• Published 30th Oct 2011
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A League of Their Own - Sparx

Spitfire begins to question how far the wonderbolts will take her and approaches Rainbow Dash

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About a month had passed since Rainbow and Spitfire shared their first kiss and confessed their feelings for one another. The two had never been happier since then. Every second they could manage they were together. Eventually the rest of Rainbow and Spitfire's friends found out about them, and they were very supportive and happy for them. Rainbow Dash was a little embarrassed the first time she had Spitfire over to her home, though she seemed to love the place, especially how full the place was. She said she loved the 'homey lived in feel.' Keeping true to her promise, Spitfire coached and trained Rainbow Dash every night on how to push herself. Rainbow Dash had decided that Spitfire was right, and instead of focusing on impressing the Wonderbolts she was working for her own pride again. Rainbow Dash was able to get into Wonderbolts shows for free now and could admire her heroes from backstage. After seeing Spitfire with her mane down, Rainbow Dash had told her it looked about twenty percent cuter, and it became a much more common sight in public. The two had never been happier.

Soon the media started catching the two of them at the shows together letting it become public news. The truth was out and everypony was wild about the new celebrity couple Firedash! They appeared together in newspapers, tabloids, magazines and they were even the subject of a few talk shows. Everyone was in love with the fastest couple in Equestria. Dash wasn't used to all the new attention but seemed to adapt to it. Besides, it didn't affect her so much as Spitfire being the actual 'celebrity' of the two. If she had any free time before it was a thing of the past. Whenever she wasn't busy with her Wonderbolt duties, she was with Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately the ratio between the two had been very heavy on her celebrity life and left alone time with her beloved Dashie. In the mornings Rainbow Dash still had her weather duties so Spitfire would visit Applejack before she had to go to work. They'd harvest apples and Spitfire would vent to her new friend. "It's just become very overwhelming lately you know? I never thought that dating Rainbow Dash would attract so much attention. I mean, it's not like it's exactly rare for somepony to be a filly fooler. Look at Lyra and Bon Bon. They're perfectly happy and nopony seems to bat an eye at them."

"Well ah reckon it's 'cause yer famous sugarcube. Lotsa pony folk look up ta ya and wanna know what yer doin'. With news like this it's no wonder y'all are gettin' so much attention. Fer example, they'd post them stories 'bout you an' that Soarin' feller right? Someponies really enjoy all that gossipin' hogwash. 'S entertainment for some." Applejack said. They walked through the orchard with baskets full of apples on their backs.

Spitfire sighed. "You're right AJ. So long as I'm captain of the Wonderbolts ponies will be watching whatever I do, and so long as Dash and I are together, they'll be watching her too." She puffed her cheeks out and let out a groan of disapproval.

"Well like ya asked Rainbow, is bein' a Wonderbolt really what ya want hun?" Applejack stopped and placed a friendly hoof on Spitfire's shoulder. "If'n it ain't, then ya still got Rainbow and ah." Spitfire smiled warmly back to Applejack. In the past month, AJ had become a very close friend to her. They'd exchange stories on their experience with Rainbow Dash, and Spitfire had even learned a few... 'tricks' from Applejack as well that had surprised Rainbow Dash in those moments they had alone. Tricks like stroking behind her wings in just the right spot to get an instant sprout, or a little tease at her cutie mark would cause her to giggle uncontrollably.

Applejack was right though and Spitfire knew it. She couldn't stay with the Wonderbolts. But on the other hoof she couldn't just up and leave them either. At the very least she'd have to assign a new captain. What about a new job? Would she even need a new job? She had plenty of bits to keep her and Rainbow Dash set for a good while. Who would move in with who? Perhaps they could merge the houses? Nah that would be more effort than it was worth. Wait was she already thinking about moving in? Spitfire blushed a bright red at the thought. Living on the same cloud as one another, sharing a bed together. It felt as if little wings were flapping where her heart should be as she covered a smile with her hooves. "Y'all okay?" Applejack chuckled.

"Huh? Oh, yeah." Spitfire kept her little thought to herself, taking some joy in it. "Say AJ. About how long was it until you used the 'L' word with Dash? If you did that is."

"What 'L' word? Lesbian?" Applejack looked a little confused.

"No, the other one."

"Lesbians?" Spitfire couldn't help but laugh. Applejack thought about it for a moment before she understood. "OH! Ah see what yer talkin' 'bout. Ah don' think we ever used that word sugarcube. Ah'm sure there were times we wanted ta. But it never really worked out that way. Mah passion was the farm, an' hers was the sky. We agreed it was nice while it lasted, an' we both enjoyed it with no regrets, but went our differin' ways. What we had was much more friendly like. Close friends, but not much more'n that." Applejack patted Spitfire on the back as they continued to the barn.

Spitfire had looked to Applejack with growing admiration over the month. She was a brilliant pony and a hard worker. Spitfire and Dash always came to her when they were in trouble and she'd always be there to lend an ear. "Well in that case... about what time do you think it's appropriate?"

Applejack looked to the sky in thought. "Don't rightly know sugarcube. If ah had ta say though, then ah'd say when ya find the perfect moment and ya feel it's true." Applejack looked to the sun. "Ya should be headed off sugarcube! It's gettin' late an' ya should be off ta yer Wonderbolt work."

