• Published 30th Oct 2011
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A League of Their Own - Sparx

Spitfire begins to question how far the wonderbolts will take her and approaches Rainbow Dash

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True intent

The two ponies flew as fast as they could manage, trying to break away in front of the other. The fastest fliers in all of Equestria were competing to see who was the fastest, and nopony who looked up could see any more than a trail of smoke and rainbows. If they weren't keeping pace with each other, they'd be incredibly blurred. Rainbow Dash tucked her front left hoof under her chest to try and get more distance, inching forward a slight distance ahead of Spitfire. The yellow coated pegasus noticed this and did the same, increasing her speed as much as she could before she began to feel the pressure become too great against her and she couldn't, rather wouldn't, go faster. Rainbow was now slowly falling behind. With Spitfire in the lead, she could see Sweet Apple Acres right in front of her. This race was over, she had won.

Suddenly, a loud crack sounded behind her and before she could even process what had happened, she saw Rainbow Dash zoom in front of her face and land upon the hill. Awestruck, Spitfire was taken unexpectedly by the powerful turbulence. She caught herself and descended upon the hill next to Rainbow Dash. Looking up at the sky, there was a brilliant shining rainbow from where Rainbow Dash had taken off to where they were standing now. It was an amazing sight against the new night sky. "The legendary sonic rainboom. Dash you really CAN do one!"

Rainbow Dash chuckled a little in pride. "Well duh! Looks like I win by the way Spitfire." Rainbow Dash had never felt so amazing. She had actually gone against, and beaten her hero Spitfire in a race. THE Spitfire, Captain of the Wonderbolts. "Though I have to admit, you had me really worried there. For a sec, it looked like you would've done a rainboom before me."

Spitfire shrugged. "I've never been able to." She looked upon Dash. She'd never seemed quite the same as right now. With the life of victory surging through her, it was almost god like. It brought the idea of Mercury the messenger pony to Spitfire's mind. On other continents it was said that Mercury was messenger between Celestia and other Alicorns across Equestria long ago. "Say Dash... Why do you want to join the bolts? You've accomplished so much by yourself."

Rainbow Dash seemed surprised by the question, but answered without thinking about it. "Well for the knowledge that I can. It's a sign I've joined the best and that I'm going somewhere. Everypony needs a goal, and to be the best of the best I need to join them. I need to be a Wonderbolt!" She spoke with such passion and desire behind her voice, Spitfire couldn't help but feel blown away just watching her talk. "I want to be the best I can be as a flier. It doesn't matter what anypony else thinks because I'm doing it for me."

Spitfire's heart felt a slight flutter as she listened to Rainbow Dash speak. Her cheeks became rosy with admiration for this pony. She shook herself out of it and proceeded with her questioning. "Well surely you can be even better than us Dash. Hay you just beat ME in a race! And I was named the fastest flier in Equestria."

"Well duh I could do that. But that's the one point where the fame does matter. There's no point in being the best if only you're the only pony who knows about it. It's not the bragging, just proving to yourself and the world you can do it." Rainbow had never talked this easily to Spitfire before. It was something new for her, and she kind of liked it. She could reflect with her hero on whats best in life.

Spitfire couldn't help but chuckle again. "You sound a lot like I did when I was trying out for the Wonderbolts Dash. It's kinda cute." Cute? Did her hero just call her cute? Rainbow dash felt her face heat up again, losing her composure and control over her heart rate. She coaxed herself into calming down slightly. It was only a compliment, there wasn't any real meaning behind it. Besides, Rainbow Dash read all the articles, Spitfire and Soarin' had a thing. It's not like she hadn't contemplated being with Spitfire, but it wasn't too likely she was a filly fooler if she was with a stallion. "I would be the exact same way. Looking to prove myself to the world and pushing all my limits to get there. It was a lot of fun getting there."

"And I'll bet it's even more fun actually being a Wonderbolt isn't it?" Dash's face was so bright and full of hope that Spitfire faked a smile and gave a nod. "YES! I KNEW IT!" She was a lively and energetic creature. Spitfire couldn't help but feel the emotions and energy flood through her. She wished she had more time to spend with Rainbow Dash. She was such a beautiful mare with so much power and emotion behind her words, plus whenever she would stammer and get embarrassed it was quite an adorable sight. She was the mare of Spitfire's dreams. She shook the thought out of her mind. There was no guarantee that she swung that way. Well sure she had rainbow mane and acted like a tomboy, but that didn't prove anything. That's how she was born. Even if they were similar, their sexual preference could be completely different.

"I hope you don't mind the questions. I'm just curious." Spitfire said in a much warmer tone than she realized.

