The Wedding is Off! (Rewrite)

by xd77

First published

After Chrysalis gets defeated Twilight shows true anger towards everypony.

After Chrysalis gets defeated and Shining Armor and Cadance return to normal, Celestia tells Twilight that she has real wedding to put together, but after all they did to her earlier makes this chance to lose her temper and snap at them.

(This is going through one final set of changes to make it better, because I suddenly realized that Celestia did defend her subjects, so she has no need to be arrested.)


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Princess Cadance and Shining Armor had generated enough power for love, so much power that they floated up in the air and surrounded the room in a flash of light, Chrysalis turned around and saw what was about to happen, the five elements of harmony had watched happily as Shining Armor and Cadance's love for each other gave them power, but as for Twilight, who had quickly remembered all the pressure that they had put on her at the practice rehearsal earlier, was not so happy.

Cadance and Shining Armor's love had created a shockwave of love, causing a wave to blast Chrysalis and her changeling army out of Canterlot and off to parts unknown with her screaming in defeat as she went off with her changelings, the blast from their love had also managed to free Princess Celestia from her cocoon prison, which Chrysalis had trapped her in.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." she said getting back up on her feet, she then turned to Twilight who had her back turned from them and approached her.

"You have a real wedding to put together." she said, but her response was the sound of sobs, then silence.

"Twilight is everything okay?" she asked her placing a hoof on her back, she kept sobbing, the next one who saw her sad and approached her was Shining Armor.

"You all right Twiley?" he asked, the next one was Applejack.

"You okay, sugarcube, we've got a real wedding to do." she said, finally Twilight snapped.

"A REAL WEDDING?!, IS THAT ALL YOU IDIOTS CAN THINK ABOUT????!!!!!!!!!" her scream of anger echoed in the room, there was soon immediate silence, they had never seen Twilight this angry.

"Twilight, what's your problem?" Rainbow Dash asked

"You all are my problem, can you not see what has just happened, we nearly lost Canterlot to a group of monsters that wanted our love, and they nearly got all of Equestria, and still all you care about is the damn wedding?!"

"Twilight, calm down." Celestia said kneeling her head down to Twilight, but Twilight turned and slapped her face, causing her to step back from her.

"Why are you out here, instead of back in that cocoon?!" she snapped

"Twilight I...."

"Glue it you son of a bitch!" There were shocking gasps from everypony in the room, including Celestia, she was cussed at by her own student, plus back talked, Twilight continued on.

"This is what I was trying to warn you about at the practice rehearsal, I was trying to warn you, and what did I get as a response?!......"

"You can forget about being my best mare, in fact, if I were you, I wouldn't even show up to the wedding at all."

"Come on ya'll, let's go check on the princess."

"You have a lot to think about."

The first one to speak up from her outbursts was Applejack, "Well, maybe, if ya' had just come in here with proof that she was evil, we would've believed ya'." she said.

Rainbow Dash backed her up, "Yeah you just barged in here acting all loopy, plus you were acting like a filly!

Twilight's rage grew, "So you just decided to use that as an excuse to dump me, or did you all just decide to take evil's side, and check on that black hag?!" she then turned to Celestia, who had her head hung low in disappointment.

"And I'm really beginning to think that one around here that has a lot to 'think about' is you, because do you know what happened after you left me in here all alone?"

"No." she said.

"She trapped me in the caverns below Canterlot." her eyes were now moist and teary again, plus were bloodshot from her anger, "I was so...embarrassed....(sob)...and frightened, plus the imposter told me.....that.....I was never going to be found!"

Everypony was again in shock, they had never known that.

"I could've died down there, if I hadn't found Cadance and escaped with her." she said trying to calm herself down, but she just couldn't, she turned to Celestia.

"Why did you reject me Celestia?!" she snapped

"Twilight, I was disappointed, you were acting childish, Applejack is right, if you had just come in here with proof, we would've believed you."

Then in a fit of anger, Twilight pounded her hooves on the floor, the vibration from it was so hard that it caused a window to crack hard.

"I know I NEEDED proof, and I KNOW I was acting irrational, but does that really excuse the fact that we were facing the threat of an attack?!, Did that excuse the fact that nopony thought to carry out ANY checks for the behavior of Cadance?! or Shining?!, Didn't any of you bother to think it could've better been safe than sorry?!, Or were you all just too blind to your own ignorance and stupidity because materialism is more important than friendship?!

Rainbow Dash had just about had enough of her rage, "Twilight shut up, you're acting like a filly again, we need to get back to doing the wedding."

Twilight's rage mode had now reached the boiler,"So help me everypony, I am going to get through to you, and if this is the only way, then so be it!" she said lighting up her horn and starting to shoot blasts of magic, first she shot down the beautiful curtains that were hanging on top of the windows causing them to fall off, and the beautiful plants that stood in between the curtains fell off and shattered making the plants and dirt scatter all over, then she looked up at the ceiling and shot down the chandelier and curtains around it, causing the chandelier to plummet to the ground and shatter, but everypony backed away before getting crushed.

