• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Wedding is Off! (Rewrite) - xd77

After Chrysalis gets defeated Twilight shows true anger towards everypony.

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It was going as usual for Ponyville as everypony went their business, but as for the five "elements" they were not doing so great, Applejack's thoughts of what she made everypony do at the rehearsal kept making her lose her focus on bucking apples in the orchard, it was driving her into a severe depression, because of this Granny Smith told her to just rest for a few days, not only that but she was also punished for what she made the others do to Twilight, as she was lying in her bed, Big Macintosh came inside angered with her for all she did in Canterlot.

"You should be ashamed of yourself Applejack!" he scolded.

"Ah know, Big Mac." she said sulking.

"Why did you do it in the first place, did you ever stop to even look at the strange behavior?" he asked.


"Then why would you even bother taking a phony's side?"

"Because ah' thought she was really cryin', plus Twilight was actin' stupid."

"That's no excuse, Applejack, you've got some thinkin' to do!" he said as he left the room, Applejack plopped her head on her pillow and started bawling.

Someone at the Wonderbolt Academy started telling the others that Rainbow Dash had deliberately shunned Twilight all over performing a stunt at the now called off wedding and it got word to Spitfire, furious at this, she filed a restraining order to Rainbow Dash claiming that she was not to go near 75 feet of the Wonderbolt Academy, nor was she even allowed to talk to the wonderbolts, her dream was now shattered, for the next two hours or so, she sulked in her dark bedroom, not even moving a muscle.

Pinkie Pie was at Sugarcube Corner, being forced to scrub the bathrooms, wipe the tables, and clean the ovens plus the rest of the kitchen as she was told, plus she was not allowed to eat a single sweet out of the stands.

Fluttershy's animals had turned on her after somehow being told what had happened in Canterlot, and Rarity had gone so low over what had happened, that was too sad to make a single dress.

Meanwhile at the Library, the mayor had gotten a letter from Celestia over what had just happened and was told that Spike would be coming over to pack up Twilight's things because she was not going to return to Ponyville for quite a while because like Applejack, she too had gone into a bad depression and would be needing some time to let it wear off, Mayor Mare completely understood and went over to the library to help Spike pack up what she needed most.

It was really starting to go downhill now, a massive attack, Twilight breaking up the friendship and quitting her role as Celestia's student, Cadance calling off the wedding, etc.

Back in Canterlot, Twilight was at her parents house lying down on her bed in her old room that she stayed in when she was a filly still too upset to even talk, downstairs, Shining Armor was sitting with his parents drinking tea while still wearing his captain uniform.

"But dad..."

"Son stress does not excuse bad behavior, why did you even bother defending such an impostor?"

"I thought she was Cadance, I didn't realize Twilight was telling the truth."

"Shining, didn't you even stop to see how she was behaving, cause from what Twilight told us, plus evidence from a couple of guards, she didn't look stressed out at all." Night Light said.

"How did you get evidence?" he asked

"We had a guard knock on our door and he told us what you did, plus he brought us some pictures here for you to see." he said levitating some photos snapped from a camera that the guard had used, when Shining Armor saw these photos, he was now in shock, damn why didn't he stop to see this.

"Another question is, why did you shrug off the threat, you should've been concentrating more on the threat and not the wedding!" Twilight Velvet said.

"I figured that the force field was strong enough to keep the threat away." he said.

"Look even with a force field, it's still important to take a threat seriously." Night Light answered, "You're mother and I got separated from each other because of the attack."

Shining Armor sighed, "I'm sorry, I've been a lousy captain." he said, Shining Armor knew that if he didn't set things right, he could lose his rank.

At the castle, Princess Cadance was doing some thinking, what if Shining Armor really was under mind control, what if the changeling queen was using him, Cadance pondered all of this through, maybe he was right, maybe he was brainwashed. However her thoughts were soon cut off by the sound of commotion coming from outside, Cadance looked out the window and saw a large group of ponies rioting at Celestia and Luna, she quickly flew down and heard angered chatter, plus cussing coming from the crowd.

"Those two creeps haven't done shit for Equestria!" one pony said.

"Making a poor unicorn do all the work, while they just sit on their big fat butts and pretend it's not happening?!" another said.

Cadance walked up to one of them, "Excuse me, what's all the commotion out here?" she asked

"Celestia and Luna, they've failed to defend us once again!" he said out of extreme fury.

This was showing absolutely no signs of stopping ever.

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