• Published 1st Feb 2015
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14 Ways to Confess - wingbeats

Rainbow Dash's goal: To get Applejack to go out with her. Problem: Asking Applejack to go out with her.

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9. Food of Love

"Applejack will be coming over to get Applebloom this afternoon, which should give you enough time to whip up something delectable. Sometimes a way to somepony's heart is through their stomach, no?" Rarity chimed. "I'll be just in the other room if you need my assistance."

"Uh-huh, yea ok. What's this thing?" Rainbow Dash pointed to something on the counter.

"That's a can opener dear."

"Uh-huh and this?" the rainbow-maned mare poked a hefty machine.

"Why, that's the pressure cooker," Rarity said, questioningly.

"Uh-huh and-"

"Rainbow Dash, tell me, is this your first time cooking?"

"Of course it's not! I know how to prepare a bunch of stuff! " declared the brash pegasus. "I..uh..the equipment is just different than I'm use to. Yea that's it."

"Can you give any examples of what you can make?" Rarity asked.

"Sure! I know how to prepare salad and uh...cerea-ok look the point is that chefs don't tell you what they can make. It keeps things interesting!"

Rarity gave a small scoff. "Well like I said, feel free to use anything you'd like. Just keep the mess to a minimum, ok darl-"

"Yea, yea, yea I got it." Rainbow waved off, as she sat and wondered what masterpiece she can create with her ingenious mind.

Rarity quietly left the room with only one thought. This should be interesting

A few hours later....

"Rainbow Dash! That looks absolutely exquisite!" Rarity said, looking at the perfectly sliced carrots and finely chopped celery, all topped with with gravy and her mystery protein.

"Well duh! Everything I make is awesome!" Rainbow Dash said proudly, earning her an eye-roll from Rarity.

"Well, it seems that I've underestimated your culinary abilities dear." Rarity said, impressed.

"It's ok." Rainbow assured. "Thanks for letting me use your stuff though. I'll clean it all up as soon as I-"

"Rarity!" Applejack's voice, followed by the bell, was heard at the entrance. "Me and Applebloom need ta get goin' so she could get her homework done."

"One sec." Rainbow said dashing out of the room. "Gotta give it to her."

As Rarity caught another whiff of the concoction as Rainbow flew out of the kitchen, she thought it smelled awfully familiar.

Meanwhile, in the other room....

"Wow Rainbow. Ah didn't take ya as the cookin' type but this looks absolutely amazin'!" Applejack's mouth watered at the sight of the dish.

"Eh, I get that a lot." Rainbow told her truthfully, "I just thought since you're working in the fields pretty much all day, I thought it would be cool to cook you something, being the awesome chef that I am."

Dash gave her signature smirk, which made Applejack chuckle heartily.

Then, Rainbow tread carefully to say her next words. "You know, we could do this again sometime."

"Hmm what do you mean?" Applejack unglued her eyes to the food and towards her friend.

"Hehe do I need to spell it out for you Apples? I'm asking you if you will go-"

"RAINBOW DASH!" Rarity screamed at the doorway to the kitchen. "In here now!"

"Ugh! One sec AJ!" said the annoyed pegasus, as she quickly went into the other room. "I told you Rarity, I'll finish cleaning the dishes when I'm through-"

"It's not that," Rarity yelped, slightly panicking. "Did you use this can to make your dish?"

Rainbow looked at the familiar tin can. "Yea, I just used the can opener to get it open and then put it in the pressure cook-"

"Darling, this is Opal's food!" Rarity finally revealed.

"WHATTT!!! But it looks like pony-"

"She has very high standards my Opal-look it doesn't matter. You can't let her... wait she didn't eat it yet, did she?!" Rarity said, a little worried.

"No she didn't! Well I don't think-"

"Wait! Listen..." Rarity whispered. Rainbow Dash and Rarity's ears both perked up as they heard a voice come from the other room.

"Whoo-eee, that was hoof-lickin' good. Rainbow sure knows how to cook a fine meal. Hadn't had anythin' that tasty in all ma life." Then, a loud and clear belch was heard to signify the orange mare's satisfaction.

"Well at least she liked it...." Rarity's eye twitch was completely noticeable, but she tried looking at the bright side of things for her friend. It didn't help.

Rainbow took her hoof and slapped it to her own face. "She'll never go out with me if she found out about this...."

Author's Note:

I made this mistake once while buying canned food. Found out when I got home

Also, I wonder if anyone would still go out with Rainbow after this.