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Where Was Spike? - powerpony

A few one shots of where Spike was in the episodes where he was absent.

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Daring Don't

Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie watched as Rainbow Dash paced back and forth in Twilight’s library.

“Rainbow, will you take it easy on the pacing?” asked Applejack. “My neck’s getting stiff.”

“I just wish Twilight will hurry up and find that address,” said Rainbow Dash.
The address that Rainbow Dash was talking about was the one to the home of Daring Do author, A.K. Yearling. After hearing that the latest Daring Do novel was going to be delayed for another two months, Rainbow Dash had asked Twilight, who was a bigger Daring Do fan than Rainbow, to try and find the address of Miss. Yearling so they can ask her why she was taking so long with her book.
Finally, Twilight had come and joined the others.

“Well I checked the address book,” she said. “And it seems that A.K. Yearling lives in a cabin just on the edge of the Everfree forest.”

“Why in Equestira would she be out there?” asked Rarity.

“She probably likes the peace and quiet,” said Fluttershy. “Being out in the middle of the woods is so nice. It is the perfect spot to get some writing done.”

“Well then let’s go,” said Rainbow Dash. “The longer we wait here, the longer it will take me to get the new book.”
The six friends were just about to leave the library when a thought hit Applejack.

“Isn’t Spike coming with us?” she asked. “Meeting a famous author would be pretty neat for him.”
A look of guilt suddenly appeared on Twilight’s face.

“Well, I’d asked him to come along but….”

“But I’m afraid I can’t make it,” said a voice behind the ponies.
They all turned to see Spike standing behind them with a cast on his leg.

“Good heavens Spike. What happened?” asked a shocked Rarity.

“It’s my fault,” said Twilight. “I was using my magic to help me get a book off of one of the top shelves, but then I sneezed, which caused me to lose my grip on the book and it landed right on Spike’s foot.”

“Twilight, will you stop blaming yourself?” Spike said. “It was an accident.”

“I know,” said Twilight. “But I still feel awful about it. And now thanks to me, you’re going to miss meeting A.K. Yearling. And I know that you’re a bigger Daring Do fan than me and Rainbow Dash combined.”

“I didn’t know Spike like those books too,” said Rarity.

“Are you kidding? I’ve read those books about a million times,” said Spike.

“Actually, it was only 3,497 times,” said Twilight.
Rainbow Dash looked at Twilight with a confused look.

“You actually counted how many times he read them?”

“I was bored.”
Spike simply rolled his eyes at what Twilight said and let out a small chuckle. Just then, he came up with an idea.

“You know, there is one way you can make it up to me,” he said. “When you meet Miss. Yearling, you think you can get me an autograph?”

“Sure thing, Spike,” said Twilight as she patted her dragon friend on the head. “I just hope Miss. Yearling isn’t too busy.”

“We won’t know if we stay here yapping,” said Rainbow Dash, who started to sound very irritated. “Let’s get going.”
The six ponies said their goodbyes to Spike as they left the library. As soon as they were gone, Spike was reminded at how great the Daring Do books were and he decided that he wanted to read them again. He then went to a huge shelf where Twilight had kept her entire series of the books and grabbed his favorite one, Daring Do and the Emerald Dragon Tears. The plot centered around Daring Do befriending a clan of young dragons and helping them find a number of magical jewels before an evil wizard pony could get at them and use them for a magic spell that would make him a powerful sorcerer. Spike then wobbled his way to his bed, got comfortable and started to read.

After Spike finished his book, he looked out the window and saw that the sun was starting to set.

“Man, I keep forgetting how long this book is,” he said to himself.
Just then, he heard the sound of the door opening and Twilight calling, “Spike, I’m back.”

“I’m in the bedroom,” he called back.
Twilight then came up the stairs and smiled when she saw Spike.

“So what was it like meeting the author of Daring Do?” asked Spike.

“It was more amazing than I thought,” said Twilight.
Even though Spike did feel a bit jealous that Twilight got to meet A.K. Yearling and he didn’t, he was still happy for her.

“That reminds me. Did you get an autograph for me?” Spike asked.
The smile on Twilight’s face grew even bigger.

“Even better,” she said as she turned to the stairs and called down, “You can come up now.”
Spike’s eyes widen and his jaw dropped at what he saw. There, coming up the stairs, was none other than Daring Do herself. Spike was so surprised that he pinched himself to make sure whether or not he was dreaming.

“Hi there. You must be Spike,” said Daring Do. “Twilight has told me a lot about you.”

“Y-yes. That’s me,” Spike stammered. “I can’t believe you’re here. I always thought you were make-believe.”

“Nope. I’m very much real,” Daring chuckled.
She then noticed the book that Spike was holding onto and smiled.

“The Emerald Dragon Tears. How could I forget that adventure? Do you like that story?”

“It’s my favorite in the whole series,” said Spike. “Are you still friends with the dragon clan?”

“Sure am,” said Daring. “I had tea with them just last week.”
As Daring Do spoke, Spike just sat in his bed in amazement. He just could not believe that the one and only Daring Do was standing right in front of him.

“So Twilight told me that you want my autograph,” Daring Do said.
Spike simply nodded his head in excitement.
Daring Do then took off her pith helmet and pulled out a pencil from it. She then asked Spike for the book. When he handed it to her, she opened it up to and wrote something down on it. When she gave it back to Spike, he saw that she had written her signature. Twilight couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw that Spike had the biggest smile on his face.
But Daring Do was not done yet. She then then bent down and wrote another signature on Spike’s cast.

“There you go. Two autographs for the price of one,” she said.
Spike didn’t know what to say. He not only got to meet one of his favorite literary characters, but he also her autograph twice in one day. He then quickly got up off his bed and hugged Daring Do.

“Thank you, Miss. Do,” he said.

“Please, call me “Daring.” Well, I’d better be getting home. I got a book to finish.”
Daring Do said her goodbyes to Twilight and Spike and then left the library.
Spike then waddle his way to Twilight and gave her a big hug.

“Thank you, Twilight,” he said. “You just made me the happiest dragon in all of Equestria.”

“Anything for a friend,” said Twilight.

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