• Published 3rd Jul 2015
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Hellsing: The Rise of Seras Victoria - Kaliann25

Fluttershy is in grave danger, but a lucky encounter with a monster from the pits of hell will save her life and much more. Now as the new master of vampire Seras Victoria, everything will change for the shy pony

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Arc 1 Final (UNEDITED)

( Arc 1 Final)

Fluttershy spent the next days getting used to her new friend but still refusing the idea of Seras being her servant; but aside of that, there was no problem between them. Seras used to sleep until Luna lowered the sun and then the first thing always did was to ask Fluttershy is she needed any help; but since the Pegasus always said no, Seras walked straight to the forest to hunt something for dinner.
But in order to hide the vampire from Twilight, Fluttershy asked Seras if she could hunt only on the deeper and darker part of the Everfree Forest; luckily for them, the purple alicorn lost Seras’ trail thanks to the Restriction Seals.

“And Seras, one more thing: do you think you can restrain yourself a little? Last time you were too voracious and if you keep like this you’ll extinguish all the forest’s wild life”

Seras laughed uncomfortably.

“Ehehehe… sorry about that Fluttershy, you see, that time I was starving; I haven’t had a drop of blood in over a million years and I couldn’t restrain myself. Naturally I have enough with a victim or two”

Fluttershy nodded happily, she trusted Seras.

The only one who was uncomfortable with the situation was Discord, who spent every minute watching Seras; if the monster decided to turn against Fluttershy, he could protect her. Or at least die trying… the most probable scenario.

“You know? It’s a shame you don’t trust me entirely” said Seras one night after had a feast with a manticore. “I think both of us can understand each other; your stupid and harassing sense of humor reminds me Captain Bernadotte. Besides, I understand that you were on the same situation that I am now… with no other who truly trusts you besides the Master”

Discord, disguised as a tree, came back to normal.

“You knew it was me?”

“I can see through illusions, it was my first vampiric ability” remembered Seras. “Whatever, with your permission I’ll go for another of this tasty cat-things”

“Drinking from animals doesn’t satisfy your demonic nature” observed Discord. “I can feel it, if it wasn’t for your especial coffin, you’ve being weakened by now”

“I know it’s only a placebo, but I swore to the Master that I won’t hurt others”

Discord frowned, he cared about Fluttershy, but also he was starting to feel sorry about the monster.

“Are you so empty on the inside that being a servant is the only thing that calms your pain?”

Seras shrugged.

“When I turned into this I began to work for the Hellsing Organization and I had a purpose. They took away from me my human existence; but at least I was doing something to protect the human-kind from other monsters like me. But centuries before I went to sleep Hellsing was already gone and so was my purpose. That’s why I went to sleep, to find a new purposee; and I’ve found it: to serve Fluttershy”

Discord sighed.

“You’re weird Seras Victoria, but as you said, I think I understand you and I’m convinced now: you’re not a threat to Fluttershy”

Seras shook Discord’s claw.

“Then that makes us friends, my first friend in this new world”

“Your first friend is Fluttershy, even if you call yourself a servant she’s your friend no your Master”

Seras smiled and after have a second manticore for her meal, she went back to Fluttershy’s home along with her new friend Discord. And from that moment the two of them became really close; Discord even stole some blood packages from Canterlot General to give Seras something to feed for real. Seras thanked the gesture and kept it as a secret from Fluttershy, making it some kind of internal joke between Discord and her.
That peaceful and pleasant existence was unknown for Seras, who spent her whole life and unlife fighting; always fighting. But now she was in peace with the world and with herself. It was quite nice; but in the bottom of her heart, she knew a shadow darkened this new careless existence: and it was the fact that given the time, Fluttershy would die, just like those who shared a bond with her. But Seras tried to not to think about it; in order to enjoy herself as long as she can.

But one day something happened, starting with the smell of burned sugar on the air.

“Darkness is coming” mumbled Seras inside her coffin, even if she didn’t know why.

Fluttershy was also awoken because of the smell.

“Discord! Is too early on the morning!” She complained flying downstairs.

But the yellow pegaus quickly realized that the draconequs wasn’t in there. What was going on? Guided by a bad feeling, she went out of her house only to face the horror: Ponyville, her home, was devastated. The whole place was the pure definition of chaos; ponies in a red and black armor were destroying the whole town with powerful spells and enormous swords covered in fire. And in the center of the devastation, Fluttershy saw her friends and Princess Celestia; trapped in an energy field that slowly was turning them into stone. Twilight noticed her and tried to say something but Fluttershy couldn’t hear her.
And on the other side there was Discord, also trapped in a force field that drained his powers to increase the power of the black swords.
Then Fluttershy heard the laughs and turned.

