fluttershy’s; but I’ve seen your fear from the first time we met. You know you can’t defeat me, so that’s why you’ll turn your fear to my Master, that would force her to use me against you. I understand and like you, I agree this is the only way. Fluttershy is a pure soul and she won’t corrupt, but fear can drive her to do something stupid; like what you’re trying to do”

Twilight couldn’t believe it; not only was her beloved mentor about to kill Seras, but Seras also was letting her. This won’t end well.

“Princess stop it! Be reasonable!” Called Twilight.

Seras shook her head smiling gently to the purple alicorn.

“Is alright Twilight, Celestia is right; something like me shouldn’t exist. I’ve always said that I’ll die the day that my extend past finally crushes my eternal future. Well, today is the day: go ahead Princess Celestia, when I release my Level Zero I’m more powerful than ever, but also is when I’m most vulnerable. I’ll let you destroy me, but with one condition”

“And what it would be?”

“My Master, her friends and especially mine are free of all charges. With my death I free them for all responsibility”

Celestia nodded calmly.

“It’s fair Seras Victoria. I swear you for my throne that I won’t blame them of anything”

Seras sighed, glad that her master wasn’t looking.

“Go ahead”

Celestia shot.
Discord and Fluttershy appeared and ran to stop the Princess but it was too late: at the very moment they arrived, the bullet cleanly impacted on Seras’ heart making her explode like her victims. All the Familiars ignited and began to consume to nothing
Fluttershy cried, especially because her friend sent her a last smile before dying. It was the end of everything; the most powerful and terrible being of all times were eliminated.

Discord slapped Celestia.


“What we’ll do you say?” Answered the Princess. “No matter how hard you try to defend Seras Victoria she was a threat and if we were on the unfortunate need to use her it was because my compassion at some point turned into stupidity and I let our enemies to almost destroy us completely. As I told Seras Victoria, her sacrifice won’t be in vain. I’ll learn from my mistakes and from now on I’ll never let things escalate this level. There are some threats that need to be exterminated, I know it now; but never by brutal methods like the ones Seras Victoria used. I did it only because I’ll make sure that we’ll never need to use somepony like her again”

And she left just like that. A pathetically long speech only to hide (and not even well hidden) her panic from this creature. A pointless effort to defend her cowardice.
But when she was sure nopony was looking at her, Celestia cried.

“I know this is going to hunt me forever, and even if I did what I know was right, I did it for the wrong reasons. I’m truly sorry Seras Victoria and I only wish you happiness wherever you humans go after dying”

And continued walking, followed from far by her student and friends, feeling Everypony’s looks of disapproval. Only Discord, Fluttershy, Vinyl, Lyra, Octavia and Bon-Bon stayed behind on the battlefield, they decided to stay with their friend looking for her ashes or something.

“So is she truly dead now?” Asked Lyra.

“A great friend, scary and all but a great friend” sobbed Bon-Bon. “I can’t believe what she did”

“Who the fuck did she think she’s fooling’” Asked a very angry Discord. “She did it because she’s a coward! She can’t stand somepony stronger than her, even if she was on our side”

After a dead silence, Lyra found something moving between the ashes. Approaching, the minty unicorn suddenly gasped in surprise.

“What is it Lyra?” Asked Bon-Bon to her marefriend.

Discord approached too and gasped as well, but this time he used his magic to levitate what they found: it was a light-blue three-legged Pegasus, with blonde mane and a police badge Cutie Mark.
Nopony said nothing, nopony understood anything.

Arc 4: Last mission, only chapter (UNEDITED)

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(Only chapter)

Seras slowly opened her eyes finding herself in an infinite white space. Seras smiled remembering, it was here where she found herself before restart her existence as an undead. That time she was chased by the illusion of zombies but now Seras felt strong and ready for anything. Like she said to father Alexander Anderson a million years ago: ‘Now I don’t fear anything’
But, sit there wasn’t going to do anything so Seras began to walk to no particular direction, only hoping to find her destiny.

“Police Girl” someone called Seras.

Seras froze. What? That voice… but no, it couldn’t be.

“Police Girl” her Master’s voice called again.

Seras turned in awe. Her first Master was standing right before her, just like Seras remembered him: red Victorian clothes, dark glasses and his ironic wolf-like smile that Seras missed so much. It was him, the vampire Alucard.

