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Where Was Spike? - powerpony

A few one shots of where Spike was in the episodes where he was absent.

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Sweet and Ellite

Morning had hit the Golden Oak Library and Twilight had just woken up. She let out a big yawn before getting out of bed. She made her way downstairs where she saw that Spike was busy sweeping the floor.
Spike quickly looked up to see that Twilight was awake and he smiled. He then placed the broom on the floor before walking up to Twilight and giving her a big hug.

“Happy Birthday, Twi,” he said.

“Aw, thanks Spike,” Twilight said as she returned the hug.
Twilight had been so busy with her studies that she was happy that just for today she could just hang out with her friends.

“So, you have any big plans today?” asked Spike.

“I sure do,” said Twilight. “Pinkie Pie has a huge party planned, as usual, and Rarity is coming home from her trip to Canterlot and she said that she has made a lovely birthday dress for me. Knowing Rarity, it will be simply beautiful.”

Spike was about to continue his sweeping when he suddenly burped up a flame and a rolled up scroll fell on the ground. Twilight quickly picked it up with her magic and unrolled it to see what it said.

“It’s from Rarity,” said Twilight.
Spike watched as Twilight read the letter and judging by the frown that suddenly appeared on her face, he knew that it wasn’t good news.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“I’m afraid so,” said Twilight. “Apparently, Opal has gotten sick and Rarity won’t be able to make it home in time.”
Twilight gently dropped the scroll and let out a sad sigh. Her birthday party just wouldn’t be the same without Rarity. Then at that moment, an idea popped into Twilight’s head.

“I’ll just bring the party to Rarity,” she said. “Spike, take a letter.”
Spike quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a writing quill and wrote down what Twilight said:

Dear Princess Celestia,

As you know, today is my birthday and my friends have planned me a huge party in honor of my special day. But sadly, my dear friend Rarity won’t be able to make it. She just sent me a letter telling me that she has to stay in Canterlot a little while longer to take care of her sick cat. So, I was hoping that with your permission, I can have my party in Canterot so that Rarity won’t be able to miss anything.

-Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

When Spike finished, he rolled up the letter and blew his fire breath onto it, making it disappear. Just seconds after he sent it, Spike burped up another letter. He unrolled it and read it to Twilight:

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I would be more than happy to allow you to come to Canterlot. You can use the main ball room to throw the party. It has been empty since the last Grand Galloping Gala, so you and your friends can have the whole place to yourselves. There will be a fancy garden party happening just outside the ball room, but I’m sure they won’t bother you.

Princess Celestia.

P.S. Happy Birthday.

“Perfect. I’d better tell the others about this,” said Twilight before walking out of the library.
A few minutes later, Twilight returned.

“Well, all my friends know about the party,” she said to Spike. “You should have seen Pinkie’s face. When I told her that she’ll be throwing a party in Canterlot, she had the biggest smile on her face. My head is still spinning from watching her bounce around me so fast. Well, we better get going. The others are already on their way to the train station.”
Twilight was just about to leave, when she saw that Spike was still sweeping the floor.

“Aren’t you coming, Spike?” she asked.

“No, that’s okay,” said Spike. “I have a lot of stuff to do today.”
Twilight was a bit shocked after hearing this. She would have thought that Spike would love to go to Canterlot, especially to see Rarity.

“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’ll be all right. You go and have fun. And tell Rarity I said ‘hi.’”
Twilight simply shrugged it off and walked out of the library.
As soon as she left, Spike went to the window and watched Twilight walk away. When she was out of sight, a big smile appeared on Spike’s face. He quickly went to the kitchen and put on his signature baker’s hat. He then opened the cupboards and pulled out a number of items, including a mixing bowl, a carton of eggs, a bag of flower, an egg beater, a carton of milk, some sugar and a wooden spoon.

“Twilight is going to love this,” said Spike as he cracked an egg into the bowl.

It was night time when Twilight had returned to Ponyville, still wearing the birthday dress Rarity made for her. She kept thinking how great her party had turned out. Not only did she get to party with some of Canterot’s elite ponies, but she got complimented by the Fancy Pants. She never actually thought that she would actually meet one of the most famous ponies in Canterlot, let alone get a compliment from him.

Twilight made her way to the library and when she went inside, she saw that all the lights were out. She assumed that Spike had already gone to bed, so she decided to tiptoe her way to her bed without waking him up. Just then, the lights turned on and Twilight saw Spike in the middle of the room, holding onto a big cake covered in purple frosting and topped with a bunch of birthday candles.

“Surprise,” said Spike.
Twilight walked up and looked at the cake and saw that on the top were the words, “Happy Birthday, Twilight” written in red icing.

“I made this myself,” Spike continued. “I thought that we could share it and have our very own little party. Just the two of us.”
Twilight was so happy at her little assistant’s surprise that she felt like she was going to cry.

“Oh, Spike, this is the most lovely surprise ever,” she said before giving Spike a little kiss on the forehead.
Spike then placed the cake on the floor and blew a small green flame that was used to light up the candles.

“Time to make a wish,” he said.
Twilight just smiled as she thought of what to wish for and then blew out all of the candles.

“So, what did you wish for?” asked Spike.
Twilight replied by wrapping her front leg around Spike and gently pulling him into a hug.

“That you will stay a sweet, little dragon."

After the cake was done, Twilight and Spike sat beside each other, both rubbing their bellies.

“That was the best cake I ever had,” said Twilight. “You should give your recipe to the Cakes.”

“Aw, I don’t think it’s that good,” said Spike blushing. He then sat up and said, “Oh, I almost forgot.”
Spike then got to his feet and quickly walked upstairs. When he came back down, he was holding onto a rectangular shaped gift wrapped in purple wrapping paper with a big red bow on top, which he handed to Twilight.

“What’s a birthday without a present,” he said.
Twilight lifted the gift up with her magic and then used it to unwrap it. It was revealed to be a brown book and on the cover it read The Astronomical Astronomer’s Almanac to All Things Astronomy.

“Isn’t this the book you accidentally burnt up?” asked Twilight.

“Yeah,” said Spike. “Somepony was having a yard sale and he just so happened to have that book on sale. He told me it’s in mere mint condition.”
Twilight kind of felt bad when she looked at the book. It reminded her of how she told Spike she was disappointed in him for burning the book up, even though she knew it was an accident, but she soon smiled again knowing that Spike bought it to make up for his mistake.

“Thank you, Spike. I love it,” said Twilight as she gave Spike another hug.
Just then, Twilight and Spike both let out a big yawn.

“Well, I’m beat,” said Spike.

“Me too,” said Twilight. “Two parties in one day can really tire you out. I don’t know how Pinkie Pie does it.”
The two then made their way upstairs to their bedroom. Spike got into his small basket as Twilight used her magic to gently lift up Spike’s blanket and place it on top of him before giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“Goodnight, Spike.”

“Goodnight, Twilight, and happy birthday.”
Twilight then got into her own bed and watched as her little dragon assistant slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep before going to sleep herself. To her, today was her best birthday.

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