It was a unicorn who seemed the male and older version of Trixie: he had blue fur and like Trixie, a sky-blue mane and tail; and purple eyes. He also wore a long purple cape decorated with silver stars and a magician hat also decorated with the stars and sleigh bells.

“Finally, the last of the Elements of Harmony!” Smiled the strange unicorn. “If you haven’t woke up on the next half an hour I would go to wake you myself, but I wanted to give you a surprise! What do you think, huh?”

Fluttershy screamed in terror.


The unicorn seemed to think about it.

“Well, is hard to tell. First because it’s fun; and second, because I want to become immortal. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony are naturally immortals, and so the alicorn Princesses. The dragon? Well, his life is only naturally longer than a pony’s but I still can work with him. Now changing the subject, I haven’t introduced myself. The name is Swirl; Star Swirl the Bearded”


“Hell Yeah! And by the way, I’m still alive not because I’m immortal like you; but because I was locked in a magical prison that freezes you in a moment of time in order to have you locked for eternity. Anyway, since I was the one who designed the stupid prison (known as Tartarus) it was easy for me to organize the massive jailbreak, even if it took millenniums. By the way, this appearance is only an age-spell; it won’t last, and I can’t regress to an age more than once. Is kind of depressing, you know?”

“Clover the Clever was right to lock you there you freak!” shouted Celestia, who was half way to turn into stone.

Star Swirl shrugged.

“Oh yeah, a total cliché; so ironic that was offensive. Betrayed by my own student; but luckily she passed away like any other mortal, but that won’t happen to me” the crazy unicorn said turning to Celestia and then back to Fluttershy. “Now I’ll capture you and reveal the secret of true immortality; and since I’m going to kill you in the process (sorry about that) I have to find a new Ruler for all the ponies. I think my last descendant will do, I have no interest in such a charge”

“Is your last descendant Trixie?” Mumbled Fluttershy.

“Winner, winner, we have a winner!!” Smiled the crazied unicorn. “Now Discord show her what she won!”

The energy orb that retained Discord began to electrocute him, making him scream in agony while tried with all his power to not hurt his beloved friend; but Star Swirl’s powers were stronger than his will. An evil smiled appeared on the crazy unicorn when Fluttershy was caught by two of his soldiers who began to approach her to the energy field where her friends were.
Something broke inside the Pegasus, she wanted to save her friends no matter what; but she also wanted to teach that monster a lesson.


“Don’t tell me” ironized Star Swirl. “What are you going to do? Stare us to death? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

“I’ll show you” mumbled Fluttershy. “SERAAAAAS!”

Star Swirl raised an eyebrow but shrugged and commanded one of his soldiers to gag Fluttershy. The armored pony approached, when suddenly he vanished into a red flash. The other who held Fluttershy took his sword looking for the attacker; when the shadow materialized in front of them, as a red Pegasus who still held Star Swirl’s soldier by his throat with her teeth.

“Seras: don’t kill anypony, just… just punish them and save my friends” commanded Fluttershy.

Seras released the soldier and disappeared again; to appear right behind the one who still held Fluttershy and took him by the neck, only to bit his throat too. Her red eyes were glowing because of the pleasure, the thirst and the anger.
Other of the soldiers dropped his weapon and ran away, but Seras caught him with her vampiric agility and also directed to his throat.

“GO GET HER!” Shouted Star Swirl.

An already freed Fluttershy walked to Star Swirl Staring at him.

“Do you really think you can hurt my friends and simply go away with it? DO YOU THINK THAT BEING TWILIGHT’S IDOL GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TREAT HER THAT WAY? YOU’LL PAY! YOU’LL PAY!!”

Several of Star Swirl’s soldiers ran to re-capture Fluttershy, but Seras was protecting her Master, tackling and drinking from those who dared to come too close to Fluttershy. Soon enough the soldiers stopped trying approach the yellow Pegasus, allowing Fluttershy to get to Star Swirl, who began to sweat coldly, he was really afraid of the monster who was protecting the Bearer of Kindness.