“Master!” Said Seras running to hug her Master.

Alucard accepted the embrace for a little, but then he separated and began to walk. Seras smiled and followed him shyly but happy to meet him again.

“I never thought I would see you back here, Police Girl” said Alucard.

Seras sighed sadly.

“I know, but I realized you were right, Master. We’ll never belong to the world of light. It wasn’t our place during the era of men… and it isn’t now at the era of equines”

“Equines?” Asked Alucard.

“Colorful ponies” explained Seras bored. “I served one of them as it was Integra, but for her own sake I had to leave her. Their ruler was terrified from me and I let her destroy me to protect my Master from her. She killed with my own weapon, you know?”

Seras facepalmed.

“Unbelievable. From the very beginning I knew you weren’t like the others of our kind, Police Girl”

“I’m sorry, my Master” said Seras bowing.

Seras turned to her smiling warmly.

“I never said it was a bad thing” said the eldest vampire petting the girl’s head as he did during the Millennium attack. “That’s why I let you live, you know? Because after all what happened to us, you still had your conscience almost intact. You feel compassion, true friendship, even love… all the feelings that left me when I became this”

Seras half smiled, she already knew that.

“Now what? Do I keep going or something?”

Alucard shrugged.

“Maybe in the future Seras, but not now. In the meantime live your life Seras, you earned it. The selfless sacrifice you did for your young Master was more than enough to convince HIM that you deserved a second chance as a mortal. Go ahead, live a happy life; a true life. And I’m proud of you Seras, you’re the only one of us who even earned such a privilege. This is good bye Seras, I won’t see you again”

“Master, what do you mean Master? Where are you goin?”

Alucard got lost in the infinite white.


Seras found herself lying with her eyes closed, but where was she?

“Look, she’s waking!” she could heard someone. It was Lyra?

“Give her some space!” She heard Discord saying. “Go ahead, cellist, move for Faust’s sake!”

“The poor dear, but I don’t understand! I thought Princess Celestia just killed her” That voice had to belong to Fluttershy for sure.

“Well, you know what she always says” joked Vinyl’s voice, even if she seemed very nervous: “you can’t kill her because she’s already dead”

That was it, Seras opened her eyes.
All her friends were around her: Discord, Fluttershy, Lyra, Octavia and Vinyl; and everypony seemed really happy to see her.

“Seras, is that really you?” Asked Fluttershy.

The light-blue Pegasus nodded happily.

“Yes, Fluttershy my…”

“No Seras, please don’t say it” begged Fluttershy. “For the sake of my sanity don’t say the word”

Seras laughed silly and shrugged.

“Fluttershy my friend”

Tears of happiness appeared on the yellow pegasus’ eyes and quickly hugged Seras, who returned the embrace happily; and it was when she noticed that she lost a foreleg.
The others joined to the hug truly happy and relieved, this was over and their friend was okay; everything was doing great.

“And what happened to you Seras?” Asked the draconequs after a while. “I can’t feel that darkness around you anymore. You feel more like any other mortal”

Seras smiled.

“Exactly, a normal Pegasus with a life before me. I don’t fully understand but apparently the sacrifice I made for Fluttershy and you gave me a second chance. I’m not an undead anymore, just a mortal”

They all exchanged a surprised look but then just hugged tighter Seras, who laughed in joy. Perhaps Equestria lost a very valuable defense but Seras had her reward after so many years of alone suffering.

“I’m glad for you Seras” said Lyra smiling from ear to ear. “Now I imagine you can have fun freely during the day; and you don’t have to ask permission to Fluttershy anymore. Ey, we can even go the next Antro-Con together where we’ll share all your knowledge about humans! And show them a true human weapon… but uncharged, of course”

“Lyra, with all respect, you and Octavia urgently need therapy” sighed Seras half annoyed.

“I don’t know about Octavia but I’ve being begging it to Lyra since we started dating” mumbled Bon-Bon with a small chuckle.

Seras laughed happily with the rest of her group, everypony except for Discord and Fluttershy who didn’t belong to that group of friends. Anyway they were happy for Seras, who now had a whole life before her.
At some time Seras tried to stand but suddenly fell.

