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Became a Dragon - The Digital Guy

When you're a legendary warrior whose saved the world more than once, what challenges can await you if you suddenly Became a Dragon?

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Chapter 1: Became a Dragon

Chapter 1: Became a Dragon

Tamriel, a mysterious continent filled with ancient secrets, a sky filled with gods, and realms beyond filled with the amused immortals. A land filled with diverse peoples, and great conflicts, it is a place where nearly anything can and has happened. Once, man, a race of unknown origin, were enslaved by the children of Akatosh, God of Time: the Dragons. Dragons spoke a language that was raw power, and quickly dominated northern Tamriel, forcing man under their influence. Kynareth, Goddess of the Heavens, took pity on them, gave men the ability to speak as Dragons do, and so the first Dragonborn came into existance. Slaying their masters and overthrowing their cult leaders, men buried every dragon known to exist, and cast the first-born of Akatosh, Alduin the World Eater, into time. Free of their masters, man spread out, and eventually conquered all of Tamriel. As the Empire rose, it reached it's peak after the third era, before a ancient order of Elves, the Aldmeri Dominion, nearly destroyed man's Empire, and tensions only grew after the war. The Nords, enraged that the Elves had banned the worship of one of their most coveted gods, rebeled against the Empire, and a new war started. As the rebel's leader was captured, and ready to be executed, fate acted against all odds, and Alduin returned to the world, inadvertently saving the leader, and the war continued. It was at this time, the time when dragons returned after millenia of sleeping, that a new Dragonborn arose. Trained under the tutelage of the Greybeards, Masters of the Way of the Voice, this Dragonborn saved an island from the First Dragonborn, Miraak, and stopped the up-rise of a great cult of Vampires, before finally entering the realm of Sovngarde, and slew Alduin, ending his rein of soul eating terror at last. In this realm, where the honored dead sing and drink for eternity, do we begin our story.

Before him, the great black Dragon Alduin burned, his very soul being cast from Sovngarde. The Dragonborn of the age, one going by the name of Ylven, watched as the dragon cried out in fear, his essence being ported through the great vortex above them all, at last, the world was safe. He stood in a tundra-like area, with mountains surrounding he and his companions, Dragonbons of old, the original slayers of Alduin. He felt some amount of pride rush through him as he realized that this was his doing, admittedly, he had assistance, but this kill, this was his soul to watch be destroyed. On his form sat a set of armor made from the dragons he had slain in Tamriel, and his sword, a tall Dragonbone Greatsword, still stained with the dark blood of the World Eater, rested on his back. He stepped away, facing the others, who revelled in their own glory, having finally defeated the beast that had slain them so long ago, all except the mage, whom had cast him into time in the first place. They all looked to him, and a simple nod was all he needed to commune his thoughts. Gilded energies of Dragons enveloped him, a Shout he had learned on Solstheim, which had aided him in Mirrak's defeat. Ready to leave he approached the ancient guardian of the Whale Bone Bridge, Tsun, the Nordic God of Trials Against Adversity.

"Hail, Dragonborn, Slayer of Alduin, the World Eater," the mighty god began.

Tsun was no mere Nord, and stood at least a whole two feet taller than Ylven, who had to look up to speak with him, "It couldn't have ended any other way, he had to be stopped."

"I understand why Shor stayed our blades then, I will admit I expected the doom of the four of you, but now that I see that I am corrected, I will offer you a path home."

Ylven nodded, taking a breath, "This has been a long time coming, thank you, Tsun."

Tsun readied himself, gathering his essence before releasing his Voice in powerful Shout,

"Nahl Dal Gol!"

And that was all that need be spoken. The Dragonborn felt the energies binding him here falter, and release him, allowing his spirit to return to the land of the living. He floated up, and was able to see the three Nordic heroes make their way back into Sovngarde's halls, to rejoin their bretheren, to sing and drink for the remaining eternity... one day, perhaps soon, he would join them... it certainly seemed like a worthy end, to join with so many other valliant heroes, some of which he had sent to their doom by his own hand. As the energies of Tsun's Shout took him back to Nirn, the energies from his Dragon Aspect began to glow more vibrantly, and pulse with unknown energy. He felt the effect instantly, and looked around him, the spiraling power began to slow, but continued to glow in a manner that suggested he was actually gaining power. He looked skyward, and realized he was getting rather close to the stars above, almost too close... that didn't seem like the way back to Skyrim... Still, his trust in Tsun's abilities held strong, and undermined his doubts. Soon though, the power surrounding him became blinding, and he found himself unable to see. As the power blinded him, he was sure he felt like he was moving, and quickly as well, where ever he was going, all he could hope that it was somewhere in Tamriel.