"Twilight!" Cadance screamed at her, but Twilight didn't listen.

"Twilight stop!" Celestia said, but Twilight just kept on going, her final destruction target was the arch that stood on the stage, the one with the bells on them, with one shot of her magic, the arch toppled down onto the stage and broke in half, causing the bells that were on it to snap off and land in front of Shining Armor.

After she had finished, her body was now boiling red with fury, her face stained from tears, but was still crying, Celestia approached to try to once again reason with her, but Twilight backed away, for she had already known the truth.

"I'm sorry Celestia, but I quit, I'm no longer your student, goodbye!" she said storming out of the room and leaving behind a group of ponies and a now ex-teacher inside a now destroyed wedding room.


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Everypony continued to sit there in the room, looking around at the damage Twilight caused from her fury, as they were looking around, they heard a loud rip, they turned and saw that Spike had torn his tuxedo off and had tossed it aside, he then took his hat off and threw it aside as well, making the others gasp.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!" he screamed, "I never should've followed you all out those doors, I don't know what I was thinking!"

"Spike calm down." Celestia said, but Spike wouldn't budge.

"No, I have no intention of calming down, you all nearly made Canterlot fall, and all you still care about is some stupid wedding and as for you Rainbow Trash..." he said turning his attention to her, "That little bonehead phrase you said, just proves it all, you're not loyal, nor do you care about Twilight, your friends, or me, all you care about is yourself, I hope the Wonderbolts never accept you, it would serve you right if they rejected you!" Rainbow Dash gasped at this.

"Now if you all don't mind, I have a friend to apologize to."

Then he went out the door as well, leaving behind five ponies, two princesses, and a guard captain.

"Shining Armor, what do you have to say for yourself?" Cadance asked with a demanding expression.

"I..." Shining Armor tried to explain, but Cadance quickly cut him off.

"I thought you loved me, how could you reject Twilight like that, even more important, how could you possibly shrug off a threat all for this?!"

"I..I.." he stammered but once again Cadance cut him off.

"I trusted you Shining Armor, Twilight trusted you, and this is what she gets?!"

"Hey why are you taking her side?" Rainbow asked. "She barged in here acting like a filly, we thought she was jealous." Cadance snapped and struck Rainbow across her face.

"I can't believe that you would do something like that to somepony who trusts you, how could you reject a nice unicorn like Twilight, and after all she did for you all?"

"It wasn't like that," Applejack tried to explain, "we only wanted..."

"Oh I know what you all wanted," Cadance interrupted, "You're not her friends, you're just using her to get what you all want, it must feel really good!"

She then turned to Shining Armor, "Now if you'll excuse me I've got a unicorn to comfort, and you can forget about us getting married, in fact if I were you, I wouldn't even come near me or Twilight at all, and as for you Celestia, you're the one that has a lot to think about!"

And with that, she stormed out of the room as well, leaving behind the ponies that were responsible for the tragedy that nearly destroyed them all.

"Celestia, I'm sorry but all this stuff is over." Shining Armor said taking off his uniform and walking out of the room in anguish and hurt.

Everypony then turned to Rainbow Dash who had a big mark on her face from where Cadance struck her, Applejack helped her up but not with happiness.

"All our rehearsal for nothing!" Rainbow said with tears in her eyes, "girls let's just go home and forget all this ever happened!"

Before long, they went out the door too, all that was left was now Celestia.

"I could've gained a new princess for Equestria, but instead, I just lost a student, good-bye Twilight Sparkle." she said with sadness, she too went out the door and closed it, leaving behind torn decorations, an unworn torn tux and guard uniform, plus a pillow with two now disengaged rings.

Twilight was in her room that she had been staying at for the past couple of nights crying over what she had just did, as she was crying, she heard her bedroom door opening gently, when she looked to see who opened it, it was Princess Cadance along with Spike who had sad yet concerned looks on their faces, Twilight then plopped her face back on her pillow and bawled louder, Cadance walked over and sat down next to Twilight, then gently rubbed her back.

"Shh, let it out sweetie, just let it out." Cadance said with a soothing tone, Twilight got up from her pillow and hugged Cadance,but quickly took notice that Spike was there too as he waved nervously at Twilight, she was not in the mood to see him.

"Get out Spike!" she said through clenched teeth.

"Twilight I have something important to say, please let me say it." Spike begged, Twilight knew what he wanted to say, so she gave him a chance to explain.

"All right Spike, what is it?" she asked.

"Twilight I'm sorry for ditching you like that earlier, the only reason I did was because I was afraid that they were going to reject me too, but now I've seen what was really going on, all they wanted to do was impress a spoiled monster, I didn't even know what I was thinking, please forgive me Twilight." he said with a saddened look.

Twilight paused to wipe tears off her face for a moment, when she took once close look at Spike's expression, she could suddenly feel that he meant it from the bottom of his heart, he truly was sorry, she then gave a warm happy smile for him.

