• Published 31st Jan 2015
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The Other Sunset Shimmer - Jerec the Ascendant

The story is that the EG Sunset Shimmer is pushed into Equestria by Pony Sunset Shimmer who replaces her. On Hiatus due to popular demand.

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A New Beginning

Author's Note:

Been a while. Figured I'd give this another shot. May or may not continue from here. This story also now connects to my other one, if anyone cares. Time line wise, beginning of the fourth season.

Sunset Shimmer, or as her current alias, Summer Night sits in her apartment staring quite angrily at her guest. "How did she find me?!?" She mutters to herself, at the same time she's quite confused. Sure it has been months, but she's kept herself on the down low. Just taking pictures for the current paper, her name didn't even appear in it.

"So, Summer Night, or should I say, Sunset Shimmer. How has the last year treated you?" Asks the one pony she'd been trying to stay away from, the one pony that had ruined her life so many months ago, the Princess of the Sun herself, Celestia. The white Alicorn of ever flowing hair sits across from her in her small living room, the large pony barely fitting inside. "It wasn't hard to find you, by the way. After all, you forgot a few things in your attempt to hide. That I'm a Princess, and that my Sister rules the night. I could've come the day after you left, but I decided that you needed some space, especially after what happened."

Sunset Shimmer continues to glower at the Princess, not surprisingly upset at the mare who used her. "Thanks for that," She hisses, "but why now?" She asks, actually curious at why the Princess was even bothering. After all, she was no longer useful, all she had to do was read the papers to find out what Celestia's new puppet was up to.

The Princess shifts on the carpet she's been laying on, gazing around the room, looking among the small amount of gathered decorations that Sunset Shimmer had in her abode. Most were mundane, but there is something specific the Princess is looking for. "Well, I came to apologize. I'm sorry that I used you the way I did. I should have told you what my plans were. I should have asked if you wished to be a part of them. It's complicated to explain, but let's just say that I'm used to being, more mysterious, like a guiding hand rather than a booming voice."

Sunset continues to glower. "Yeah, you know that doesn't make me feel any better." She replies sharply.

Celestia sighs. "I understand that. Still, I am going to attempt to make amends. If it makes you feel any better, know that my Sister thanks you for your part in her redemption and being able to return to Equestria. I still do as well, even though I harmed you doing so. Once again, I apologize for not informing you of my intent. From now on, I vow if I wish to involve you in one of my plans, I'll ask you first and fill you in so you don't feel left out in the dark." She swears earnestly.

"You're not leaving until I forgive you, are you?" Sunset asks demurely. Celestia smiles and shakes her head in reply. "Fine, then I forgive you. You can leave now." She says, rolling her eyes.

"Well, no, as that wasn't truly forgiveness." Celestia replies with a small giggle. She stands up and meanders further into the apartment.

"Fine, then I suppose you'll be staying the night!" Sunset yells in anger. "You should've brought Sylri along, then we could've had a big slumber party!"

"Actually, that's something I need to apologize to you about." Celestia starts, before quickly being interrupted by Sunset Shimmer.

"What did you do?!" She asks angrily.

"Nothing, actually. Which was actually a problem to begin with. I should have told you from the beginning just what Sylri truly was, or should I say wasn't." Celestia replies, focused on her former student. "You see, when I asked you to create an illusion, you pushed yourself so hard that you accidentally created her. She was an illusion, one you never realized you cast. A manifestation of your fears that you turned into a, well, an imaginary friend."

Sunset can't believe her ears. "No, you're lying. What happened to her?!" She asks angrily.

"She vanished, you weren't around to sustain her projected form." Celestia replies. "You could form her again if you wish, like I said, you did it before."

"What about those servants?" Sunset asks, no longer angry as she finds herself stunned with shock. She doesn't want to believe it, but looking back...

"They were actually illusory too. You had panicked that night, much like the rest of the castle staff." Celestia replies. "I apologize for lying to you there too, for feeding your delusion."

Sunset loses her balance and falls into a sitting position. "So, everything about me being here has been a lie..." She mutters sadly.

"Not everything." Celestia replies, trotting up to the now depressed mare. "Swift Flight is a very real little colt. Your other's parents are also very real. My sister is also very real, and Twilight Sparkle's new friends are as well. You may only know a few of them, but all of them owe you a lot. None, however, more than me." Celestia says, trying to comfort the young mare.

"Th-thanks, it actually means a lot to hear that." Sunset replies, looking up at the elder mare. "Still, is it true, did I create Sylri? She doesn't really exist?"

"Yes, it's true. She and her kind were a figment of your imagination, as I said before. Dreamed up by your subconscious fears and doubts and given form by the spell I had you attempting to cast. As I said before. " Celestia answers, holding a hoof up as Sunset tries to interject. "No, I didn't think that you'd create Sylri. However, once you formed her I had thought it best to allow you to reason with her, and befriend her to bring you some peace. It had seemed to work, and then well..." Celestia looked away, ashamed.

"I found out that you were a puppet master, and I was a puppet, not even an important one." Sunset spits.

Celestia flinches before letting out a sigh. "I suppose I could be labeled as such. Like I said though, I'm really more of a guiding hand. Someone who points you in the right direction, if you pay attention and possibly have a knack for riddles and puzzles." She explains, trying to get Sunset Shimmer to see her point of view. "Ponies have looked to me for guidance for almost a thousand years now, it's hard not to try and help them while also trying not to get too involved.

"Sunset, I'm sorry that I used you in such a manner. I should have consulted you about the situation and asked for your assistance. Instead I treated you as the student I lost, whom had been willing to receive my guidance, least for a while." She continues, turning to the smaller mare. "Which makes what I am about to do all the more difficult.

"A few days ago, an interesting creature showed up in Sweet Apple Acres. This creature was brought to the Ponyville hospital and recovered there. My sister, the six ponies you helped turn into heroes, and myself went to greet him just yesterday. The creature, it turns out, is a human." Sunset gasps at the news. "He's currently staying with my student in Ponyville, the new Princess, and she is looking for a way to send him home, as are myself and my sister. I have come to ask for your assistance in this endeavor, Sunset." She pleads to the small mare.

Sunset Shimmer almost agrees immediately, but stops herself, with a huff. "You can't even apologize without a motive." She growls.

Celestia sighs. "So I take that as a no." She says, giving Sunset an acknowledging nod. She's about to say something when Sunset interrupts.

"I didn't say no." She says, with a bit of a disgruntled growl. "I'll help, not for your sake, but for his."