Back in Sovngarde, Tsun watched as the Dragonborn floated away into the high heavens, returning to... no, that wasn't right... Nahl Dal... Gol... Gol, Gol was earth... crap.

His speed increased, but something wasn't right... it hadn't taken him this long to reach Sovngarde, he was sure of that, but still he floated away, blinded by this confound light... wait... he couldn't feel anything, he was numb! Panic washed over him, what was going on? Where was he going? Where had that fool of a gatekeeper sent him?! It was dead quiet for a time, but soon something sounded in the distance, causing the Dragonborn's heart to stop. The roar of a dragon. He could take any dragon, any day, but blinded? And seemably without control over his body? No amount of armor or magic could save him now. Wingbeat sounded, and he found himself feeling his doom creeping closer, he had just lamented on joining the other nordic heroes in Sovngarde, but not like this! As he continued to struggle, it became clear that the dragon had stopped, and was now hovering just mere feet away from the debilitated Dragonborn, who struggle with his magical constraints, no doubt that the beast was preparing some vile Thu'um to end him...

"Be still, one of my blood," a voice, so proud and powerful, Ylven had never heard such power in a voice before, even among dragons.

"Why should I obey one of you?" Ylven asked, trying to struggle against his prison further.

"For I hand a hand in the creation of your world, and govern time, I ask that you take that time and lend it back to me."

The Dragonborn stopped; governed time... wait, "A-Akatosh?"

Suddenly, the light vanished, and reavealed a sight to hold, a dragon, as large a a mountain but still within the Dragonborn's vision, glowing with golden energy and looking at him... no, in him, "It is I, first of the Divines... I wished to speak to you, Dovahkiin."

Ylven gulped, trying to bow, but finding that he was still immobile, "My apologies, o' lord, I had feared my end was at hand, what is it you ask of me?"

"Time brings all things to pass... And I ask nothing of you, but I bring a warning: You will not be returning to Nirn."

Ylven crooked a brow, "If I am not being returned to Nirn, then where? Aetherius? Oblivion?"

Akatosh seemed to smile, and a warm fiel enveloped him, "No, my child, you are traveling to a place beyond places, to a realm where I cannot see. The Daedra cannot harm you there, and the Aedra will not be able to reach you, but I have faith that you will survive there as you have on Nirn, perhaps."

"Perhaps? Far be it for me to question you, Lord of Time, but why do you speak to me?" Ylven questioned, feeling uneasy as the stars raced past them as he felt them leaving the realm.

"I speak to you to prepare you, young one, for you shall receive no help there. I am speaking with you because I must, for the folly of Tsun has caused a change in you, and where you shall be going."

Ylven blinked, "If I may, what do you mean?"

Again Akatosh smiled, and the same wave of utter kindness washed over Ylven, "Look upon yourself, One-Born-of-Man, and realize your new form, as a Dovah."

Suddenly finding himself with the ability to move, Vylven craned his neck, and found that i was much longer than usual. Looking down, he saw the layered scales, the razor talons, and boisterous wings, capable of lifting him off of the ground with ease, all attached to his body, and finally, he realized something, the way he and Akatosh communed was with the language of Dragons. How had this all happened?

As he inspected his new form, Akatosh suddenly emitted a wave of anxiety, "I warn you, Dovah, our time grows short as you make your way to this new realm, all I ask of you now, is that you follow the same path as before, righteous, and helping those that need it."

As Ylven was about to ask something of the time deity, Akatosh seemed to stop moving altogether, and was suddenly left behind as the new Dragon soared into a new realm, "Farewell, Dovah, may your heart always be true, and you mind always be sharp."