Spitfire looked up to the sun as well and noticed it was getting high. "Yeah, I should get going soon." She thanked Applejack and left her baskets at the barn before flying away. 'Is it right to say it now? Applejack and Dash never did for the while they were together.' She shook her head away. When the time came, she would know.


"Alright team, just get those storm clouds out to Canterlot and we'll be done for the day. Nice job today!" Rainbow congratulated her coworkers on a job well done that morning. If there was one pony who knew how to do her job well in the weather business it was Rainbow Dash. In her years of work she'd risen to the head of her district and lead a small group of other pegasi in the duty of making sure Equestria was happy and healthy. She enjoyed her work, especially when she could show off.

Dash came to a land on her cloud home and saw a grey pegasus with blonde mane and wall eyes trying to stuff a large package into her less than large mailbox. "Hey Der-I mean Ditzy! I'll take that off your hooves." The pegasus turned to Rainbow dash with her tongue sticking out and nodded her head in an almost violent matter, handing the box over. After Derpy flew away with a proud look on her face, Rainbow pushed the package through her door and opened it up. It was a gift from 'Ponies' magazine for showing up with Spitfire for an interview a week ago. Inside was the issue of the magazine with Rainbow and Spitfire gliding through the air nuzzling one another on the cover. The image warmed Dash's heart but to see it public left a somewhat sour taste in her mouth. Aside from that, there was a bottle of wine as a congratulatory gift for the two of them. "Isn't stuff like this usually given later?" She shrugged and brought the bottle into her kitchen. She'd wait to figure out what to do with this with Spitfire. Maybe if she got a day off the two of them could just spend a romantic night together with a dinner by candlelight. Then again Dash had never been the best cook. Perhaps Pinkie Pie or Applejack could help her. She went over to her couch and curled up turning on the TV. There she was on the news again, but not really seen as 'Rainbow Dash: the only pony to pull off a sonic rainboom' or 'Rainbow Dash: Hero of Equestria.' Rather she only saw 'Rainbow Dash: filly friend to Spitfire: captain of the Wonderbolts!' It annoyed Dash to be looked at that simply. Instead of looking at her achievements, the media was portraying her as an object that belonged to Spitfire. This annoyed Spitfire as well and the two ponies had asked time and time again for the reports to knock it off and just see them as a couple. Rainbow Dash sighed and changed the channel. It seemed lately that only Spitfire, Applejack and the rest of her friends understood her lately. 'This wouldn't be happening if I were a Wonderbolt.' She shook the idea from her head. If anything that would probably make Spitfire look bad, moving in on the newbie. Or worse Spitfire would look like she was abusing her power as captain. Things had just become very annoying as far as the public scene went, even a few of Dash's coworkers wouldn't stop harassing her about being the 'girlfriend of the captain of the Wonderbolts.' While she did take quite a lot of pride in the title, Dash hated being labeled as something that 'belonged' to Spitfire. Rainbow Dash made a small wish to herself that Spitfire wasn't a Wonderbolt anymore. As much as she loved her hero for being the captain of her favorite team, it really interfered with their time together and alone! But she just sighed took it back. Spitfire couldn't just drop from the team out of the blue.

Later that night, after the two were done flying together, they headed back to Rainbow Dash's home. Spitfire caught a glimpse of the magazine cover and rolled her eyes. "They don't ever get the story right. They probably made you out to be some nopony."

Rainbow Dash groaned. "They did. And not just there, but in the news and everything." She sighed. "I don't mind it too much. It's just annoying." Dash curled up on the couch and sighed. Spitfire smiled warmly and walked over towards her.

"I have some good news Dashie!" Spitfire said as she nibbled at Rainbow's ear (causing a slight flutter in the cyan pony's wings). "Turn on the news again. Just for a minute." Dash did as she was told and saw another story about Spitfire.

"It's just more about us being together." She spoke in a very unamused tone.

"Just give it a minute." Spitfire said as she got up onto the couch as well, nuzzling Rainbow. The story was about Spitfire specifically this time. The anchor spoke on for a while about Spitfire and who she was before getting to the part Spitfire was waiting for.

Rainbow Dash glanced from the TV to Spitfire. It had just announced that she- "Stepped down?" Dash's voice cracked.

"Yup! Gave the job to Soarin' from now on. He was ready for it and couldn't be happier when I told him." Spitfire's smile warmed Dash's heart and made her shed a tear. Her foalhood idol, her hero had given up fame for her. Dash took Spitfire in her forelegs and kissed her. They fell out of the couch and onto the floor giggling and laughing. "Well, I've got plenty of bits to keep us set for a while anyways. But I will need a job eventually." Spitfire chuckled as she lay on her side. The two ponies gazed at one another as they continued to laugh for another minute.

"Spitfire... I don't know what to say! This is awesome! We can spend entire days together now!" the two ponies stood up and laughed again. "Spitfire I-"

"I love you Rainbow Dash." She beat her to it. She had said it from her heart right when it felt perfect.

Rainbow Dash was left speechless for a moment. She could only smile and reply "I love you too Spitfire." The two pegasi shared another kiss and smiled. "Why don't you... stay over here for tonight?"

Spitfire didn't even have to think before saying "I'd love to."