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Two pony friends have worked together for years in an advertising agency. So it comes as quite a shock when they suddenly fall for each other! Before they really get to grips with their new situation they are off on a business trip to the countryside.
Art by Fia94
Audio Book; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bK6QIdzm32E

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Comment posted by Gentlehoof deleted Nov 12th, 2015
Comment posted by teamidris deleted Nov 12th, 2015

I dumped the comments. A bro posted a spoiler.

Right then, own up? Who read this story and made it roll over from 69 to 70?
You have ruined the sanctity of comedy naughtiness. :derpytongue2:
(I think it stayed on 69 for 3 weeks?)

Brian Random has kindly narrated this story on his channel :)

Yay :o) a " Vaguely Recommended " by PP. I'm well happy with that. It's the story I felt worked the least during writing? I was well out of my safe-zone. (I do have a few laughs at Brian's reading though. Some of the jokes are fun).
Shame PP can't review "Victoria Kitty", as it is another 'experimental'. It was written first-person from a child's perspective and was inspired by the dark fanfic Bubbles with a young Derpy. Victoria is older and off to school in an industrial landscape of dirt and danger, but is nieve to the risks. It's anthro furry not pony.
Anyhoo, I digress :o)
Thanks for the review PP :D

Huh.. kinda cool

Ah, the mystery is revealed. I actually noticed that you were preventing 'he said' and 'she said.' Halfway through the story I was seriously guessing at the two ponies' gender. Good one!

Thankyou ^-^ it was hard to write and even harder to edit. It was an experiment in non-gender and it only really works in text form. I love the narration, but it kind of gives the game away :o) That pub scene though. I might not of told my family that this one exists......

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