• Published 1st Feb 2015
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14 Ways to Confess - wingbeats

Rainbow Dash's goal: To get Applejack to go out with her. Problem: Asking Applejack to go out with her.

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7. Moonlight Serenade

"Again! Try to hit the high notes darling. Do re mi fa sol la ti dohhh~" Rarity used the solfège method. "Now..."

Rainbow Dash opened her mouth."Doh to the re to the fa to the sol-la-ti-doh. Word!"

Pinkie cackled wildly on the floor of the boutique, while Rarity wondered why she was even trying. The cutie mark crusaders were all present as well.

"Ooooohh Rainbow Dash and Applejack sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes..." All three fillies stopped their chanting and looked at each other. "Uhh..what comes after?"

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Eh, then comes really great se-"

"RAINBOW DASH!" Rarity practically screeched. "Not in front of *ahem*" she used her head to gesture towards the three young ponies in front of them. And Pinkie pie.

"Se-se-serenading! Yup! Serenading. That's it!" Rainbow caught herself before Rarity landed a hoof to her face. "It'll be totally cool. I even wrote her a song and I'm gonna sing it to her tonight."

"Awwwww" Sweetie Belle and Applebloom said in unison, while Scootaloo wondered how her idol became so infatuated with the orange mare.

"Alright. I'll be there tonight at 9 squirt," Rainbow laid out the plan to Applebloom. "Ok, so when I get to the barn, which room is hers? Top right or top left?"

"Top left" Applebloom answered.

"Your left or my left. I don't wanna mess this up." Rainbow repeated to make sure.

"Yer left" Applebloom assured. "Definitely yer left."

"Alright. Thanks squirt. Laters!" Rainbow gave each filly a hoof bump and zoomed out of the boutique.

"Or was it right..." Applebloom sat down and thought about it once more.

"Rarity?" Pinkie asked, "Who's *ahem*? Is she or he new here? Do I have to make a banner that says 'Welcome to Ponyville Ahem!' and throw a huge, awesospectacular party!"

Rarity's face made contact with her own hoof, as Pinkie gave her a wide smile.

"Ok here goes nothing." Rainbow Dash said to herself. "AB warned you AJ's a heavy sleeper so you gotta make it loud enough."

Rainbow saw that the top left window was slightly open and that the light was still open. She made a mental note to give another hoof bump to Applebloom for doing that.

She positioned a rain cloud right above her head and made sure there was enough water in it. She then pressed 'rewind' on the portable radio she was carrying.

As the clock struck 9, Rainbow flew right up to the cloud and kicked it. She immediately pressed 'play' button and turned up the volume. When the rain started to fall, she held the radio above her head and began singing.

It's your eyes, it's your smile
It's everything about you and more
You're the pony that I adore
So why can't you see me that way?

You say I'm lazy, you drive me crazy
All these feelings are all hazy
But freckles, there's something you should know
I like you way more than I say

You're the apple of my eye
So to ends of the world, I'll fly
To show you, to show you~
That maybe you and me could be we

Rainbow's ears perked up at the sound of hoofsteps coming to the window. Her heart was pounding so loud she thought her wings would give way. Time for the finale.

So baby, please please please....
Will you go out with m-

A 'SMACK' sound was made as the purse came in contact with Rainbow's muzzle.

"SHAAD UP! Ah'm tryin' ta sleep here!" Granny Smith grumbled, "Dern pegasus causin' a racket...."

Rainbow held her muzzle with both hooves, in pain, wondering what in the world just happened.

Meanwhile, Applejack tucked herself in her grandmother's bed. "Granny's right. This mattress is too lumpy. At least fer tonight, she'll get a good night's rest."

Author's Note:

Reference: Say Anything...