• Published 1st Feb 2015
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14 Ways to Confess - wingbeats

Rainbow Dash's goal: To get Applejack to go out with her. Problem: Asking Applejack to go out with her.

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8. Tree Carvings

"So is he game?" Rainbow asked, waiting for a translation from Fluttershy.

"Well, good news! Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth has agreed to do it, but first you have to give him 50 bits."

"50! He agreed to only 30!" Rainbow shot back. The beaver wasn't threatened by her, as he complained loudly to her face.

"Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth! Such language! And you did only agree to 30!" Fluttershy mediated quickly. "Oh well, that does seem like a very reasonable request."

"Well, what's he saying?" Rainbow gave the furry animal a glare.

"He said that he'll go with 40 and no lower, only because the winter made the wood more impenetrable to his teeth. It'll be a harder task on his part."

"Fine...just fine! I'll give him the bits but he's gotta double time on this. I haven't got all day!" Rainbow gave in. The patriarchal beaver blew a raspberry her way and began his work.

The beaver magnificently chewed on each tree, expertly using his teeth to carve out the words.

"Applejack's gonna love this!" Rainbow Dash said to Fluttershy, who agreed. Each apple tree had its own word that spelled out,

Applejack, will you go out with

"Alright. Just gotta get AJ out here to see this. Just make sure he finishes and puts my name on it. I don't want it to turn out like last time." Rainbow briefly thought back to the letter. "Just let me tell AB to-"

"Sis, don't! They're not done!" Applebloom tried to distract her older sister a bit longer but was unsuccessful.

"What are y'all talkin' bout AB?" Applejack came trotting down towards the chewed up apple trees. "Done with whaaa-"

When Applejack saw the scene before her eyes, her heart stopped. There stood Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy with an uneasy smile, while the beaver kept at it.

"Rainbow Dash...I...I..." Applejack was at a loss for words.

"Look I know it's not finished yet, but it's suppose to say-" Rainbow began.

"You bet your sweet behind it ain't finished yet! And it ain't gonna finish, ya here!" Applejack yelled angrily. "How can ya let this varmint come on up here and chew down all ma trees?!!" Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth gritted at his foe, as he prepared for the showdown.

"Stand aside RD! Applebloom get ma rope." Applejack narrowed her eyes at the beaver. Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth smirked and beckoned with his paws, as if to say 'do your worst!'

"Why that does it! C'mere ya crazy critter!" the orange mare raced after the hefty beaver, who smacked his tail wildly in the air and dived into the nearest body of water he could find.

"Applejack, please don't hurt him!" Fluttershy started to panic and turned to her friend. "Rainbow Dash, you got to calm her down! Rainbow Dash! Rainbow!" Fluttershy started to yell in her friend's blue ear.

Rainbow's brain, however, was taken over by only one thought.

She thinks my behind is sweet? AWESOME!