• Published 1st Feb 2015
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14 Ways to Confess - wingbeats

Rainbow Dash's goal: To get Applejack to go out with her. Problem: Asking Applejack to go out with her.

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4. Flowers

"You can't go wrong with flowers Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy said, standing alongside her flying, cyan pegasus friend.

"But which one? There's so many I can't decide!" Rainbow Dash said, frustrated with so many options. They were at Roseluck's cart.

"How 'bout this one!" Pinkie pie popped out of nowhere and held out a candy bouquet, filled with varieties of different treats. "It'll be so sweet!"

"It's perfect!" Rainbow Dash said, licking her lips at the chocolate-covered grapes on the bouquet.

"Umm don't you think she wants something that has real flowers on it." Fluttershy pointed out, much to the dismay of her two friends.

"Ugh fine, but I'm getting that one for myself later." Rainbow said, still eyeing the candy bouquet.

"Here" Fluttershy pointed out the roses. "These are usually a good choice."

"Alright. You're the expert." Rainbow Dash shrugged and called for Roseluck. "Hey Roseluck, how much for a dozen roses?"

Roseluck grinned. "Why Rainbow Dash, aren't you sweet. Tell me, do you have a special somepony by any chance?"

Rainbow's eyes widened. "Uhh No! I uhh..they're for Fluttershy. Yea, Fluttershy!"

Roseluck rolled her eyes at the pegasus, noting the obvious lie. "Well in that case, it'll be 60 bits."

"60 BITS!!! Oh come on! " Rainbow exclaimed.

"I got them fresh this morning. And it's almost Heart's and Hooves Day. Sorry Rainbow Dash but business is business."

"Ok umm," Rainbow said deflated. "Would you happen to have anything that's a bit cheaper?"

Before Roseluck could answer, another pony's voice caught Rainbow's attention.

"Aww Spikey Wikey, you shouldn't have!"

Yup, there was Rarity, holding a dozen of what looked like Roseluck's freshest roses. Spike had a lipstick stain on his cheek that she was sure he wouldn't wash off until...ever.

Rainbow turned back to Roseluck, who gave a knowing smirk.

"There goes this week's paycheque." grumbled Dash.

If any pony was looking up in the sky that afternoon, they would have seen a rainbow pointing right to Sweet Apple Acres.

As soon as Rainbow saw her soon-to-be date, she landed a few feet behind her, with the roses on hoof. She was surprised to see Applejack in the middle of what seemed to be an empty field but decided it wasn't all that important.

Eye on the prize Dash! she mentally prepared herself. "Hey Applejack!"

The orange mare's ears perked up as she heard Dash's greeting. "Well howdy Rainbow! What are ya-" Applejack's eyes instantly shifted to the flowers. "RD, are those roses?".

"Umm. Yea they're for you. I know it's not really my thin-"

"Dash, run."

"Just let me finish ok? I got them for you 'cuz I wanted to ask will you go-"

"Dash, run!"

"Geez AJ, what's with you? I'm trying to-"


All of a sudden, a bull came from out of nowhere and upon looking at the red-colored roses, charged at Dash.

"Whoa!" Rainbow's wings instantly flared and she zoomed away from there as fast as she could. The bull however, chased her with great determination and the same speed as the Friendship express train.

Applejack grabbed her lasso and speeded off after them. "I should've told 'er the bull ridin' competition was today".

Author's Note:

I actually didn't know how much roses were until I had to buy them...