“What? Oh, right, my right foreleg was made of my demonic powers. I think I’ll have to get use to this” sighed the vampire; standing again, but this time with her wings’ help.

“They couldn’t give you your leg back?” Asked Fluttershy softly.

Seras shrugged.

“Apparently not, but who cares? Is a small price compared with being alive. After a million years of being a vampire this is a great gift; so small things like lose a foreleg doesn’t matter, and if I’m honest with you I’m relieved that was just my leg and not my eyes too. Now I only hope that the Princess of the Sun listen to reason this time”

Discord smiled to Seras.

“She will, because if she dares to hurt you; she’ll know what I’m capable of. I’m reformed now, so I won’t let anyone to hurt my friends”

Fluttershy glared to her friend, but nodded in silence knowing Discord could protect Seras better than anyone.
Then Seras’ stomach growled.

“Oh, you’re hungry!” Smiled Bon-Bon “Do you want some daisy sandwiches, Seras? Or do you prefer roses? I think I have some lilies too”

“Ey that’s mine!” Protested Lyra.

Bon-Bon just ignored Lyra and placed the picnic basked she prepared for the expedition of death to the Tartarus.

“Here you go!” Said confectioner. “I made more than enough for everypony!”

“Great!” Said Seras. “It’ll be a good change from blood”

“You deserve the best my friend” said Lyra hugging her former vampire friend. “Bonnie’s cook is the best; and you know? You can have my lily sandwich, after you saved us is the least I can do”

Seras returned the hug.

“Lyra you already gave me something so big that I would never be able to return you the favor: your friendship. Leaving aside your craziness you’re my best friend”

Lyra nodded.

“You’re my best friend too, not only you were a human, but also you gave me the opportunity to use real human weapons. Human weapons!”

Everypony facehoofed; everypony but Octavia who agreed with Lyra.

“I know, right?” Said the gray pony. “Now I have a really interesting entry for my journal, about how exciting was helping to destroy those bastards with all the non-magical power from Seras’ arsenal”

Vinyl had a sweat drop on her forehead.

“You know Seras? I think you’re right about therapy” sighed the DJ taking one of Bon-Bon’s sandwiches.

The vampire rolled her eyes; showing her arsenal to her friends was very bad decision; Lyra’s obsession with humans was something she should consider but now it was too late to regret. And Octavia, well, that was unexpected but still the vampire trusted that the Princess of the Sun really learnt from the experience and destroy the Hellsing storage.

“Enough with the therapy!” Protested Octavia. “Now it’s time for Seras to take her first bite of real pony food”

The former vampire obeyed taking the nearest sandwich and tasted it. It was amazing, a whole new revelation of flavor after more than a million years of having the same drink over and over again.

“Oh Bon-Bon! This is excellent, what is it?”

“Oh, that’s a dandelion one. I’m glad you liked it!”

Lyra hugged her marefriend.

“Bonnie is an expert in the art of cooking! Her sandwiches are great, but her sweets are just magnificent!”

Bon-Bon kissed Lyra and took a sandwich herself.

“Thank you my love”

“And tell me Seras, when you’re going to find a cute little mare for you, huh?” Joked Vinyl.

“You know I’m straight, right?”

“Don’t worry, it can be fixed” said Vinyl shrugging. “Octavia was straight too until I came! And, ey! That’s a great idea! Everyone, next time we hang out we’ll take Seras to that club”

“Oh great!” Ironized the vampire.

“Okay, enough of pointless chit-chat!” Suddenly said Discord. “We still have to say something to our beloved Princess of the Idiots; and the last train of Discord express leaves, NOW!”

They teleported, it was time to confront Celestia for the last time.

In Canterlot, the survivors of that massacre were in deep silence, saying good bye to their fallen partners caring a big coffin where they deposited all the weapons they could rescue, since the bodies weren’t in conditions recover.
It was stunning how the army decimated; at least three quarters.
For Celestia, who obviously presided the ceremony, seeing the coffin was a great slap remembering her mistakes. She could feel the stares blaming her for all what happened.
Not even Luna, not even Twilight nor the other Bearers supported her this time; she would have to carry the weight of blame all by herself.

“And what happened with that being of Darkness, who gave us victory?” Whispered Luna. “The monster of Seras Victoria I mean”

Applejack stared at Celestia.