Ylven could say nothing as he watched the once massive god begin to shrink away in the distance, before becoming but a glow behind the fog of reality. Soon he found himself in a vortex, an aura of distinct and bright colours washed over him, and he again gained speed. As the Dragonborn, now a Dragon himself, raced through time and space, he could only think of Tamriel. His home, his birthplace, his land to tame and conquer... gone. Most likely forever, unless he could find a way home... who knew, perhaps this new realm could be nice. After slaying the World Eater, he supposed that he had earned a break. Yes, this new realm thing was beginning to feel like it might actually work out... perhaps he would make this work. It was a new realm after all, he could probably tame and conquer all the countryside he wanted... perhaps he could make like the Dragons he had slain and try to dominate a village, he had always wondered what it was like to attack and decimate villages of 'lesser' creatures. Obviously there were going to be no Dragonborn to slay him, so he might be able to entertain himself... yes, this could work out quite nicely.

Before him the portal separated into shards, and a gorgeous meadow was revealed below. Ylven spread his wings, and felt the wind rush over them, and for the first time, he flew without the aid of another Dragon. He spotted a small village in the distance, and began to fly towards it, feeling powerful with his ability to fly, and be above all. Once over top of the buildings, he released a feral roar, something he had wanted to do for a long time, and felt his chest puff out with pride as he prepared a speech for them.

"I am Ylven, Dragon of Tamriel, hear my voice and cower in fear!"

Ponyville, 12:00 or so

Twilight was having a fantastic day! Celestia's sun was shining, Rainbow Dash's weather team had cleared the clouds, Spike had rearranged the library, and Twilight had just treated herself to perhaps the best daisy sandwich to ever cross her lips. She trotted down the streets of Ponville, an aura of giddiness surrounding her. As ponies waved and smiled to her, she waved and smiled right back, ever since her coronation, she was getting more attention than ever, usually that bugged her a little, but today she was more than obliged to return the favor. Ponyville seemed to be in a similar state as her, everypony was waving to one another, everypony was smiling, it was almost like it was an official holiday... national smile day? That sounded like something Pinkie Would come up with.

"Hey Twilight!" Twilight heard a familiar voice cry, the pony was none other than Pinkie Pie herself, party pony extraordinaire.

"Hey Pinkie, what's up?" she gleefully responded, waving a hoof.

Pinkie bounced up to her, doing a full loop around her and then stopping at her face and holding out a letter, "We're having a get together party, and your invited!"

Twilight happily accepted the invitation, "Sounds great, who all is coming?"

Pinkie sat down, scratching her head as if in deep thought, "Welll... there's Rainbow, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and you!" she stopped for a moment, springing back up onto her feet, "And me too, but I'm hosting."

Twilight nodded, storing the letter in her bag, "I'll be there, when are we due to arrive?"

Pinkie giggled, "Like, now! But it's okay if you can come later, we won't start without anypony!"

"Actually, I'm not doing anything today, so I could come with you right now," Twilight offered.

Pinkie beamed with happiness, and held out a hoof, "Twilight Sparkle, take my hoof..."

Twilight rolled her eyes, but accepted the gesture, and joined Pinkie in skipping to Sugar Cube Corner. On any normal day, Twilight might feel a little embarrassed, hopping and skipping with one of her friends to the local sweet shop, but today, nothing could dower her mood, and so she played along, even spreading her wings a little each time they left the ground. They hopped all the way to Sugar Cube Corner, where inside, Twilight saw all of her friends gathered around a single table, awaiting their arrival. The moment they got inside, the smell of sugary treats and fluffy cakes blasted her, and she stopped at the door to get a good whiff before continuing inside.

As Pinkie bounced into the back, Twilight took the chair adjacent to Rarity, "Hey girls!"

"Oh Twilight, how wonderful of you to join us! I had feared that today was going to be one of those 'completely avoid contact with sunlight' days of yours, that kind of treatment is dreadful for your skin, darling," commented Rarity, and yes, Twilight knew very well the effects of sunlight on a mare's coat and skin, in fact, without Rarity, Twilight might not be so versed in such a topic.

"Nope, it's just been a fantastic day for me, I don't really know why it is... it's just... special," Twilight said, still smiling.

"Ah'll say, it's been smooth sailin' at th' farm. Got the fields all done today, and Big Mac's handlin' the stall, right as rain, I tell yah," added Applejack, tipping her hat slightly.