"Oh Spike, how could I not forgive you, you're my #1 helper." she said hugging him, however, she was still hurt from what her so-called friends did to her, and she was still not in the mood to see them for a while, nor was she even in the mood to talk to Celestia, because of this, she decided to do one thing.

"Cadance, tell Celestia I'm staying here in Canterlot for a while, I am not returning to Ponyville for quite sometime." she said, Cadance gasped at this but she was cut off by Spike who completely understood.

"It's okay Cadance, I can take care of everything in Ponyville, she can stay here for a while if she wants." he said calmly, without another word, Cadance walked out of the bedroom and down into the throne room for she knew that's where Celestia would be at.


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Princess Celestia was in her throne room angrily signing papers with her magic her guards were so scared of her now that they fled the castle in fear of how she would react if they even talked to her, as she signed the last paper, the throne room doors opened and revealed Cadance with a look of disappointment, apparently Celestia was not in the mood to even see her.

"What do you want Cadance, can't you see I'm busy?!" she blustered, Cadance flinched.

"I just came in here to tell you that Twilight will be staying in Canterlot for a while, she's still upset with you and the others for what happened earlier, she won't be returning to Ponyville anytime soon." she said, Celestia gave a frustrated sigh.

"Fine by me Cadance, just leave me." she ordered, Cadance did so and left, leaving Celestia alone to sulk, she wasn't mad because Twilight quit on her, but because Luna had somehow disappeared during the attack, when she should've been helping with it.

Meanwhile outside....

Princess Luna had landed in Canterlot, "Hello everypony, did I miss anything?" she asked, but she was soon greeted by a bunch of royal guards who were not happy too see her.

"Where in tartarus have you been?! one guard asked demanding an explanation, Luna gulped, she was in big trouble.

"You're going to be losing more than ever when Celestia gets through with you, you'd better have a good excuse for ditching the changeling attack!"

"Changeling?" she asked.

"Don't play dumb with us Luna, your sister is going to beat your butt once we get inside!" one guard said, once again Luna gulped.

The throne room doors opened up again, to reveal a still angry Celestia, when Luna saw this, she quivered in fear.

"Thank you guards, leave us." she said.

"Yes, your majesty." they said exiting the throne room, once they did, Celestia used her magic to close and lock the doors, making sure her sister didn't go anywhere, when Luna saw this a big shadow hovered over her, it was Celestia with an angered expression.

"Luna,!" she asked in a serious tone.

"Tia, I..."

"Speak up Luna!" she said.

"I know that there was a threat, but I didn't know who or what caused it, I figured it was no big deal if we didn't know what the cause of it was, so I just said to myself, 'heck with it', so when nopony was looking I left."

"Luna, as a princess, we always take a threat seriously, we don't ditch it, besides we did find out what the cause of it was, a group of creatures known as changelings, and their leader was disguised as Cadance, but that sure doesn't matter, because Twilight has quit on me!"

"Why sister?"

"Because she told us that Cadance, the fake Cadance, was evil, so she cried and left the room, Shining Armor told Twilight reasons for her strange behavior and told her not to come to the wedding, then I walked by and told her that she had a lot to think about and left the room, but then we suddenly discovered that she was right, now she won't even talk to me anymore, the elements of harmony could be disbanded too because Twilight has ended her friendship, because her friends left her too."

"I'm sorry." Luna said, "And I'm sorry that I ditched the threat, I promise to take things more seriously from now on, can you forgive me Tia?"

Celestia showed a compassionate smile and hugged Luna.

"You're my sister, I'll always forgive you, but you're going to have to be punished for this, you are to not to leave Canterlot for two weeks, agreed?"

"Yes, sister." she said with disappointment, she knew she deserved this, now all that was left was to see if Twilight would ever buck up and forgive her friends for what they did to her, or if she would keep on with her grudge against them.

"But you know sister, you haven't really been taking threats seriously yourself." Luna said.

"What are you saying?"

"What I'm saying is that every single time a threat comes to Equestria, you always make Twilight stop it, such as when Discord got set free, Twilight had to defeat him, while you just sat on your big fat butt and did nothing, she has every right to quit, which is what the big point is, you call her your student, but in reality, you've just been using her as a tool to get attention and glory, when it all should've gone to her, plus the fact that you're always relying on those filthy elements of harmony to solve everything, so it's partially your fault too."

Celestia lowered her head in shame.


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It was going as usual for Ponyville as everypony went their business, but as for the five "elements" they were not doing so great, Applejack's thoughts of what she made everypony do at the rehearsal kept making her lose her focus on bucking apples in the orchard, it was driving her into a severe depression, because of this Granny Smith told her to just rest for a few days, not only that but she was also punished for what she made the others do to Twilight, as she was lying in her bed, Big Macintosh came inside angered with her for all she did in Canterlot.

"You should be ashamed of yourself Applejack!" he scolded.

"Ah know, Big Mac." she said sulking.