“Seras Victoria wasn’t a monster; or at least not a bad one. She showed her true nature but never harmed us, she stayed faithful… until death”

“Did she fall in battle?” Asked Candace.

Shining Armor sent a disgusted glare to Celestia before answer his wife:

“Yes and no, Seras saved us reducing Tirek’s nothing but a formless red mass” he said shivering. “But then Princess Celestia took one of Seras’ own weapons and exterminated her, the greatest defense Equestria ever had. And the worst part is that she let her do it! She didn’t even defend herself!”

Both Luna and Candace shivered horribly.

“Fluttershy stayed there to say good bye to her friend” said Rarity. “And the worst part was that Seras called herself a servant even if Fluttershy always treated her like a friend. A monster from the pits of hell but still a noble soul until the end. The way how she let Celestia kill her proved it”

Celestia could hear her and looked at the group of mares behind her, but she let it go. She knew they were right, this was something she’ll haveto learn to live with.
But still there was a funeral she had to preside:

“And to close this dark chapter of Equestrian history; I’ll close down forever the cave where Seras Victoria kept her horrible killing machines to make sure no pony will repeat the horror we released today”

The door of the Great Hall suddenly opened, letting pass a group of mares: Fluttershy, Seras’ friends and Discord; leaded by a three legged blue pony.

“Ey idiot, did you ever learn? Stop playing dumb and destroy the damn things already!”

Celestia frowned and advanced furiously to the insolent.

“Who are you and how dare you to address me like that?”

Seras smiled ironically, an unnervingly familiar smile.

“No… it can’t be” mumbled Celestia recognizing the creature.

Seras nodded.

“Yes, you just killed my with my own gun, I think I owned the right to address you however I want”

The Mane 6 gasped, along with the soldiers who knew Seras’ pony form. It was her, but it couldn’t be. They just saw how Celestia destroyed her.
Discord floated before everyone and smiled.

“Unbelievable mares and gentlecolts! Today we witnessed a true miracle: as a reward for her sacrifice for Equestria, Seras Victoria came back as a mortal! A mortal as any of us!”


“Yeah, apparently kill her was a good thing after all” said Discord to Celestia. “She’s a mortal now Celestia, not the monster who saved you and your Kingdom. That’s why you’re going to leave her alone, you hear me?”

The other friends joined the draconequus.

“Yeah, she deserves a pleasant life after all she lived” said Vynil.

“And as the last of humans she can be useful” added Lyra.

Fluttershy joined.

“Seras deserves to be happy, Princess Celestia. She sacrificed too much because she didn’t fully understood what meant to be a vampire, and when I woke her by accident she was so empty on the inside that she voluntarily tied her will to mine. But she’s free now and deserves more than a life of service and you know it”

“Princess, you shouldn’t kill her” said Twilight joining Fluttershy. “But luckily Seras is back and you have the opportunity to make it up to her”

Candace and Luna joined too supporting Seras.

“She saved us Tia”

“Auntie, you know what’s right”

At the end Celestia had to smile.

“I admit this is a true relief” she said advancing to Seras and bowing to her. “Seras Victoria, I owe you a huge apology; I let the fear took the best of me and destroyed you even after what you did for us. And even if I know I don’t deserve it, I’m begging you for your forgiveness”

Seras sent the Princess a blank stare but nodded.

“Alright. Luckily sacrifice is one of the most appreciated virtues for the Humans’ God and I was given a second chance. But seriously, destroy the damn storage, okay? I can’t tell you how to do your job but please destroy it, not for me; for my friends, especially Lyra and Octavia. Don’t take unnecessary risks letting those things just sealed, destroy it”

Luna nodded.

“If my sister doesn’t, I’ll do it Seras Victoria. Guide me to your storage… even if I have a little idea of where is it, isn’t that blind spot for my sight-magic?”

Seras smiled.

“So you were the one watching me”

“Yes I am, but only because I saw an incoming danger from you Seras. But don’t be afraid, from now on I’ll let you alone, you proved your loyalty during this battle”

Fluttershy approached to the vampire shyly.

“And tell me Seras, what are you going to do from now on?”

The former vampire looked to the horizon and shrugged with a bright smile.

“Me? Live my life”