• Published 1st Feb 2015
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14 Ways to Confess - wingbeats

Rainbow Dash's goal: To get Applejack to go out with her. Problem: Asking Applejack to go out with her.

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5. Getting all "gussied up"

"Stand still Rainbow Dash!" barked Rarity.

"I can't. I need to fly" Rainbow ruffled her wings as if to prove her point. "This is waaay too boring for me."

"Don't you want to look good for Applejack or not?" Rarity asked, while trying to adjust some pieces to her attire.

Of course I do! Rainbow mentally answered and kept fidgeting in place. Rarity sighed and glanced at Fluttershy, telepathically asking her for help.

"Umm..for what it's worth" Fluttershy looked at her cyan pegasus friend. "You do look good Rainbow Dash."

At Fluttershy's words, Rainbow turned around to look at herself in the boutique mirror. She found that she didn't look good. She looked AWESOME!

While the rainbow-maned mare narcistically looked at her appearance, Rarity took advantage of the little time she had to try an finish. Unfortunately, time was not on her side.

"Ow! Rarity!" Rainbow gave her a look. "Why do I need to wear this anyways? Its really really tight. Can't I just, you know, not wear it?"

"Don't be silly Rainbow Dash" Rarity said, with a needle carefully clenched between her teeth. "Everypony knows that fashion attracts. I'm just here to help you make an impression. That's why fashion was created, after all. Doll yourself up and make yourself look good."

"Geez, what ever happened to just being yourself?" Rainbow Dash said flatly.

"Though I do agree with that, I believe it wouldn't do anypony any harm to make themself look presentable. If you're trying to win somepony's affection, especially one special to you, you would try to pull out all the stops, no?"

Rarity's advice seemed to get Rainbow's mind back to her goal. If she wanted to get a date with Applejack, she had to commit herself one-hundred percent to the cause.

The silence was shortened by Rarity's voice. "Tada! All done. Now for the finishing touch...."

The purple-maned mare grabbed a heart-shaped looking bottle with the spray bulb pointed right at Rainbow Dash.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Perfume? No way, I don't do perfume."

"Come on Rainbow Dash. Just a little spritz on your neck will have you smelling divine" Rarity persuaded.

Rainbow Dash looked at the perfume in her hooves and examined it carefully. It was purple in color and it looked like any other fragrance.....except for the fact that it was glowing!

"Where did you even get this? And why is it glowing?". Rainbow asked, swishing the liquid around in the bottle.

"Well, Sweetie Belle and her little friends made it, under Twilight's supervision. I've used it myself and it smells absolutely delightful. Why, I'm actually impressed that they created something that didn't blow up or caused the near destruction of Ponyville" Rarity answered.

"Under Twilight's supervision huh?" Rainbow raised an eyebrow. Then she looked at it again and then looked at both her friends. "Ugh fine. But just a little."

Trusting Twilight's supervision and Rarity as a test subject, Rainbow Dash let the fashionista spray a little on her neck. She let out a few coughs after the liquid made contact with her fur, as she was not use to the scent.

Not a few seconds later, a 'ding' was heard at front door of Carousel Boutique.

"Applebloom! Time ta go-" Applejack stopped in her tracks and her eyes were instantly glued to the one and only, Rainbow Dash. She took in Rarity's best work in admiration, as she circled the cyan mare.

"Well golly. Look at you all gussied up Rainbow. You look great in that getup. What's the occasion? Ya goin' on a date?"

The word "date" made Rainbow Dash shrink under her gaze.

Luckily for her, Rarity and Fluttershy took their positions behind the orange mare to signal Rainbow, without being seen by Applejack. Both mares were shaking their heads.

Rainbow's forehead broke into a sweat. "Well..um no. But I'm gonna ask them out! Wearing this..."

Rarity then made a circle motion with her hoof. Rainbow took in the signal and twirled around so Applejack could see all of her awesomeness again.

"Well any pony would be lucky to be seen with you RD. Lookin' like that, you might even turn some heads." Applejack complimented.

"I know, I do look pretty awesome huh? I mean, did you see the colours on the sleev-"

Rainbow's words were interrupted by a light cough from Fluttershy. Once catching Rainbow's attention, the two mares shook their heads furiously and pointed to Applejack.

"Uh I mean" Rainbow started, "I guess it's your lucky day then AJ!"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Applejack looked at her friend curiously. Rarity and Fluttershy nodded encouragingly behind her.

It's now or never Dash. Bite the bullet!

"It's your lucky day 'cuz the pony I wanted to ask out was y-"

"Dash! What's that on your neck?" Applejack's eyes grew larger. Rainbow read her crush's face and knew it wasn't a good sign. "What's wrong with my neck?!"

Fluttershy and Rarity leaned in closer.

"Oh my.." Fluttershy said in her usual tone.

"What? What is it?!!" Rainbow started to panic.

"Rainbow Dash dear! Why didn't you tell me you were allergic to perfume?"

"What? I'm not allergic to perfume. I have no idea what you're talking abou-WHAAAA what's wrong with my neck?!!!" Rainbow yelled, as Rarity held up a small mirror. "What is it?! Why is it red?! Getitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoff!"

A few hours later...

"Are you alright RD?" Applejack said, applying more cream on Rainbow's rash. She was staying at Fluttershy's house but Applejack decided to spend the night taking care of her friend.

"Hmm yea mmm" Rainbow moaned as the cooling sensation from the medicine was massaged on the irritating spot on her neck. "Thanks AJ"

"Nothing to it Sugarcube. Y'all just get better now." Applejack continued to rub her hoof on Rainbow's neck.

Rainbow let out a sigh of relief and relaxed on the bed, thinking it was surely not the worst way to spend the night.