“Seras” continued Fluttershy, “I free you from your Restriction Seals three, two, one… I want you to free my friends, but I ALSO WANT YOU TO PUNISH THOSE WHO DARED TO TOUCH THEM! But don’t kill, just punish”

If Star Swirl was scared before, now he was really terrified when he felt Seras’ monstrous power grow even more. ‘Free you from your restriction seals… what happened? Why is this monstrosity here? Why is helping the Bearer of Kindness?’ began to think Star Swirl.
But he didn’t had the time to keep questioning what happened when Seras ran to him at full speed, without giving him the time to counterattack; only an emergency teleport, but he lost his precious concentration and freed his prisoners who went back to normal.

“Fluttershy, what’s happening? What is that thing?” Shouted Twilight seeing how Seras charged again to Star Swirl, showing him her fangs.

This time the magician reacted quickly and casted a fire sword that decapitated Seras quickly. The black armored soldiers sighed in relieve surrounding the Mane 6, Spike and Princess Celestia. Star Swirl was still breathing heavily but also relieved.

“You’ll pay for this Bearer of Kindness, I don’t know what kind of abomination was that but it really frightened me up. Now you’ll see what means to defy Star Swirl the Bearded”

And, to emphasize his point, he took Seras’ head to show to his enemies. But instead of Seras’ cut head, he held a Diamond Dog’s head”

“WHAT?” He shouted in horror while jumping backwards. Suddenly Star Swirl bumped into somepony… a red Pegasus with red eyes and a black foreleg.

“I’ll tell you a little secret: you can’t kill me. I’m already dead”

Star Swirl trembled in fear when Seras took him from his cape’s neck with her left hoof (the normal one) and with the other one, the one made of dark energy; she covered the whole town with her shadow; a shadow covered with red eyes that stared to Star Swirl’s soldiers. They tried to escape of course; but Seras’ shadow was too powerful to fight, lots of them tried to use their enchanted weapons but couldn’t do anything to Seras’ familiars. Sometimes the shadow seemed to move backwards… only to immediately regrow disarming the attackers, leaving them to Seras’ mercy.
The soldiers dropped their weapons and shrank shaking in fear; they were Tartarus’ most powerful and vicious criminals, but now they were reduced to a frightened mass of cowards.
One by one the shadow pierced their bodies, allowing the blood to emerge and form a small river that was disappearing at the contact of Seras’ hooves. Seras moaned in pleasure, still staring to the magician.

“Alright Star Swirl, it is time to show us if you are at the level of your legend, give a real fight. Transform your body, summon your Familiars; do some kind of interesting pony magic. It’s just noon, we have time for a long match”

Star Swirl finally broke and screamed horrified, but still he started to cast random spells to Seras, but even if a couple hurt the vampire, her shadows healed the wounds immediately. Seras just walked to Star Swirl, don’t even bothering to stop Star Swirl.
In his desperation, Star Swirl decided weaken his opponent casting an age spell to turn her into a harmless elder, but Seras kept the same; and even sighed when that one hit her.

“I don’t understand you Star Swirl, immortality is a curse, not a gift. Being immortal means to see everything and everyone you ever loved aging and dying. I refused to die once and now I’m paying the price”

“What do you mean?” Asked Star Swirl.

“Between us, I’ve being wishing death from some time but sadly I can die only when my extent past finally crush my eternal future”

Seras’s shadow immobilized Star Swirl, allowing the vampire to bit his neck and drink. Her eyes glowed with all her power while Star Swirl’s blood was revealing his dark plans. She raised an eyebrow, the content was very interesting; but respecting her Master’s command, Seras released Star Swirl soon to keep him alive, and the magician began to cry like a child.
Seras turned to her Master.

“This comedy was only the beginning. If he succeeded in his attempt to get rid of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony; his second in command, some creature named Tirek, would start the invasion from Tartarus. If he failed, well, Tirek will wait until the right time come. On their imprisonment, those two prepared especially to defeat the power of Harmony; that’s why you were beaten so easily. Luckily for you, they weren’t prepared for an undead”

Star Swirl cried louder.

“How do you know?” Asked Celestia still doubting if she could or couldn’t trust the monster.

“His blood told me” said Seras bowing to Fluttershy. “Now, the menace have being controlled my Master, and following your instructions I kept them alive. Now, can I go back to sleep? It’s barely noon and I hate sunlight”

Fluttershy nodded, so Seras took her hoof and kissed it… a gesture she did only to show her Master’s friends that she was on their side. Fluttershy understood of course, that’s why she allowed it.
Seras turned into a bunch of bats and flew back to Fluttershy’s cottage.

Author's Note:

So I decided to publish this two chapters that I already had ready for a while. I hope you liked it and I think that's it. Star Swirl as the villain, what do you think?

Read ya' later!!