• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Wedding is Off! (Rewrite) - xd77

After Chrysalis gets defeated Twilight shows true anger towards everypony.

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Shining Armor had invited Twilight to come have dinner with him at Goldmare's Paradise, a beautiful five-star like restaurant in the center of Canterlot. Even though Twilight was still down about everything that had happened to her, she didn't want to reject her brother's invitation for a night of paradise and the fact that she still loved him. Anyway, here they were sitting down to dinner at a table in the middle of the restaurant.

"Shining, what's this all about?" Twilight asked.

Shining Armor sighed, "Twiley, it's been two months now since the changeling attack, and I brought you here because I wanted to tell you the truth, that changeling queen brainwashed me into thinking she was Cadance, I now understand it all, she took off down the hall crying as a way of turning me and everypony else against you, but when we found her room, we saw that she wasn't there, I figured that she must've quickly calmed down and had gone back to the wedding room to continue the rehearsal, so I told your friends and Celestia to stay there while I went back to the wedding room, but when I got there....." he gulped as tears started to fill in his eyes


Shining Armor had reached the room that they had been doing the wedding rehearsal to see if Cadance had returned, to his surprise she had somehow did return, it got to him on how she would re-enter a room after the doors to enter it would slam shut, but to his surprise, Twilight was nowhere to be found, he looked over at "Cadance" and saw she had an evil smile on her face, he suddenly discovered she was right she was evil!, he quickly furrowed his eyebrows in anger, for he quickly figured out what had happened.

"What have you done to my sister?!!" he asked in fury, but before he could anything, the imposter shot a beam of magic at him and quickly enhanced him under her control, causing his eyes to turn green and derp.

"Now that you're under my control, and with that brat Twilight out of the way, nothing will stop me now!" she said laughing evilly.


"I quickly figured out everything, but she had me under her control before I could do anything, I'm sorry I did that to you, which is why I made this for you." he levitated a new smarty pants doll for her. Twilight's heart started lifting as she levitated it out of her brother's magical grip, she looked back at him and saw that he was remorseful because he had small tears coming down his face.

"I'm the worst BBBFF ever for you, I didn't mean to break your heart like that, it wasn't me, it was her. I realize now you were right, how could I have been so stupid!?" he asked burying his face on the table and gently crying. Suddenly, he felt a hoof rub him, he looked up and saw Twilight was actually smiling this time, after two months of a severe depression, she was finally smiling.

"Oh Shining, this is probably the nicest thing you've ever done for me, you're not the worst BBBFF ever, you're my Big Brother Best Friend Forever...and you always will be." she said, Shining Armor quickly scooped her up and hugged her.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said the crowd of other ponies that were watching, this caused Shining and Twilight to quickly disengage their hug they had forgotten they were in a restaurant, they soon sat back down at their table, Twilight then hugged her new made Smarty Pants doll.

Author's Note:

Sorry this chapter was short, but this was an apology chapter.

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