"Why did you do it in the first place, did you ever stop to even look at the strange behavior?" he asked.


"Then why would you even bother taking a phony's side?"

"Because ah' thought she was really cryin', plus Twilight was actin' stupid."

"That's no excuse, Applejack, you've got some thinkin' to do!" he said as he left the room, Applejack plopped her head on her pillow and started bawling.

Someone at the Wonderbolt Academy started telling the others that Rainbow Dash had deliberately shunned Twilight all over performing a stunt at the now called off wedding and it got word to Spitfire, furious at this, she filed a restraining order to Rainbow Dash claiming that she was not to go near 75 feet of the Wonderbolt Academy, nor was she even allowed to talk to the wonderbolts, her dream was now shattered, for the next two hours or so, she sulked in her dark bedroom, not even moving a muscle.

Pinkie Pie was at Sugarcube Corner, being forced to scrub the bathrooms, wipe the tables, and clean the ovens plus the rest of the kitchen as she was told, plus she was not allowed to eat a single sweet out of the stands.

Fluttershy's animals had turned on her after somehow being told what had happened in Canterlot, and Rarity had gone so low over what had happened, that was too sad to make a single dress.

Meanwhile at the Library, the mayor had gotten a letter from Celestia over what had just happened and was told that Spike would be coming over to pack up Twilight's things because she was not going to return to Ponyville for quite a while because like Applejack, she too had gone into a bad depression and would be needing some time to let it wear off, Mayor Mare completely understood and went over to the library to help Spike pack up what she needed most.

It was really starting to go downhill now, a massive attack, Twilight breaking up the friendship and quitting her role as Celestia's student, Cadance calling off the wedding, etc.

Back in Canterlot, Twilight was at her parents house lying down on her bed in her old room that she stayed in when she was a filly still too upset to even talk, downstairs, Shining Armor was sitting with his parents drinking tea while still wearing his captain uniform.

"But dad..."

"Son stress does not excuse bad behavior, why did you even bother defending such an impostor?"

"I thought she was Cadance, I didn't realize Twilight was telling the truth."

"Shining, didn't you even stop to see how she was behaving, cause from what Twilight told us, plus evidence from a couple of guards, she didn't look stressed out at all." Night Light said.

"How did you get evidence?" he asked

"We had a guard knock on our door and he told us what you did, plus he brought us some pictures here for you to see." he said levitating some photos snapped from a camera that the guard had used, when Shining Armor saw these photos, he was now in shock, damn why didn't he stop to see this.

"Another question is, why did you shrug off the threat, you should've been concentrating more on the threat and not the wedding!" Twilight Velvet said.

"I figured that the force field was strong enough to keep the threat away." he said.

"Look even with a force field, it's still important to take a threat seriously." Night Light answered, "You're mother and I got separated from each other because of the attack."

Shining Armor sighed, "I'm sorry, I've been a lousy captain." he said, Shining Armor knew that if he didn't set things right, he could lose his rank.

At the castle, Princess Cadance was doing some thinking, what if Shining Armor really was under mind control, what if the changeling queen was using him, Cadance pondered all of this through, maybe he was right, maybe he was brainwashed. However her thoughts were soon cut off by the sound of commotion coming from outside, Cadance looked out the window and saw a large group of ponies rioting at Celestia and Luna, she quickly flew down and heard angered chatter, plus cussing coming from the crowd.

"Those two creeps haven't done shit for Equestria!" one pony said.

"Making a poor unicorn do all the work, while they just sit on their big fat butts and pretend it's not happening?!" another said.

Cadance walked up to one of them, "Excuse me, what's all the commotion out here?" she asked

"Celestia and Luna, they've failed to defend us once again!" he said out of extreme fury.

This was showing absolutely no signs of stopping ever.


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Spike had managed to help carry in most of Twilight's things back into her old bedroom that she had been staying in all day, but the thing is her depression was getting worse by the minute, when Shining Armor saw this, he was flabbergasted he wasn't going to stand by and watch the only sister he had sink low in the hole, he headed out the door and walked straight to Canterlot Castle. Once out he saw some guards following him out of curiosity plus puzzlement about what he was up to, as soon as he stopped to look at the guards that were following him, one of them slowly approached him.

"Captain, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Guards, because of what has just happened, I'm telling Celestia that I'm resigning my role as captain for a while." he said, the guards gasped at this.

"For what?" a guard asked

"The attack, plus the fact that my sister has gone into a depression, I'm afraid now that she may commit suicide, so I'm going to do my best to get her back!" he said, the guards watched in sorrow as their captain walked away. Meanwhile, Celestia was in her throne room still sulking over what happened, when she saw Shining Armor walk inside and taking off his helmet.

"Princess, I'm resigning, I can't keep doing this." he said putting his helmet in front of her hooves.

"What, why?" she asked.

"I'm sorry Celestia, but my sister has gone into a depression and it's because of me, so I'm doing this, because I'm going to set things right, oh and plus you have a massive crowd of ponies outside furious with you and Luna." he said as he left the room, Celestia pondered.

