• Published 30th Oct 2011
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A League of Their Own - Sparx

Spitfire begins to question how far the wonderbolts will take her and approaches Rainbow Dash

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Spitfire and Rainbow Dash opened their eyes as Celestia's sun shined through Rainbow's window. Both couldn't help but smile warmer than the sunlight to see one another. This past month had held amazing feelings, but none so much as to wake up and have their loved one be the very first thing they see. Spitfire moved in first and planted a small kiss on Rainbow's lips. "Morning Dashie." She flirted.

"Morning Spitfire." Rainbow Dash replied mimicking her lover's tone. She sat up in her bed and stretched out her front legs over her head and spread out her wings, fluttering them about for a moment, even taking a second to tickle Spitfire's nose with a feather. "Sleep well?

Spitfire chuckled. "Did we sleep? I remembered our night being a bit more... fun than that." She winked and caused Rainbow Dash to blush and giggle back. "So when do you have to head out to work?"

"Well lucky you I don't have work today!" Dash beamed brightly. The main reason she asked Spitfire to stay last night of all nights was for this very fact. "So we have an entire day to ourselves to do whatever we want." Rainbow Dash leaned back, resting her head on her hooves with a smug little smile.

"Anything?" Spitfire rolled over onto Rainbow with a sly smile and bedroom eyes. "Well let's start this day off right."


Later that day, Rainbow and Spitfire were on the couch watching a movie together. Their mane was still a mess from... earlier activities. They weren't quite ready to go out just yet. The attention they'd get today is not the kind they'd like to experience. Rainbow Dash had a wing across Spitfire's back as the yellow pegasus leaned comfortably against her. "So Dashie, I've been thinking about what to do. About the whole job thing."

"You don't have to worry about that Spitfire." Dash said as she rested her head on Spitfire's. "You've got plenty and if you need it I make my own bits as well."

"I meant more as something to do." Spitfire replied. "If possible I want something to help me improve as a flier." Her eyes turned up to catch a glance at Rainbow's face. "I want to be to your level."

"MY level?" The ex-captain of the Wonderbolts, no, she's just Spitfire now. Still, Spitfire was the greatest flier Rainbow knew, and she wanted to be at her level?

"Yeah Dash, I thought it was obvious you were better than me that night we got together. You remember when you pulled out in the front with a sonic rainboom and left me in the dust?" Both couldn't help but smile at the memory. "And don't forget I've been coaching you the past month. I've seen what you're capable of." The two of them giggled before an explosion in the movie caught their attention.

"Well, if you're looking to improve as a flier what kind of job are you looking for then?" Rainbow Dash wrapped a front hoof over one of Spitfire's.

"I thought of something that would allow a lot of free time or flight time. Like joining you on the weather crew or AJ on the farm." Spitfire rubbed their hooves together, caressing Rainbow's.

A sudden memory sparked in Dash's mind. "But I remember in an old article it said you were afraid of thunder."

Spitfire sighed. "That's why it was just a thought." She chuckled nervously. "And I don't think it would be a good idea to work on the farm either. The Apple Family need those bits themselves anyway. Also I help over there just to talk with Applejack, not really for the work. I think it would lose it's meaning if I got paid for it."

"You have a point there." Dash grumbled.

"THEN, I had an idea!" Spitfire pulled her head out from under Dash's giving her a grin. "How awesome would it be if we did our own thing?"

Rainbow Dash had to blink a few times before she could even think of processing this information. "Uh... I don't understand."

"You said the original reason you wanted to join the bolts was to make yourself known right? To become the best you could be?"

"Well yeah. You told me to do it by myself and then quit the team though. That part happened just yesterday if you'll remember."Rainbow Dash couldn't follow.

"So in that case we make our own flying group!" Spitfire was ecstatic. Even the chase sequence on the movie couldn't draw Dash's attention away from her.

"Wait, what?" Rainbow Dash looked over Spitfire's face to make sure she was serious.

