• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Wedding is Off! (Rewrite) - xd77

After Chrysalis gets defeated Twilight shows true anger towards everypony.

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Celestia and the mane six, along with Shining Armor had managed to gather up all of Canterlot for a big meeting, she and the other wanted to give them their apologies for what had happened, the crowd looked on as Celestia, the mane six, and Shining Armor stood on the balcony, Celestia was the first to speak, she still wasn't wearing her crown though because she still felt like she didn't deserve to be a princess.

"It has been really foolish of me to send Twilight out on all the dangers that come to Equestria, and it was because of me that Luna became Nightmare moon, but instead of doing my duty and stopping her myself, I acted like a fool and sent Twilight out to stop it plus I refused to listen to her it was me and Luna that should've stopped Discord when he stole the elements of harmony, instead, I made Twilight and her friends stop him. Now the fact that a massive attack on Canterlot has happened because of me, I chose a silly wedding over the fact of you all being in danger. I've relied too much on the elements of harmony stopping our problems and keeping peace and harmony to Equestria."

Celestia then turned to Twilight, "I'm sorry my most faithful student, I have been a rotten teacher to you, " she then turned back to the crowd below, "And I'm sorry to you all, I have been a lazy ruler to you all, and I beg forgiveness from everypony."

Tears started forming in some of the ponies in the crowd as Celestia stood back and Shining Armor walked up.

"Me, Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard, I was the one that surrounded this city with a force field, I should've concentrated more on dealing with the attack threat, but instead I chose to turn my back on you all and do the wedding, my sister tried to warn me and the others. Instead I told her to forget about being my best mare and not come to the wedding at all, then her friends took my side and abandoned her, lastly Celestia told her that she had a lot to think about and left leaving her all alone. However, when I got to 'Cadance's' room I saw that she didn't even go in, I figured she must've calmed down and went back to settle things with Twilight, but when I got back there I saw that she was nowhere to be found then 'Cadance' turned and looked at me evilly, I then discovered the whole truth and the fact that Twilight was right all along.

"Before I could do anything, the imposter brainwashed me." he said as tears started going down his face, he then turned back towards his sister, "Look all I know is that somepony really close to me, I grew up with, and I love a whole lot, could be dead right now and it would be all my fault."

Twilight walked up and hugged her brother as he cried the last ones to come up were Twilight's friends whom she had reconciled with, they were the last ones to look at the crowd.

"And us," Rainbow Dash said loudly, "The Elements of Harmony, we have been hypocrites towards them and you all, me the element of loyalty, the only pony I've been loyal to is myself, I chose my rainboom stunt over a friend's hurt feelings."

Applejack - "Me, the element of honesty, Ah' thought Ah' was bein' honest when Ah' told everypony to go and check on 'Cadance' it was mostly mah' fault, if Ah' hadn't turned on Twilight like that, none of this would've ever happened, Ah' was wrong to do that to a friend."

Fluttershy - "Me, the element of kindness, but was mean when I turned my back on Twilight like that."

Rarity - "Me, the element of generosity, I chose to be generous to an impostor instead of a close friend."

Pinkie Pie - "Me, the element of laughter, I made a friend cry and hurt her deeply."

Princess Celestia came back up and joined them, "We are greatly sorry for being fools to you all, I say again, we beg for forgiveness."

"ALL HAIL PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!" said a pony from the crowd, pretty soon the whole crowd joined in.


Suddenly Celestia felt somepony tapping her from behind, she turned and saw Luna who had a smile on her face and was levitating her crown.

"Sister, I believe this is yours." she said, Celestia smiled and levitated the crown from her sister's aura and put it on her head in front of everypony. Meanwhile, Shining Armor got a tapping of his own, he turned and saw Cadance had a smile of her own and levitated his face towards hers and kissed him on his lips.

"Shining, because of what you did out here, I have decided to give you another chance."

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