"Why would they be mad at me?"

She decided to go out and check it out, once she was outside, it was proven true, everypony was mad at her, because she was surrounded by a group of ponies with angered expressions.

"Hey look everypony, it's are so-called leader!" one pony said.

"Let's get her!" another said, Celestia tried to retreat back into her quarters, but she was soon tackled down by the crowd, suddenly they began beating her up, kicking her, punching her, and spitting on her. This lasted for about 20 minutes until a group of guards flew over after seeing the fight, and managed to break it up. Some ponies in the group were arrested for assault, once it was over, Celestia did her best to get back up on her hooves, when she did, it was not good, she had a black eye, a bloody nose, and a sharp pain in her right wing, she was too beaten to even move.

Back in Ponyville, the other five were really starting to get not only tired but worried about Twilight, they had now known that if they had just listen to Twilight in the first place, none of this would've happened, yet they were too caught up in their wedding planning, so caught up that they had made everything easy for Chrysalis and her changelings, so they knew they deserved what they were getting, but they had never known they had put so much pressure on Twilight.

Two days later.....

At the Sparkle residents, Shining Armor approached his parents with ease.

"What is it this time son?" Night Light asked.

"I've stepped down, Dad, because of what I've done, I'm going to try and......" he said but Twilight Velvet interrupted him

"You really hurt your sister Shining," Twilight Velvet said approaching him, "Ever since the attack, she's felt humiliated because you rejected her for no reason, you know she won't even talk to us, she just lies in her bedroom alone cause she's too hurt to see anypony, you ruined her whole life and you don't even care!"

Shining Armor sighed, "All right, I'll go talk to her."

"It doesn't even matter if you talked to her, she still going to be too upset cause you can't take back what you did!"

"Look, I didn't mean...." Shining Armor tried to explain.

"You went off the deep end son, and you can't fix it!" Night Light said.

"I don't care dad, I'm going up those stairs right now, and I'm going to set things right!" he said with a serious expression.

As Shining Armor was walking up the stairs he heard jabbering coming from outside the house, he quickly ran up a window and saw a massive crowd of ponies running to the Canterlot Courthouse, but what he didn't know was who was in the courthouse that was the problem.

The Equestrian Royalty group along with congress were having a serious discussion with Celestia and Luna over what had just happened.

"Princess Celestia, what in Tartarus is your excuse for ignoring a threat?" a royal unicorn asked.

"I had a choice to make, I didn't know what to do, we didn't know who was causing the threat, so we figured it was no big deal and went on to do the wedding."

"Oh bull Celestia, Twilight is not a plate that you put up in a cupboard then take it out when you're ready to use it, and besides that unicorn you called your student has every right to quit, because from what I've seen, every time a threat comes to Equestria, EVERY DAMN TIME, you always make her stop it, what in God's name makes you think that those elements of harmony can defeat everything?!"

"Because well...." As expected she didn't have an answer nor did Luna.

"Oh so you think, Oh well since I've discovered that Twilight's powerful, I can use her to do all my work for me, and I can just sit down and watch it., well you're wrong, Twilight has problems of her own you know, she can't do all your work for you."

Celestia hung her head in shame, Luna approached her and put a comforting shoulder on her.

:"Plus threats are your business not hers, so we're letting you off with a warning, but the next time you ignore a threat and we see that you're making Twilight handle it, you and your sister will be disbarred, this royal meeting is adjourned."

Celestia just sat there in shock, she had now known that Twilight was under pressure and being depressed because of her lousy role as a princess, she was always making her handle all the trouble plus she never took her seriously from day 1, she too now had to set things right.


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Princess Celestia had required a meeting with the elements of harmony and Shining Armor over what they were going to do with Twilight, they knew that they had really gone too far when they rejected her, but Celestia really wanted her most faithful student back because Twilight was like her own daughter, as for Shining Armor, he couldn't really bare to watch his Twiley suffer anymore, it had been nearly two months since the changeling attack, but Twilight was still angered at them for rejecting her, which they had suddenly realized now was for no reason.

"Now everypony, I know it seems like it's been forever, but Twilight's depression has pushed us this far, her grudge over us has gone off the deep end, it's time we did something." Celestia said.

"What's the point?" Shining Armor asked, "Twilight has become too depressed, she won't even talk to me." he said hanging his head low, Celestia lifted his head.

"I know Shining, but you got to know deep in your heart that she still loves you." she said.

"Ah' know Twilight will budge, but ah' want her back in our lives." Applejack said.

Celestia then turned to the elements with a look of disapproval, "Girls, remember what happened when Twilight put that love spell on Smarty Pants?"

The five ponies nodded.

"Remember you all told me that you learned to take a friend's matters seriously."

They nodded again.

"But now we see, when we rejected her it's like...we completely forgot all about that." Rainbow Dash said.

"Oh, how could we have acted so awful like that, that changeling queen turned us against her, she's to blame for this!"

