• Published 30th Oct 2011
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A League of Their Own - Sparx

Spitfire begins to question how far the wonderbolts will take her and approaches Rainbow Dash

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A get together

Rainbow Dash sat right up front, looking high in the sky as the Wonderbolts descended from the sky at ridiculous speeds and fantastic precision. She cheered and screamed at the tricks and flips, naming off every one. She had seen every show since her first and had memorized every move in their arsenal, even perfecting a few herself. "WHOOOO! SPITFIRE! WONDERBOLTS! YEAH!" It took everything in her to not shoot into the sky and join them in the sky with all the adrenaline pumping through her. No matter how many times she saw the same trick performed, she brimmed with eagerness to be up there with her heroes performing in front of the audience, going at insane speeds and performing tricks that would leave any normal pegasus injured or worse. When she'd won the young fliers competition, she was almost certain she'd be in the Wonderbolts. Unfortunately she botched up her day with them for winning. Her nerves got the better of her again and she messed up even her most basic of tricks. The only pony who seemed impressed was Spitfire, who kept defending Rainbow Dash despite her mistakes, encouraging her. Rainbow blushed at the memory, Spitfire was encouraging her to do her best, was really rooting for her. When the Wonderbolts swept over her head, she woke from her memories and continued her cheering from her seat. That was the life she wanted, flying by the Wonderbolts everyday... well, by Spitfire at least.

After the Show, the Wonderbolts thanked their fans from the stage. When Spitfire walked up to the mic, she seemed less enthusiastic than she usually was. The emotion was robbed from her voice as she talked, rather droned, about how much fun it was doing these shows day after day. The life seemed to drain from the entire audience, even Rainbow Dash started to feel kind of uncomfortable. Then Spitire turned her eyes to her. Suddenly her voice was full of passion and emphasis. "It's for the fun and the freedom of flying. It's for the expression that we all have. It's to become better at what we do, and what we do is entertain you!" The crowd was roaring in seconds, cheering Spitfire through her speech. "I don't do it for the money, or the fame. I do it for me, and all of you out there who love the thrill of flight!" Her eyes were glued to Rainbow Dash for the final bit "Never lose sight of your goals, and always follow your dreams!" With that, the crowd literally went wild as the rest of the Wonderbolts flew off the stage. Spitfire held eye contact with Rainbow for a moment longer, then joined her colleagues. Rainbow Dash was speechless. Spitfire had remembered her first show so long ago.

Dash didn't know what to think, her mind was all over the place as she jumped around with a grin from ear to ear across her face. Spitfire had addressed her directly in a show, and even quoted the first time they had met. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!" She could only repeat the three words over and over again for about five minutes before regaining her composure. She looked around and realized she was the only one still in her seat before flying off squealing in joy.


"Have fun with your little improv show?" Soarin' chuckled as he nudged Spitfire.

"As a matter of fact, I did. It's good to let the fans see your personal side. Let them see you as an actual pony, not just an icon." Spitfire chuckled as she peeled her uniform from her head.

"I guess so. Just don't say anything the rest of us will regret." Soarin' shrugged.

"I spoke for myself, not all of you. Besides, what should I care if we lose a fan or two? If speaking my mind is so unappealing to them then they aren't really a fan are they? And hey, could get even more fans." She walked over to her locker and spun the combination in, unlocking the door and threw it open.

"Yeah, but if you get our sponsors angry, we're gonna be losing some bits." Soarin' did the same, slipping out of his uniform as well.

"Right. Bits." Spitfire gave out a slight groan. Soarin' was a nice enough guy but it seemed he had a slight attention problem. She distinctly remembered saying she didn't care about the money. "I'd think you'd prefer to be paid in pastries though wouldn't you Soarin'?" She chuckled as she stripped herself and threw the blue and yellow suit in the locker.

"Just because I enjoy a pie or a fritter every now and again does not mean I obsess over them like you imply." Spitfire never let him live down the night at the gala when he freaked out about almost dropping his apple pie.

"Sure ya don't buddy." She snickered as she walked out the doors. As dumb as he sometimes seemed, Soarin' was Spitfire's closest friend. He was somebody she could talk to at the very least. He understood how she felt about the Wonderbolts but didn't relate, and that was probably her main problem with the guy. That and the fact that the tabloids always spread rumors that the two of them were a couple. It wasn't that Spitfire didn't like Soarin', it was that she saw him more like a brother than anything else. Besides, stallions weren't her thing. The body of a mare was far softer and more alluring than that of a male. As soon as she emerged from the building she saw Rainbow Dash flying overhead. Hesitating only for a moment, Spitfire took off and flew after her. She caught up easily and flashed a smile. "Hey Dash, how's it hangin'?"

Rainbow Dash was a little taken aback. Spitfire was up here flying with her. They'd talked before though so Dash could still respond without stumbling, also without her uniform on, Spitfire seemed much more like a normal pony. "Hey Spitfire! I'm doing awesome! At least... a hundred percent cooler after that performance out there!" Rainbow Dash shouted in excitement with the adrenaline of the show still pumping through her.

Spitfire gave out a small chuckle. "Well I'm glad you liked it. Then again you always do don't you?"