"I don't mind." Rainbow Dash gave a reassuring smile that almost caused Spitfire's heart to melt. Of all the features Rainbow Dash had, those magenta eyes had to be the most beautiful.

"Well, hypothetically, what if the Wonderbolts weren't where you shined the most? What if you could go by yourself and become a bigger name than even us?" Spitfire almost asked herself the question more than Rainbow Dash.

"Well... I'd thought about that too. I mean I can do sonic rainbooms. That has to count for something. But..." Rainbow found it hard to keep eye contact with Spitfire. "I think I'd still want to join..."

"Do you mind if I ask why?" Perhaps this pony had Spitfire's answer as well as her own.

"I..." Rainbow Dash dug at the ground for a little, resting on her haunches. "Well I... It's..." She sighed. "It's kind of a personal thing..." Spitfire frowned, dropping her ears to her head and letting out a small 'oh' but was interrupted by Dash. "BUT... If you won't tell anypony else... I think I can work up enough courage in a few minutes."

Spitfire smiled comfortingly and nodded. "I promise Dash. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" Spitfire chuckled as she tapped her eye leaving Rainbow Dash looking at her a little confused.

"I thought Pinkie Pie was the only one who did that."

"The pink pony at Sugarcube Corner? She taught it to me when she promised not to tell Soarin' I got him a cake on his birthday." Spitfire giggled. "She seemed...Sweet." The two mares laughed at the terrible pun.

"Wait right here." Rainbow Dash flew off into the orchard and plucked the two largest red apples she could find and brought them back. She tossed one to Spitfire. "Eat up! Applejack won't mind." Spitfire nodded and the two sat next to one another eating their apples. Rainbow Dash collected her thoughts on how to approach Spitfire's question. She'd never told anypony her secondary motivation for joining the Wonderbolts, that she wanted to admire Spitfire up close. Not as an idol but as a fellow mare. A very beautiful mare. With a beautiful coat, strong wings... and absolutely gorgeous burnt orange eyes. Rainbow Dash felt her wings slowly begin to stiffen and tried to get back on target. How to tell her? 'Hey Spitfire! I think you're HOT!' She almost felt like smacking herself across the face for even coming up with such a stupid pun. 'I love you Spitfire. As more than a fan.' That was a little blunt wasn't it? Besides, it might scare Spitfire off from such a fun and wonderful night. But then again it wouldn't be a good idea to be dishonest either. Might as well just tell her. 'It's because I like you.' She looked to the stars in the sky for some answer. Her rainbow trail had vanished long ago. When nothing answered, she just swallowed her fears and looked over to Spitfire as she finished her apple to the core.

"So Dash... You ready to tell me your... ulterior motives?" Spitfire chuckled once again. Those beautiful orange eyes gazed back at Dash.

She prepared herself to answer. Then... another thought came to mind. "I'm gonna ask you a few things first. It'll help me with my answer." Spitfire nodded in approval. Rainbow Dash sighed with some slight relief that she could buy a few more minutes. "How much in the articles about you and Soarin' are true?" If she was going to answer honestly, this question would make it easier on her.

"Hardly any of it." Spitfire had no problem with the question. However Rainbow Dash seemed rather taken aback. She was relieved, but that all these stories were almost a complete lie kind of upset her

"Well then what is your relationship?" She sounded a bit more energetic in her questions. Her mood was elevated knowing the mare she was crushing on was potentially single.

"He's my best friend. And honestly, there's no potential of it going any further than that." Spitfire thought about just admitting she was a filly fooler, but she let Rainbow Dash go uninterrupted.

Dash sighed in huge relief and felt her heart almost soaring. "The reason I'd still join the Wonderbolts..." A huge block formed in Dash's throat as she tried to push the rest of the phrase out of her mouth. 'Just say it Dash! Let it out! You can trust Spitfire, she won't make fun of you.' "I really just want to..." She felt her face brighten up. Spitfire watched her with some concern, but let her continue. Rainbow Dash swallowed hard. 'You've come this far already Rainbow Dash. What do you have to be afraid of? Besides looking stupid in front of your hero and the most beautiful mare you've ever seen?' She breathed deeply and placed her apple core beside her. "You're my hero Spitfire. And I want to be...I want to fly with you." There, she'd said it. It was out there and she could be relieved to have it off her chest.

Spitfire was taken aback. "Me? You want to join because of... me?" She blushed and felt her heart fly out of her body. Maybe she had a chance after all.

"Yeah... Because... I dunno. I'm not really good at talking about things like this."

"Well... I'd like to fly with you too... Dashie." At the sound of her pet name coming from Spitfire's voice, Rainbow Dash's wings erupted into their fully erect position.