"No, well most of it, but we're more to blame for this." Pinkie Pie said, "I'm the element of laughter, but I made a pony cry."

"I'm her teacher, but I hurt her for no reason, I'm ashamed." said Celestia who had now felt disgraced over what had happened..

"Ah'm the element of honesty, but I was dishonest to all of this." Applejack said.

"I'm the element of kindess, but I was mean." said Fluttershy.

"Me, the element of generosity, but I wasn't being generous when I walked out on her." Rarity said.

"And me, the element of loyalty, the only pony I was being loyal to was myself, I was self-centered." said Rainbow Dash.

"Let's just face it we're all to blame for this, we let a dumb wedding get in the way of a threat." said Shining Armor

"But we must still find a way to apologize to Twilight, we can't just sit here and let her keep falling like this." Rainbow said.

"I think it's going to take more than an apology, maybe a small gift." Rarity said.

"Rarity we ain't bribin' her." Applejack said. "Ah' mean we must find the best way to let her know that we love her, and that we made a big mistake."

Pinkie Pie was about to say something, but Rainbow Dash quickly silenced her, "No Pinkie, a party won't solve this either."

"And most important, what will her response be when we do find the best way?" Celestia asked.

"I'll find a solution." Shining Armor said.

"Why?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Because she is my sister, and I've known her longer than the rest of you all." he said.

"But..." they tried to say, but Celestia stopped them.

"He's right you all, he's known Twilight longer than we have, maybe we should let him find the best apology, when he does he'll tell it to us, and we'll say it to Twilight."


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Shining Armor had invited Twilight to come have dinner with him at Goldmare's Paradise, a beautiful five-star like restaurant in the center of Canterlot. Even though Twilight was still down about everything that had happened to her, she didn't want to reject her brother's invitation for a night of paradise and the fact that she still loved him. Anyway, here they were sitting down to dinner at a table in the middle of the restaurant.

"Shining, what's this all about?" Twilight asked.

Shining Armor sighed, "Twiley, it's been two months now since the changeling attack, and I brought you here because I wanted to tell you the truth, that changeling queen brainwashed me into thinking she was Cadance, I now understand it all, she took off down the hall crying as a way of turning me and everypony else against you, but when we found her room, we saw that she wasn't there, I figured that she must've quickly calmed down and had gone back to the wedding room to continue the rehearsal, so I told your friends and Celestia to stay there while I went back to the wedding room, but when I got there....." he gulped as tears started to fill in his eyes


Shining Armor had reached the room that they had been doing the wedding rehearsal to see if Cadance had returned, to his surprise she had somehow did return, it got to him on how she would re-enter a room after the doors to enter it would slam shut, but to his surprise, Twilight was nowhere to be found, he looked over at "Cadance" and saw she had an evil smile on her face, he suddenly discovered she was right she was evil!, he quickly furrowed his eyebrows in anger, for he quickly figured out what had happened.

"What have you done to my sister?!!" he asked in fury, but before he could anything, the imposter shot a beam of magic at him and quickly enhanced him under her control, causing his eyes to turn green and derp.

"Now that you're under my control, and with that brat Twilight out of the way, nothing will stop me now!" she said laughing evilly.


"I quickly figured out everything, but she had me under her control before I could do anything, I'm sorry I did that to you, which is why I made this for you." he levitated a new smarty pants doll for her. Twilight's heart started lifting as she levitated it out of her brother's magical grip, she looked back at him and saw that he was remorseful because he had small tears coming down his face.

"I'm the worst BBBFF ever for you, I didn't mean to break your heart like that, it wasn't me, it was her. I realize now you were right, how could I have been so stupid!?" he asked burying his face on the table and gently crying. Suddenly, he felt a hoof rub him, he looked up and saw Twilight was actually smiling this time, after two months of a severe depression, she was finally smiling.

"Oh Shining, this is probably the nicest thing you've ever done for me, you're not the worst BBBFF ever, you're my Big Brother Best Friend Forever...and you always will be." she said, Shining Armor quickly scooped her up and hugged her.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said the crowd of other ponies that were watching, this caused Shining and Twilight to quickly disengage their hug they had forgotten they were in a restaurant, they soon sat back down at their table, Twilight then hugged her new made Smarty Pants doll.


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Twilight and Shining Armor were upstairs in the guest bedroom at their house playing checkers, they were trying to reboot their relationship Twilight had forgiven Shining Armor for what he did to her, he had now known that it was a foolish mistake of him to do that, anyway, they were playing checkers when they heard a knock on the door downstairs, Shining Armor got up and went downstairs while Twilight stayed put, when Shining Armor got to the front door, he opened it and there stood Princess Celestia with a sad expression.

"Shining, may I please come in?" she asked, Shining Armor gave a warm smile.

"Of course Celestia, come on in." he said, Celestia entered the house as Shining Armor used his magic to close the door, but the thing is her gold necklace was still around her neck, but she wasn't wearing her crown.