"Heck yeah! Being in the Wonderbolts has to be the most amazing thing a pegasus can do with their lives! Isn't it?" The look on Rainbow Dash's face was so full of energy and joy, that Spitfire couldn't help but feel her own energy spark to life as well.

"Well..." The look on Dash's face was too much, Spitfire couldn't break down her dream. "yeah. It's fun." She said in a halfhearted tone.

"Hey, you put in a good word for me on joining? Surely they'd listen to the captain!" Rainbow Dash beamed giving a hopeful glare to Spitfire.

"Believe me Dash, I'd love to have you in with us. I think you're perfect for the Wonderbolts... it's just..."

Rainbow's smile vanished as quickly as it came. "They still see me as a screw up." She sighed.

Spitfire's heart broke a little to see Rainbow Dash upset like this. "Hey. Come with me. I'd like to show you something." Rainbow Dash didn't question and followed the yellow pegasus as she took a detour from their path. They flew together for a while as the sun slowly began to set, finally landing on a large cloud structure. "Well here we are. Home sweet home."

"This is your house?" Rainbow Dash looked upon the sheer size of the thing in awe. It had three rainbowfalls from the top, spilling into a small U shaped moat around the main build.

"Yeah, it looks nice doesn't it?" Spitfire seemed rather disinterested in the thing. "Come on, let me show you inside." The two pegasi walked into her house with Rainbow Dash's heart thumping hard in her chest. She was in her idol's HOME! The first thing the rainbow maned pony noticed was the trophy case to her right, where the headdress for first place in the Young Fliers Competition sat.

"Oh my gosh! You won the Young Fliers competition too?"

"Yep! Joined the Wonderbolts three days later." Spitfire couldn't help but take pride in the fact. That was when being a Wonderbolt meant something to her. It proved that she was making headway to becoming her best. "Come over here." She called from her couch. Rainbow Dash drank in the atmosphere. This place was massive, much bigger than her own cloud house. It was a beautiful tint of yellow that really brought out Spitfire's coat and mane. Dash trotted over to the couch and when offered a seat, went ahead and took a leap, getting comfy. "So tell me Dash, what's it like being you?"

"What?" Rainbow Dash's blue coat suddenly grew a slight shade of pink around her cheeks.

"I mean how is it to have a day in the life of Rainbow Dash? The one who helped save the town twice? The pegasus famous for the legendary sonic rainboom?" Spitfire sat against the arm of her couch, resting on her front leg and crossing her bottom legs. "You must have fans lining up for your autograph already!"

"Well..." Rainbow Dash's mind thought back to one of many instances where Scootaloo was asking for an autograph or the time she asked for her cutie mark story. "I guess so. I can only say I have one real fan at the moment."

"You're kidding me right?" Spitfire seemed genuinely disappointed. "You're all over the news!" She motioned to all the newspapers sprawled out on her coffee table.

"Well, not many ponies watch or read the news nowadays. And I'm not the only pony to save the town. Also if I can pull a sonic rainboom or two off, nopony would hear of flying tricks unless it was by you guys." Rainbow Dash felt rather disappointed by the fact too, but then again fame wasn't why she did anything either. "I don't really care, I'm just happy knowing I can do those things."

Spitfire smiled. "Well, if you're keeping count correctly you'd know that you have two fans Dash." Spitfire gave a little wink which made Rainbow's face turn a bright violet color. "W-well thanks Spitfire. It means a lot coming from you." Dash swallowed the heat from her face away and began to think for a little."Uhm... I know it's kinda late. But... could we go flying for a bit? It's really nice in here, but I'd like to show you a few moves that I think will impress the other Wonderbolts."

Spitfire looked at the cyan pegasus and smiled. "Flying sounds wonderful." They went outside. The sun had almost completely descended in the horizon as Luna brought the moon to the center of the sky overhead. "Perfect night for stretching one's wings." The two pegasi took off and glided through the warm summer air. For about an hour Rainbow Dash would show her favorite tricks. Some of them were completely original while others were some very difficult ones that she perfected from watching the Wonderbolts. Spitfire caught herself giggling. "Honestly I can't believe you would be as clumsy as you were on your day with us. You're an amazing flier Dash."

"You really think so?" Dash Smiled wide. Every compliment from her hero was like a surge of pure joy going through her heart.

"Hay yeah! In fact I think you might be almost as good as ME!" Spitfire chuckled.

At the very hint of a challenge, Rainbow Dash's gaze narrowed and a grin spread across her face. "Oh yeah? Who's to say I'm not better?"

"Is this a challenge I hear?" Spitfire's face began to mimic that of Dash's.

"First to the tallest hill in Sweet Apple Acres wins! Sound good enough Wonderbolt?" Rainbow began feeling the adrenaline surge in preparation for a race.

"It'll have to do I guess." Spitfire grinned. The pegasi landed on a nearby cloud and crouched down to get ready for takeoff. "You ready Dash?"

"Always." This was unreal. Here she was, about to race Spitfire, captain of the Wonderbolts, the fastest pony in all of Equestria. Soon to be second best. "Get ready Spitfire! 3...2...1...GO!"