"Yeah, I've been trying to do this trick all week, but I kept on loosing too much speed at the loop, but today I got it just right!" Rainbow Dash bragged, stretching her wings proudly.

"Well... um... Angel didn't complain about his food..." Fluttershy sank into her seat after her lame excuse as to why she was so happy.

"Cupcakes, coming through!" Pinkie announced, practically slamming a large tray of delicious looking, icing topped, Pinkie Grade cupcakes in the center of the table, "Dig in everypony!"

And so they did, even Rarity, who had never seen such a fattening cupcake in her life before, took all of one cupcake for herself. A great deal of gobbling went on around them, and everypony was enjoying themselves until Pinkie began to vibrate. Soon her tail wrapped around her body, and she sprang into the air and began to spasm. Everypony stopped all at once and began to watch the display eagerly. The show continued for a full thirty seconds before Pinkie landed back in her seat, shivering as the sensations ended.

"Whoa, that was a doozie- no, super doozie! Something super doozie is gonna happen!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Whll, whht ish it?" asked Rainbow Dash, churning a cupcake into mush, whilst speaking.

"Wellll... hmm, tail wrap... shaking... flying... *Gasp* Everypony get behind the counter now!" and with that being said, Pinkie launched from the table and behind the counter's protective glass, occasionally sneaking a cupcake from behind the display case.

Everypony else merely looked at one another and shrugged, carefully getting out from their seats and meandering behind the counter, taking cover with Pinkie. They all stayed like this for a few minutes, until Pinkie stood up with a cupcake in hoof.

"Huh, I guess it was a false alarm," she said before devouring the cupcake.

Just everypony else began to stand back up, a ferocious roar was heard above town, followed by somepony going on about a dragon. It became eerily quiet for while, before there was a tired creak above them, followed by a series of snaps and crackles as the roof collapsed, and a slightly smaller, but still pretty big dragon fell through the rafters. Everypony was stunned as the creature began to regain it's bearings, muttering on about something like terrible rooves before raising it's head and looking directly at them. Fluttershy fainted, and everypony else merely stared it down, unsure on what to do. It wasn't long before it opened it's mouth to speak...

Ylven soared through the air above the town, looking for an acceptable place to land. He spotted a house made from solid looking walls and white stones that seemed like it could support him, and began his descent. He still felt some amount of pride pumping through him for making an opening like that, and as he touched down, the roof creaked, but held. He felt a small wave of relief before the ground seemably opened up and swallowed him, the sound of splitting wood and the feeling of splinters showering his armored body filled the air as he tumbled down, with little sense as to when it would stop. Soon, there was a loud thud, and he felt himself stop.

"Stupid... pitiful alien rooves... the Nords make them better than these creatures..." he stopped in the middle of his muttering and realized that he was being stared at by at least six tiny horses, one of which promptly passed out at the sight of him.

They stared at one another for a while, before he realized that he was the superior here.

"Behold my might, ponies! For I am Ylven, are you not in fear?" he chanted, craning his neck and looking down at them.

There was a moment when he was sure that he had frightened them stiff, until one of these creatures burst forward with such speed that he was unable to react in time and kicked him directly in the face, in midair! Unable to process what had just happened, the other creatures joined in, and soon he found all manner of objects being hurled at him, spoons, cakes, kitchenware, then they began to use magic. He had seen mages levitate things to them for short periods of time, but these things were worse than Elves! Obviously being some kind of master wizards, they began to cast painful spells and beat him with kitchenware covered in auras of energy. The blue one took off through the hole he had made earlier, but soon he heard a sound like thunder, and upon looking up he saw an odd circular rainbow appearing in the sky, followed by... by Mara was that the pony?! He tried to react, to do something, but being in such a small space prevented much movement, and soon he found himself restrained by the mages, the sound of a whizzing arrow inching nearer and nearer. At the last moment, he saw the pony come through the roof, and in slow motion he saw her smiling... smug little-GUGH!

Outside the building, a massive explosion of rainbow dust erupted into the air, before silence ensued. Inside the now ruined establishment, there was but a single sound uttered in the wake of the explosion:


Author's Note:

Well there you have it, the first chapter, if a few of you lot could take a gander and figure out where my grammar mistakes are, then I will be happy to correct them.