"Celestia, why the long face, why aren't you wearing your crown?" he asked.

"I've put it in my quarters at the castle, I just don't seem to have a need to wear it right now, I don't deserve to be a ruler!" she said sitting down and starting to cry, Shining Armor put a hoof on her back.

"Why would you say that?!" he asked in shock, "You're the best ruler we've ever gotten."

"Not after all I've done I'm not!" she said as she continued to cry.

"Come on Celestia, Twiley can't still be mad at you, she's forgiven me, I'm pretty sure she'll forgive you."

"She'll never forgive me, how could I have been so stupid, how could I do that to Twilight, I now know she had every right to quit on me, I never should've said what I did to her, it broke my heart!" she said, meanwhile upstairs Twilight heard Celestia crying and came downstairs to see what was going on, when she made it downstairs she saw what was happening.

"Celestia?" Twilight said, Celestia turned over and saw Twilight with a worried expression.

"Oh Twilight, how could I have been so blind, I never meant to treat you like that, I was so oblivious, I'm a lousy princess!" she said still crying, Twilight walked up to her and also put a hoof on her back.

"Well Celestia, you did hurt me when you said that I had a lot to think about, you did break my heart, but...." she gave a sorrowful sigh, "I'm really sorry I quit on you Celestia, I was just mad that you and everypony else would still choose a wedding over the fact that we almost got killed."

Celestia blew her nose with a tissue while trying to wipe tears off her face, "I know Twilight, it was foolish of me to do that."

"It was foolish of all of us." said a recognizable voice from the door, Celestia, Twilight, and Shining Armor saw the faces of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity standing there at the door with sorrowful looks, Twilight walked up to them with a serious expression.

"Why are you all here?" she asked.

"Twi' we have somethin' to say to you." Applejack said, Rainbow Dash walked up beside Applejack.

"We all saw what was happening, we even knew damn straight that we went through a shield when we got here to Canterlot, we did know there was a threat, but we got so obsessed with that stupid wedding, that we didn't care, we've been dumb to you Twilight, so don't be mad at us, just've got a group of rotten friends."

After an almost three-month grudge over them, Twilight finally perked up and smiled at them for the first time, she walked up to Rainbow Dash and put a hoof on her.

"That was the nicest thing you've ever said to me Rainbow, I'll forgive you all if you promise to do three things for me from now on."

"What's that?" Rarity asked.

"Number 1 - I want to be treated like a friend, not a sidekick."
"Number 2 - I want to be taken seriously when something goes wrong."
"And Number 3 - I want you all to use your elements the correct way, and I'm not just talking about defeating evil with them."

"We promise." they all said, Twilight then hugged them all then she turned her attention back to Celestia.

"And Celestia, if it makes you happy, I'd like to resume my role as your student." she said, Celestia walked up and hugged her.

"Welcome faithful student." she said with glee.

Shining Armor smiled at all this, his Twiley was starting to go back to her happy life.


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Celestia and the mane six, along with Shining Armor had managed to gather up all of Canterlot for a big meeting, she and the other wanted to give them their apologies for what had happened, the crowd looked on as Celestia, the mane six, and Shining Armor stood on the balcony, Celestia was the first to speak, she still wasn't wearing her crown though because she still felt like she didn't deserve to be a princess.

"It has been really foolish of me to send Twilight out on all the dangers that come to Equestria, and it was because of me that Luna became Nightmare moon, but instead of doing my duty and stopping her myself, I acted like a fool and sent Twilight out to stop it plus I refused to listen to her it was me and Luna that should've stopped Discord when he stole the elements of harmony, instead, I made Twilight and her friends stop him. Now the fact that a massive attack on Canterlot has happened because of me, I chose a silly wedding over the fact of you all being in danger. I've relied too much on the elements of harmony stopping our problems and keeping peace and harmony to Equestria."

Celestia then turned to Twilight, "I'm sorry my most faithful student, I have been a rotten teacher to you, " she then turned back to the crowd below, "And I'm sorry to you all, I have been a lazy ruler to you all, and I beg forgiveness from everypony."

Tears started forming in some of the ponies in the crowd as Celestia stood back and Shining Armor walked up.

"Me, Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard, I was the one that surrounded this city with a force field, I should've concentrated more on dealing with the attack threat, but instead I chose to turn my back on you all and do the wedding, my sister tried to warn me and the others. Instead I told her to forget about being my best mare and not come to the wedding at all, then her friends took my side and abandoned her, lastly Celestia told her that she had a lot to think about and left leaving her all alone. However, when I got to 'Cadance's' room I saw that she didn't even go in, I figured she must've calmed down and went back to settle things with Twilight, but when I got back there I saw that she was nowhere to be found then 'Cadance' turned and looked at me evilly, I then discovered the whole truth and the fact that Twilight was right all along.

"Before I could do anything, the imposter brainwashed me." he said as tears started going down his face, he then turned back towards his sister, "Look all I know is that somepony really close to me, I grew up with, and I love a whole lot, could be dead right now and it would be all my fault."