"The Wonderbolts weren't anything more than a few ponies who wanted to entertain others and fly. Isn't that what we are?" As Spitfire continued, Rainbow started to put what she was saying together. "We make some posters for a few shows, and build up from there! Ponies love a good flight show and we'll give them just that!"

Rainbow's lips slowly curved up and her eyes started to sparkle. "Spitfire you're a GENIUS!" Rainbow squealed in a high pitched tone.

"Go on." Spitfire laughed smugly. "So, if you're on board with me we need a name. Maybe a uniform? Think Rarity could provide us with one?"

Dash sat up on her flank and pondered with her front hoof tapping at her chin in thought. "Hmmmmmm... What about Firebows? Or Spitrain?" Even she had to admit these ideas sounded kind of lame when they came out. the two of them stayed in thought for about a minute before Dash had a great idea. "You know, the media was pretty big on calling us Firedash. We could use that!"

Spitfire shook her head with a gentle smile. "That was when it was implied I was a better flier. I say we switch it up and go with Dashfire." This time it was Spitfire who brought a wing over Rainbow Dash. Rainbow could only blush and smile. "Now, I know I asked about the uniforms, but I'd really rather we didn't. Those things were very uncomfortable and ended up smelling horrible."

"I thought as much. I fly better as I am anyway!" Rainbow Dash scooted closer to Spitfire under her wing smiling.

"I have one thing I'd like to ask you Dashie." Spitfire said as she rested her chin on Rainbow's neck. She was answered with a small 'hmm?' that echoed from Dash's throat. "Could you teach me how to do a sonic rainboom?"

Rainbow Dash met eyes with Spitfire once again with an eager grin. "Took ya long enough to ask me."


Later that night the two pegasi walked into Spitfire's home with the bottle of wine Dash was sent in her saddlebag. Dash had spent the night training Spitfire to build up the speed and endurance to pull of a rainboom. She told Spitfire that that point she felt the most pressure and wouldn't go further was the point she needed to surpass for the skill. To pull this off Spitfire had to get used to the burn from the friction and strain on her muscles. After their training however Rainbow Dash brought up the fact that she was sent a bottle of wine and the two decided they'd have their romantic evening at Spitfire's place.

"You're doing fantastic Spitfire! At this rate you'll be pulling rainbooms off left and right!" Rainbow Dash said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Spitfire chuckled in her usual cool manner. "Thanks Dashie." She looked over her filly friend and suddenly a question popped into her mind. "Say, what was it like when you first pulled a sonic rainboom off Dash?"

Rainbow grew a look of pride across her entire face. "Well that's how I got this baby!" Dash showed off her flank indicating to her cutie mark. Spitfire gave a wolf whistle which caused Dash to blush and giggle a bit. "It was back in flight school in Cloudsdale. Some bullies were picking on Fluttershy and I stood up for her. They challenged me to a race and I flew faster than I ever did before, beating them by a landslide! I pulled off the first ever sonic rainboom and my cutie mark appeared!" Dash smiled as she looked at the mark on her flank. "First in my class to get one. Not to mention I helped all my friends get their cutie marks with my rainboom as well!" Spitfire had seen Dash proud, but this was something different. Dash seemed to glow with a golden aura that warmed the room.

"That's quite an impressive story Dash." Spitfire chuckled again and planted a kiss on Dash's cheek and walked over to her fridge. "I'm not too good a chef so you'll have to forgive me if the meal doesn't taste too amazing."

Rainbow Dash laughed and walked over. "I'm not too spectacular either. So how about we try to combine what little skill we have and see what we make." The pegasi laughed as they cooked and spiced and ended up with a pretty decent meal of spaghetti and herbs. They pulled every cliche' they could think of. Candle light, wine glasses, and even slurping on the same noodle until their lips touch. The two of them enjoyed every second of their night even after dinner. The wine made them very giggly as their date continued on into the night. From the moment they opened their eyes they had kept one another in their sights through the entire day and loved every moment of it. They had a plan and they were gonna be big, they were going to accomplish their dreams and become the best they could be, and they were going to do it together.