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Traveling as a trio, the ponies loose a wheel on the way to market. It's a long trip with a wagon load of turnips, and it's so boring if you're a little filly! Time for another poem I guess? At the end of a long tiring day they have some 'bits' in the bank and some new memories.

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Author Interviewer

After hearing part 1 of Fish in the Clouds, I knew I had to come back and read all these, because I had too many questions. So 'Sam' I get, but why is his name 'Glyn'? And 'James'?

Poor old Glyn got the short straw there! It only says 'cob' and not Welsh Cob, so it leaves it hanging. Glyn is a common Welsh name and I actually buy parts off of a Glyn Lewis. I could do with a vehicle to fill Glyns charector out a bit, but I don't know much about him, other than he went to school with Sam. He is his own pony and is hard working and easy going. I like the strong but steady way he has and it was fun stuffing him a hot air ballon for "Fish in the Clouds". I should do more with him.
James' Farm was just a drop-in imply there were other farms making deliveries.
Thanks for reading :o)

Blimey, this got a "not recomended".
And you know what!
I'm cool with that :o)
Because really, when you drill down, I'm sat at the keyboard writing these things for me ;p)
"a small nose appeared over the planks at the front of the wagon" is always going to be a personal favourite of mine.
So you win some and you loose some, but I can garantee that writing what you like, how you like it, is better for the soul ^_^
Thanks for popping in,

The new Title Art is by Fia 94. I thought it needed something nice and cheery in the form of a commission.

Such a lovely story. It's like two stories in one. You're good at writing about families, I can see that.

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