Twilight walked up and hugged her brother as he cried the last ones to come up were Twilight's friends whom she had reconciled with, they were the last ones to look at the crowd.

"And us," Rainbow Dash said loudly, "The Elements of Harmony, we have been hypocrites towards them and you all, me the element of loyalty, the only pony I've been loyal to is myself, I chose my rainboom stunt over a friend's hurt feelings."

Applejack - "Me, the element of honesty, Ah' thought Ah' was bein' honest when Ah' told everypony to go and check on 'Cadance' it was mostly mah' fault, if Ah' hadn't turned on Twilight like that, none of this would've ever happened, Ah' was wrong to do that to a friend."

Fluttershy - "Me, the element of kindness, but was mean when I turned my back on Twilight like that."

Rarity - "Me, the element of generosity, I chose to be generous to an impostor instead of a close friend."

Pinkie Pie - "Me, the element of laughter, I made a friend cry and hurt her deeply."

Princess Celestia came back up and joined them, "We are greatly sorry for being fools to you all, I say again, we beg for forgiveness."

"ALL HAIL PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!" said a pony from the crowd, pretty soon the whole crowd joined in.


Suddenly Celestia felt somepony tapping her from behind, she turned and saw Luna who had a smile on her face and was levitating her crown.

"Sister, I believe this is yours." she said, Celestia smiled and levitated the crown from her sister's aura and put it on her head in front of everypony. Meanwhile, Shining Armor got a tapping of his own, he turned and saw Cadance had a smile of her own and levitated his face towards hers and kissed him on his lips.

"Shining, because of what you did out here, I have decided to give you another chance."


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It had been nearly six months since the changeling attack, but now everything had been nearly restored to normal, Twilight was now friends with everypony again and was officially Celestia's student once again, and Shining Armor and Princess Cadance were together again. Anyway, a real wedding was taking place in the same room as it was originally going to take place six months ago, it had been cleaned and repaired from when Twilight lost her temper and destroyed it then, but now here she was in her wedding dress standing beside her brother who was once again wearing his red guard uniform and blue sash as trumpets played in the background, Twilight nuzzled her brother's cheek.

"Now this is more like it." she said.

"Boy you sure can say that again."

Twilight's friends were back in their dresses that they had worn before while Celestia stood in the center.

"Mares and Gentlecolts, we are gathered here in the sight of Faust for a momentous occasion." she said, the ponies at the edge of the door started playing the trumpets and in came Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom in their flower filly dresses tossing flower pedals alongside the aisle with Cadance behind them, looking as beautiful as a diamond walking up towards the edge of the aisle wearing a pink and white dress with a purple bow ribbon in the back center, her mane had been pulled back and she had the sweet smell of perfume on her whole body. Shining Armor stared in awe at her looks.

Pretty soon Cadance was now standing alongside Shining Armor with a smile on her face.

"Does thou Princess Mi Amore Cadenza...."

"Cadance, just go for me by Cadance." Cadance interrupted.

Celestia giggled, "Princess Cadance take Shining Armor as your husband in sickness and in health, and until death do you part?"

Cadance had tears forming in her eyes, "I do!" she exclaimed, Shining Armor was now relieved big time, Cadance was serious enough about giving him another chance like she said, Celestia then turned to Shining Armor.

"Shining Armor, do you take Princess Cadance as your wife in sickness and in health, and until death do you part?"

"I do." Shining Armor said with a smile.

"May we please have the rings?" Celestia asked, Spike was wearing a fresh brand new tux and hat and walked up to the stage with the re-engaged rings, Celestia put them on Cadance and Shining Armor's horns.

"Shining Armor, you may kiss your bride."

Shining Armor and Cadance then touched lips and kissed, Rarity cried and levitated a tissue while Applejack put her hat on. Meanwhile Celestia had told Rainbow Dash her cue for her Rainboom stunt and when she did she quoted that this was the best wedding ever.

Later on after the wedding there was a big reception out in the gardens, cake was eaten, songs were sung, and everypony danced. After everything, the crowds managed to watch Shining Armor and Cadance enter into their transport wagon that was bound to depart for their honeymoon, Cadance entered, but before Shining Armor went in, he looked over at Twilight and gave her a big hug for all she did.

"Twiley, thanks for everything." he said.

"I love you B.B.B.F.F." Twilight said smiling at the touch of her brother's hug.

"I love you too L.S.B.F.F." Shining Armor said back as he climbed into the wagon, Cadance threw the flowers out into the crowd before the wagon departed, Twilight watched them leave for their honeymoon with a smile on her face, she was soon joined by her friends.

"Now this was a good wedding." Twilight said.

"Yeah, if it hadn't been for your warning darling, this never would've happened." Rarity said.

"Girls come on," Twilight said cheerfully, "I've already forgiven you, we're all friends again, that's all that matters, we're friends to the bitter end."

Pretty soon they all got together in a group hug as fireworks lit up the night skies over Canterlot.