"H-how do you know that name?" Every function in Dash's body was going haywire. She felt adrenaline pump through her faster than it had before.

"Pinkie Pie likes to talk about you a lot. And... I was always eager to listen." Spitfire's big orange eyes looked up into Dash's pink iris'. "I think the name is cute. I hope you don't mind if I... take it?" She batted her eyelashes teasingly. Rainbow Dash couldn't bring her wings down however hard she tried. Spitfire was flirting with her. Was she being serious? Or was she making fun of her?

"I-I don't mind at all." This was as good a chance as any she figured. If she was real, this could be the greatest decision of Dash's life. If not...

Neither of the pegasi knew what had happened to get them in this position, but honestly, why would they care. Rainbow Dash was lying over Spitfire with their lips connecting them. It only lasted a second before Rainbow Dash got a hold of herself and pulled off of her hero apologizing like mad. It was short but they both felt it. Their hearts were pumping so hard they could swear the other one could hear it. "I'm so sorry Spitfire. I don't know what came over me. I-" without being allowed to finish her apology, Spitfire was on top of her now, kissing her deeply and sensually. both pairs of wings were spread far from their sides.

After about a minute of holding their kiss, Spitfire broke away and looked down at Rainbow Dash with bedroom eyes. "Shut up Dashie." She spoke in such a soft tone and returned their lips to their joyful embrace. Rainbow Dash brought her front hooves across Spitfire's back and pulled her in closer. After five minutes they broke again and stared lovingly into their eyes. Both of their wildest dreams had come true. "I didn't want to make any assumptions and make a fool of myself." Spitfire admitted.

Rainbow Dash chuckled much in the way Spitfire had been. "I'd never have taken my hero as a filly fooler. Then again, who am I to complain?" She licked at Spitfire's cheek and chuckled in content ecstasy. "So... What does this make us?" She asked a little nervously.

"It makes us the fastest couple in Equestria. I thought that was obvious." Spitfire giggled and winked at Rainbow Dash.

"I like the sound of that!" Their heart rates had calmed down, but beat heavier than before. Spitfire backed up and allowed Dash up. She gave a small kiss on Dash's right cheek and made her blush. "Now I need to be in the Wonderbolts more than ever!"

Spitfire's smile fell to half it's enthusiasm and sighed. "I'll be honest with you Rainbow Dash... it's really not worth it for ponies like us."

"Huh? What do you mean? We're the best! We should be flying with the best!" Rainbow seemed almost upset by this news.

"So we should fly together. Free. If you become a Wonderbolt it's only the same tricks every show, keeping the same speed. I can't remember the last time I've been able to go out flying on my own before tonight, and even then that's because it's late out. I can't do the things I really wan to do anymore. It was fun at first, but now it's mundane." It broke Spitfire's heart to see Rainbow Dash's dreams fall apart. "Dashie..." She lifted her love's chin with a friendly hoof. "What you do is amazing. You're the fastest pony in Equestria. You can pull off a sonic rainboom. You've perfected tricks that took me years to master." This brought a small smile to Dash's face.

"But you told me to always follow my dreams..." Her smile started to waver again.

"Your true dreams. Being the best you can be Dash! I want better for you. Hay I want better than this for me anymore." Spitfire gave Rainbow Dash a hug, stroking her soft rainbow mane. "Dashie, from now on I'll be coaching you at night. Sleep on it, and if you still want to join the Wonderbolts, I'll use all the power I can to let you in."

Dash lie limp in her legs for a moment. Then she brought her legs up and hugged Spitfire back. "Of course Spitfire! We'll be the best fliers we can."

"What the HAY is goin' on up here?" The two pegasi felt their hearts jump as they looked behind and saw Applejack coming up the hill. "Well I'll be darned. Rainbow? 's that you? Who's yer friend?"

"Uh... Hi AJ. This is Spitfire. She's captain of the Wonderbolts."

"Hey!" Spitfire swallowed hard and scratched at her mane behind her ears.

"Pleasure. So, you must be RD's new GF huh?" Applejack chuckled at her little joke. When the two tried to interject she merely held up a hoof. "Nah nah, no need ta explain. Ah know a coupla' ponies in love when ah sees 'em. Besides, things never worked out between Rainbow and ah in the first place." Spitfire looked at Rainbow Dash with a raised eyebrow and she could only shrug back. "Ah think it's right sweet. Y'know Rainbow talks 'bout you all the time."

The two pegasi looked at one another and laughed. Applejack looked slightly confused but smiled to herself. "Well, if anypony had to find out first, I'm glad it's you AJ." Rainbow Dash smiled. This night was absolutely perfect.